New iPhone 12 Leaks & Rumors: AirPods Included & New Screen Sizes!

yo yo yo guys what's going on Sam here welcome back to another iPhone 12 leaks and rumors videos so far you know it's still pretty early on this device…

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Excellent depth .

yo yo yo guys what's going on Sam here welcome back to another iPhone 12 leaks and rumors videos so far you know it's still pretty early on this device isn't coming until September of 2020 it's sounding incredibly appealing and the rumors today bigger sizes smaller sizes more RAM free air pods I'm not messing around that's actually a rumor we've heard I want to share the latest with you all in this video so if you're excited and you know eat some turkey yesterday you're feeling pretty good still drop a like down below and it subscribe so you stay up to date on the

Latest Apple news all right so I've read this first rumor we've already heard crazy things about the iPhone 12 like it's gonna have a stainless steel band reminiscent of the iPhone 4 going around at 5g support enhancing our functionality and due to some 3d laser scanning technology on the back this is going to be the biggest iPhone upgrade potentially ever but certainly over the course of the last three years since 2017 so first up new today a rumor from digit x who has a mixed bag so I'm presenting this to you as is that Apple Samsung and many other phone

Manufacturers have considered in the new year in 2020 bundling they're completely wireless headphones with their flagship phones for Samsung that would be their galaxy buds for Apple that would be air pops this one's pretty wild and that's why I did the disclaimer at the front is that sometimes they're right and sometimes digit times is wrong because for years since I believe the iPhone 4s or the iPhone 4 maybe even before that Apple has included one standard pair of free headphones with every single iPhone purchase the only change has been that they switch from the headphone jack to

The lightning connector whenever the iPhone 7 came out but since then they haven't been seen a ton of usage considering the fact that air pots have become so popular and another recent report from the supply chain set of things said that Apple is actually doubling air pods pro production because they're so popular so air pods one we're insanely popular air pods to of an insanely popular now air pods pro are continuing the trend I think that I could say safely that people really like air pots now is this likely to happen I don't think so Apple makes a ton of

Revenue off of ear pods it doesn't sound logical for Apple to say hey we make all this money people are clearly buying this on earpods let's give it to them for free so we can make less money yeah that doesn't sound very corporate friendly to me however aqua has had ear pods it's a standard for wood has probably been a decade in the box but moving forward into the next decade would it make sense for Apple to keep using that same piece of old technology as it continually gets more dated I don't think so

Is it gonna happen in 2020 I'm not sure I don't have a high degree of confidence there but this does open the conversation as technology becomes easy to produce and cheaper to manufacture will air pods one day be the standard I feel like they'd almost have to be when Apple has air pods twelve out or maybe everybody gets free air pods one but there's still an incentive to upgrade air pods three or four ear pods Pro let me know what you guys think about this down below I feel like none of you would be opposed to free air pods I noise I certainly

Would be a hundred percent down to get those in the box they would save you a hundred something dollars but another argument could be that the iPhone with all the new features coming 5g more Ramazan gets you in just a second these free air pods if that would end up being the case and a redesigned body and a 3d sensor on the camera and everything else that Apple includes maybe the price for the premium iPhone would jump up from $9.99 as the base models 1,000 bucks up to 1199 are $1,200 and if Apple would increase the cost you would need a way to rationalize that for people that are

Still upset at the price jump from like 750 to $1,000 so including a free pair of air pods in the box with every new iPhone it could be a huge way to sell and get like an extra 50 bucks out of consumers if you subsidized like 150 from the air pods you can it make that much more per iPhone while offering all these new features and then as a bonus you know you get free air pods in the box all speculation but an interesting point to bring up and I look forward to hopefully hearing more about this in the future because free air pods would be incredible and I think Apple is like

We've given them enough money right now obviously overall the naming scheme is still a mash up but there's gonna likely be two premium models again like an iPhone 12 pro and an iPhone 12 pro max and then just the standard iPhone to open for those air pods I doubt in the 12 box you get them this would certainly be for the most premium of Premium iPhones you can buy turns out when you spend that actual a little bit of cash next year for the premium iPhones you're also gonna be getting additional RAM now I remember for years

The iPhone sat at about 2 or 3 gigabytes of RAM and I always laughed with like an Android manufacturer would say but our phone has eight or ten gigabytes of RAM just because that seemed absolutely absurd next year though it's gonna be I think the biggest jump in RAM we've ever seen it for the iPhone so the cheapest iPhone the iPhone 12 is gonna be coming in at four gigabytes of RAM but for the more premium models the 12 pro and the 12 pro max you're gonna be getting at 6 gigabytes of RAM and this comes courtesy of Barclays who has been quite reliable in the past and I believe they also

Predicted like Apple pencils support on the new iPhones at one point which still has not happened and I feel like we've heard that rumor 300,000 times now Barclays has been write a lot more than they have been wrong and that RAM increase will be nice because you can open so many more applications at once at the same time I also don't feel like this is so many people have been begging for is the iPhone seems to manage RAM really well much better than many of its Android counterparts so more ram is coming for the premium iphones but unlike the air pods like the ram sounds

Like a realistic change year-over-year where the air pause is still like man I am I'm not sure I'd be cool though and also very likely to happen because we've heard it for the third time now ET News a Korea publication says that these screen sizes are going to be completely revamped and this is backed by reputable analyst min Shi code apparently instead of 5.8 6.1 and 6.5 inches the screen sizes on both ends are going to expand kind of dramatically well the 6.1 inch will stay the same for likely like the 10 R or 11 type model the standard iPhone 12 there's now going to be a 5.4

Inch iPhone situated here in a 6.7 inch iPhone has situated on the opposite end of the spectrum now people have been calling on Apple for an iPhone se to are a smaller screen size for as long as I can remember basically since the year after the original iPhone se was released in 2016 and Apple is actually working on an iPhone se to production reportedly starting in February every source in the game has said that Apple is working on this phone it's gonna have a 4.7 inch LCD screen be lower cost and essentially resemble an phone eight but on top of reoffer in

That 4.7 inch iPhone 8 screen size with new specs inside like an 8 13 processor Apple's also expanding the other screen sizes so for me since the iPhone 10 I have loved the 5.8 inch iPhone screen size Apple is actually taking that down point four inches which I'm really not feeling too great about it I don't think it'll be a big change but if you felt like the iPhone has been a little bit too big even in its smallest size before Apple said to reduce that screen size even further there's still going to be the 6.1 inch iPhone for some consistency there in the middle and then for

Everybody that still thinks they're pro max phone is not large enough Apple's bumping at 0.2 inches to 6 point 7 inches diagonally again all these are gonna be OLED I'm open to seeing that 5.4 inch model but it's very surprising to me that Apple is not only offering one smaller screen size I have fun with new specs the iPhone se 2 but also iPhone 12 maybe the iPhone 12 Pro Mod will be coming in at 5.4 inches now which is a pretty big change so those are the latest rumors I have for you let me know what you think about the screen sizes free air pods and more RAM and the

IPhone 12 still sounding so great overall and I cannot wait to see what this device looks like I'm hoping within like the next couple of months a leaker will share us what the design that's gonna be because it's probably going to be pretty radical that's all for now drive a like if you enjoyed the video hit subscribe for more I've been Sam I'll catch you cool cats in the next video

New iPhone 12 Leaks & Rumors: AirPods Included & New Screen Sizes!

