Intel Core i7 Laptop vs AMD Ryzen 7 Laptops Real World Test

Hi guys this is ranji that in this video we'll be comparing what do you say uh intel core i7 laptops with the new horizons uh 7 laptops and i was also very …

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Superb images, the shade and depth of the images are breath-taking, they draw you in as though you belong of the composition.

Hi guys this is ranji that in this video we'll be comparing what do you say uh intel core i7 laptops with the new horizons uh 7 laptops and i was also very curious to see the real world performance difference so yes i'll be showing you some benchmark results also but i conducted some real world performance tests for example uh this is the what do you say me horizon uh book that comes with the latest intel core i7 that's the 10th generation processor this is the latest from intel and i also have this asus vivobook

That i had posted unboxing and overview of this one a couple of weeks packs this one has the new ryzen 7 4700 u processor uh so again both are ultra books and this is the best you can get from intel in ultra book and this is sort of the best you can get from amd so i was also very curious what's the difference between this intel uh processor that's the intel core i7 versus amd 4700u i also wanted to actually compare it with the

Amd 4500 u uh i don't have a laptop but a good friend of mine actually has a what do you say a lenovo 4500u laptop so asked him to run some benchmark test so i'll include that in the later part of the video and let's see uh the results and guys again i won't get into that regarding the configuration of this me laptop i've already done it's a review in fact i would say this one has undue advantage the ssd is actually faster on this one can go read speeds can go as high as about three gigabytes

And this also has a dedicated nvidia mx 350 gpu whereas uh this asus vivo book does not have any external gpu and the ssd is also slightly slower at about 1.6 to 1.7 gigabytes but again these are specs let's look at the results and see which one is faster in real world so guys here if you have the laptop this is the me laptop that has the core i7 from intel and this is the asus uh that has the ryzen 4700u and i'm doing some real world tests we

Have a 5gb video file on both of them it's a 4k file that i shot with the ghf 5 and i'm going to run handbrake and as you can see we're going to do this test on battery and i've kept it on best performance on both of them so let's do that and i'm going to run handbrake and convert both these uh files to 1080p and we'll see actually which one does better i have both the 4k files and we are going to convert it to the fast 1080p 30

And see which one does it faster so i've hit and let's see the typing and in this test actually guys which one does faster is actually better and both are actually started so let's see which one does better this is a realistic test and we'll also do one more and i'll let you guys know which one did faster so guys it's just across seven minutes now and this one the ryzen one is almost 95 percent done it says

Just 18 seconds more and this one is still just on 44 so way slower i would say and this should be done any minute now the ryzen one the horizon seven ninety seven plus ninety nine percent ninety nine point nine done so it finished in seven minutes 35 seconds and this is still continuing so we'll wait so guys we just crossed 16 minutes on this intel core i uh laptop and now it's about 98 percent uh so definitely and if you recall this one took just about seven

Minutes 35 seconds so more than double i would say now it's 99.3 so this should be done anytime now now now now this will just go off the green and just finish 16 minutes 35 seconds now doing one more real world test this is the cinebench r20 zip file that's a 222 mb zip file and we're going to do the same thing we're going to extract both of them and see which one is doing faster because we do zip out files pretty often on computers so

Let's test that extract extract and i'm just going to press uh same over here extract extract both eyes and let's start and again uh let's see which one is doing faster this is a real world stuff that we are doing and uh here both are actually close to each other again it's not a very big file guys 222 mb file and we're going to run the r20 benchmarks also but just wanted to give you an idea here surprisingly looks like the intel is

Going to know almost this has caught up now finally so neck to neck in this test but let's see which one is doing faster uh both are very close this one has an edge this has a faster ssd but anyways let's see wow this is going to be very very close looks finished first on this one after that two seconds this one so here in the decompression test uh the core i7 went

Ahead by just about two seconds now let's do one more thing uh let's run the cinebench r20 on both of them again we are running on battery power guys and let's see which one is uh better this is the r20 test that we are doing r15 uh we have already done that so uh we are just going to run through this uh what do you say cpu score on both i've just reset and i'm going to run on both of them and see again i've clicked that

So let's click start and hopefully it should start about 1 minute 30 seconds and looks like definitely the ryzen 7 is handling it better of course because this has physical uh eight cores this one has four cores so yeah definitely the ryzen will finish it way faster and of course it will get a higher cpu score so as you can see i'm just showing you the timings guys so that you can also replicate finished about 1 minute 55 seconds got a score of 2728 so finally uh this is almost going to

Get finished as you can see it's 4 45 hopefully it finishes in that still going about 450 i think so yeah just finished you could say 47 but look at the scores guys that's got a cpu score of 1031 and this got a score of 2728 so way way faster i would say and we can see also in the time this finished that benchmark in about one minute 55 seconds this almost took about four minutes 46 seconds so as you can see in the ross cpu

Definitely the new ryzen uh what do you say 4700u is way faster guys one more practical test and this is uh davinci resolve video editing software i've installed on both the machines this is the core i7 and this is the ryzen 7 and this is the same 4k video clip that we had so i have the 4k in the timeline and i've just added this text layer throughout the video core i7 on this one and ryzen 7 and now we'll render this and see which

One is doing a better job in video exporting and i'm just going to hit what do you say start render on both of these start start and we have started so i'm going to set this also and this will be interesting test technically uh the me laptop with the core i7 has the dedicated nvidia mx350 gpu uh whereas the ryzen 7 does not have any external or dedicated gpu it's just using the internal

Vega graphics but it'll be interesting this uh test to see which one does uh faster in terms of video editing these are the stuff that we you'll use uh for regular stuff so just wanted to give you an idea about video rendering guys it's just been five minutes since we started this rendering job and for this uh intel core i7 it has rendered one minute 48 seconds worth of video but here as you can see uh this has rendered already two minutes 57 seconds worth of video and here it

Says it has completed 43 of the rendering year 25 so again significant lead to the ryzen 7 as of now let's see how much time does it take to complete so guys it's been 10 minutes 20 seconds and here this has completed the ryzen one 98 percent and this is still at 54 this still says 10 more minutes and this is going to be almost done now two seconds so this is done so this finished in 12 minutes 37 seconds this is

Completed the job as you can see it's finished this still is about 10 minutes left so this is still at 56 so as you can see considerably slower even in real world video rendering results so it's 22 minutes and this is at 99 percent should be finished anytime now this is just finished 22 minutes 20 seconds and one thing i noticed the fan was blowing quite a bit and this has become quite hot also so let's look at the temperature as you can see

Near the keyboard it's almost 44 it went 43.9 so yes this is getting considerably a lot warmer also the ryzen 7 actually did not get that hot uh and uh again that is uh due to also when now those i think so the battery life is falling on this way that's why it's going to the battery saver mode but let's look at the battery level on this one now it is just going down i guess now it's just a 19 battery

Whereas this one is still at about 58 percent uh so again yeah in terms of battery life also i feel uh because this was struggling quite a bit this is consuming a lot more in real life i would say the ryzen 7 should give you anywhere about one and a half to two hours of extra battery life compared to this one so we got some very interesting results uh in fact in all the tests in fact the ryzen 7 beat out this uh intel laptop and i was

