Is there ANY Hope for 120HZ on iPhone 12?

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Wow we are not gonna let this die until probably the second before apple announces it i guess but 120 hertz hope has been restored in the community can i just say thank you to all the leakers who have come forward and talked about all of the instances in which it is possible whether it's john prosser everything apple pro max weinbach all of you restoring faith in humanity which means you better be right because if this ends up being wrong man that was a whole lot of false hope for nothing so let's hope they're all right however i hope people understand that these

Types of leaks are not confirmation of necessarily anything because in the apple leak community right now it's kind of a whirlwind and there's definitely some fake stuff floating around that's getting mixed in with what is potentially real and if you hate speculation you're gonna hate today's video because that's a lot of what it is but without further ado let's talk about the potential of 120 hertz again making it to the iphone 12 pro from the get-go let me just explain something really quick guys

I want this to be real i really really do again 120 hertz is literally all i wanted on the next generation iphone if all they did this year was take the 11 pro max at 120 hertz and that's it i would have bought it i would have paid 1500 for that phone because it's a feature i really really appreciate on other phones and having that on ios would just it would be oh so smooth but the reason i have a hard time believing a lot of these leaks guys is not because i hate these people it's not that i'm rooting for

Everyone to be wrong it's not that i'm a killjoy it's not that i necessarily want everybody to be disappointed it's simply because i've been you okay i've been all of you many times reading the reports and getting excited and thinking oh hey this is happening there's actual proof of it now this is for sure this is actually going to happen and then it doesn't it's happened to me year after year after year and it's very easy to forget because we haven't always kept a very good track record of what leaks we

Thought were for sure happening and what leaks actually ended up being real in fact a lot of the time apple is still able to consistently surprise us despite how many leaks come out and we often times get things wrong it's just a fact even when things look incredibly incredibly real in fact to be honest in prior years i've seen more realistic leaks than these that also ended up not being real so whether or not they're prototypes that just didn't make the market or fake made-up clones that people wanted

For clicks i don't know but let's talk about what we know so far okay so a lot of this stuff is coming from john prosser who has gotten a lot of dates right in the past and definitely has inside sources that are letting him know about apple hardware launches we know that we've seen that it's been proven he showcased these screenshots as well as a working video of the iphone 12 in his latest front page tech episode and i hate to bring this up because i'm gonna feel like a killjoy talking about it but guys these types of just software

Settings and menus and toggles within a phone it's really not hard to make those happen pretty much anyone who knows how to use xcode and probably in the apple community because they're following leaks and that kind of thing you can make those things with an app again i'm not 100 saying this is totally fake it totally could be real i'm not denying that i'm simply stating that it's not a confirmation because as leakers get more and more popular they are sent more and more

Fake leaks i'm not trying to make the argument that jon everything apple pro or max any of these guys are intentionally faking stuff that's really not the point i'm trying to make here i'm not trying to cause drama i'm simply stating that i've seen people in my own discord come up with ios settings in toggles and menus that say certain things that you can load onto an iphone just by making your own developer app it's been done okay just because screenshots say a certain thing or the phone is behaving a

Certain way in a really really dark room it's not confirmation of anything it could be faked it also doesn't help that we're not seeing the bottom of this phone screen they didn't do this in today's video but if i were trying to fake leaks i could totally do it you could very simply in this type of filming environment design an app that works in any orientation flip your iphone upside down and start using it and add just a smaller notch at the top of the screen and because it's in a completely black

Room or it's in a protective case people wouldn't really be able to disprove it okay it's totally possible i'm not saying that because i'm trying to disprove this exactly i'm just saying if you see more of these in the future keep in mind it is totally fake-able oh no now i'm probably giving guys ideas what i'm saying is we don't know and when it comes to the exact screenshots that i'm seeing other people post around it sounds like while all of these pvt photos are going around

Some of them definitely look more real than others looking at overlay shots and what people have compared to me of how close the notch and the ears of the display are to what we already have with the 11 pro max it does seem very very easy to fake again not saying 100 it is just saying it's possible and because we've gotten so many things wrong over the past few years and apple is still able to surprise us we should all remain a little bit skeptical and that's healthy if i end up being wrong and these are totally real

That would be wonderful again i'm rooting for that but just saying don't 100 believe everything you see i want to remind everyone of those ios 14 screenshots that so many people were throwing around the internet saying this is confirmed the wallpaper changes the wallpaper settings and dynamic stuff this is totally happening with ios 14. it looks completely legit it didn't happen now that doesn't mean it was fake it could have been a prototype or some kind of early beta test of ios 14 that apple decided not to finalize but that could