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The commercial drone industry knows that drones can be a critical tool for inspections, performing dark, dirty and dangerous jobs and providing enteprise customers with precise digital inspection data –  but in many industries, drones haven’t yet uprooted traditional methods of inspection. A new Skydio whitepaper uses interviews with more than 100 organizations to explain why, and […]

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The FIRST USEFUL Camera Gimbal?! DJI Ronin SC Unboxing and Initial Setup!

As DJ I finally created the first useful gimbal for the online content creator let's find out and unbox it what's up everyone I'm the everyday dead …

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Good depth ;-)

As DJ I finally created the first useful gimbal for the online content creator let's find out and unbox it what's up everyone I'm the everyday dead and if I can figure it out you can figure it out so I'm super excited by this now if you've been on the channel for any amount of time you know the gimbals I really like the idea of Gimbels but I haven't actually used a real gimbal in months just because I buy them and then I never use them because they're too fiddly to setup they're too big and they just become a big pain in the butt so I bought this like I can't believe this is here already but I bought this the

Moment that it was announced because I really want to use this in my creation because it's supposed to be small portable easy to use and just it's supposed to just work and that's what we're gonna find out today so the Ronin SC this is all again I paid for this so this is 100% production material so anything that's wrong with it you can't blame on pre-production equipment so I kind of like this packaging because it does not come in like a big box that you then have to like throw away and not use it just comes with this little cardboard

Carrying thing that the foam container you know just kind of works in and I'm okay with that Liss I you know as somebody that checks out a lot of gear and I've got a lot of boxes in my house like this crap that's in my house the better cuz if you know me you know that I like to resell a lot of my gear and part of reselling gear is having all of the original stuff but this alright we're gonna have to we're gonna have to break it I'm sorry I'm sorry gimbal that's not what I wanted to do okay oh that's nice there we go okay so we've got the DJI standard book

Something that DJI always does not a big fan of is they promote literacy it doesn't matter whether you're buying a drone a gimbal or whatever you will always give plenty of literature when you buy a DJI product and for that I salute you okay so what have we got here in the box we're all these small pieces silica gel hey guys let's keep it serious here do not eat the silica gel throw it away and then clean it up afterwards because even though your wife's on vacation so you're still probably gonna be mad that you just made a mess so we got we got some tools

Which definitely useful we've got a the connector so this is a USB this is a USB to USB see we've got a USB C to USB C with a right-angle we've got a micro USB to USB see right angle look everything's just moving the USB C phone manufacturers camera manufacturer just give us USB C from now on in everything oh oh another DJI what are you doing guys like yeah now I've got to make a second mess for my wife to get mad at what else we gets we've got a a quick-release plate now that seems do I have a standard quick-release plate right here I don't this seems smaller

Than like a standard Manfrotto quick-release plate so what I'm getting food so what I'm already kind of irritated about is that my regular quick release plates are not gonna work maybe here's hoping alright another quick release plate kind of thing we've got the tripod now I'm gonna be honest so something that gimble's have really started to do that I like is they add these little tripods because when you're like holding a gimbal and you're like well where do I set it down I like being able to pop it down like that we've got the grip with the batteries I do believe

These batteries are built-in so we've got that we've got the like the actual gimbal itself what's this little guy this is a USB see two micro USB adapter this is another little tool and this is the cell phone holder so this is the new so one of the cool features about this gimbal and the reason I bought it was it has active track on it and it comes with this little holder that holds your cell phone so your cell phone's processing power and it's camera is the one that does the active tracks we've got this all put you over here let's assemble this bad boy and see if we can get this

Working this gimbal it feels great and it feels incredibly light and again that's the reason I bought this darn thing just gimbals like you see this gimbal back here it works great it stabilizes my camera but it's big it's heavy it doesn't fit in my camera bag so I never ever ever bring it with me and if you're not gonna bring it with you then what's the point so I also like this little locking system that DJs come up with so that you can just lock it really quickly set it in your camera bag you just want your gear to work so you can take it and get using it you

Don't want to have to mess around with stuff and that's there we go now one of the things about Gimbels that if you've never used a gimbal what we're gonna have to do here we're gonna to balance this thing but this feels incredible like this feels very high quality I like the metal I like these little locking switches right here locks it in place when you throw in your camera bag it's not gonna bounce around a whole bunch where's this one there we go it's got the little joystick right there that feels good record button now this does have a lot of features where

It will connect to all your cameras we're gonna try with the USR here in just a minute okay very satisfying now I've watched zero videos on this gimbal so far so we're gonna have to we're all gonna learn together how it works and it's got no battery charge so what we're gonna do here through the magic of editing you don't have to wait I just have to wait for it to charge we're gonna charge it up a little bit set it up see if we can get the active track and a few of the other cool features to work so okay I

Was impatient and we only let it charge for a couple of minutes just because I like new toys and I just wanted to get to it so we let it charge for a couple of minutes we're gonna try to balance it with Mike in u.s. R and we already because it's a DJI product we already downloaded the app so there's a lot of stuff we've got to get through in the next couple of minutes so let's find that bag o things this yeah I mean it doesn't matter what gimbal your usual you gotta balance it yeah it's not gonna work with standard like Manfrotto type things you're gonna have to use the DJI

One which is unfortunate I hate proprietary connections like a lot that's frustrating okay so now works on this now one of the things that I'm nervous about is because this is a smaller gimbal with smaller like carrying capabilities this USR with this 17 240 and is on the bigger side of mirrorless cameras because the ronin SC is designed for mirrorless cameras which is good because I very much like mirrorless cameras it's basically all that I use the weight capacity should be fine it's just I think balancing might be the

Balancing act a dad jokes you're on the channel the everyday dad you're gonna get some dad jokes big surprise so let's balance this sucker real quickly okay I see they got a little like there's a little guide thing right here so it looks like once you have it balanced you can just set this to where you actually want your camera to go that's a little tool and we are balanced so let's turn it on now I guarantee I cut all of that out because there is nothing more boring in this world than watching somebody balance a gimbal okay so let's see what the app has to say first okay we agree

Not now we created it okay let's connect our ronin SC let's turn it on I forgot it's a DJI product you have to activate it first you can't just use your DJI product it's been a minute since I've had a DJI drone so yeah I forgot that I always have to okay start balance test begin test oh I see you mean this begin test okay so we have now excellently balanced the Ronin SC and you know what I'm sick of sitting in the studio let's head outside and we're gonna test because this is just an unboxing and a quick initial impressions we're gonna test the two features that I'm really

Excited about and that's the active track and the motion control because I think that's gonna be like the b-roll sensation going forward so I'll see you outside let's grab you whoop it's even later in the evening but guess what we got the active track on the ronin SC to work with my Canon USR and the big 17 to 40 lens like that is so exciting I had to reset everything up we the there's gonna be noise in the image because it's almost dark out but I was just so excited like check this out active track it's tracking me it uses your phone's camera and processor to

Work with the gimbal to track you and even though I'm still just by myself I was able to reach behind the camera and just like tap where my face would be and it works like it's incredible like I'm so excited by this because this is the reason that I bought this gimbal is because I'm a solo content creator I want a camera I want a system that will be able to work and just like let me have like a fake cameraman like I tried to do this with the Osmo mobile but I had a lot of problems with the Osmo Mobile's like autofocus but this I've got a canon

Camera with great autofocus the only thing we're still gonna have to figure out is where on all of this like where in all of this are we gonna put the microphone that's the next step we're not worried about that right now we're just excited that the ronin SC is actually able to work with the active track like hull I'm just I'm darn excited like look at this we can go full 360 and it just keeps it just keeps us like we do have it on the slow setting like that's think that's awesome that's so oh I was gonna rip this gimbal a new one I was gonna rip this a new one

Because everything met within the weight criteria but it wouldn't work but we figured it out so excited what else would you like to see from the Ronin SC leave a comment below I'm in a suit I'm just in such a good mood right now because we got this to work but yeah leave a comment below we will make more videos about this if it's something you guys want to see thanks for watching

The FIRST USEFUL Camera Gimbal?! DJI Ronin SC Unboxing and Initial Setup!