A surprise also in terms of battery life the ryzen 7 actually performed better and as i've told you i asked one of my friends who has the ryzen 5 4500u to also run some of the tests so i have the score so as you can see from the screen chart lower the value it is better that means we are able to complete the task faster of what you say that 4k video to 1080p in just seven minutes to 15 seconds and uh the intel one took actually 16 minutes 35 seconds so more than 100 percent

Longer which was very surprising but the big surprise to me personally was the ryzen 5 it's a six core processor that completed the task in eight minutes 29 seconds so even the ryzen 5 uh in that handbag test is faster than the intel core i7 laptop video editing for the ryzen 7 in 12 minutes 33 uh 36 seconds whereas intel took almost 22 minutes so again almost about 90 percent time longer now if we move to some other benchmark results uh here are the benchmark results that we

Saw and again as you can see uh even the ryzen 5 which is very surprising to me beat out the intel core i7 in both the r15 and the r20 benchmark so uh when you're doing some heavy tasks definitely these new ryzen processors uh the 4000 series the 4500u or even the 4700u perform very well and we saw in real world results also they performed so good i was surprised yes i always thought that the ryzen 7 will beat out the intel core i7 but i was surprised that even the ryzen 5

Is sort of beating the intel core i7 laptop in heavy tasks so definitely i would say uh this year the new ryzen processors are very fast and guys again intel also has some higher end processors for example the head series of the processors that are used in workstations uh those are actually eight cores and all those things like that for example the regular core i7 max outside about four cores uh the advantage of the ryzen 7 is that it has physical eight cores

The ryzen 5 had physical six cores uh whereas this new intel h series of processors do have those scores i'll try to test it out but amd also has those high performance head series processors so again stay tuned for that but again if you're looking for a normal sized what do you say u series laptops that generally we get in the price range of 40 to 80 000 i do feel as of now the new ryzen 5 or even the ryzen 7 uh specifically the 4500u and the 45 uh 4700u do perform significantly better than the

Inter core i7 anyways guys uh what do you think about this very interesting results that we got i was also a little bit surprised but anyways these are the raw figures that i got anyways guys that's it for now and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button i'll definitely try to get one of these new ryzen 5 4500 u laptops and test it out and also i'll try to get the new what do you say intel head series high performance laptops

And also test that out in the future anyways guys that's it for now thanks for watching this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

Intel Core i7 Laptop vs AMD Ryzen 7 Laptops Real World Test

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TCL 5-Series 4K UHD TV Unboxing, setup, and impressions

Here's the thing about a global pandemic it really slow stuff down so it's tough getting TVs in but also a lot of people are unemployed or their income …

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Merely looked at several of your pictures (: i'm truly delighted i reached task shadow you. You're wonderful!

Here's the thing about a global pandemic it really slow stuff down so it's tough getting TVs in but also a lot of people are unemployed or their income is restricted if you want to buy a new TV you want to save money and for that reason we're checking out the TCL 5-series welcome back everyone I'm Caleb Denison and yeah the TCL five Series from 2019 not 2020 is what we're unboxing and setting up today now the new TCL TVs will be coming out they're announced usually at the end of July and then we get to pull them in in August so they're

Coming but this TV is still for sale there's plenty of them around and it's super inexpensive so let's dig in here's what comes in the box we've got four screws for these feet which by the way are very light and kind of cheap feeling they look okay but they don't feel great power cord breakout cable for composite video which we don't see very much anymore batteries a remote which interestingly enough has a Disney plus button on it this TV came out way before Disney Plus was a thing so that's interesting no

Guarantees that yours will have that however depends on when it was shipped to the store that you buy it from this does have the volume controls but no headphone jack and then of course some product literature this is not my favorite setup there's a couple of little nubbins that you're supposed to line up and you never really know if you've got it just right but you know the screws are long and they go well into the cabinet so hopefully we're looking at a relatively stable set up here and we're up and while we're back here I just want to point out that the

Vase of mounting holes here kind of wide spread so keep that in mind if you're gonna wall mount you do get four HDMI inputs which is pretty standard these days but this TV being from 2019 it doesn't support any of the new HDMI 2.1 features like Auto low latency mode or a variable refresh rate you do get standard AARC through hdmi number four and that's about that okay here we are with the full frontal shot and looks pretty good right I actually I'll admit that when I first pulled this out of the box I was like oh no and then I realized it's just film it

Looks like somebody did a really bad DIY window tinting job so that's gonna have to come off real quick five minutes later the plastic is finally off and you know what this looks really nice especially for a $600 65 inch TV almost no bezels on the side or top you do have a pretty substantial bar along the bottom and I've never been a big fan of the little circle on the right next to the roku TV badge but hey now i'll press the power button and it's instantly on so it's obviously in a standby mode when you get it it takes a

Little while to power down but boy it turns on fast and let's go ahead and get this guy set up these days you should just expect that once you connect to the internet you're gonna have to go through an update we're definitely having to do that here usually these don't take too awful long so just be patient so if you're not familiar with the Roku TV OS you're gonna want to hop online get into your Roku account if you don't already have one you'll want to create one you enter this access code then it asks you a series of questions to finish the set up you can name the TV will go with

Media room here and then you can also select some apps that you want to make sure are installed you can do this here or you can do it in the roku channel store either way it's going to end up installing like hundreds of apps in this case we've got what 106 and i should also mention that peacock and HBO Macs will not be among those apps because those apps aren't available on roku yet now one of the features of Roku setup is that it'll let you label your input so you want to turn everything on and then take a look at what pops up on the screen and label it accordingly so in

This case we've got a cable box a blu-ray player and an Xbox finally we're at home I know I said have some patience before but I kind of forgot how long this can take so really have some patience and once you get into your setup you may find that you want to move apps around so in this particular case I definitely want to move Netflix towards the top just press the star key and put it where you want now you'd think one of the advantages of having a roku account would be that it would automatically sign you into your apps since it knows what the sign-in information is but

Unfortunately that's not the case so one more step that you'll need to go through is signing into your apps now that's true for pretty much any Smart TV platform I just wish that Roku could get that fixed now let's talk about picture settings and I've got some news for you here you're gonna have to go into each individual input to do the picture settings it does not carry over across all of your inputs nor does it apply to your streaming apps either so let's dig in I've already set up this particular input for the Xbox go just go straight

Into picture settings skip all the other stuff and pick the mode that you want I always go with movie and this is a new setting to me I've not seen this micro contrast setting I presume that this has to do with local dimming it does mention that it adjusts contrast to each zone of the screen we're gonna start with low and we'll check out where we settle on the full review later color temperature warm is what we want for now I'm going to turn off natural cinema this is probably something that's supposed to reduce shutter in 24 frames per second content we're going to turn it off for

Now in this case I do want game mode on because it's a game console so we'll do that now that we've got that set up we need to go back to them home menu and pop into our blu-ray player and do all of that over again you press the star key it pulls up the menu go down to picture settings oh I do want to mention turn off low power just get that done right off the bat going into picture settings in selecting movie mode does more or less the same thing well again we'll turn on micro contrast to low leave dynamic contrast off turn off natural cinema for now and leave game

