Samsung IS NOT making a Galaxy S11 anymore

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Hey are you excited for the galaxy s 11 don't be what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode hello and welcome back from page tech course show that gives you that is you happy Thursday hope we had a great Christmas I hope that Santa jizz doll in your stocking or whatever happens on Christmas okay let's do the news alright so first up for the day story numero uno speaking of Christmas I hope you were happy with what you got because not everybody was cuz yesterday Christmas Day on Twitter air pods for Christmas

Was trending so I was like well what is that why is this trending well as it turns out a lot of people were asking for air pods a lot of people got air pods this year for Christmas except if I get air pods for Christmas I mean totally not real air pods like just horrible horrible knockoffs and it's just fun like I don't know if your parents ramped up or blows my mind that so many people got knockoff air pods for Christmas that it was trending and like not even the knockoff air pods that are trying to pretend to be air pods I'm talking classics like air vibes oh and

Let's not forget sky pods and then for the people that got real money like if your parents got some money in that piggy bank they brought you some of them premium smart pods plus like what kind of boomer do you have to be to friend this up this bad like if you look on Amazon for air pods yeah you're gonna see a bunch of these things so maybe that happened no you just saw this looks like the thing that they wanted so maybe they won't notice but some of these just look like they picked him up with the nearest dollar tree and called it a day the only thing that I want to know is

Why in the hell did mix-ups like this not happen when I was a kid little journey would have known how to play this game he would have been all like hey hey mom hey can you give me can you give me a gameboy and just hope to god that my mom wraps it up and buys me a playboy instead cuz nothing says Christmas like titties alright well speaking of titties let's about on the internet there's a lot of them and no not this kind of butthole more like this kind of butthole okay so to catch you up if you

Missed it Twitter was was doing some sort of experiment where we were able to post animated pngs these animated pngs are just like what you would expect with an animated gif but much higher quality and Twitter was experimenting with them allowing people to post them and it was awesome until the Internet's ruined it's like we ruin everything this is why we can't have nice things people started abusing these animated PNG is to create like hyperactive flashing images to trigger people with

Epilepsy and I don't mean trigger like as in a friend college student it's a little upset I mean actually trigger a medical condition to occur like we're talking full-out seizures were happening and effectively there was a bug a temporary bug where you were able to upload multiple animated PNG s and one tweets and have them autoplay and it looked a little like this we're gonna try to show you in a way that doesn't make you have a seizure anyway because of this Twitter is now banning the use of animated PNG s on the platform so to be clear the ones that have already been

Posted well I guess for now stay there but you can't post any new ones for some reason I totally missed he's like when it was a thing and people were excited about it I missed it and then I found out about it after they got banned after they got shut down it was almost like vine like I just didn't pay attention to vine and then after got shut down that's when I realized oh this was actually cool yeah what could you do alright now let's talk about the galaxy s 11 I have some bad news people there will be no Galaxy S 11 sort of so according to ice universe on Twitter and

In terms of leaking stuff he's most famous for Samsung leaks he just put out a tweet that said galaxy s 20 that was it and then followed up with New Year is 2020 which after we checked invented that in fact it will be 20 20 and 20 is a new beginning oh okay all right so this phone right here that we're all expecting the s11 the one that comes after as 10 I guess we can assume it's gonna be called galaxy yes 20 but I do want to remind you that for years now we've been hearing that Samsung is going to change the name of the s-line maybe

Kill it and give us a different name for the series so this is the first time that we've heard that they're getting a new name but it is coming from ice universe and it is Samsung related and if it's Samsung related and ice universe and didn't put together they have a leak baby then it's probably a real leak baby it's probably true what none of that made sense I mean if you think about it the S line the numbers related to the devices that release they're kind of close to iPhone numbers as the iPhones get released so maybe this is just Samsung's way to go I know Frank you and

Then go all the way to 20 because math and that is it that is the show hopefully you like to you learn something if you did hit down like a button I've hate my stupid face that dislike button works too if you're new here subscribe and I'll see you guys to me you

Samsung IS NOT making a Galaxy S11 anymore

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