The case for Bringing Back Touch ID

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Welcome back to taylor's hypocrites ladies and gentlemen because today we're going future to the back and talking about touch id our little old friend that we had forgotten that now we're all starting to miss because of multitudes of reasons but in today's video i'll be explaining my new updated opinions because circumstances change experiences change and because of that i now would like to make the case for touch id coming back to the iphone let's begin

I know some of you have been watching for a while we fought on this one quite a bit didn't we in prior years there have been countless leaks and patents that just around the corner apple's gonna release an iphone with touch id underneath the display some people tried to make the argument that they're doing this to save money in reality i i really don't think it's much cheaper than face id but also some people just flat out prefer touch id to face id and vice versa i'm

In that vice versa department because i was in love with face id the moment i used it for the first time ever since 2017 i preferred face id over touch id it's especially better with logging in with passwords and stuff like that when you're able to just open an app you don't have to rest your finger on some sensor it just looks at you and it's basically how humans recognize each other right we look at each other yeah look that's that's gary still ugly that's how

Face id works that's why it feels so much natural i don't stare at people's fingerprints to say oh is this really gary his thumbprint looks different today and you know we've seen some progress in the android field it's very common to see under display fingerprint readers in today's smartphones even affordable ones but apple hasn't pursued this very much and it has a lot to do i think with simplicity and for the longest time i was in favor of this i'm okay with apple just going all in on one biometric

And not having two separate ones just for the sake of options but there were so many circumstances where i thought face id was just objectively better and yeah there were a few times where touch id was more handy but it wasn't going to be worth the extra manufacturing cost the extra r d that would go into the iphone because overall it does mean there would be more parts and more things going into the phone which could overall raise prices i know we're all against that but let me be clear apple's stock price has done

Nothing but go up since they unveiled the one thousand dollar pro stand literally look at june 2019 okay i think it's good for the stock it worked okay but no aside from that uh there's there's a little bit of a going around right now i don't know if you guys are aware of it but uh check the news just once you'll figure it out if you're not a complete moronic idiot you'll know that it's a real thing and not something made up by the government unlike pigeons which are completely fake that's why we never see baby pigeons but

Because of that we're all taking precautions the smart ones and wearing masks when we go out in public and we're often using our phones and stuff for checking off grocery lists or checking twitter while your parents are catching up with an old friend they haven't talked to in 30 years or while your wife is comparing different strawberry prices at the produce stand all kinds of times we're using our phone but we have our mask on in public it would be somewhat helpful now to have that fingerprint reader back because face id is kind of having a hard time

Adapting with masks alright for the record i have seen lots of people on twitter talk about how you know face id is now working with their mask and other people saying it's not working and some people saying they can set up an alternate appearance in the face id settings and have it work with the mask but again seeing some people say it's not working so having a direct and clear response from apple would be helpful maybe if it's just as simple as something like you know face id can detect when you're wearing a

Mask now and maybe it's a little bit less secure but it will look at you know this region of your face and if that lines up sure there's less data points but it will let you in and providing that option back for those who want it and for those who are wearing a mask i think it makes a lot more sense than it used to and it could be because i'm biased you know for many many years i had psoriasis on my hands and that meant that touch id never worked for me even way back in the iphone 6 days that was a phone with touch id i had for a

Long time but i couldn't use it because of my stupid skin disease so i couldn't unlock anything and face id it was like me enjoying biometrics for the very very first time so that's why i was kind of like forget touch id get rid of it but since then i've medicated i've got treatment and now my fingers are normal i can use fingerprint readers again as you guys saw look at that it works perfectly every time no honestly it doesn't sometimes i put my finger there and it just

Doesn't do anything but i have been enjoying it on the pixel 4a it's very quick it's very snappy and i don't like that it's on the back i don't think apple would do that but the fact that there are lots of supply chains now building in fingerprint readers underneath oled displays these days means that if apple wanted to implement it they probably could do it in a cost effective manner you know it doesn't have to be super super fast touch id although of course that would be nice if we're rocking the a15 chip because i'm

Not talking about iphone 12 in this video i'm talking best case scenario probably iphone 12 s next year that's likely when we would see this because i'm sure this internal debate between face id and touch id still goes on at apple all the time there's a bunch of employees that are bigger nerds than we are arguing about no face ideas better no touch ideas better no both is better no neither is better let's not have security anyway because the government

Can see all this crap regardless i'm sure all those debates are taking place but this pandemic thing going on that's making people have to cover their faces all the time and apple of course encouraging it with memoji and all that it's definitely gotta make apple think twice about it and iphones in the first place are kind of running out of things to do anyway you know once we get past the point of 120 hertz and once we have super telephoto space zoom that can see the surface of mars from the back of my

Moving truck and you know every phone has great cameras and every phone has a great display and small bezels and the notch is gone what are they gonna do then right they're gonna need something to add and i hate to break it to you but this pandemic is likely not going to be the last one there's probably going to be more viruses in the future and more circumstances where people have to wear masks and i'm acknowledging that and i'm seeing that firsthand and i guess that's why i was wrong

Before and in previous videos i've talked about why i think face id was the only biometric we needed we don't need to go back on touch id but now i i think apple should genuinely consider it and i think that would be a great flagship feature for the next next iphone iphone 12 at this point i feel like it's already out i feel like we basically know everything at this point so maybe 12 s that's the one that can have you know the ltpo 120 hertz maybe no port which sucks but at the same time fingerprint reader built into the display

Fix a couple of nitpicky problems people have with this year's iphones and yeah that could help us with you know security unlocking our phone using apple pay and passwords while at the same time staying safe with uh covering our mouth i think it makes a whole lot of sense but of course i could be wrong so feel free to hit me up over on twitter join my discord let me know what you guys think about it over there this is your app sweep here i'll see you guys in the next one

The case for Bringing Back Touch ID

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