Mode often that should be a good starting point so you want to do that for all of your inputs and then we've got to get into apps so I've made my way to Netflix and I press the star key and nothing happens I presume that you actually have to start playing some content in order to make any adjustments to the picture setting so I'm starting with something that is in HD not HDR not Dolby vision just standard HD 4k would be fine too although a lot of times you get HDR with those so I'm going to press the star key here we are this is what I wanted to see

So we'll go down to picture settings again I'm going to select movie mode lo micro contrast all the same stuff that I did before turn natural cinema off which should get rid of the soap opera effect let's see if there's anything else I want to touch active action smoothing is off okay so that would be something that turned off the soap opera effect but in the movie mode it's automatically defeated now I want to pop into something that has Dolby vision will do Netflix series unsolved mysteries for that we'll start playing the episode and once we do we see we go into Dolby

Vision mode press the star key and go down to picture settings there are three options for Dolby vision normal bright and dark I'm gonna go with normal for the sake of this video now even though that appears to cool off the color temperature turn on micro contrast and take a look at natural cinema is off action smoothing is it medium that's disappointing I would assume that Dolby vision would want that off by default but apparently not something I find very interesting is that YouTube TV is pre-installed but regular YouTube is not which I find to be very strange that I'm

Gonna go ahead and download YouTube because one i watch a lot of YouTube and two I want to find out if the settings that I made in netflix carry over to other apps so while we're streaming something I pop in and it looks like I'm in movie mode let's see if all the other settings carried over and it looks like they did not sure why there's an asterisk next to movie there that seems odd but yeah good news you don't have to pop into each individual app to get your picture settings straight it's gonna carry over okay we're all set up it took a little while but I think it's worth

Putting in the time because once Roku is set up it's a pretty smooth experience we've got all our picture settings dialed in we've got our apps loaded up so we're ready to watch TV and if you want to check out what your TV can do try pulling up the Dolby channel it's got a bunch of Dolby vision clips that look really good and kind of show off what the TV is capable of and so far it looks like it's capable of doing some pretty great things especially when you consider this 65 inch model is just 600 bucks that screams of value

Even if it is a 20-19 TV especially because it's a 20-19 TV I'm really looking forward to seeing how it holds up against some of the newer stuff that we're seeing but regardless that value is pretty killer so stay tuned for the full review I think you're gonna want to hear what I have to say thanks as always for watching everyone I know we like to check out fancy flagships on this channel but where is the TCL v series on your radar leave a comment down below like subscribe hit that notification bell and as always visit Digital Trends calm for the latest tech news and


TCL 5-Series 4K UHD TV Unboxing, setup, and impressions

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TCL 5-Series 65″ 4K UHD TV (2019) Review | Not Quite There

You know I came into this review thinking that a 2019 five series TV would represent a really great value for folks and so we should definitely take a look at i…

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Your pictures look great !!!

You know I came into this review thinking that a 2019 five series TV would represent a really great value for folks and so we should definitely take a look at it but now it's just not so sure welcome back everyone I'm Caleb Denison and things kind of got complicated as I was evaluating this TV everybody knows that I have a huge amount of respect for TCL I also happen to love Roku but unfortunately there's a pairing going on here that is not working for me we're gonna dig into that but before I do anything else I need to make a clarification and correction from our unboxing video which I'm sure is just

Gonna rack up the comments there is no local dimming in this TV there is a misleading setting that I'll show you in just a minute which would indicate that there are zones in the TV but there is no local dimming it's got a full array of back lights but no local dimming just want to make that really clear right out of the gate now let's dig in so let me be clear Roku the platform is fine it's great for finding apps finding content that you want to watch easy to navigate great stuff however the problem I'm having is with the picture settings so let's delve

Into that a little bit here what I found and we're in Dolby vision right now we have three different options dark Dolby vision normal Dolby vision and bright Dolby vision and the default settings for each of these are very strange dark Dolby vision as expected has a warm color temperature that's what you usually get from a professional mode or a movie mode right and it doesn't have any action smoothing or you know cinema motion control which is great but when you go into natural or I'm sorry yeah normal Dolby vision you get a cool color temperature and you get a little bit of

Motion smoothing furthermore when you go into bright Dolby vision you get excessive motion smoothing and cool color temperature and none of this makes any sense to me because Dolby vision is meant to provide this standard appearance you know it's an end-to-end solution for HDR and it should represent the best that the TV is capable of and you'd think they'd stick to standards and keep the color temperature warm and don't have any motion smoothing in it but that's just not the case it's the same story for HDR 10 I'm in a youtube video 4k HDR you can see we have

Dark HDR normal HDR and bright HDR same story the default settings are all over the map and don't make a whole lot of sense I would expect that if I was selecting something like a moon B mode which is what I always do right we would have warm color temperature at no motion smoothing so not only do I have to go into all three Dolby vision HDR picture presets and adjust them I have to go into all three HDR 10 picture presets and adjust them and here's what's really weird doesn't matter whether you're in bright HDR normal HDR or dark HDR as I change it things like

The backlight and brightness settings don't change so what is changing like it does brighten up the picture but it's not giving you any control over how much it brightens up the picture or how much it darkens up the picture and it's similar with the movie mode except for we're just dealing with SDR content there right so no matter what I do if I'm in dark Dolby vision dark HDR or the movie mode it casts this sort of veil over the picture it robs it of its contrast it doesn't look great so I have to bump it up into a normal or even a bright furthermore this setting that I

Mentioned earlier which is not related to local dimming because again the TV doesn't have local dimming micro contrast it's really hard to figure out what it's doing because low looks more like high than it does medium so it's almost as if medium dips the gamma and then high brings it back up but high is actually very close to low and I mean off is just worthless so not only are there seven different picture presets that you have to go into but there's also this micro contrast that behaves differently for Dolby vision than it does for HDR and for the movie mode and

Nobody is going to go through and deal with all of that mess the person that buys this TV is going to pull it out of the box and go with an out of box experience maybe fiddle around with the picture presets find something that they like and that's what they're gonna sit with they're definitely not going to get the best that this TV is capable of now what is the best that this TV is capable of do I sound frustrated to you well yeah it's because I am here's the thing TCL makes great stuff their six series

Is top notch their 8 Series is flat gasps ting Li good the 5-series shouldn't be that far off and in some ways it's not amazingly enough this TV has solid native contrast so if you measure the blacks and then you measure the brightest brights you're getting a good native contrast which is impressive considering that there's no local dimming and even without that local dimming feature you still get really solid black levels when you're watching the TV one of the things I noticed was when watching Netflix with subtitles it doesn't cast a huge halo around those

Subtitles so no halos around bright objects on black backgrounds is usually a really good thing and it is here the color however is off and there's not a whole lot that you can do about that as a user what's really interesting to me is that the two point white balance adjustments that professional calibrators make in order to get a TVs color more accurate are not available on the TV itself you have to go into a Roku app count that among another set of options that users are not going to access and again I don't think somebody who buys this TV is going to hire a