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dronelife Part 89 Remote ID for Drones is Effective April 21, and the Clock Starts Ticking – Everything You Need to Know. Miriam McNabb

Part 89 – the ruling that contains Remote ID for drones – becomes effective April 21, 2021, and the clock starts ticking for compliance.  Here’s a clear expanation of the requirements for operators and manufacturers. The following is a guest post by Ronald E. Quirk, Head of the Drone/UA Regulatory Practice and Internet of Things and […]

The post Part 89 Remote ID for Drones is Effective April 21, and the Clock Starts Ticking – Everything You Need to Know. appeared first on DRONELIFE.

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PRO Camera VS YouTuber Camera | Canon XA50 VS EOS R!

Welcome back to pro camera versus youtuber camera where we're gonna take a very expensive professional featured camera and see how it compares to a similarl…

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Some wonderful pictures. Impressive colors.

Welcome back to pro camera versus youtuber camera where we're gonna take a very expensive professional featured camera and see how it compares to a similarly priced youtuber you get quote youtuber camera today we've got two candid bodies that are both actually quite feature stacked in their own right first we've got the Canon X 850 now this is a camcorder that has basically everything you could ever want built right into it it's even got it's even got the darn kitchen sink installed in this darn thing it's under one of the hidden menu settings on the other hand we've got one of the new divisive

Darlings the last few year the Canon EOS R now it does most everything you could want with a few caveats but it is one of the simplest and easiest cameras to work with that I've ever owned which one of these would work best for the online content creator let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad and if I can figure it out you can figure it out before we get started yep I'm totally aware that these are two separate types of cameras and yes it's not necessarily in apples-to-apples comparison oh well also I would like to thank my friends over at B&H Photo for loaning me this XA

50 for the past few weeks so I can make this series of videos if you'd like to get your very own or heck even the CEOs are will have its own there will be links in the description below and you know what let's actually let's throw these two cameras up on the sticks so they can be both the primary and the B cam for the rest of the video there we go now we are on the two cameras now I actually really like both of these cameras separately for the things they do which makes this video awesome because they both clock in right around the same price point so if you find

Yourself looking for a camera to make online content these two might just be at the top of your list except the camcorder camcorders I for some reason people on YouTube don't like them I really like them because they do I mean they do spend their hardware dollars differently though but so let's do a quick specs overview of the two cameras in case you've never even heard about the XA 50 which if you haven't there's a here's a link thing for a dedicated video on it the Canon EOS r is a full-frame mirrorless camera with a thirty point three megapixel CMOS

Sensor and it can record in up to 4k 30 frames per second and 1080p and up to 60 frames per second it does have slow motion of 720p at a hundred and twenty frames per second and has both a flip screen and a microphone in Jack now the big spec penalty that I'm gonna hit the USR with is that the 4k recording mode you get hit with a hefty crop of 1.8 making this have a more aggressive crop than some aps-c cameras the XA 50 on the other hand is a pro camcorder with an 8 megapixel CMOS sensor it can also record up to 4k 30 frames per second it's slow motion is only 1080p at 60 which is kind

Of disappointing it does have a flip screen and a microphone in Jack but in a huge advantage it comes included with a top handle that has two XLR ports on top of it meaning you can get some great audio what's it sound like now let's break this down to size by comparing them against the four most important video camera aspects ever ever ever first up video quality like we mentioned the EOS R is really a hybrid stills / video camera and it can do 4k but that huge crop is it's absolutely the worst thing about the EOS R if I could just snap my fingers and change one single

Thing about this camera I would let it use a bigger portion of the sensor maybe not no crop but just so something like this is a wide-angle lens and we're at like a standard length right now doing 4k but if you want to record in a less strenuous codec you can get some of the best-looking 1080p I've ever gotten and that does use the full width of the sensor yes the X 850 also has awesome 1080p but it's 4k does not have an additional crop on top of that now I do say additional I mean there is some focal ranges and sensor size math that's going on there to give you the final

Equivalent of focal range blah blah blah what matters is while you use the 4k you don't have an additional crop you get access to the dual pixel autofocus you wouldn't imagine that that would be that big of a problem because the additional processing power when using a one-inch sensor as opposed to a full-frame sensor the depth of field that I assume there's less calculations or there's less sensor math that has to happen but this does have dual pics a lot of focus in 4k which is I mean they both do which is great what I want you to consider though is this while the X 850 is a more Pro

Features video report camera was built-in ND stabilization XLR inputs dual card slots etc it's quote unquote strongest picture profile is the wide dynamic range which is great we're recording with it right now and I have been pleased with the quality I get but it doesn't have Canon log seed log is canons log profile that allows you get more dynamic range out of your sensor the X 850 doesn't have it but the USR does and that's really a big coup with the USR I've never really tried logged footage before because it's got that gross gray sheen over everything and you

Have to manually grade it afterwards which I mean you don't on wide dynamic range by the way but since I've been using C log I mean we're using it right now I use it everywhere all the time because it's just I really like how it turns out later and it's not that I wouldn't consider it grading I just moved the blacks down who the middles down and I move the highlights up a little bit and it looks great but both of these cameras I'm getting really excited today both these cameras just they look they look awesome even quality you can get out of both this fantastic

If you are into the whole shallow depth-of-field thing the obvious advantage goes to the US are having a sensor that Dwarfs the XA 50 I mean it's not even close you can actually blur out the background at wider focal ranges because of that bigger sensor and the lenses you can get you know lenses are important because you can use all of canons RF and EF lenses with an adapter and you can even get an adapter with nd built into it negating one of the pro cameras strongest selling points I mean it's very very expensive and I don't have it

Because I just use cheap nd filters but however technical image quality only gets you so far and another big difference between the two is in the audio recording capabilities like we mentioned earlier the XA 50 s 2 XLR adapter is connected with its top handle which will let you record some really clean and crisp audio which like we said earlier that's how we're recording the audio for this video since we switched the cameras I've got an 88 75 are plug straight into the camcorder and it sounds really good the USR though is no slouch when it comes to recording audio

Either despite it being a hybrid stills camera it does have a microphone in port and headphone out Jack which while not capable of providing phantom power to microphones like the XA 50 can it can use powered microphones like the rode videomic pro plus to great extent so it's good it's not great the internal preamps I'm not even gonna say are coming close to this because they're not but they're perfectly usable but let's throw some microphones on these cameras and hop outside real quick for a video slash vlogging test and welcome to the vlogging test of the Canon EOS R and V

Canon X a 50 now we are currently recording in 4k on both cameras so that's why the ESR is a little more cropped and I do have it with the 17 to 40 f/4 l lens so with that additional crop it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty tight I would normally use this as a 1080p camera as opposed to doing it as a 4k camera but the X 850 does not have an additional crop on side of its 4k so we're doing the same thing now I am shooting in C log on the EOS R and I'm doing wide dynamic range on the X a 50 so both of them are a format that will give you a little more dynamic range in

