World’s Top 5 Weirdest iPhone Cases ft. What’s Inside!

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– Hey, what's good guys. Welcome back to TechSmartt. And you guys can probably tell, I got two special guests next to me. This is Dan and Lincoln from "What's Inside." For that video we actually made is linked in the description or right up there on the ICard. But this video is a brand new series. You guys know, I love my series, but this is called "Tech Top Five." (upbeat music) So basically, Ev's picked out a bunch of stuff on the internet and in this video, we're gonna be checking out the world's top five weirdest iPhone cases. Are you guy's ready? – That's fun, I'm excited. – Sounds like a plan. – I just feel crazy saying it. Ev are you ready? What did you find?

Yeah, let's do it and some of these are actually from older videos, so basically we have one big bin in the office, it's filled with a million weird iPhone cases. (Lincoln laughs) Are you ready for this dude? – I have not seen any of these yet so… okay. – So this is the first case. – What in the world is that? – So these are in no particular order and vote up in the iCard which case you guys think was the craziest and most weird from this video. At the end, Dan and Lincoln are gonna say it. – I just don't understand why you would want that as your phone case. – You guys didn't know it was a Pop-tart? – No I didn't know it was a Pop-tart.

– Now, who's gonna use it, who likes it? – No, no. – Never? – I'm not a Pop-tart kind of guy. – But dude, look at that Lincoln. It's the perfect pink pop tart, flip that thing over dude. – But what'd seventh grade be like if you were talking on your phone with a Pop-tart case? – Is this more friends or less friends? – I don't think that anyone would know what that is. (Dan laughs) – That's true, it doesn't really look like a Pop-tart. – Ev, did you know this was a Pop-tart when you bought this? – I thought it was slime with like scribbles. – Yeah, it does kind of look like slime.

– Slime, interesting. Scale of 1-10, how weird is this? 10 being the most weird you've ever seen. – Hmmm, Lincoln? – Probably a six because had no clue what it was. – Yeah, I'll say a six too because I don't know what the heck I was looking at here. That's gonna be something special. – So a six and seven out of Lincoln and Dan. I give this thing like a four. I mean it's cool, but I know Ev's got some more stuff cookin' and yeah, it's a pop tart case. Like it's kind of weird. Case number two, whoa. – (Lincoln) Okay, that's cool. – (Keaton) Have you guys seen this before?

– That looks cool. – No. It looks so bulky though. – So this along with everything else, linked into the description. This goes for 32 bucks, it's really hard to find this. – 32? That's so weird. Look how bulky it is on the side. I would want the case to go around the phone not the phone just barely fits inside. – But it's so big, what the heck does it do? Like, what is this? Try opening that thing up. – (Lincoln) What's in there? – (Dan) I don't know, look for it. – Smell it.

You'll get it, you'll know it. – It's like some sort of cologne or something? – Uh huh, it's the Ferrari cologne case. So, I actually made a video on this. So this is one that I knew about, but you guys like that's why I do this 'cuz I want you to check this out and I want you to smell it. – That explains why… – So we're going to go check this out, you ready Ev? – Oh you spray it like that? We were pulling that thing apart. Of course we didn't get a part. – So it's really fragrant. I don't know if this is my scent, maybe it's Dan's. Right? I like Ferrari, but this cologne

Smell, I don't know, it kind of contrasts what Ferrari is and like the luxury. This smells like 30 dollar cologne. (laughing) So scale of one to ten boys, what do you think? One being the least weird, ten being the weirdest thing you've ever seen in your life. – Eight. – Eight? Okay. I'm going to say that's pretty weird. I'm going to go with eight, also. – Because, who'd have thought that there'd have been cologne inside of there. That's why it's weird, I feel like. – I'm giving it a six. I'm excited, they're starting to get it, we got more weird.

Ev? Case three. – Bring it on, bring it on. (all three exclaiming in surprise) – Oh, that's not a phone case. – So what do you think this is called? – A purse? – Oh, and look at that it is called a purse! – I think it's called like a "murse" case, or a "satchel" case, or a "backpack" case? – Definitely a purse. – Oh, it's definitely a purse case. – One hundred percent. (upbeat background music) – And boom!

– Okay, that's pretty cool. – So it's an actual purse. – Yeah… – I… – What cards are in there? Oh, the Purse Case cards that says "stylin' and dialin'". – Hash tag "styling and dialin"/ – Whoa, there's a mirror! That's kinda cool, alright. – Everybody, right now in the comments, make sure you use hash tag "stylin' and dialin'". – I think it'd be cool if this thing wasn't here, and it wasn't as rubbery. It would be cool to store stuff inside of here. – Like a wallet case? – Yeah. – So you like a function on your case?

– Yeah. – That makes sense. You can store stuff, what would you store in there? – Just a schedule for school. We'll go with that. – Yes, I can have one of those in my backpack. – I'm moving this down to a four on the weird scale, that's my rating. – Lincoln? – Five. – Five? I'm giving this a six. This is cool, this is weird. (transition noise) Could you rock it? – Well, yeah! I think this is great. – It's a two for one. You get a wallet in there too. So scale of one to ten? – I mean in a good way, it's like a three.

– Alright, here we go case four. Ev, blow their minds, just blow their minds. – Basically, we have five minutes to go into Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and other stores and buy the cool weird stuff. So I was looking at Best Buy, and you guys probably know where the cases are. You've seen them. Let me know in the comments if you guys have ever seen something like this. They literally, and I kid you not, had it hanging on the shelf in a plastic bag. It was in the weird shopping video. So this is a "Kate Spade" iPhone ten case. This came out, like, a week after the iPhone ten dropped. So I guess someone really didn't like it.