Calibrator to get it better so the Reds are just way way off the colors in general don't look very natural and it's not the end of the world I don't know how sensitive people are to that however it's not correct and it's not close to correct so the question is is this TV a good value at $600 when there's a TV that cost $700 that is substantially better I am of course referring to the Hisense h8 G which we just reviewed the 65 inch version of that TV goes for $700 just a hundred dollars more than this one and you absolutely get what you pay for if you

Pay a little bit more the TCL v series actually looks really good I can see folks getting this home setting it up and being perfectly happy with the picture quality never knowing any better but if you did see this TV right next to the Hisense hhg you would then see the difference you would know what you were missing and you would never be able to unsee that and you would not want to be cheated for your money you definitely should get what you pay for and I think that you're missing something with the TCL v series it's a solid TV and if somebody is not picky like we are we're

Extremely picky right video enthusiasts who want the very best for our money that's not going to happen with us particular TV so if you're an enthusiast you want the best that your money can get I suggest that you look elsewhere for anybody else who just wants a really solid TV that's a very good value this TCL certainly provides that and if you're not worried about going into picture settings and making adjustments you're gonna be thrilled with how easy the roku platform is for providing access to your content and also there's a bunch of stuff that you can do with

The roku app that adds convenience for one thing voice control voice control is not available with this remote also there's no headphone jack on this remote so you're gonna have to use the app for that are you comfortable with that if so I think that's gonna add a little bit of value and I do recommend using voice control especially when trying to search for content because hunting and pecking and spelling stuff out is an exercise in frustration on this TV definitely don't recommend so that's the breakdown everybody the TCL 5-series perfectly decent TV it's good almost great and

That's what's frustrating is it just doesn't get too great

TCL 5-Series 65″ 4K UHD TV (2019) Review | Not Quite There

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The Only Gold Stock You Need In 2021 – Free Report

  The Only Gold Stock You Need In 2021 – Free Report This company’s world-class gold discovery boosted its shares 118.9% in a single day and kicked off the biggest staking gold rush in the history of the region. Now the company is starting its biggest exploration drill program yet on the project and there’s … Continue reading The Only Gold Stock You Need In 2021 – Free Report

live4trading The Only Gold Stock You Need In 2021 – Free Report

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Meet the most human-like robots of ALL TIME | Robots Everywhere

I don't know why but for some reason we humans seem to be hell-bent on making robots that look like us we can make them in any shape size or configuration t…

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Excellent depth -)

I don't know why but for some reason we humans seem to be hell-bent on making robots that look like us we can make them in any shape size or configuration that we want but there's still a subset of roboticists that insist on making humanoids why i don't really know it could be for any number of reasons maybe it's narcissism and we're just so obsessed with ourselves that we can't resist building robots in our own image or maybe it could be for practical reasons i mean if we want robots that live and work alongside humans it makes sense to give

Them bodies and appendages much like our own or heck maybe it's just a hard thing to do and we love a good challenge the reason isn't clear but one thing is for sure though we've been making humanoid robots for a long time and they're starting to get really good i'm drew prindle and this is robots everywhere a show where we chronicle the slow but steady takeover of our future robot overlords and show you how they're making their way into practically every facet of modern life

in the 1930s talking robots were built primarily to amuse and entertain one of the earliest humanoid robots to gain widespread notoriety was eric the world's first british robot who made his debut in 1928 after the duke of york canceled his planned appearance at london's exhibition of the society of model engineers it was basically a gathering that would probably just be called a hobbyist meet up if it happened today so in order to fill the void left by the duke of york one of the model makers in

The club stepped up and offered to build a man of tin to give the opening address and that's exactly what he did at the event's opening eric the robot took to the stage rose to his feet bowed to the audience and then gave a four-minute opening address technically the address was given by a human backstage who beamed his voice to the robot via radio but still that's pretty impressive for 1928. fast forward a decade or so and we got another noteworthy humanoid robot

At the 1939 world's fair the westinghouse electric corporation unveiled electro a seven foot tall 265 pound robot that could speak about 700 words all on his own by the way thanks to a 78 rpm record player that was inside his chest he could also blow up balloons smoke cigarettes and move his head and arms he even had photoelectric eyes that could distinguish between red and green light like i have no idea what that was actually good for but

Again that's pretty impressive for 1939 that said regardless of how impressive the tech was for the time humanoid robots were still very much in their infancy back then and they remain there for another half century or so it wasn't really until the turn of the millennium the year 2000 that humanoid robots emerged from their infancy and reached a key milestone the ability to walk on their own one of the first robots to achieve this was honda's asimo the end result of nearly two

Decades of research and development aimed at creating a bipedal robot that could autonomously balance self-regulate and walk just like a human technically there were a few early prototypes that walked before osimo but osimo was the full package he could walk he could sense the terrain under his feet he could detect obstacles and eventually he could even do stuff like climb stairs and kick soccer balls as honda continued to improve him he also gained the ability to recognize moving objects gestures sounds and even faces which

Taken together allowed him to interact with humans in a lot of ways osimo was a turning point just a few years after that debut humanoid robotics really started to take off the mid to late 2000s saw the birth of tons of other humanoid robots with even more impressive abilities like the icub for example a robot designed to mimic the abilities of a three and a half year old child and that was capable of not only grasping objects with his extremely dexterous hands but

Also expressing emotions by moving parts of its face another one that's worth mentioning is now from softbank robotics which is a lot like osimo but smaller and designed specifically as a programmable platform for robotics researchers almost immediately people started programming teams of now robots to play soccer against each other in the infamous robocup competition so robots quite literally went from baby steps to full-on soccer matches in just a few short years excitingly that feverish

Pace of progress isn't showing any signs of slowing just look at sophia from hanson robotics arguably one of the most advanced humanoid robots produced to date she doesn't play soccer but thanks to a mind-boggling array of micro motors and actuators in her face she's capable of producing over 50 unique facial expressions that's something that robots typically can't do at all but it's an absolutely crucial part of human communication now wiggling her eyebrows isn't her only talent though thanks to google's speech

Recognition technology she can also recognize and speak multiple different languages and even hold a basic conversation the only downside of course is that you've got to stare into those dead lifeless eyes while you talk to her and try your hardest not to fixate on that weird bald head with the transparent back section why didn't they give her hair i mean seriously you could design a robot with like 50 facial features but you couldn't finish the job by slapping a wig on her come on man

Anywho sophia is definitely impressive but hands down the best example of the insane pace of humanoid robotic progress is atlas from boston dynamics this sucker debuted back around 2013 and back then the robot could do things like bouncing on one foot walking over super uneven terrain and recovering from hits and pushes without toppling over but then things started to get crazy just a couple years later boston dynamics released a video showing a new and improved version of atlas that

Could do some absolutely mind-boggling things like walking on a snow-covered hillside where it actually couldn't see what the terrain was like underneath or predict how that terrain might change when stepped on it could also recognize objects bend over to pick them up and then recover if something was dropped or hit out of its hands by some evil humans with hockey sticks and as if that wasn't wild enough a couple years later boston dynamics raised the bar

