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Comment Moderation Tips for Bloggers

How to Handle Blog Comments

People might start to respond to your blog articles if you write them regularly. It may not be easy, but you should be prepared to deal with blog comments as your site expands. Some readers may disagree with you, especially if you write about your thoughts or ideas about what transpired. In brief, you must deal with your website visitors’ criticism and opinions. But how do you do it?

“teleautomation” described by Nikola Tesla in 1926

CPS/IoT emerged following the latest technological innovations. CPS/IoT could be considered a step in the direction of “teleautomation” described by Nikola Tesla in 1926. the man who demonstrated a submarine that Tesla remotely controlled by RF radio in 1898. Teleautomation is being built using microchips with built-in sensors.

IoT is Increasing CPS threats

CPS focuses on telecommunication technologies called “The Internet of Things” or IoT.
. Thus, media attention is rising in this sector. Increasing events that occur of IoT and CPS have seen nearly daily coverage in major media outlets.

The official NSF description uses the following definition. The CPS combines and integrates computer and information-centric physical and engineered systems. IoT is a network of physical objects with assigned Internet addresses and wireless connections. RFID, WIFI and The 5G network are unnecessary in IoT. IoT is also a subset of CPS. Controlled Power Systems (CPSs) (non-IoTs)

This type of ecosystem might or might not include vehicles connected to the internet as a vehicle connects to the lights in the home. Computers and appliances with numerous connections should work as a single computer. Devices should learn from previous events instead of requiring users to state their desires.

Additional theoretical CPS developments are required to integrate IoT and networked control systems.

Every application type will face numerous IoT challenges.

Heterogeneous network elements, global network convergence, and local, regional autonomy Connectivity and node capability (sensors, RFID) must be tolerable.

The emerging field of Cyber-Physical Systems

The emerging field of Cyber-Physical Systems encompasses aspects of control, systems, electronics, and computer science. Mostly, these are systems of collaborating computational elements that control physical entities. This field involves applications in numerous areas, including aerospace, automotive, civil infrastructure, energy, health care, manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, and consumer appliances and devices. Furthermore, smart homes, smart cities, and intelligent offices have specific fields.

CPS-cyber-physical security threats identification

In line with reality, CPS (cyber-physical security) brings new risks and opportunities for cybercriminals. This category aims to provide organized information for experts and researchers. Researchers also get matrices to assist them in identifying and correlating CPS system threats, which will lead to an increase in overall awareness of these incidents. More investigation is required. The first thing to do is include the study on tracing the source of incidents, which covers the study of groups and single individual hackers.