Trying to Understand the Pixel 4a (5g) & Pixel 5

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I'm really really impressed with what google has been able to do with the pixel 4a i'm not gonna review it yet but overall impressions and everything with it has been great it's been wonderful so of course the big question we all have on our minds ever since day one with this thing is how is google gonna screw this up today we're talking about the pixel 4a 5g and the pixel 5. this is not going to be confusing at all let's begin okay so these things are 100 real google has confirmed they exist and that they're coming out later

Likely launching near the end of september so we've got a little bit longer before they really come out but it is kind of weird i had to double check this report several times to make sure i got it right but essentially google has two more phones they're planning on launching in the rest of 2020 if you didn't think this year could get any worse and one of them has this kind of speckled look to it which kind of gives the illusion of metal but apparently the people that have access to these phones already because

Of course it's google it's always like well the phone is launching in six months better send it out to a bunch of random people on reddit and people on reddit seem to be claiming that this is still going to be a plastic phone so both devices are going to be rocking kind of the same plasticky material of the pixel 4a which by all means isn't really bad but it definitely showcases that google is moving away from the flagship department if you were hoping for a decent successor to the pixel 4 that was going to

Enhance the pixel 4 in a lot of ways and make it better and outperform that sounds like it's not really going to be the case this is kind of a new direction for google which makes me wonder if they should really even call it the pixel 5 at all or maybe they should consider rebranding here but so the somewhat confusing part is this leaked photo which originally i thought the smaller phone was gonna be the 4a 5g which is basically just a bigger version of this phone that also has 5g modems and also of course the extra

Camera and then the bigger phone would be the pixel 5 right that kind of made sense in my head of like okay the flagship phone the more expensive phone with the better features that would be the big one and then the cheaper phone that's not as fancy that can be the small one well in this case it kind of resembles the 2017 iphone lineup a little bit when we had the smaller iphone 8 the bigger iphone 8 plus and in the middle we had the iphone 10 that was way better and cooler in a lot of ways but more expensive this is like that

Except if every phone looked like the iphone 10. what oh god it's already confusing me but actually the smaller phone in this picture is the pixel 5. so the higher priced pixel that they're releasing is going to be rocking a 6-inch display which is honestly not much bigger than this with a 5.8 inch display so just a little bit bigger it's got a dual camera on the back and the interesting thing about this camera is that apparently it's going to be an ultra wide lens this year

Not a telephoto so who else remembers that moment in pixel 4's event last year when they were like while ultra wides are fun we believe telephoto is more important yeah that guy's gone so he's not at the company anymore and now they're like okay so while telephoto is more important ultra wides are more fun so that's our angle this year so just keep it all going with the tradition of google saying one thing one year and then changing their mind the next year it's kind of hilarious how consistently

They go back on themselves literally every single year they change their mind on something and go back on it and uh it just it doesn't get old how much google looks like a clown every time they change their mind on something but yeah remember the face unlock features the pixel 4 had and sully and air gestures and that kind of thing so ya boy called it saying that this would be gimmicky and no one would want it and that samsung tried it and it didn't work so i don't know why google was trying it again but yeah they're ditching that so

The front of these phones should look pretty much near identical to the front of the pixel 4a which again not bad i don't think this is the worst year for the pixel lineup it's just a little bit confusing but luckily the pixel 5 will still be rocking a 90 hertz display so no they're not pushing it to 120 this year but still given the fact that it's likely going to be a much more affordable phone than most of the 1 000 flagships out there that have 120 hertz 90hz is good but of course the main concern is

Battery life because the pixel 4 had a tremendously bad battery last year it was a very very big topic when it came to why did google increase the refresh rate and then shrink the size of the battery no one knows it makes no sense but the people with access to these phones earlier saying that the pixel 5 should have around a 4 000 milliamp hour battery which is considerably bigger it should get you through the day a lot better than the pixel 4 did so it is improvement in that way but the