Yet again and showcased atlas running doing parkour and hucking back flips off of boxes so within the span of about five years humanoid robots went from walking to doing full-on gymnastics and executing moves that most humans can't do and that's what blows my mind the most not the backflips and the crazy stunts but the pace of progress that those stunts represent it took us until the year 2000 to teach robots how to walk but less than a decade to teach them how

To do parkour so despite the fact that humanoid robots have been a sci-fi dream for most of human history we are now at a point where the prospect of living and working alongside robots isn't just possible it's actually likely to happen in the near future based on the trajectory of innovation that we've seen i'm willing to bet that we're just a few short years away from having advanced humanoid robots everywhere

Meet the most human-like robots of ALL TIME | Robots Everywhere

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Sony X950H 4K HDR TV Unboxing, Setup, Impressions

This tv has his work cut out for it and that's because the model right below it was so stinking good so what the heck is this going to bring to the table w…

Check out this article titled Sony X950H 4K HDR TV Unboxing, Setup, Impressions. posted on by

%image_title% is the thrilling!

This tv has his work cut out for it and that's because the model right below it was so stinking good so what the heck is this going to bring to the table what is happening everybody i'm caleb dennison and today we are unboxing setting up and getting first impressions on the sony x950h which at the 65 inch level costs about 300 more than the x900h i really want to know what that 300 brings i can tell you right now it's got a better backlighting system

It's got a better sound system and it's got a better processor the question is if you add all that up is it worth the extra 300 bucks so we're going to find out but first we got to get out of the box what do you think everyone you think this tv's been seeing other people i know it has a sony engineer probably did quality assurance on this tv but the setup guide well it took a hit normally i'd say just toss this but there's some funky leg installation that we're gonna want to uh refer to this so we'll just toss it

Aside from now also just way too much paper in here like guys it's 20 20. can we just not with the paper and maybe just like a thumb drive with all the information i certainly don't need to be told how to use google assistant uh by sony so well let's get rid of that also way too much plastic it's not a sustainable thing i know you got to package it in something but this just seems excessive anyway two feet

Uh these are very interesting we'll show you how to install those in a minute but they're nice really heavy solid metal they feel good this is also part of the stand mechanism screws cable clips visa mounting plugs a power cord and sony's remote alright so i just deciphered this whole stand assembly so you don't have to look at that guide because it's not very helpful anyway so we have a two-part stand here just imagine this is going to slide up in here once we're done and then you

Have a decision to make you can either go with an orientation where the legs will be on the inside like so which is going to look a little bit funky but it gets you a smaller footprint or you can go with a more standard configuration where the feet let's see if i can get this right yes go on the outside extending towards the end of the tv in either case we've basically got three screws to deal with we have two normal size screws and one small little nubbin that are gonna connect these two pieces together

And then from there it's just a matter of sliding it right in while we're back here you get four hdmi inputs number three is earc there is also support for composite video but the breakout cable doesn't come with the tv so here we are and as expected it's a sharp tv almost no bezels we do see a little black matrix around the border so the picture will not take up the entire screen the legs look really nice i'm not a huge fan of how they get put together but they look nice

So the designs there if we look at the profile of the tv it's acceptably thin and then this area right here that is actually a speaker port more on that and how it works with the speaker system at large in a little bit one of the things i'm seeing right now i've seen this earlier this year with tvs that have effective anti-glare and then also some sort of wide angle treatment to the tv is this weird rainbow effect where really bright lights like our studio light here cast sort of a rainbow effect i can

Actually see it in both cases i'm not sure what that's all about and i don't know that it's going to make a huge difference in how the tv looks during a bright daytime viewing experience but i will be taking a look at that we'll turn this on for the first time and we can go through the setup process with the x900h that didn't happen because it had already been done and somebody forgot to factory reset the tv before they sent it to me no big deal you guys know what android tv is all about

It wants to gather information make a smart decision there about whether you're going to allow it or not you can choose a few different apps here i don't need fandango now we'll leave crackle and zumo can go anyway i'm going to kind of speed through this because you've seen it before it's very straightforward and it's speedy i can tell you that it's moving right along so there's this really cool acoustic auto calibration feature that uses the microphone in your remote

In order to optimize the sound for your room i highly suggest running it but for whatever reason it's not recognizing my remote control right now so i'm gonna have to fix that and address it in the full review the next move is to go into settings and take a look at some of our picture settings i expect that it's going to be in the standard mode and there it is so let's go ahead and move that to uh custom cinema would work well too but i'm going to want to toy around with

A few things custom i like because generally speaking most of the settings that i want have already been taken care of now by default the light sensor is on and i just want to mention that this will optimize the gamma curve or the overall brightness of the tv depending on how dark it is in the room it's not one of those sort of basic adjustments to the brightness it actually maintains highlights and shadow detail and it's a great feature

You can turn it on i'm going to turn it off just so that we can kind of control the brightness of the tv with the studio lights in here but you might want to leave that on i highly recommend it cinemotion i'm okay with being on auto most of the time but again i'm going to go ahead and turn it off to set a baseline for the evaluation down here is advanced color temperature don't touch this not without taking some measurements i might just to see how close the tv is to being exactly where i want it but generally sony does

Great with this and the out of box setting is just right so i've pulled up the xbox here and if i go into the picture settings you can see it's in the standard mode i'm gonna go ahead and bring that into game mode which i've noted is very warm this is not the typical super blue cool color temperature that we're used to so i'm interested to check out the other settings that are associated with game mode so let's dig in a little bit deeper in game mode looks like auto picture

Mode is off hey let's turn that on and see if that changes things light sensor is off carrying over from my other settings on the other hdmi input brightness is not juiced up to the max which is interesting i'm kind of glad to see that contrast at 90 you know these are very normal uh settings for like a custom or cinema mode which tells me that i think sony is really trying to achieve the best possible picture quality without adding uh too much processing to

Allow it to have a great image quality but also have low input lag now i've popped into youtube to get the apps to have the correct picture setting you've got to start playing something in one of the apps so i've done that here i've already moved it into the custom picture mode from the the quick settings menu i just want to double check everything here make sure that we get motion flow turned off from its custom setting and cinemotion is fine for this everything else is fine so

Again you got to go into the apps to make the adjustments in order to get the picture quality you want but it's a much faster process than what we saw with say the tcl roku tv that we recently reviewed all right so we've got everything set up we're rolling some demo footage from sony and first impressions are quite favorable it's definitely a brighter tv i look forward to measuring it and finding out how much more bright it is also really want to check out the black levels and some of the local dimming

Features once we dim the lights and look in a dark room that'll be fun the sound quality of this tv is something that i normally don't dig into but i want to here because they put a lot of effort into it i'm wondering does it contribute to the overall value of the television but i gotta say it's got that sony look it's got that sony processing we'll take a look at how it eliminates the banding in low bit depth content uh versus the x900h and i'll again we'll

