New iPhone with NO NOTCH! Apple accidentally LEAKED the all-screen iPhone.

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Right idiots daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button in turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode hello and welcome back to front page tech show that gives you all the latest tech news from Wendy's it is meet another that is you happy Monday it is the beginning of something's happening this week Christmas Christmas is on Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday hump do is update Christmas this year ok gonna be an easy week this week because obviously news doesn't happen when Santa's in town so let's take it easy here's the news ok so story numero uno first up for the day

Oh ok so I'm not sure who saw this first or who wanted to make a big deal about this first I saw it originally from mkbhd and mkbhd started from Sonic you saw it yeah but now that mkbhd sought it from Ben Gaskin the Ben Gaskin tweet says do you see what I see marques M qHD said so how long till the Apple support account quietly changes this banner so let's look at let's look at these images this is the banner at the top of the Apple support Twitter account I guess at first glance it looks like there's no notch like either there's an iPhone that doesn't have a

Notch or somebody photoshopped an iPhone it doesn't have a notch and to the top of an official Apple Twitter page now do I really have to remind everybody that the notch less iPhone is not happening not happening we have already made episodes about it we have already talked about it there was a rumor started by you-know-who that there was that there's a prototype of the iPhone with no notch with the face IDs stuff in the bezel and ever since then tech websites your favorite tech vlogs have been covering it and sort of running with this the idea

Cuz journalism is dead so then I had people tweeting me realize Luke jar hey so Donna fell down a notch but a bunch of people talking about this rant like Apple accidentally leaked themselves that they're working on an iPhone with no notch I have how guys what come on look at this banner again let's zoom in and hand CSI enhance look at this you see that there's a notch there okay alright the light is reflecting off the notch that is there what this is is Apple being clever and hiding the notch because they're ashamed the same way when we got the iPhone 10s and 10's max

They had that really clever wallpaper that totally disguised the fact that there's a notch there that's all this is they're embarrassed they're ashamed so to just be there cleverly hiding it this isn't an accident a leak okay he's not even a bad Photoshop like part of me wishes that it was just a really bad Photoshop and that like some Apple just didn't even care they're like it we need a banner and they just gave it to some intern somewhere and he was all like thinking it was clever like I'm gonna take away to know that everyone's gonna take they're still not on this I am sad

And I am ashamed of anyone who looked into this and thought that this was an actual thing it's crazy because last year when Google was actually actively marketing something that they totally weren't gonna sell you remember all the promotions making it seem like the pixel three was gonna look like this like you remember all this stuff and when there was totally a real reason to look into that and I brought it up and brought attention to that I was the crazy conspiracy guy remember articles like this like I was just a crazy kook I was just crazy cuz Pierce got a wall what's

Wrong person or up to now and now just because I don't know you didn't use your eyes long enough people all at war Darfur it's cool or CH here I'll give you a few more seconds to look it's it the one on the top definitely can clearly if you look long enough and use your eyes the notch it you can see it it's there and then shift okay let's move our eyes down to the one towards the bottom the one on the left that's the same phone but the UI is just shifted down notches still there that's the iPhone that's the iPhone 10s or 10s Max or iPhone alep you

Know what I'm saying it's the same phone you can literally see the icon indicators in the right top corner and the left top corner and the UI for the an emoji is shifted down what we're look what are you people help me help me help you okay what what happened here was just a difference in the amount of seconds you spent using your eyes you instead of going like this whoa you should have just taken a couple more frakkin seconds and be like oh yeah okay see the notch there and I'm an idiot that's what you should have done and here if you need further convincing

Here is a mock-up that leads like sometime during the weekend League you know whatever that word means these days it comes from Mac otaku Rahu this they have a history of Apple leaks and this supposedly is an iPhone 12 Pro max maka not that like all the details from this mock-up would be entirely accurate but if you care it's one millimeter higher than the 11pro max obviously we're seeing those flat sides that we've been hearing about that Ming Chico said we were getting next year there's also what seems to be I guess like a smart connector like you know that we see on

The iPad and stuff at least that's what maca Takara is labeling it as but it could easily just be a Franken sim a sim card slot not sure what happened there oh and not that's there how about that imagine that now listen we also got to tell you this means nothing anybody at any time could make this plastic second you can just 3d print this and make a video and then be like oh no Qaddafi leaked and then stupid ass shows like mine we'll talk about it here we are congratulations you win it's not like I want to talk about it but it's it was it going around

In the news cycle somebody's got come out and tell you hey man probably not alright so next up let's talk about Motorola the Moto razor the new one apparently demand is real high too high for them pretty much just like every folding device that we saw this year I c-can't delayed so they're delaying the pre-order and launch of this phone because there's a lot of demand so they say so they need to adjust to better meet the demand in a statement they said since its announcement in November the new Motorola RAZR has received

Unparalleled excitement and interest from consumers demand has been high and as a result has quickly outgrown supply predictions oh yeah I hate to be that guy just got to ask a question how do Frank how do you know what are you talking about you know nothing about the demand there hasn't been pre-orders that's how you gauge demand for a product is the pre-orders and you so if the pre-order you get a lot of pre-orders then you're like oh no we don't have enough so we got to delay the launch sorry everybody else but what are you basing

The demand off of fracking YouTube comments are you crazy news flash Motorola don't know if you're familiar with al the internet works but just because people talk about it and they're like in the YouTube comments but no holders are so cool doesn't mean they're gonna spend their money and buy it hate to break it to you half the people saying this stuff and sticking up for you are eight years old they don't got money I can hear all the pissed-off eight-year-olds right now just shaking their Frank and piggy banks look jerk look at all my money you're

Just a hater and you don't have money okay it's real all joking aside I think what we're actually looking at here has nothing to do with demand I just think they weren't ready I think they said they were ready knowing they totally weren't ready and so they're gonna delay this they had to delay this anyway they need some time to actually manufacture this thing and they're just gonna be like what demand is too high because Google searches I don't know who you were trying to fool Motorola play you ain't fooling gern all right last up for the

We talked about Apple we talked about Motorola Soho Frank it oh I was gonna try again but there's no use okay I made the mistake I racked up the line so now we both live with this okay how about we talk about Sammy Samsung ice universe put out a tweet showing these images saying Galaxy S 11 cover this is the final version the cover is not a protective film it is a reference for the protective film saying this is much closer to the actual phone design like this is our is our best look at what we can expect in terms of bezels or lack thereof

You can see tiny little pee hole up but up at the top and then the bezels the forehead and the chin apparently this is like this is what this is it this is what we can expect from this phone and that's it that was done was the whole story I think you're welcome this is why they pay me the big bucks speaking of big bucks I'm gonna get paid now here we go ah the Internet such a wonderful place full of magic and so many passwords but do not fear ladies and gentlemen – Lane has your back with – Lane you never have

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It was strong enough because you had a capital G and so relax stop playing that lovely brain of yours down with all your information with all your passwords and stop writing them down please let dashlane do all the hard work for you start a 30-day free trial of dashlane today and when you're absolutely in love use promo code front-page tech to get 10% off a premium membership with just how important your security is online these days you have no excuse now not to be downloading – Lane right now and that's the show hopefully you liked you learned

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New iPhone with NO NOTCH! Apple accidentally LEAKED the all-screen iPhone.

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