iPhone 12 – this is bad news for Samsung…

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Uh Apple is about to hurt Samsung and I hurt them I mean kick them directly in the balls what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode yeah what's going on guys welcome back from page tech course show that gives you all the latest tech news from one key that is meets one of those you happy Tuesday I think it's Tuesday man we are just like squeezing every last bit of tech news out of 2019 like we're just crawling towards the finish line like that it reminds me of that that dog

And family guy you know this dog that's like the legs don't work so he just crawls that's what this feels like except it's less dog and more just front page tech just front page Tech is just crawling toward the finish line okay so let's do that let's do the news all right so first of all we have to talk about its story numero uno number one Google pixel for a holy once again thanks to the ever so beautiful ever so trusted ever so lovely on leaks we have renders of the pixel for a now at this point I know you're probably like John is this it you

Usually have contacts at Google correct I do have contacts at Google I usually do know what's coming with these pixel devices but I actually haven't heard anything about the for a I mean obviously it's coming but I haven't seen or heard anything but we should trust on leaks for sure I mean look at this thing it looks so good this is what to think this is what it should have been this would have should have been to three years ago like remember all that pixel three drama and all the like weird promo Google's doing and we thought we're gonna get a bezel as pixel be honest if

We got that we wouldn't have been complaining we would have been happy with that this looks better than the pixel three three XL button the pixel three a better than the pixel for this looks great this without a doubt is the most exciting Android phone to me for me I don't care you you're all are your denote they're not so so special or the Huawei p90x thing is crowd so exciting so the specs I don't what you think to me this is what I'm most excited about on the Android side of things stock Android the way Google and to be on a device that isn't

Ridiculously priced and that device looks tits it looks great listen the saying about specs this ain't about hardware it's not a hardware game it's a software game if you want stocky Android this is it this is the phone buy this phone all right so this next one I saw this story I was just scrolling I saw the headline I just started laughing apparently okay allegedly reportedly Apple is working on a gaming focused Mac pause just let's take a second to just let this sink in let's truly appreciate this moment together whether it's true or not real or not let's just take a

Second to let this sink in what so the report comes from economic Daily News which we got to tell you right off the bat the track record is iffy with this one so this is a bit of a sketchy one but they are saying that Apple will launch a $5,000 Mac completely focused on gaming in 2020 the report does not state whether we can expect this to come in a form of like a MacBook or an iMac or what we got no idea but according to them we will see it at WWDC 2020 and June now I know you probably want to know my opinion like if I think it's gonna happen man I don't know like my

Instincts want to say no but apples been doing a lot of weird stuff lately I don't know you never know like this seems like a weird demographic for Apple to actually address if they did it it would almost feel like like they did it just for these people right here the ones they're like but you can't game on a Mac you can't play no games on the Mac listen we'll say 20 20 June WWDC set your reminders set your calendars and it's free its tech and we're going into 2020 if this is actually a thing it won't be a secret we'll hear more about it before WWDC so subscribe to this

Channel see what I did there gave you time to okay next we got some pretty bad news for Samsung so this is Apple news again but also Samsung News and it's good news for Apple bad news for Samsung you see for years Samsung and Apple have gone back and forth bitter rivals till the end many lawsuits many patent disputes they don't like each other very much but they need each other Samsung makes a ton of displays for Apple stuff most of the time when Apple sells an iPhone Samsung gets some money so yeah Apple sources a lot of their displays from Samsung and it's for a

Good reason not just because Samsung displays are great because yeah they are probably the best displays in the business but it's a combination of Samsung making really good displays but also being able to produce them at scale Apple sells a lot of stuff they sell a lot of and Samsung makes great displays but also has the resources and infrastructure in place to be able to produce that many displays so when Apple does find other companies to make displays for them those companies can't handle the scale that Apple needs to work out which is

Why Apple is still attached to Samsung a lot but like I said Apple and Samsung they don't like each other so Apple wants to wean off of the Samsung titty you know what I mean they've been suckling for a while and they need to wean themselves off according to my drivers a report from South Korea a Chinese company is going to be providing up to 45 million at display panels in 2021 since 2017 with the iPhone 10 Samsung has been the main provider for OLED display panels for Apple and Apple has been trying to get away from Samsung and

This looks like a big percentage it looks like a big leap away from Samsung and towards Apple's goal of not needing them as much so we can expect to start to see BOE in China start to take a little bit more of a roll in terms of producing these displays for iPhones starting with the iPhone 12 and hopefully they'll be working at capacity by 2021 this is not good for Samsung now even though Apple is definitely trying and preparing to get away from Samsung completely that can't happen just yet I mean they're still under contract to allow Samsung to

Provide and source most of the panels for iPhones I mean that's in the contract and if Apple doesn't reach like the requirements according to Samsung and sell as many phones as they're supposed to sell as many OLED panels as they're supposed to they actually pay a penalty like Apple just paid a 684 million dollar penalty to Samsung for not meeting their minimum order requirements for iPhone displays now here's where I jump in give you my opinion I don't think this Chinese company boe I don't think they can do it so BOE is the world's top supplier for

LCD panels for TVs and they've been investing a lot into OLED panels but I do not think that they can produce at the quality Apple requires that the quality Apple needs and at the scale Apple needs them to produce what this seems like more to me is just leverage this is Apple not exactly trying to completely leave Samsung even though it may look like that this is Apple actually trying to use other companies as leverage being like hey we only paid this company this much per panel for display and if you want to keep producing for us and make money from us

We should talk so this could just be a way of Apple sort of threatening Samsung's business as a way to negotiate a different price per panel that they have with Samsung a completely different agreement that's what I think and as much as I want to believe it's actually this just Apple going King and Samsung going Oh what for why why you do this to me and then Tim Cook's like cuz Frank you it's probably just a way of Apple trying to get them to talk further and renegotiate prices and pay a little bit less to Samsung and that's the show hopefully you like to you learn

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iPhone 12 – this is bad news for Samsung…





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