Bring it all together and find out is this tv worth 300 more than the other and do you really need to think about that like is 300 at this price level really that big of a deal all stuff to consider when we come back for the full review thanks as always for watching everyone leave me a comment down below and tell me just how much better this tv needs to be than the 900h in order for you to pull the trigger like subscribe hit that notification bell and as always visit

For the latest tech news and reviews

Sony X950H 4K HDR TV Unboxing, Setup, Impressions

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Introduction to Cryptocurrencies CFD Trading

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that typically use a P2P blockchain network to carry out safe and secure financial transactions.
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For a basic introduction of CFD trading, Check Out

First Look: Microsoft Surface Duo

microsoft surface duo is finally going on sale the dual screen smartphone tablet goes in pre-order on august 12 and will appear on shelves on september 10 for …

Check out this article titled First Look: Microsoft Surface Duo. posted on by

Simply internet bank things out ... love the images! I attempt to discover by looking at various other images, as well.

microsoft surface duo is finally going on sale the dual screen smartphone tablet goes in pre-order on august 12 and will appear on shelves on september 10 for 13.99 the duo runs on android 10 on dual 5.6 inch screens and uses a qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor as well as six gigs of ram the device also has an 11 megapixel camera the tablet has a fingerprint reader and works with microsoft's surface pen in these official promo videos you see

How surface duo uses android apps on two screens clicking on a link on one screen opens an app on the other you can also drag and drop from one screen to the other the duo's 360 degree hinge gives you a bunch of ways to use the device you can hold it open like a book with an app or web page on each screen you can pop it up in a table like a tent you can sit it down like a laptop using a keyboard on the bottom half or you can fold it up entirely and hold it to your head like a phone

While the duo runs all android 10 apps microsoft lets you pair apps which work well together and open them at the same time like teams and powerpoint or make an app span across both screens like outlook down here we will be getting the duo in a few weeks and give you more details then so check back at

First Look: Microsoft Surface Duo

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How to Combine PDF Files On A Mac (MacOS Catalina)

Unlike windows mac os comes with high powered pdf tools built in provided by the mac os finder and by the deceptively modest looking preview app starting with m…

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Merely looked at several of your images (: i'm really delighted i looked for to job darkness you. You're great!

Unlike windows mac os comes with high powered pdf tools built in provided by the mac os finder and by the deceptively modest looking preview app starting with mac os catalina switch to gallery view from the finder toolbar or the top line view menu next hold down the command key and select the files you want to combine click each file in the order that you want the files to appear in the combined pdf when you select more than one file a create pdf button appears in the inspector panel at the right click on it and finder will create a new

Pdf in the same folder containing all the pdfs that you selected even better you can select multiple images like png tiff and jpeg files instead of existing pdf files and use the same technique to combine them into pdf files you can use the same method to combine image files and pdfs too if the combined pdf file that you created from the finder doesn't have its pages in the order that you want them that's easy to fix simply double-click the pdf to open it in the preview app

If thumbnails aren't visible in previews sidebar go to the view menu to switch them on and then drag your thumbnails up and down the sidebar and the order that you want the preview app offers the same pdf combining powers as the finder and can be easier to use for complex tasks to combine two or more pdf files in the preview start by making a copy of one of the files and work with the duplicate this is an essential precaution because preview saves the file as you work

And if the results aren't what you want you'll need to do some fancy footwork to get back the original file open the duplicate file next simply drag additional pdf files into the sidebar and drop them at the position in the file where you want them to be at the start or end or between any two existing pages if you get the location wrong you can drag one or more thumbnails to the correct location and you can delete any pages that you don't want what if you only want to merge a few pages from a second pdf file

Open that file in another pdf window and drag the thumbnails that you want into your first pdf file as always in mac os you can shift-click to select a continuous range of pages or command-clicked on multiple pages to select pages from anywhere in the file if some pages get imported in the wrong orientation use previews toolbar to rotate them sometimes preview acts in seemingly unpredictable ways when saving a file so when you have the combined pages arranged as you want them choose file then export to pdf

And save the merged pdf under its own name you can also choose file close and follow the prompts to save the merged file under the name of the file you started with but it's safe is to use the export to pdf option to find out more about merging pdfs involving other file types such as excel word and html as well as combining pdfs on windows read the full article at

How to Combine PDF Files On A Mac (MacOS Catalina)

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1 Cool Thing: Apple iMac 27-Inch (2020)

hello welcome to one cool thing here at where we show off the hottest hardware and other products that have come through pc labs pc labs is virtual t…

Check out this article titled 1 Cool Thing: Apple iMac 27-Inch (2020). posted on by

I like the viewpoint!

hello welcome to one cool thing here at where we show off the hottest hardware and other products that have come through pc labs pc labs is virtual these days i'm john burick reporting from home as is my colleague tom brandt one of our hardware analysts and uh today we want to talk about the 2020 version of the imac the apple imac all-in-one and the interesting irony here is that a big thing about the new imac is that it has some features that are optimized for working

From home so much so that tom is reporting to us from the apple imac so you can't see it because it's showing him but we'll be talking about it and showing off plenty of our photography of it as well and getting into the little details about it um so tom um you've had a few days with the imac um had a few video conferences with it done some benchmarking on it and um where should we start maybe we'll start with the components

Of the imac that's the big change here so you've got an i9 based 10 10th gen intel imac on your desk can you elaborate a bit on the processor uh changes that happened in the 2020 imac yeah so pretty much every year intel and amd come out with new processors and graphics cards and apple usually adds them to the imac this year the imac got an update with the um with the 10th generation comet lake intel core processors and you can choose from

Either two core i5s a core i7 or as you mentioned the 10 core 4i9 that we have here powering this machine which you cannot see because it's in front of me um the really the key thing to know other than you know typical slight advance and processing power is that all of these chips now that i just mentioned uh can process two instruction threads for each of the cores on the chip that's called hyper

Threading and it's something that um the previous generation did not have except for in one or two chips so that means that everyone uh who buys a new 27-inch imac whichever processor you choose you should be able to benefit from that um that hyper-threading capability that's right yeah because i believe um with intel's desktop cpu lineup last generation some of the um chip families uh dropped hyper threading where they traditionally had it like some of the i5s

And all of the i7s typically up until i believe 8th gen desktop supported hyper threading with the 9th gen um some of those fell away and only the i9 supported hyper threading so you might have for instance an 8 core processor that only supported a concurrent processing thread so it's a pretty big deal actually what apple has done here in terms of bringing hyper threading back to the line top to bottom um so you have an i9 in your machine over there so

The base model of the imac i believe and correct me if i'm wrong 17.99 for this 27 yes so the new the 27 inch imac version is the one we're talking about um that uh the base price for the for that is uh as one thousand seven hundred ninety nine dollars right so you've got um over four thousand dollars sku so what else was upgraded there the i-9 chip um what else has changed yeah so basically the difference between our um uh configuration which is more than

Four grand and the entry-level configuration is uh besides the core i9 is that we have the maxed out um graphics card which uh is in amd radeon pro that's slightly different from the radeon pro vega that was in last year's imac apple has moved to the latest uh radeon pro based on the rdna graphics architecture um the most notable thing about the maxed out version the radeon pro 5700xt is that it has 16 gigabytes of video