Your video and hopefully it looks pretty good but yeah so the big thing that I want you to see between the two cameras right now is the stabilization so the X 850 actually has optical image stabilization built into it whereas the USR has electronic image stabilization and this lens does not have any is built in so how does it look can you really tell the difference is there a lot more shakin I'll tell you my shoulders are starting to hurt so there might be a little bit different of a there might be some difference between the two but yeah I think they are both fantastic video

Cameras and both could work perfectly fine as a vlogging camera look at that there's a bit of a size difference the camcorder seems big until you get a full-frame camera with the lens and a microphone on top of it then it's just like ridiculously heavy ok back to the video and we're back yes the X 850 continues to impress me with both its technical image quality and its extra features outside of just resolution and frame rate the more I use it darn it the more I like it but what matters most in this crazy games of algorithms and solo Crew productions is ease of use who

Cares about image quality if it's hard to get now I personally ease-of-use into pre and post hitting the record button and for pre record both these cameras are insanely easy to use now I will give setting the camera up to the EOS R it's got a fully articulating touch screen that's both big bright it's easy to navigate and it's easy to understand the menu system and change it to what you needed to do frankly I think canons menu systems are some of the best now you can learn any system given enough time but when it comes to quickly changing white balance

ISO or any of those in the fly that USR is just about the easiest camera ever made the XA 50 is in a weird place where it has both more control and less control at the same time so you do have some physical buttons but unlike these c200 one of the other Canon cinema cameras you don't have physical buttons for everything and the touch screen isn't as crisp or easy to use as the USR so it's a tad more fiddly to get set up in the first place especially if you don't speak camcorder because camcorder is a whole different dialect than stills hybrid believe you me it always takes

Time when I try using a professional camcorder it takes some time to switch my brain over to that but do you care more about how easy the camera is to set up when you are in a nice air-conditioned office you know taking your time having some coffee take you just easily being able to change everything or do you want it to be easy to use to get the footage you want when it's a hundred degrees outside the mosquitoes are eating you alive and all you want to do is get back indoors to the air-conditioned coffee I know which one I'd pick and the X 850 the USR

Four-post record ease of use now we talked about this last week and even in this specific video but the X 850 is built-in nd dual pixel autofocus stabilization XLR adapters wide dynamic range zebras histograms and you can monitor the audio straight from the screen like if you could if you could sit down and write out a list of things that make the perfect camera this is basically it except the smaller sensor I mean it's not even cool this is the single easiest camera I have ever used after hitting record and it beats the sony NX 80 in that category to

It's just so I'm quickly quickly getting over my internal prejudices of the camcorder as just a dad's tool for kids sporting events though it works really well for that too and as a dad I can appreciate that this isn't an objective standard I mean none of this video or any of my videos are but I really just enjoy using the XA 50 and because of this single camcorder we will be bringing more camcorders onto the channel because I have I know I've said this a lot I'm repeating myself I have loved using the XA 50 so much that I've considered buying one if I was gonna

Start doing more and more outside so you've decided to buy one of these incredibly easy to use high quality cameras what does the ecosystem slash upgrade path look like well on the one hand the XA 50 needs nothing else it needs nothing else to function so you go by semester D and you are good to go the USR is not like that it has canons currently limited RF mount but you can adapt the rest of the full-frame glass using the canons official adapter that's what we're doing right now now you can combine that with some cheap nd and you're also pretty much good to go as

Well the EOS are also has cage support if you want to turn it into something more like the X 850 with a bigger sensor and there are additional accessories that you can get but as with any hybrid camera if you want the same functionality across cameras you'll have to bolt on a lot of junk to make that happen it's not as smooth or as clean of a transition as with the camcorder but at the end of the day so what right honestly the XA 50 is objectively the better video camera it's got all of the functionality and the specs to work better as a dedicated

Video camera because you know it it is one it is a dedicated video camera but it does cost the same amount as the EOS R and the USR does have some key advantages over camcorder it has lens support you can make it look almost full-frame in 4k if you want a shallower depth of field you can get wider open lenses and just shoot in 1080p Plus online content isn't just a video game a game about video no matter where you go you'll need to take some photos for either social media posts thumbnails etc so I'd argue that if you are only going to have one camera get that USR it can

Absolutely run an entire social media enterprise since it's basically a pro level stills camera combined with an almost aps-c level video camera now if you already have a stills camera and just want that sweet sweet easy to use goodness then absolutely get the ex a 50 it's just awesome thanks for watching

PRO Camera VS YouTuber Camera | Canon XA50 VS EOS R!

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Wingcopter in Japan: Partnership with ANA HD Trials Drone Delivery to Japan’s Remote Island Communities

In a first foray of Wingcopter in Japan, the German drone manufacturer and service provider has partnered with All Nippon Airways (ANA Holdings Inc, ANA HD) to trial drone delivery to the island communities of Japan. This is the latest big news from Wingcopter, which has risen rapidly in the drone delivery domain.  Earlier this […]
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dronelife Wingcopter in Japan: Partnership with ANA HD Trials Drone Delivery to Japan’s Remote Island Communities Miriam McNabb

In a first foray of Wingcopter in Japan, the German drone manufacturer and service provider has partnered with All Nippon Airways (ANA Holdings Inc, ANA HD) to trial drone delivery to the island communities of Japan. This is the latest big news from Wingcopter, which has risen rapidly in the drone delivery domain.  Earlier this […]

The post Wingcopter in Japan: Partnership with ANA HD Trials Drone Delivery to Japan’s Remote Island Communities appeared first on DRONELIFE.

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dronelife is a major website for reviews and commentary on the commercial drone market: the technologies,people, products, events, and trends that are driving the UAV industry.

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The $400 Budget 4K Canon Camera! Canon SX740 HS

Cannon has a reasonably priced camera that can shoot 4k that doesn't sound right I mean I thought they were only gonna put 4k and cameras that cost roughly …

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This is a beautiful picture with very good light-weight :-)

Cannon has a reasonably priced camera that can shoot 4k that doesn't sound right I mean I thought they were only gonna put 4k and cameras that cost roughly the same amount as my car well they proved this all wrong the Canon SX seven-four-zero it cost about 400 bucks and can record in 4k 30 frames per second but is it any good let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dead if I can figure it out you can figure it out I seriously cannot believe this camera exists now I like 4k and I like Canon and generally I have to separate those two things because there's generally a cost with wanting

Both and mostly I don't feel like paying the cost in either crops autofocus or actual money but here you get 4k reasonable price flip screen and Canon like I just keep feeling like it's gonna jump out at me and surprise me that it's like a Sony or something but before we get too far into the video however I would like to thank my friends over at B&H Photo for loaning me this SX seven-four-zero man could you make it a more confusing name canon to make these videos on if you'd like to get your own unicorn of a candid camera there will be links in the description below now let's

Very quickly cover the main specs in case you've never heard of this camera before because honestly I hadn't I had no idea that something like this existed the SX seven-four-zero okay that's the last time I'm calling it that from now on it's called the zero this is a one over 2.3 inch CMOS sensor and can record up to 4k 30 frames per second it comes equipped with canons educate image processor which for those paying attention is the same processor in the ESR that's currently recording us pretty good its built-in lens has an optical 24 to 960 yes 960 millimeter equivalent