Confusing part of this report is that apparently that bigger phone with a 6.2 inch display the pixel 4a 5g this one just with standard 60hz so it's not 90 and again with the plastic back it's basically just this phone but bigger and with 5g modems in it that one is actually going to have a 3 800 milliamp hour battery so help me understand here maybe the leaks are wrong that's happened before that's happened a lot this year actually but the bigger phone has the smaller

Battery pack compared to the smaller pixel 5 so yeah i don't get it either doesn't really make much sense to me but sounds like that 4a5g is going to come in multiple colors and both of these phones are also going to be rocking the snapdragon 765 g which this is the type of snapdragon chip you see in average mid-range smartphones in fact the oneplus nord also rocks a 765g however that phone is not available in the us whereas these pixels most likely will so it's kind of a different market

Here compared to outside the us where oneplus nord is the thing in which case probably the best deal you can get on phones i get that it's just not here the 765g is actually performance wise a little bit worse than the pixel 4 so it's actually a downgrade when it comes to cpu and gpu performance but it does again allow you to have 5g which is i guess what anyone cares about these days and of course as you may have noticed the fingerprint readers are on the back of these phones so no they're not even

Doing under the display fingerprint readers which should help with cost and bringing down the overall price but google themselves has brought up that these next generation phones are gonna start at 500 bucks obviously it makes sense to assume that the 4a 5g just the bigger version of this bone with 5g that's going to likely start at 500 bucks which is honestly kind of a big jump up if you consider i think this phone is priced really really fairly at 350 bucks it's got one camera

Obviously and it doesn't have the 5g modems but it's really comfortable it's a decent size and display wise it's gonna be pretty near identical to this 500 4a 5g with a bigger screen two cameras on the back that's pretty much all it has going for it for an extra 150 i don't know would you guys do it i don't know it seems like a big jump for me and then of course the big mystery is how much the smaller pixel 5 is going to cost the one with the 90 hertz display

And honestly looking back at it it sounds like that might be the only thing it has going for it so google you want to have two phones in the 4a department because these phones are cheaper and don't have as much flagship features so they're between 350 and 500 bucks okay kind of a weird jump but that's your 4a lineup and then over here you have the pixel 5 which has the same dual camera as the 4a and the only upgrade it has is the 90hz display um okay

I mean if google's willing to charge an extra 150 bucks for a larger screen and a dual camera on the back and 5g modems then what is the pixel 5 gonna end up costing my hope would be around 550 i would say even 600 is kind of pushing it for these specs in case you weren't sure what the rest of the phone would have it's basically 128 gigs of storage eight gigs of ram so you know kind of covering the basics in the android department nothing too amazing but i don't know if people would be willing

To spend an extra 100 just to have a 90 hertz display i mean i would but i'm weird and i wouldn't buy a pixel in the first place so it's gonna be kind of a weird lineup in my opinion it's just kind of the way they're branding it that's a little bit bizarre if i were in charge i would have called this phone the pixel 5 and just said this is the new normal and then you can have pixel 5 plus or max or ultra i don't care what you call it and then you know pixel 5 pro or whatever because it has a higher refresh rate display i

Don't know this phone just sounds weird overall i don't think google needed to make three phones this year is it just me or does this lineup feel a little bit too complicated and a little bit too not one phone has that many great features over the other phone all of them seem pretty close together in terms of design and features that the pricing of them is going to make or break them and knowing that they want to do a 150 price jump just for the 4a 5g seems like an overstep it's kind of reaching and

It also says a lot about how expensive 5g modems are so in my opinion after hearing about these leaks don't wait for the pixel 5 or the 4a5g they're probably not worth your time if you're willing to spend 500 or more on a phone there's probably gonna be a much better samsung or oneplus available whereas the pixel 4a i think is very reasonably priced for what it offers if you like the pixel hardware this is probably the best way to go

And the real question is will the headphone jack make it over to these phones or is that going to be considered a budget feature that just everyday flagships can't get what do you guys think hopefully i'm wrong on some of them because the way they currently stand it's just it's too weird i don't get it google what what what is their thought in this at all or are we just shooting blanks in the dark this is your absolute fear i'll see you in the next one

Trying to Understand the Pixel 4a (5g) & Pixel 5

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