So they were selling this for 32 bucks in a bag. In a bag! – A ziploc bag. – Not even, like, 18 dollars or ten bucks like in a bin or whatever. No, on the shelf where I could see it, you could see it. It made it in the video. – You guys tell me what you think about that. – I mean, it's a nice case. – And rest in peace to Kate Spade, I miss you so much. That's just so, that's history, that's history. – I like the case, I like the case – Yeah. – Yeah, the best part about it is the ziploc. – The ziploc, that I wanted the ziploc. – Okay, so…

– It's a tight fit – I like it so far, but hey where's the plastic bag? – Oh, of course, that's the case Dan. Who are we kidding? This is the case! – This is like a new thing. – How weird is this case? – I can see people, like, rocking their Supremes, walking down the street in L.A, talking on the phone like this. – Yeah, it does feel good, at least. – Would you have this case? So let's say you're at Best Buy, and you see the bag. You're like, you see it, you need it. Would you do it or do the stars kinda go, eh?

– Eh… – There you go. Alright, scale of one to ten, how weird. And I'm gonna have two scores here: the case itself and the bag. – The case itself three 'cuz that's not very weird. – It was probably 50 bucks at one point. – Yeah, the ziplock nine 'cuz that's weird just hanging up there on the shelf. That's weird. – That is weird. That's a good story, that's a really good story, like, you gotta give it a nine or a ten just for the story. The case, I'm giving it a one. – Ohhhh! – 'Cuz, like, it's not weird. It's a nice case, it's nice, I like it.

– Okay, fair. This was top five nicest cases. So this would get a ten? – So here's a ten. Here's a one. Let's give it a five aggregate. (laughter) That's the score! – Alright, I'm giving the "Kate Spade" case, just because Kate Spade is no longer with us, I'm giving this a six. This is art, but for the ziploc this gets the world's first on Tech Top 5, an 11. – Oh, man. – This is the weirdest case ever, and the

Best part is it actually has Best Buy labels. Like, I could just full on rock it like this. – Return it? – Maybe rip the label off and get a different bag. – Open box item – Yeah, like it's an open box item, but really? – That's solid, it's definitely my favorite so far. But just the ziploc. – But the reason it's called Tech Top Five, Dan, is we got one more left. Ev, bring on the fifth case, here we go. – What is this? – Did I not mention Hello Kitty like five minutes ago? – Ha ha, I love it! – It's huge! – Have you seen this case before, Dan?

Dan, what do you think about it? – Oh, I like this. – Ev, where did you get this? – Ebay. – I feel like it's really soft like a kitty cat. You just want to pet it, here Lincoln take it away. – Just take it, Dan likes it so much. – It's soft, I think it's kinda like my sister Carter's phone. She has a huge owl. – She does have an owl. – It's a bit smaller than that and that's pretty weird. I don't like big phone cases, I like one's that are about the size of my hand. – So scale of one to ten, since this one doesn't have that much jazz.

I mean, Dan, could you use your phone still? I mean you have to basically use your stylus. – Right, if you wanted to turn down the volume, good luck with that. – Scale of one to ten, here we go, final case. – Whew, I'm gonna give this one a nine. This is a niner. This is my favorite case and it's weird though. It is weird, it has a little extra key fob coming with it. You can use the buttons, that's weird, it's functional, it's soft, you can pet it if you feel a little down. – Or you don't actually have a pet. – Yes, there you go. – It's a one stop shop. Lincoln, what do you think?

– Five. – There's some beef, I can just feel the tension between father and son here. – I think it's a five, because I've seen people with kind of like that kind of phone case like the owl like my sister's. – Alright, I'm giving this a seven. I like this case, it's cool, and definitely has the type of customer that would pick this up. I think Lincoln would be the perfect guy for this. My mom's not letting me get any pets, 'cuz I travel so much. So this is the new pet. Name her in the comments, we'll go with it. So Dan and Lincoln, it's time to pick the world's weirdest iPhone case.

And you guys vote up in the Icard right there which you think. We got the purse case, the Ferrari Cologne case, the Cat case, the ziploc case, and then the Pop-tart or slime. You guys vote up there. Dan, I'm gonna start with you. – Okay. – Pick it. – Oddly enough, I'm going with the very first one. I'm going with Mr. Pop-tart. I'm changing it. – Whoah! – Just because I'm so confused with the artwork on this thing. What is that slime? It's the simplest case of them all, but to me it's the weirdest. – I gotta get different sprinkles or

Somethin' or like a brown sugar cinnamon, a blueberry. – Yeah, it's like a piece of art. It's like a Monet, you could interpret this in many different ways. – Lincoln, which is the weirdest iPhone case you've ever seen. – This one has the best story, but this is the weirdest phone case. – Really? – It has cologne in it. – It does. – Do you like the smell? You keep liking it, is the smell something you'd ever wear? – No. – Okay, so no one likes the cologne. Let's just get that straight, no one likes it. – My weirdest iPhone case, I'm gonna

Have to say, is the purse case. This things obnoxious, it's my favorite from the video. – It's very pink. – So you guys, that's it for this video. If you guys liked it make sure and drop a like for episode two and check out Dan and Lincoln's channel "What's Inside". I'll link that down below and subscribe to TechSmartt, if you guys haven't yet by clicking that circle button here. Click Dan's circle too, that'll take you to the channel. And we'll see you guy's next time. – Bye!

World’s Top 5 Weirdest iPhone Cases ft. What’s Inside!

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