Zoom that's three point three at the wide end and six point nine at the zoom and four autofocus much like the g7 X line of cameras it has a contrast based system which I mean that sounds bad but with as small as the sensor is with that smaller aperture the depth of field deep enough like it's gonna be a very deep depth of field to not really need to do that much focusing but who cares about the specs I mean we care about how it actually looks so you know what let's throw this thing up on the sticks really quickly to be the B cam for the rest of the video and we're on the zero yep that

Is a small censored camera all right I mean it's usable at least I mean it looks like it's usable from the screen okay time to get to serious business and see how this stacks up against the four most important aspects of the camera for the online content creator first up video quality like we mentioned this is a 4k capable camera but it does have some weirdness to it so who it is a canon camera thank goodness there's there's something it's not something in disguise it's a bit of a bit of a camera joke there now this can only record in 4k 30 frames per second which is weird

Because generally canon only lets you shoot in 4k 24 frames per second and something cool is there is a 30 minute limit on this so this can record 4k longer than Sony cameras can there is a small additional crop when recording in that 4k but the camera has a wide enough field of view that it's not the worst I mean you will see more during the vlogging test here in a moment but it's wide enough but I'd probably do the vlogging in 1080p personally when it comes to the image quality it's actually pretty good for the price however when you really think about it the main

Reason you'd end up picking up a camera like this over just using your cell phone is really for two things and that's the manual controls and the zoom length now zoom length it checked Jing it's got that crazy long zoom just like the sony hx5v level of functionality that cellphones currently can't touch now you cannot zoom that far away with a cell phone without doing digital stuff and digital zooms just look gross the missing feature though and this is a weird one for the cost this camera there's no manual functionality in video mode at all now we'll talk more about

This in ease of use here shortly but consider that you have no control over what the camera decides to do when you're recording video even if even if you manually set the camera up in manual photo mode the second you hit record it defaults back to auto so like right now this is an automotive I have no control over the ISO the shutter speed the aperture anything it's just an auto but despite that I do think the image looks pretty good and it does have those pleasing Canon colors even in 4k which a lot of its brethren cannot claim now it's it's not gonna win any awards

And while I can't see the images producing indoors right now I'm I assume it has more noise than I'd prefer because of that tiny sensor and it's also it's a pretty small aperture but pretty good technical limits quality is only part of the battle and while canons shocked most of us with their upcoming g7 x mark 3 which is a point shoot that does include an audio in Jack I have no idea where we're gonna put the microphone yet but it baby steps baby steps the 0 doesn't have any way to connect them like but it does have some microphones on board that are ok I don't

Know son of them are facing forward though there's one big one on top and it's nothing earth-shattering but it gets the job done and to actually see that in action let's hop outside real quick for a video slash vlogging test good and welcome to the vlogging test of the 0 or the Canon SX seven-four-zero that's pretty fancy but basically this is the you know this is all that we have been talking about now it is like we said there is an additional crop on side of 4k we are recording in 4k 30 frames per second right now and as we will mention it's kind of tight so it's a

Little tight a little tighter than I would like from a vlogging camera but yeah this is the image quality this is the audio quality this is the stabilization because the lens does have stabilization built inside of it and I'm just kind of hand holding this right now I normally do these kind of tests with like a tripod of some kind whether it be a Manfrotto Pixy maybe a gorilla pod I even use the gorilla pod in a long time but yeah this is the image quality you could expect to get if you wanted to use this for vlogging would I use this as a vlogging camera probably not probably

Not but it does have the flip screen I can see that the flip screens work and it does look pretty good you'll obviously I can't see what this image quality looks like you can see what it looks like and the problem that I'm already seeing right here is none of the microphones the microphones on top of the camera it's not in front of the camera and that can cause some problems when you're getting more of the like when you're getting more ambient noise and not necessarily like you talk into the camera but okay back to the video like I said

The image quality is fine if you are using it in auto mode the whole time which I mean that's all you have and that is a totally valid way of making video if you don't have the time or the expertise to set everything up manually and as a personal point here coming from my own experience when I started my youtube channel over two years ago I did that with a cell phone and when I did buy my very first quote-unquote real camera it was a Panasonic Lumix G 7 which I kept in auto mode for basically a year and you know what we ended up doing fine

So auto mode it's okay and sorry for that rant sorry for that rant I just know they're gonna be experts in the comments section saying how Auto doesn't count is bad at that event auto is fine if you've never used a camera before and that's a great segue into ease-of-use which frankly is way more important to me than overall image quality and like we previously mentioned and just went on a tirade about if you're recording in video there is only auto mode so pretty darn easy right now I am as much as auto mode is great if you're gonna use it if you do want to

Control the image I am gonna ding the camera on a few things and one of that is the no manual mode for video yes manual mode makes it technically harder to use but it actually makes it easier to get the video quality you want and the second big thing which actually surprised me because canon is known for this is there is no touchscreen functionality now off the top of my head I can't think of another canon camera that I've used and I've used a lot of them that doesn't have a touchscreen and when your menus are set up in the Canon way that makes it so much harder to use

Plus another big negative for me is the lack of dual picks a lot of focus but I mean that's not really surprising as even the Canon point-and-shoot flagship camera the g7 line is also lacking that feature sorry I guess I can't hold that much against you but dole picks a lot of focus is one of the reasons to go canon and this exacerbates another ease-of-use problem with the camera a lack of real usable physical buttons and dials now that's not normally that big of a deal with Canon cameras I mean look at the m50 I mean it doesn't have as many physical buttons as I'd like but the

Touch screen saves it and makes it a crazy easy to use the zero here lacking the touchscreen really compound to the problem because going through the normally easy and intuitive menu system is kind of a big pain here like I don't enjoy using this camera as much as I enjoy using the EOS are now not much changes after you hit the record and it's lacking one big pillar of the three now that stabilization autofocus and flip screen now some of these are offset because the camera is small the depth of field should be pretty darn deep and the

Lens is wide enough and has is built into it so hopefully it will correct for the lack of recording ease but it would be just the touch screen it would be so much nicer to use this camera if it had a touchscreen so let's say you are considering the zero what does your ecosystem slash upgrade path look like well as a point shoot camera there aren't very many accessories that you could even buy by its own nature it's a self-contained system you can always buy more batteries and you should you should always have plenty of batteries and maybe someday small rig will release a

Cage for it much like they did for the sony RX line but this is about as small and portable as you're gonna get without needing a bunch of extra crap like this right here looks perfectly fine but at the end of the day so what right so should you buy the SX seven-four-zero I don't think so yes it's a cheaper canon camera that will give you 4k but 4k isn't the only thing you need for online video production the only way I'd really be able to recommend this is much like the sony hx5v want a small pocket book camera with a very long zoom range then i would recommend the 0 like it is

Actually really good for that but that's it like I wouldn't recommend this for online video production it's too expensive for what you get one for roughly the same price you could get the Canon SL 2 or save up a little more for the m50 I mean it's a neat little point shoot camera and I do hope Canon continues to push tech down to they're cheaper bodies but this one does not get the dad seal of approval if you're making youtube videos thanks for watching

The $400 Budget 4K Canon Camera! Canon SX740 HS

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Expensive Camera VS Cheap Camera! Canon EOS R VS SX740!

Today I've got two Canon cameras now both of them shoot up to 4k 30 frames per second and both have the brand-new digit 8 image processor this one the SX se…

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Your pics look excellent !!!

