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Why Do I like my Tyro129

I like my Tyro129, and in several flights, with an above-average light GensAce 4S 5000mAh 50C LiPo, I have reached the 20 minute flight time several times. The engines run well, but as you already write, they are low-cost mopeds.
A friend flies an AMAXinno Freestyle 7 with TBS Endurance 2206 150KV motors, HQProp 7035, and 4S 3000 SLS LiPos, as well as BF 4.1.6 stick without RPM. He is 115 grams lighter when ready for take-off, with GoPro 6 and with me RC 5 Orange. With that, he could crack the 30 minutes flight time:!:, a value that I can currently only dream of with my Tyro129. So the question is, what is more important to you: the lowest possible price – I consciously bought the Tyro129 as an experiment and am satisfied with it – or maximum efficiency for long-range. And on the second point, you have to be clear: in this regard, there are significantly better engines than those of the Tyros.

And one more note about the components: as stated, I like my Tyro129 a lot, especially for the price. I implemented the hardware of my second Tyro129 in the 5 “Floss2 Frame as a trash copter. It flew incredibly and is 120 grams lighter in take-off weight than my Rooster 230 and TBS Source One. But it has a striped branch and a fall 2 meters high in a meadow that the FC seems to have gone. If I plug in a LiPo, the FC initializes and boots up completely … and then goes off. Probably a BEC or another component is damaged. Since I haven’t yet Motivation for a new investment/reconstruction and currently have three other 5 “in use, the Floss2 hangs on my wall after only 6 flights.
That is to say: for a mid/long ranger who is unlikely to crash, the components are okay but could also be of higher quality because they don’t take much. When I look at what my TBS (Mamba F4 Stack) and my Rooster (Matek F722-SE) had to plugin over the last 14-16 months, the components are much more durable -> still the first ones in there.

Last but not least: with my Tyro129, I have reached 1.2 km with a total of 600 mW, and a better antenna than the one supplied (Foxeer Lollipop V3) until I had to turn around due to an almost completely unusable image. The day before yesterday, I exceeded that with my LO2 and an AKK-VTX preset to 400 mW with the same antenna. I bought extra-long range antennas for the Tyro129, among other things, and hope to get more out of it with 600 mW. But it may be necessary to change the VTX in the long run to achieve a greater range.

Consequently, one has to raise the question if one wants to go towards long-range: you have to invest in a different frame, a higher quality antenna, possibly a different VTX, and, if necessary, in other motors, is the Tyro129 still worthwhile for this purpose? Definitely yes for short to medium distances, but for longer distances…. :whistling: