Stock futures rise in response to a bond rally.

As investors await signals from Federal Reserve officials on whether the central bank will take action against the tumultuous bond market, major indexes are self-assured to accelerate their gains. MARKETS With bond yields declining, the Dow Jones rose 2%, heading for its biggest gain in nearly four months. Raising rates last week increased concerns about […]

Are Cryptocurrencies Different Asset Classes With Other Characteristics

In this article, cryptocurrencies are examined as investment instruments. we aim to verify whether they can be classified as an asset class and what kind of advantages they may bring to the investor’s portfolio. Traditional currency, as it is administered by Central Banks, should fulfil three functions to be considered as such: unit of account,…More

Are diamonds a good investment? Why or why not?

Diamonds Regain Their Sparkle Despite Price Increases. Increasing jewellery demand has led to a rise in gems’ values, and internet sales have increased. The price of polished diamonds has risen to the highest level in nearly a year and a half. According to the reopening of individual economies in Asia and increased jewellery sales across the globe over the holiday season, diamond prices rebounded from a coronavirus-driven slump. An index compiled by the International Diamond Exchange shows polished diamond prices are up 5.1% from their lowest point in March, bringing them to their highest level in nearly a year and a half. As a result, all links in the diamond industry—from Russian miners to India’s diamond cutters to New York’s

February 18 Financial breakfest

On Wednesday (February 17), the US dollar index hit a new high since February 8 to 91.05. Optimistic economic data and signs of rising inflation helped push the dollar higher. Spot gold fell for five consecutive days, refreshing its lowest point since November 30 last year to US$1,769.65 per ounce. The strengthening of the US […]