iPhone XR…Why I’m Waiting

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(Technology sound intro) – Hey what's up you guys, welcome back to Tech Smart, and things got really spicy this week. So most of you guys probably saw, Apple released three new phone on Wednesday, and I want to take a few days to just kind of process it and really kind of make a big decision. You saw the livestream or you didn't and you guys missed that, it's right up there in the icard. Tons of fun and a lot of you guys actually called in and most of you were pretty chill, so thank you guys for being a part of that. But they released one phone in this event that really blew me away. I kinda knew about it

And it's the iPhone XR and I'm sure you guys heard about it too. Let me know in the comments what you guys think about it through out the video because it's the one phone Apple has really made that hasn't been a flagship that I really want and I can't wait for it. So the four announcements they had: the XS, the XS Max, the iPhone XR, which this video is on, and then the apple watch series four and I love the apple watch series four. I can't wait for that to come out, but I was really shocked

Not to like the XS Max as much as I was hoping to or even the XS. I kinda think they're good phones, but it's the S year you know, it's not going to be huge breakthroughs, more just refreshes and updates. But the XR is a brand new phone this year with a brand new price and brand new specs and I think that's why I think it's the coolest thing out there and seriously vote up in the icard what you guys think about the XR if you guys car about it or even going to pick it up. I think this could be the real winner of this year and it might be interesting to see,

Especially with how Apple does. If more people pick up the cheaper phone that honestly has the best specs and feels like a steal right now, over the XS or the XS Max. The coolest part about this one is it comes in colors. The iPhone XR is huge. It starts at $750 bucks for a 64GB model and what's sweet is, well what actually isn't sweet is, this is just a fake. It's a clone. It's just meant for representation. It's going to look basically exactly like this. You can see that big, honking camera ridge right there that's going to be real interesting,

But the XR's really sweet because it finally come in colors, kinda like the iPhone 5c and I think apple finally learned the difference between a cheap phone and a really good phone that others really want to get that has a little less, like specs and that's where this iPhone XR gets super interesting. I'm going to flip it over, but don't cringe to hard because this isn't the real deal or, obviously, what you're getting in the store. It is a 6.1 inch LCD screen, as rumored. And what's interesting is Apple's calling it a liquid retina display,

Which I'm all about and I really want to test out because if they can sell a phone at $750 dollars that looks just as good as the XS Max. This one starts at $1,100 or even the XS, starting as $1,000, similar to the iPhone ten last year. I think this could be ground breaking and a new start to Apple. What really caught me by surprise is the iPhone XR has the same specs, for the most part, as the iPhone XS Max and the new iPhone XS. That's kind of crazy. Apple put the new A12 bionic chip

In all three phones this year. You'd think they might put the A11, make it more budget friendly, maybe even drop the price, no, no. It's got that neural engine too. All the three phones really have updated AI. Of course the new XR has face id and that was one of the most exciting things I heard. This new chip, the A12 bionic, has an updated neural engine and that's what allows face id to even exist and that's why we saw it last year. So by Apple updating this and just talking about face id, they finally, hopefully solved the biggest problem

I hated about my iPhone ten. Face id sucks. I really hope this year it got way better and is more accurate than ever because I would rather have a home button. And another thing that's so sweet is the battery life I think is actually going to be really good and actually better then the iPhone ten's battery life. Apple didn't say at the conference if this phone's battery life is better than the iPhone X or iPhone ten, but what they did say is it has 90 minutes more battery life that an iPhone 8 Plus, which has a 5.5 inch screen.

I'm really hoping that this phone is the real winner and has insane battery life and is just the long shot no one knew because it's staking up to be good. Another huge difference on the iPhone XR compared to the iPhone XS line is the camera. So, on the back is a 12 megapixel camera and that's the same on all three phones this year. The only difference is on the XS you're going to get two, on the XR you're only going to get one. But what was kinda crazy is, as they were talking about cameras,

This A12 chip comes with the same tech as the flagship phones from Apple, the more expensive ones. What's interesting is photos are probably going to look just as good on the XR as compared to the XS and it's because of the chip. It has smart HDR, which basically takes multiple photos, stitches them together and produces the best photo. One thing that I don't know and I kinda wanted to see this, but we're going to have to get one in October to find this out,

Is this camera bump it almost looks, and I don't know if you guys felt this too, it almost looks like it's double the thickness than the iPhone ten's camera and I know we were trying to get away from bumps, but I think they're trying to bring it back. My only concern is, and this is not the right phone to test this on, is if it's going to wobble. Everyone who's talking about the iPhone XR has said it feels really good, the ones who were at the event. So, for colors it comes in orange, black, blue, coral, red, and yellow. So no green this time around

If you like the color green. The 5c looked really good in green. It was like a nice mint. I'm just really excited about this. Another change they actually made a difference too is it's not stainless steel around the sides, it's actually aluminum. So, that's obvious, it cost more money to make stainless steel phones and the actually cut 3D touch, which I didn't really know about, for the XR. But there's still that haptic feedback, so if you're on your lock screen and you can see the camera icon in the lower right corner

You can press on it and hold into it, it will open it up. So, it's kind of there, but it's not like what you'd see on the iPhone ten or any of the other more expensive phones. Honestly after seeing all three phones come out today and all kind of having pretty similar stuff for the most part. It's also really interesting, it's the most durable glass ever on an iPhone so I really want to test that out and see which phone is honestly the best for the money.

$750 bucks is what it starts at for 64GB, but if you want to get the 128GB model it's only $50 bucks more. So, that's probably the one everyone is going to jump towards. If you want to get the 256GB it's an extra $100 bucks, so $900 dollars, but for an extra $50 dollars you're basically getting a full on phone, enough storage to last you a year or two and that's kind of big so. I guess we're going to have to wait till October 26th, when these things are on sale. Really excited. I just don't know how to contain myself

Because I kind of feel the magic in Apple again and it's weird cause it's not at the price I thought. So, that's it for this video. I'm so shocked and I can't wait for the iPhone XR. If you guys are new make sure you subscribe by clicking this button right down here and check out two other iPhone videos on my right and definitely make sure you keep it locked through the channel. Tons of spicy iPhone content is coming up real soon so, I'll see you guys next time. Peace.


iPhone XR…Why I’m Waiting





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