Also be the situation here because again pvt units are not full-scale mass production units and john prosser himself admitted that not even all the pvt units have a 120hz display which is why on these screenshots themselves there's a lot of text referring to make sure your device supports 120hz because not every prototype has it so if we're this late in the year and we can't even say it's necessarily standard in the prototyping phase in my opinion it's kind of a bit of a stretch to assume that because the

Prototypes don't have every feature that it's possible that the mass production model could all have that by default ross young and renee ritchie talked about how with these displays which are not ltpo which means that they can dynamically change refresh rate as well as other devices can like the galaxy note 20 or the ipad pro which i think a lot of people are getting confused about because the ipad pro does not have an ltpo display but important difference here ipad pro is an lcd screen and lcds are not the same

As oled panels like we have on our iphones okay look pro motion on the ipad is not just 120 hertz promotion means the ipad can lower the refresh rate all the way down to 24 hertz it can be 48 hertz it can be 60 it can be 120 dependent on what you're doing with oled however you can't exactly do that same thing you can't dynamically change all the way down to 24 and scale all the way up to 120. with an oled display pretty much the only thing you can do dynamically is maybe switch between 60

And 120. 60hz of course is what we already have in our iphones today which means that turning on 120 hertz on these iphones is almost 100 certain going to be impacting the battery life now could apple let this be an option in settings and let some people kill their battery if they want to or just leave 60 hertz on and have comparable battery life to what we currently have maybe you know the batteries are smaller this year so that already puts it in kind of a complicated situation maybe you'll be able to turn on 120

Hertz in settings which personally i'd be fine with that because i think the battery life on my 11 pro max is great anyway i sit at a desk i have a wireless charger okay so i can let it stay at 120 hertz but does it sound like something apple would do is apple the kind of company that would make a flagship type feature that has to be activated via settings or is apple the type of company to say well we tried to do 120 hertz this year but the color accuracy doesn't look right

The colors don't stay consistent when we switch 120 hertz it hurts the battery so instead we're going to delay that feature for next year so that we have something big to introduce on the 12 s or the 13 and we can do it right because we'll have ltpo panels by then to me i hate to be pessimistic but i mean just look at these leaks telling us that the notch is going to be the exact same size as the notch we've had since 2017. do you think apple's the kind of company that's like we don't need to change the notch for three years but

This year we're getting half the prototypes with 120 hertz half of them without so let's just bring 120 hertz to all mass production as an option in settings um i don't know to me it seems like it's reaching again really hope i'm wrong it would be awesome if we could get 120 hertz this year it just really doesn't feel like with this many red flags in my opinion and this many we're not sure but we're kind of sure reports like well it could happen but it might not happen but it

Could but it might any time we see things on the fence like that in prior years whether it's bilateral wireless charging or the notch might be shrinking this year or touch id or apple pencil support we've seen leaks like that countless times and they end up not being true so i am still skeptical i have no doubt that internally apple has iphones running at 120 hertz for the prototyping phase to see how it's behaving to see if they can make it work but from what we're hearing it does definitely

Sound like they're on the fence about it and this late in the game i don't really see it making to the mainstream and by the way all these leaks and reports are talking about a 6.7 inch 12 pro max so if it's possible that sure it runs great on the 12 pro max but it doesn't run great on the 12 pro is apple the type of company that would make exclusive features just for the max pro and not the little pro doesn't seem like it in prior years it seems like they want both those pro models to be equivalent when it comes to displays and

Biometrics and storage options and processor speeds all those things they like those phones to be the same so i could totally see apple just saying well 12 pro max can do it but the 12 pro can't and we don't want it to have that advantage so we're just gonna leave it at 60hz on both i get that's not what you want you don't want to hear that but it's possible you have to admit apple is the type of company to be shipping 60 hertz displays on 1 000 phones in 2020. that's something they

Would do so i hope i didn't tick everyone off that really wasn't my purpose in today's video it's simply to remind everyone to have a healthy bit of skepticism but of course yes fingers crossed it would be awesome if these ended up being real and we could actually get 120 hertz on this year's iphone because that would really help it catch up with everything else on the market that's already there please apple don't be behind on this for another year but what do you guys think am i being too crazy too pessimistic well it's just because i've seen leakers

Get so much wrong in prior years so hopefully you guys understand this is your ship here i'll see you in the next one

Is there ANY Hope for 120HZ on iPhone 12?

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