Today I've got two Canon cameras now both of them shoot up to 4k 30 frames per second and both have the brand-new digit 8 image processor this one the SX seven-four-zero costs 400 bucks and the ESR here costs $2,000 and that's without a lens add a lens and we're talking at least another 500 but is the extra money worth that I mean where does all of that go let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad if I can figure it out you can figure it out now obviously these two cameras are two totally different beasts and they're not nearly on the same level when it comes to overall online video production or even

Functionality I mean if you're trying to get the best image quality it's like a kitten trying to fight a tiger but the opening like the opening joking tone aside what I want to do today is I want to show you why certain cameras do cost more than others even if on paper it looks like they do the same thing I mean like I said in the beginning they both shoot 4k 30 frames per second right I get it before I started a YouTube channel and I started obsessing over cameras every single darn day I used to not understand the difference either I mean I bought an action camera to be my

Very first indoor video camera and it didn't work out that well so if you are already a camera expert if you know everything about cameras this probably isn't the video for you so the two cameras up for comparison today are really the low end of canons line and the current high end of canons mirrorless line the SX seven-four-zero which we did a whole video on Wednesday that you can see here Bing and the initial anger inducing but slowly gaining popularity and I purchased one myself because I've been enjoying the heck out of it the eos R now if you

Don't know much about cameras let's get some of the basic terminology out of the way the seven-four-zero is a point and shoot camera that basically means you can put it in your pocket take it out point it at something and start recording I mean point-and-shoot it's pretty self-explanatory it's got a built-in lens it's got a built-in everything that you could need to just use it by itself and when I say that the ESR is a mirrorless camera I mean it's as simple as there is no mirror between the camera sensor and the lens let's also cover the overall specs

Really quickly and then in actual comparison section will be breaking it down a little more granularly now the SX seven-four-zero has a one over 2.3 inch CMOS sensor and it can record an up to 4k 30 frames per second it comes equipped with canons digit 8 image processor and for autofocus it has a contrast based system and it does have face tracking if you want to use this as a vlogging camera the s on the other hand is a 30 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor I mean that just means that the physical size of the sensor is big I mean look how you

Saw how big this darn thing was that's a huge sensor now it can also record up to 4k 30 frames per second and it also has canons digit 8 image processor when it comes to autofocus it has canons debatably class-leading dual pixel autofocus and it has both face and eye tracking when you update it to the latest firmware now those specs 4k educate that all sounds pretty similar right it does to me well let's break it down as we see how these two brackets and styles of cameras actually fit inside the three most important aspects of cameras and before we do that let's

Throw these both upon the sticks tripods to make them the a and B cam for the rest of the video dual Canon goodness SX seven-four-zero EOS R now first up video quality now right off the bat let's talk 4k no wait let's let's talk point-and-shoot versus full frame camera so if you were paying attention during the spec overview I mentioned the physical size of these two sensors now one is obviously much bigger than the other but why I mean why does it even matter right well the sensor size of a camera affects a lot of things about the image quality you're gonna get

And in a very very abbreviated way that's not gonna go into too much math or science or other boring stuff and I'm gonna get destroyed in the comments below for this bigger basically means quote unquote better it's got better low-light capability better lens selection better image quality now I say quote unquote because my personal favorite sensor size is actually aps-c which is bigger than the one over 2.3 but smaller than full-frame full-frame is great but it buys you a few extra headaches like being more expensive it's bigger and you have to deal with

Full-frame foot rafi people like yes it's a joke please don't hurt me so the real difference between the two cameras is well technically they both record the same format the SRS 4k will look much better and cleaner due to its more advanced and larger sensor but it's not totally one-sided here because the Els R has a 1.8 times crop on top of that 4k so if you actually want to use that you'll need wider lenses to get roughly the same focal length the SX over here does have a little bit of a crop but nothing nearly as severe as the

R so for the extra price how does the image quality differ now I love how the EOS our video looks it's got a clean sharp image plus it has access to Canon C log letting you get even more dynamic range out of this sensor because it will like flatten the image and protect both the shadows and the highlights so this is what we're currently recording on C log on the EOS R and this is what it looks like ungraded looks gross right now this is more of an advanced technique than just pointing and recording but as somebody that's recently taken a liking to C log it's

Not as scary to grade as I would have thought don't if your camera has si log don't be afraid of it the SX 740 looks perfectly fine and for its price point I actually quite liked the image you get out of it now I think it punches way above its sensor size because the image is great now when it comes to price I think it punches about even with price because that autofocus I don't even know if I'm in focus right now is pretty rough image quality though is only half of the battle you've also gotta ensure that your audio is good enough to tell your story now when it comes to online

Content people abandon a video for audio way faster than if you have exposure problems a weird color grade there's weird color grades everywhere etc and personally given my type production timeline I will keep a clip if it has focus problems or it has exposure problems like right now I assume we're out of focus because it looks like we're not in focus but if the audio is bad and I can't save it in editing I'll reroute an entire video because audio is the most important now the SX 740 as you can hear right now has an okay built-in microphone now if you are vlogging and

Holding the camera like right to your face yeah it works perfectly fine but if you're in a studio like this it's gonna be pretty echoey because you can't direct and I do wish the microphone on the SX 740 was facing forward because then you get cleaner sounds unless ambient noise but it doesn't mean it works pretty darn well for a point shoot the ESR has a standard 3.5 millimeter audio port so you can use external microphones like we are doing right now to get per level vocals without having to record off-camera and a benefit of the more

Expensive camera is it has manual audio controls which are so useful if you're gonna use an external microphone like we are doing right now but okay let's throw all of this camera theory to the test with a quick video slash vlogging test so you can kinda see how all of this works when we're just like out and about see out there and welcome to the vlogging test of the cheap camera versus the expensive camera so in this comparison we have the Canon SX seven-four-zero versus the EOS R and yeah there is a small bit of a price difference between

These two cameras where as we've already mentioned the EOS R is a $2,000 camera that's not including lens and the SX seven-four-zero is a $400 camera so yeah can you well like what's the difference that you guys can tell right now well I'll tell you what the EOS R should look better I mean just objectively it should look better it's got a full frame lens on it it's got a bigger microphone I've got an ND filter on it and the SX is just I mean look I'm just holding on to it you can see the V rig size on both cameras now is the image

Quality on the US are better yeah probably I'm shooting it in C log I'm gonna grade it later the SX is just a camera that I'm just holding by itself it's got nothing else so which I mean is the ESR good enough for you like do you think it looks good enough to justify the extra cost maybe I don't know I guarantee the shutter speed is gonna look a little different the motion cadence might look different but is it four times worth it like is it worth it by four times as much I don't know that it is but yeah this is the vlogging test with the electronic image stabilization

Of the ESR and the actual stabilization of the sx 740 and yeah here's the difference I'll tell you which one hurts this arm so I'm starting to hurt these things are heavy ok back to the video ok and we're back now I'd say that vlogging wise it's way easier to vlog with a point shoot as opposed to a big full-frame mirrorless but it like we set outside I think the quality is better from the full-frame again for four times the price next up let's actually talk what is most important to me when it comes to choosing a camera for online video and

Heck it's the whole reason I have the EOS R in the first place I mean without a doubt this is the reason and that's ease-of-use now much like audio quality you've got to be able to quickly and efficiently be able to meet your own production timeline and cameras these days have to be able to meet you at least halfway like the camera cannot get in your way like it has to be part of the team and here's a pretty big difference the SX does not have any manual controls for video mode which really really sucks if you want to do auto mode which is how we are recording