Memory um which uh is not the most we've ever seen but certainly for a device like this is a lot um so that adds to the cost but then the um the the other uh the main thing that's the cost is there's a new nano texture matte display option on the 27-inch imac which is trickled down from the apple pro display xdr um and basically this is a 500 option that you can select that will essentially transform the original

Glossy display that's been on the imac for a few years into a uh a finish that has a texture hence the word nano texture that prevents ambient light from hitting the um from from from washing out and adding glare to the screen whether or not that's worth 500 to you uh you know it's kind of unfortunate that that's how much it costs but if you do need that that glare reducing finish um it is now available and it's only the

Second apple product the only one of two apple products now that has that uh yeah i know it was also a pretty big markup on the xdr too right because there was a glossy version and a nano texture version um so you mentioned actually we were talking before uh this call that it would be ideal to do um video on this in the morning as opposed to later in the day because of lighting um so presumably you've got some lighting coming in off your window there how does the nano texture seem to you um

So in in this setup right here um uh i'm very well lit because there is light coming into the room from one direction that's great for video conferencing but um it actually isn't necessarily the the use case for for spending the extra 500 on the nano texture because there really isn't any light coming from from this direction and hitting the screen but apple basically says that anyone who uses the imac in a room with changing light conditions uh which is pretty much any room that

Has a window could benefit right it makes sense especially these days when we're working at home morning until night lighting conditions change you don't necessarily have the ability to control the lighting um in a home unless you're moving things around you know from uh hour to hour which with a 27-inch all-in-one typically isn't what you do so i can see how it could make sense for someone who is doing say video production work graphics production work is working in a place

Where they want to have their natural lighting and you know not have to compromise but yeah 500 bucks that's your that's the cost of doing business there so the screen itself is the retina display it's like 5120 by i forget the vertical resolution uh 2880 i think is that correct yes um that hasn't really uh customized um yeah it's not something we typically see that that 5k resolution right okay so that hasn't changed the primary change

With the display is the um the nano coding option got it yes and also there's true tone on this as well which is apple's marketing term for uh automatic white balance adjustment um it's available on the macbook and macbook air as well and that basically adjusts the white balance of the screen to the ambient light how do you find it works do you notice it or is it um subtle ideally you shouldn't notice that but a few times when it's

When the sensor is confused you will see a bit of flickering but in general um and you can always turn it off if it does that uh in general you know it makes things look a little more snazzy a little more cinematic got it so yeah in terms of um the display and the other av capabilities of the new imac one of the big things has changed as i understand is the uh the camera and whether apple planned it this way or not given uh you know what's going on in the

World these days a lot of folks working at home and spending their days in zoom conferences like we are now um the camera's been upgraded in some pretty significant ways so whether that's a you know putting quotes happy accident or not um either way it seems to be very timely um tom can you tell us a bit about what's changed with the camera and since you were looking at you on it like how are you finding us different from working on your previous laptop that you were yeah so basically the new camera on the 27

Inch imac has a 1080p sensor that means that it can shoot video at a full hd or uh 1080p uh resolution at 60 frames per second um which is a vast improvement not only over the previous imax camera but over pretty much every computer with a built-in camera which typically they typically have 720p cameras which just don't look very good and and and that's always been the case but now people are figuring that out as they're doing video conferencing

So that's why we are using this camera to um to shoot this video um basically in addition to the 1080p the camera also has a new light sensor which apple says will um eliminate the the or help reduce the problems of less light coming in uh when they increase the the resolution that means that in lower light you should um have hopefully just as good if not better um low light performance that you did with the previous camera

In addition to the camera there is also a um i should mention that the camera is basically borrowed from the imac pro the imac pro uh had a 1080p camera from the get-go and now apple is bringing it to the regular imac um they are also they've also brought the the microphone system from the 16-inch macbook pro to this uh imac and that means that you get a three mic array two of them are mounted below the screen

And then the third mic is mounted on the back of the device um and and basically that should help um reduce ambient noise um and identify your voice or whatever source you want to record and make that stand out um and and and so that's pretty much the benefits of the new mics the new mics and the the camera got it yeah i was going over some of your notes from you're working on a review this of course as we speak and uh some of the notes that you mentioned there about the capabilities

Of the camera included um face detection and how that's different from face recognition which we see on some uh windows webcams can you get into that yeah well we see face recognition not only on lots of windows laptops with cameras but also obviously uh you have face uh um face id on the iphone the the new camera uh on the imac does not do any of that um their apple doesn't have any type of face recognition for either its desktops or its laptops

But what the new camera can do um is it that it now has an algorithm that has been on iphones and ipads for a couple years which is called face detection and that basically it just as an algorithm behind the scenes that finds your face in the scene and um you know optimizes the focus and the lighting for your face rather than for this green wall behind me um and that's something that as a minor benefit there's really no hardware involved with that it's just an algorithm that's operating behind the

Scenes got it so it's more about quality of image and focus and things of that sort rather than logging you in or power saving or things like that that's right okay cool so in terms of the um audio what are your impressions of the audio subsystem there um i understand that there is some uh enhanced audio that's enabled via um tuning of the speakers yeah basically the speakers haven't changed they're still stereo speakers um but apple has put their own t2 coprocessor chip into the imac

And that takes over all of the processing for the um the audio the the mics the camera and also the encryption of the boot drive um what that means for the audio system is that basically it can it has apple's own custom design equalizer which is a variable equalizer that operates at all volume levels um and so you know when you turn it up to the maximum volume level theoretically you should experience richer bass

At those maximum volume levels um really there's not a ton of difference it still sounds really good um you know this this is definitely way better than than laptop speakers um but we have seen some other competing windows all-in-ones that have that sounded even better one current one is the hp nv32 which has a giant sound bar uh mounted integrated into the bottom that is much better it has dedicated woofers

Um and then years ago there was dell had an xps 27 um uh remember that one yeah that basically had a total of 10 speakers that obviously was better um but there just isn't a lot of investment in the high-end 20 you know large screen all in one space the 20 xps 27 is no longer available so really the audio um you know on this is perfectly good and and you know it will if not blow you away at least entertain you right yeah no i

Do remember that 27 inch xps uh that you were talking about everybody was cranking it up in pc labs that thing just getting painfully painfully loud uh to the point where i think it was disturbing people across the floor um so yeah someone could do a you know a really jazzed up high-end all-in-one one of these days and sort of throw this marker on its head it's kind of ripe for it i mean apple's you know imac here is great that the design is you know quite a few years old at this point um

So one other thing uh in sort of the details of the um the configuration that is curious or at least interesting uh is that there's an option for 10 gbps uh ethernet which is new here uh could you get into that a little bit yeah typically an ethernet port is a gigabit ethernet port these days very few um laptops have ethernet ports anymore desktops obviously do um now you instead of the gigabit

Ethernet which is standard and has been for a while you can instead opt for 10 gigabit uh ethernet which isn't gonna you know typically you're gonna have at most a gigabit download speed from your internet service provider moving to 10 gigabyte gigabits won't change that but if you have a lot of network activity if you're if you're you know working in a in a photography studio or something like that and you've got you know lots of files moving around the

