iPhone 12 – New DISPLAY change coming!

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What sort of digicam is this? That is certainly a great premium quality.

So there's a new change coming to the 20/20 iPhones for this year and it might end up being a good thing or it might end up being not that not a good thing what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button in turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode yo what's going on guys welcome back to front page tech fatah the show that gives you a nice one because we to another that is you first puppet ah of the year of the new decade so let's start it off with out with a laugh shall we so last night the Golden Globes happened now hang on I know it's weird

For me to put this on a text show it don't make sense anyway Tim Cook was that the Golden Globes see him he's right there look at that smile so happy to be there because of the new shows on Apple TV Plus mainly the morning show Apple was there to hopefully get some recognition and awards and Ricky Gervais opened up the show acknowledging Apple acknowledging the morning show but it didn't go the way Tim hoped it would Apple rolled into the TV game with a morning show a superb drama yeah a

Superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China so will you say you woke but the companies you work for I mean unbelievable Apple Amazon Disney if Isis started a streaming service you'd call your agent wouldn't ya so my god that he looked Tim Cook right in the face and directly in his mouth and Tim didn't even know it was coming look this is Tim as Ricky sets it up thinking oh my guy he's gonna say something nice but he did not he did not say something nice but you know what

Makes this even funnier Ricky come on man while he mentions Apple products being made in sweatshops he most likely wrote that joke on his iPhone you know that phone that is thrown together with little tiny kid fingers but you know whatever listen we are all hypocrites okay we're all hypocrites okay let's do the news all right relatively easy show today's story numero uno number one for the day the galaxy fold to second one according to a brand new leaf the galaxy fold to will have super fast charging not just fast charging super fast now this is to go

Along with the rumors that a new foldable phone from Samsung one that like folds more like a clamshell more like the razor phone but that will actually be announced alongside the galaxy s 20 and thanks to xda-developers digging into the APK they have seemed to have found that this galaxy fold 2 will be codenamed blue and they found a little fire within there called bloom front charging effect superfast leading us to believe that this phone will not just have fast charging but super fast fast charging probably topping out somewhere at like 45 watts now real

Quick if you don't mind this doesn't really have anything to do with the charging aspect of stuff but I just want to I just wanna say that I don't really for some reason I don't think that this phone that we're looking at will be the galaxy fault to this one here like the clamshell one you know I mean why are we calling it the galaxy fold – why are we assuming that because BGR called it that I mean I could totally be wrong here but to me this seems like a completely like separate thing like this is a separate fold related device meaning that this clamshell thing here is not to galaxy

Fold to that it's just another fold device and I know you're probably like but gern why you say that because if I remember correctly this has been in the works like alongside that original fold device not as like a follow up if this Samsung clamshell folding design like what we've seen with the moto razor if they call that a fold I'm guessing it's gonna be a fold something and that the actual fold to the actual follow up to the galaxy fold the one that opens up like a tablet that is the galaxy fault – and this is not that this is different could be wrong though but speaking of

That clamshell design thing and speaking of Samsung we now know when the galaxy s 20 and whatever this phone is will be launched now a lot of the tech blogs are referencing Mac's Weinbach from xda-developers sitting that he's the first one that leaked it which quick Optimax we're actually good friends in he's handsome you should go follow my Twitter if you want leaky stuff look at his face look at how welcoming and inviting that is he looks like someone that's leaking stuff while studying for his next college exam anyway I'm pretty sure I saw this leak first from Brandon

From this attack today I was going through Twitter the other day and that's when I originally saw this I'm pretty sure I saw from him first any this was the leaked promo for the event and that sort of forced samsung good ol Sammy to just like just come clean and and give out the promo themselves and they have since confirmed on Twitter as well as by sending out invites um the unpacked event is February 11th in San Francisco there we can totally expect to see the galaxy s 20 which was the galaxy s 11 if you haven't been caught up with all the

Leaks supposedly it's actually gonna be called the galaxy s 20 not the s 11 and maybe possibly could also see that clamshell galaxy fold device which I think would be smart that they could announce that while Motorola is still trying to get their moto razor thing out in the wild okay next up let's talk about iPhones the new iPhones for 2020 you know those phones that are made by little tiny kid hands and sweatshops to be fair though okay just hear me out to be fair kid hands since they're smaller right their fingers are smaller that's more precise to get tough for the to put

To small parts in the you know child labor is bad okay so according to Korean websites the elec oh I get it hits like electronics but less tronics and more just elec LG is aiming to upgrade its production facilities for flexible Gen 6 OLED panels for smaller displays at its e6 lines in Peru Peru Peru hey who but you a Chu for this the firm will be adding new equipment by early 2020 to produce touch integrated panels while switching to the LTP OH backplane technology as the e6 lines are known to be Apple exclusive the touch integrated screens

Are to be supplied to the new iPhones to be launched next year now I know you're probably like okay what the frak did any of that mean basically the iPhone 12 pro models will have thinner displays and this isn't the first time we've heard a report like this so the rumors sort of line up and so this is most likely accurate this technology itself effectively allows touchscreen circuitry to be put into the OLED panel without the need for a separate layer so since there isn't an extra layer obviously that panel will now be thinner and more power efficient

That's the goal anyway also worth mentioning LTP o displays aren't new to Apple it stands for low temperature polycrystalline oxide and they also used those panels in Apple watches specifically starting in the Apple watch series for and also in series 5 now the 6.1 inch model like that lower-cost iPhone 12 will still use what they've been using in terms of display panels so it won't be this new thinner panel that will just be reserved for like iPhone 12 Pro now in the beginning of show I said this could either be a really good thing or a not great thing thinner panels

That's good news but it depends on what they use it for so it's cool if they have thinner panels in there for lower power consumption and all that other stuff that's great that's wonderful but are they doing it to have thinner iPhones because if so that's poopy I do not want a thinner iPhone please Jesus listen if you're gonna make the display panel thinner that means there's more room in the device don't make it thinner just put a tad bit more battery in there I'd rather have more battery in the phone than a thinner phone and if this display panel uses less power and we can

Stuff more battery in there hell yes so Apple please do not make the phones thinner just put more battery in just a little beat just a little bit more battery that's all I'm asking for I think that's too crazy to ask for ah the Internet such a wonderful place full of magic and so many passwords but do not fear ladies and gentlemen – Lane has your back with – Lane you never have to worry about filling out another password field address requirement or credit card entry ever again – link keeps it all at your fingertips and has you covered across all of your favorite

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iPhone 12 – New DISPLAY change coming!





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