Right now I mean then you're good and that does make it very easy to record video I did that myself for like a year when I first started doing YouTube but if you want any kind of control and if you are again new to cameras in my opinion the variable that's most important to control is shutter speed if you are falling 180 degree rule you want to keep your shutter speed at least twice your frame rate so we are currently recording in 30 frames per second which means we want our shutter speed to be at one sixtieth and unfortunately the SX does not give you

That option so it doesn't even it doesn't even show me what our current shutter speed is so I couldn't even dial it in if I wanted to try to dial it in with the lighting I can't even do that now what that will get you is it makes your motion blur more natural when you're following the 180 degree rule the SR has full manual controls but it also has both aperture priority meaning everything is on auto except the aperture and shutter priority same thing except the shutter now these modes can make it easy to decide on either to keep your aperture open at the widest if you

Want the shallowest depth of field or you can set the shutter as the priority to keep your motion blur as natural as possible and the camera will then shut the aperture to achieve that now another big ease-of-use difference between the two is the eos r has a fully articulating touchscreen so you can not only quickly use the manual controls to dial your preferred settings in if something is wrong when you're in front of the camera like right now you can quickly reach up tap tap-tap tap-tap few taps and you're back on track honestly that's the biggest problem I have with

The seven-four-zero and cameras of its price point now if it had manual controls for video it would be a much easier pill for me to swallow and if it had a touchscreen would be a much easier pill for me to swallow but if you are like me a couple of years ago and keep everything in Auto anyway it might be the right amount of ease-of-use I mean seriously when it comes to post hitting record there's ease of uses I separate ease of use into before you hit record and after you hit record now it does basically have all of my high notes it has a monitor

It has stabilization and it has auto focus not the best but it has auto focus so it's not canons strongest showing it does have the face tracking and much like we saw during the vlogging test those three things do come together pretty well to make this a pretty good camera for after you hit record now you may have wondered why this video was pretty late on iOS our ease-of-use coverage and frankly that's because the USR is about the easiest camera I've ever used in my life I mean it just speaks for itself it's insanely easy so let's say you decide to buy one of these

Cameras what does your upgrade path slash ecosystem look like well the SX seven-four-zero doesn't have an upgrade path it's a point shoot which means what you see is what you get for good and for bad there is like if you don't like it there's no way to make it better but it's also not necessarily a bad thing it's dependent on your use case a case in point you don't need to buy a lens to make it work it just works you don't need to buy an external monitor because it just works so it is there are good things in it now the ESR uses canons RF line of lenses natively and can use EF

Glass through an adapter pretty flawlessly it has cage support and with an external recorder like the Adamson in juvey you can record 10 bit 4 to 2 video which ranks this up against Canon cinema cameras for quality of codec and file for video editing like and can you tell that I love the EOS R but at the end of the day yes the most expensive camera is better I mean it's better handling it's easier to use and it has the better image quality I mean the purpose of this video like I've said the whole time wasn't to try and say that the cheaper

Camera is better because it's not it was more to explain why cameras can have such vastly different costs despite having similar seeming specs now both of these cameras will work for certain groups of individuals now personally I think the USR might be one of the best online content creation cameras ever made and it's definitely worth its call now that it even has a price cut but your mileage may vary and the SX 740 might be the perfect camera for you because it looks great is easy to use and is super tiny thanks for watching

Expensive Camera VS Cheap Camera! Canon EOS R VS SX740!

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SURFACE LAPTOP 4 by Microsoft (Full Review 2021)

Hey guys welcome back to the channel right here we have the brand new microsoft surface laptop 4 which as you can see has a really slim and really premium looki…

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What type of camera did you use? That is a really good good quality.

Hey guys welcome back to the channel right here we have the brand new microsoft surface laptop 4 which as you can see has a really slim and really premium looking design so in this video we're going to dive into this laptop and talk about the physical aspects of it what's different about it the internal components and it'll also get into a webcam microphone video speaker test to really figure out how good this laptop actually is now with that being said guys there's actually two different models there's a

15 inch model and then this is the 13 and a half inch model and there's a couple different colors and the colors all look really nice with an aluminum body this one is the ice blue which as you can see in most lighting looks more silver doesn't really look that blue but i guess in the studio lighting you can kind of see it looks a little bit blue there i guess ice is really not that blue anyway so it makes sense but you can see on the top we have a really nice clean

Aesthetic so not only is it a thin laptop we have a nice flat aluminum body on the top so just a really flat piece of aluminum and then on the bottom very similar just a flat piece of aluminum we don't have a fan down here we don't have a speaker down here so it's kind of nice i'm not worried about it really getting anything in there i'm not worried about breaking the bottom just a nice clean aesthetic now the fan is actually backed by the hinge as you can see right there which personally i mean i've seen a lot

Of different orientations for where fans go on a laptop but i think the back tends to be my favorite one when it's on my lap just blowing out in front of me just makes the most sense so it's not like blowing on me or out of the side or something like that i think that that's a good style right there now of course that does limit how far the hinge can go back but we'll talk about that in a second looking at the right side we'll see we have just a little slot there and at first glance you might think

That's an sd card slot unfortunately it is not an sd card slot this doesn't have an sd card slot anywhere on here instead that is actually the charging port so microsoft has their little proprietary charging cable and it's just a really slim profile it magnetically snaps on there so really easy to put in place and like i said has a low profile so when you're working it really doesn't stick out much and it's not going to be like it's easy to take out put on

Pretty convenient but i mean considering the size of this laptop i would probably rather have just another usb type c port there and i'd be fine charging by usbc but regardless that's what microsoft chose to do and and so that's what we have over there on the left side we have just three ports we have a usb type a which i'm glad they still have that we have usb type c and this actually you can charge through this as well and then we have a headphone jack

Now i'm sure a lot of people will be using that usb type-c port for a dongle so you can have hdmi or micro sd or sd card or a lot of other things that you might want to have because i mean it's pretty typical a 13 inch laptop usually doesn't have a lot of ports so that's just what it is you're going to have to kind of get used to that if you want the 13 inch model and so looking at the rest of this laptop if we open it up i mean the first thing you might notice

Is that it looks a little bit larger than a lot of 13-inch laptops and that's because in a lot in a way it kind of is so even though it's a 13-inch screen the aspect ratio is slightly different than a lot of other ones so for example the dell xps 13 is i believe 16 by nine so it's a little bit wider and a lot of laptops are wider like that this one is actually three by two so it's going to be a lot taller than a lot of other laptops out there giving you more of a square shape as

Opposed to a long rectangle and because you're measuring the diagonal for 13 and a half inches this technically has more screen real estate personally i'm a big fan of that it gives you a little bit more working space while still keeping the laptop very compact very travel friendly and i think it's a really nicely sized laptop now i'll get it more into what the screen is all about in a second but i want to talk a little bit more about the aesthetic here we do have a bezel around there so

Typically i mean a lot of laptops don't have ultra thin bezels yet they're not anywhere near where phones are or tablets are but i mean it's thin enough that it's not going to be a massive eyesore i mean it's probably i mean i hope in a couple years that laptops have really thin bezels and this might look antiquated but for now it looks pretty standard now on the bottom right below the keyboard and all around the touch pad and everything you'll see that it has kind of an interesting texture

Interesting aesthetic there where it almost feels like if you made velvet out of rubber that's that's pretty much what it feels like i think it's kind of nice so if it's like really cold out these this will not be cold so it's nice in the winter now i'll get a little bit more into the keyboard in a second but you'll see on the laptop on the screen we actually have on the top a couple sensors so we have our microphones we have our camera and of course we have

Our face id so it is using infrared you open it up blink some little red lights read some face id and that's the only biometrics you have this one does not have a fingerprint sensor which i don't think is really a problem face id is so fast and you already have that bezel anyway so the only catch though is that this webcam is only 720p now we'll get into a test in a second but 720p in a laptop made in 2021

Feels a little bit low to me i feel like you should at least have 1080p i know a lot of people are on zoom calls all the time and different types of like teams and and skype and whatever else you're using having a high resolution camera i think would be a good benefit it can't be that hard to add that onto an expensive laptop like this so i'm not really sure why they chose to do that now you'll also notice that this laptop doesn't have any visible speakers so they're kind of hidden along the top and underneath the keyboard so we'll

Actually get into a test to see how well that performs in a second okay so next let's take a closer look at the keyboard obviously a very important aspect of any productive laptop and the first thing i want to point out is that this does have backlighting on the keys it actually has three levels of backlighting so one two three and off so maybe that's four levels however you look at that and the keys themselves are made of plastic i found that they don't have a ton of travel but that makes them pretty quiet and pretty

Subtle which i mean it's kind of a mixed bag on this one some people really like the subtle slow travel low profile keys because they can type really fast other people prefer the more mechanical keys and would like something larger more metal maybe similar to like the hp spectre for example honestly i'm a little bit used to the more mechanical keys but i'm i could get used to this one very quickly and i feel like i would have no problem typing fast with that being said

It does have a little bit of a slightly lower quality feel when they're all plastic keys and there's a little bit of flex in the middle of the keyboard especially if you're a harder typer you might notice that but i mean ultimately i feel like the keyboard i could definitely get used to and i don't have any major complaints about this the trackpad similarly is made of plastic and it feels like a relatively premium plastic with some pretty tight

Tolerances but of course it is still a plastic trackpad now something to note physically with this laptop is the hinge on here i think microsoft did a really good job balancing this so first of all if you open it there's really no hinge wobble it stays very steady anywhere you want it to and second of all when it's closed you can very easily just open it with one finger and it doesn't lift up the other side of the laptop i think they did a great job balancing it perfect stiffness perfect

Feel on there and it gives you a really nice premium experience pretty similar to what we're seeing with a lot of the macbooks okay so next let's talk a little bit more about the display like i said this is a 13 and a half inch 3×2 display so it's going to give you approximately the size of a piece of paper so it's 8.8 inches by 12.2 inches and that gives you 2256 by 1504 pixels so it's a little bit more than 1080p but a little bit less than 4k i found that the resolution on here is pretty good ultimately the screen

Looks really good vibrant colors very bright very clean and i mean i like the display it's also a touch screen of course even though it doesn't fold all the way back so you can see that that's about as far as it goes right there it is a 10-point multi-touch screen so it's nice for poking on the screen or whatever you want and similarly this does accept the windows surface pen but with that being said i don't really know why i would be using the the pen if it doesn't fold back all the way and

Of course you can't fold back any farther than this as i mentioned before because we do have that little fan right on the bottom and you don't want it blowing onto the screen of course so i think that's a little bit of a drawback of having the fan back there i find that this bends back far enough for most situations but every now and then i would like to bend it back just a little bit farther something else to note about the display is while it does get really dim and really bright if you're outside it's definitely prone to

A lot of glare so something to be aware of if you're going to plan on working outside a lot but that's pretty much everything i want to talk about with the display and the keyboard and pretty much everything physically so let's actually now get into a test of the speakers as well as the webcam and the microphone all right guys this is the webcam and the onboard microphones if i was in a video call it would probably look and sound something like this of course i am in my studio right now so

There's no echo and it's really the best lighting that this thing is ever really going to get so you guys can leave a comment it's limited to 720p but do you think this is acceptable for video call or would you like to see something better so let's get into a quick speaker test this is maximum volume by the way so honestly good clean audio pretty good volume especially considering this is such a small laptop and you see no speakers on there also a surprising delivery of bass okay so let's talk a little bit more about

The internals of this laptop of course there's a lot of different variations you can get you can get amd or intel the most typical configuration you'll see at best buy is the intel i5 with eight gigs of ram which i think is a little bit underpowered for my purposes with editing videos and stuff so i drove like 50 miles to buy the i7 which is the 11th gen intel i7 processor and this has 16 gigs of ram now according to microsoft's website they also configure this up to 32 gigs of ram

But i don't believe it goes any higher than that and finding that in a store i think is going to be almost impossible now with that being said they promised 17 hours of battery life with the intel i7 on this laptop of course it depends on what you're doing but they promised 19 hours on the amd so a subtle difference there if you're looking for battery life the amd might be a better choice for you and i mean ultimately when i'm doing basically everything i'm doing editing videos browsing the web i find that 17

Hours is a reasonably accurate estimate it's really hard to say exactly how long i use it because i don't always use it for 17 hours straight and of course i do all kinds of different stuff on here if editing a video versus browsing the web have very different demands on your battery but i mean the battery life ultimately i think did a pretty good job here all right guys editor mike here i was trying to edit this video on this laptop just to really test it out and put it through

Its paces with premiere pro and premiere crashed and now we're looking at it looks like it's running on low memory is what it's a little error message said and things are just really frozen i can't close windows i'm going to have to reboot this but it's definitely disappointing to see a brand new laptop run into issues like this now getting some pros and cons with this laptop starting off with the pros i think they did a great job with the aesthetic i really like how slim this laptop is i like the feel of it

And i think they did a great job with the hinge as well a really nice smooth well-balanced hinge to really give you that premium feel and you just know it's a well-built laptop similarly the screen i really like how they have the aspect ratio of three to two i think it gives you a lot more working space that makes it more bearable to use a small 13-inch laptop and so i don't feel really like i'm using a 13-inch laptop because it has that big aspect ratio it also has the really nice

Keyboard backing that little soft touch kind of rubbery feel i think it's interesting over time i hope it doesn't wear down too much but i mean it's kind of a cool thing right there now getting into some drawbacks there's a couple that i had in mind the first one is that it's a 720p webcam i just really wish we'd push that forward make it 1080 but i mean regardless it's 720 for some reason the second one is a subtle one and that's anytime i glance at the keyboard i think the caps lock is on

Because the little circle that is translucent is actually pretty white and it looks very similar when it's on or when it's off another one is that you don't have a lot of ports on here obviously three on the left side is great to have but i wish we had at least one more usb type-c port on here so i don't always need it to angle for anything i ever use but i mean again it is what it is but ultimately guys this laptop is is pretty simple i really like how it's built it looks nice it feels nice

And it's just going to be kind of a no-frills laptop there's other laptops for the price if you're looking for more features maybe you want a touch bar on the top maybe you want an s pen you want to wirelessly charge your phone on the track pad there's other laptops that do all of that but i think a lot of people interested in the surface laptop won't really care a lot about those extra features and they're really looking for something maybe for work maybe for personal but you want something that just works it

Works well it's easy to travel with and it's a slim sleek fast laptop and i think that's exactly what this one is so ultimately i'm a fan of the surface laptop 4. you guys can leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this laptop if it's something that you will be buying or not and if there's anything you liked or didn't like about it as always guys if you enjoyed this video consider liking and subscribing i will be reviewing a couple more laptops just like this one

Coming up so definitely subscribe so you don't miss those i'm michael bryan guys thanks for watching and i'll see you next time

SURFACE LAPTOP 4 by Microsoft (Full Review 2021)

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