Network um that there even a gigabit port could introduce a bottleneck and so that's apparently a feature that a lot of prosumers need and so apple has decided to add it this year yeah it makes sense in that if you set up a home network or a small office network with um the idea of moving around large video files in a production environment for video or graphics that you might want to move things between a whole bunch of macs right and you know all you need is a 10 gbps

Switch and the proper sort of network infrastructure to do it so that's actually something that sounds more like an imac pro feature that's in the the straight up imac now so interesting yeah i mean and the mac pro the mac pro has had multiple ethernet ports available as well so you know this is kind of bridging the gap there got it cool yeah in terms of the other ports i mean it's pretty standard stuff i mean although unlike the i

Um the macbooks you have usb-a ports on the back of this machine you can connect your legacy devices you don't have to get um usb-c converters to uh plug things in so that's that remains the same uh is there anything else worthy of note i know the sd card slot is faster or is rated for faster cards yeah there's the ultra high speed standard which which is um basically uh the standard that that defines transfer speeds for um sd cards uh they've added the latest

Version of that um which is not something that you typically see in a spec list but it now supports the uhs2 standard which is going to involve faster um let you get your images and video off of your sd card assuming it supports that faster than before got it cool yeah and the other sort of uh you know sort of core spec thing this is a maybe of interest to a subset of buyers but maybe not many right now is uh the wireless networking not being

Wi-fi six we're starting to see wi-fi six and a lot of high-end um business and some consumer laptops but it's not on this and presumably you buy an imac like this you're going to keep it for a few years do you think that's a big deal um it is a big deal if you're buying a laptop um because as you mentioned it's not as future proof because wi-fi 6 is the future i'm not as worried about it on the imac because um we have the ethernet port that we just

Mentioned and uh you know you can plug that in it's going to be set on your desk if you really need fast reliable internet in the future whatever that may be um run an ethernet cable got it fair enough um so in terms of performance you've done a bit of testing on this it's um tricky to find comparable benchmarks that will let you directly compare say this to a competing windows 10 all in one but you've done some testing using cinebench to see how the processor shakes out i mean an i9 is

An i9 so there'll be a certain amount of score inflation because of that but what were your overall impressions of um testing with i guess cpu intensive and the graphics applications that you tried well i mean that's really one area where the imac really stands out and has done for quite a while as i said there just aren't that many large screen all-in-ones um and there certainly aren't that many powerful large-screen ones um the the with the core i9 and the

Radeon pro that we have um on on a task like you mentioned uh cinebench which is basically rendering a 3d image the imac performs really really well um and and and that's mainly of note because because competing devices like the cert the microsoft surface studio 2 just do not have that amount of um of computing and graphics horsepower even that mb32 that i mentioned earlier it it uses previous generation chips so for raw performance if you need it for those cpu intensive tasks

A 10 core core i9 and an all-in-one the imac is one of the only places that you're going to find that got it yeah and also if you're on mac os and that is your sort of flow and your production flow or maybe your colleagues production flow it's kind of the only game in town anyway or the imac or the imac pro if those are your your well the imac pro basically now starts with the 10 core processor um so so so the the the entry-level configuration of the

Imac pro and this top-end imac um are are roughly the same in terms of theoretical performance obviously the imac pro uses a xeon processor instead of core i9 but that's that's the comparison there right also the other thing uh performance mods which i don't think we talked about earlier we talked about ssd capacities um i believe that this comes with a terabyte ssd and you did some uh benchmark runs on the boot drive but what's notable here is that all the skus from top to bottom are pure

Ssd now there's no more fusion drive right yep and that's one other thing that sets the imac apart now from windows competitors like the nv32 which has a combo drive in the base configuration of a solid-state drive a small solid-state drive and a larger hard disk drive which is much slower than just using an ssd well that said i mean i would actually argue that perhaps having the option for a secondary hard drive you know might not be a bad thing depending on

Your workspace setup and whatnot i mean you can always attach thunderbolt 3 external if you need more space um but this is a big machine and you know probably being able to throw a laptop size you know four terabyte driving every night so do you know anything about the upgradability of this or is that um pretty much a non-starter with this user upgradability yeah no you can't really access any of the components it's sealed shut um that that that hard disk kind of was the last

User accessible component now that that's no longer in there you buy what you get is what you what you buy is what you get got it right so everything's just gonna be an external box or component at this point um thunderbolt 3 is that on the machine i assume it is right so you could yeah an array there are many thunderbolt 3 ports there are enough thunderbolt 3 ports that you will not be missing them on the island fair enough so oh as i understand we were talking about this earlier as well that the thunderbolt 3s could also be

Used for something else which is um chaining off external displays such as the pro display xdr so you can use uh that as a video output as well as just a you know data conduit yeah yeah okay so you could i believe run up to two pro display xtr of course you'll run out of money before you do any of this but you could conceivably do two produce pro pro display xdrs off this machine you could in order to do that you do need to upgrade to the highest level radeon pro 5700 xt that enables the support for

Connecting two external 6k displays which is what the pro x uh pro display xdr is got it okay so you're basically buying an upgraded version of this so you can attach those to well it's only money at that point right i mean you're already in the hole for 10 grand for the monitors plus the stands and then the uh you know the actual upgraded imac is a mere trifle compared to that right i mean you could find another 6k monitor again like the imac there aren't that

Many 6k monitors but it doesn't have to be the pro display xdr but that's that's the likely use case right fair enough yeah i mean i will get back to you on that after i win the new york state lottery um cool so anything else um you would like to get into on this machine here i mean one thing that you had cited when we were discussing this before is that there's sort of a trickle-down effect going on here right from other apple products yeah don't buy the configuration that we have here this

Four thousand dollar unless you really need that performance if all you want is a big uh a big all-in-one with a really really nice 5k display and a 1080p camera so your co-workers can see all of your imperfections in your face just get the entry-level model and maybe think of springing for the extra nano texture display if you want to that will serve you perfectly well um the imac really is the best option for that and it's the best option as you're mentioning for that overlap zone between

The imac pro and the prosumer use case so um you know pay attention if you don't have to spend four thousand dollars uh to get the the the configuration that would suit you best gotcha yeah i mean that's the good thing about this machine is that a lot of the the cool stuff in there so to speak is standard issue the display um you know being the retina display the upgraded camera you know the ssd only um you know uh data storage sort of architecture now

And uh some of the other stuff you know the peripherals presumably also are um standard issue you know even at the 1799. so you're getting a pretty high quality machine from you know the bottom level and that base model is less than half of what our tester was so cool any other uh observations on um the 2020 imac you'd like to make before we wrap it's great for working from home well i'll say uh you know you're looking good over there so you know i can't

Argue with the camera so there we go well great tom thank you for giving us the rundown we'll have a full review up shortly on of the 2020 imac and looking forward to showing you more cool stuff in the coming days thanks very much folks

1 Cool Thing: Apple iMac 27-Inch (2020)

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