This is HUGE! Apple will change EVERYTHING!

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Ah holy this is officially the craziest and coolest thing that Apple has ever done what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode yo what's going on guys welcome back to but our front page text the show that gives you all these tech news when Gita's me to another that is you Merry Christmas Eve everybody well I don't mean everybody if you don't celebrate Christmas which is a lot of you ah merry Tuesday just a regular Tuesday for you okay news all right so first up for

The day story numero uno this is so ain't crazy listen before I tell you the news portion this is related I need to tell you I need to take you back it's a little journey need to tell you a little journey alright so picture it Sicily 1922 picture it Sicily 1922 okay okay for real 2007 the iPhone has come out the first one is here little gern oh I guess I'm not that little I was in seventh grade so like this big at that time the iPhone was this mystical thing it was like magic and because gern was stupid his friends

Tricked him my friend had me believe that one of the reasons that the iPhone was so special was because there were satellites in space just for the iPhone and no matter what no matter where you were you always had signal because when you walk around with your iPhone satellite also follows you around from the space beams this magical beams down to you and boom you always have signal magical device I believed that trapped for like a full year and I hang on before you laugh a little gern it's franking happening it is now 2020 well almost yeah okay whatever technically

Calendars and stuff but we're pretty much there it's 2020 bottom line we're in the future now and according to a brand new report from Bloomberg germs magical mystical iPhone REME is about to be Jones I phone magical mystical reality according to them Apple is working on satellite technology satellites in space that will beam down data to Apple devices what what obviously there's a bunch of stuff that we don't know yet but apparently Apple hired and leading the team for this whole satellite thing is somebody from Google a former Google employee

From their satellites death we got no idea exactly how it's gonna work we don't know if Apple is like making their own satellites to put in space or if they're just gonna like rent other people's satellites now listen we might not ever see this Apple's working on it but it doesn't mean it'll be a thing and we'll finally have it and when we do if we do finally have it we don't know exactly when either but if we remember if you've been watching this show for like a few years now you know Apple has been increasing the monies that they're spending on research and development

That's a thing and uh yeah I think satellites floating in space shooting space beams down to your iPhone would be considered under the category of research and development this could be frakking incredible like listen I know this is just speculation right now the next part that I'm about to tell you but like we don't know exactly how or why Apple wants to implement this but what if what if it's to just not have to rely on carriers anymore Apple is all about services right now okay you know that I know that we all know this right now you buy Apple stuff and because you now have

Apple stuff of products devices there are now services that you can buy into an Apple keeps adding services and then you have an extra monthly cost multiple extra monthly costs now what if this is just Apple adding another service where they just cut out the whole need for a carrier they just cut that bull and now not only do you buy your products your phones from Apple but also you pay monthly for the phone to work they don't got to rely on carriers or carrier towers in your area you have us in space coasters shooting down magic to your face and your so going back to

This Bloomberg report like like I said we don't know exactly what this is for but I don't I want my guess I just guessed right now that's all that was and I hope I hope that it comes true please please Apple it would be crazy like world domination crazy but I want it okay so speaking of carriers let's now talk about t-mobile as you know t-mobile is working on a little something-something they're trying to merge or sprint that's been going on for a while and it's it's gonna go through it's been approved by most people that you need to approve

This merger so yes very soon we're gonna have the new t-mobile that is just t-mobile and Sprint combined but apparently that wasn't the only part of this master plan there's more after the Sprint merger they also planned to merge with another company the only problem is that other company happens to be literally the worst one comcast ladies and gentlemen this is not a drill t-mobile in internal documents has been planning to merge with Comcast the cable company and we've talked about Comcast for years on this show specifically how mostly every year they are the number

One rated worst company in the US consumers absolutely hate comcast and as you can see here the verge actually obtained internal documents from t-mobile from back in like 2015 that discussed all that they were planning if you look at these documents it's like it's all in there where they mentioned first wanting to merge with Sprint which is obviously it's not 2015 anymore and we're right at the end of that we're right at the end of this merger where it's official I mean at one point in these internal documents they say that a move into mobile might be the only

Natural option for Comcast to grow now you might be asking and I really haven't seen any other like tech publications bring this up you might be wondering why t-mobile would ever consider merging with Comcast like that seems like so out of left field but if you think about it it doesn't 18t offers everything 18c obviously being a wireless carrier but they also have routes in pretty much everything they have Kable they offer cable they have internet for your home they own DirecTV Verizon also does similar stuff so I mean yeah it could make sense this could

This merger could make sense for t-mobile if they wanted to have like their fingers in every thing just like 18 t similar to four I mean that's that's pretty much their master plan that's why they said they were merging with Sprint was to better compete with Verizon and AT&T there's only like there's only one big problem here there's like one and that's the uncertainty of whether or not t-mobile wants to acquire Comcast or if they're considering the other way around that part is not clear in the internal documents and that's the part that is

Scary to me because t-mobile has been going against the grain that's that's like been their mantra for years now the whole uncarrier thing take what everyone is used to from other wireless networks and flip it all on its head and change the landscape of the market and they've successfully done that this however would be going in Reverse like going against everything they've stood for so if they got acquired by Comcast it would put t-mobile right back in the bucket of but if t-mobile is the one that acquires Comcast there's hope at least I hope

That they'll bring a similar model to the Comcast ecosystem like they'll still be t-mobile that has the same company values the same values for consumers that they have had for the last few years and they'll bring that to a major company like Comcast that's the best-case scenario worst-case scenario is this hits the fan Comcast owns t-mobile and then everything sucks that's a real possibility so I was just hanging out laying down sleeping like you do and in the middle of my sleep I woke up to like four emails from Twitter saying hey just well let you know don't

Worry but we kind of wrapped up you probably got the same email as well effectively Wow happened was there was some sort of issue and according to Twitter set issue could have compromised your account that's all now this is specific to Twitter for Android because of course it is they said we recently fixed a vulnerability within Twitter for Android that could allow a bad actor to see non-public account information or to control your account like send tweets for you or dm's read your DM send EMS whatever they want also in the email

They said prior to the fix through a complicated process involving the insertion of malicious code into restricted storage areas of the Twitter app it may have been possible for about actor to access information now according to them there is no evidence that malicious code was inserted to the Twitter app though it could have happened they just don't know it and can't confirm it so this is a problem within the app itself that's right now you should probably head over and update your Twitter app like immediately well yeah not really immediately let's finish

Let's be real you can finish this show first just spend some time with churn then when journey is done with you then you can go update you I'm sure nothing will happen in between right in between the time that you're spending with me and then when you finally do update your app I'm sure nothing's gonna happen between that time so you might as well just spend it with me actually the show's over you're free to go that's the show hopefully you like did you learn something if you did hit the like button if you hate my stupid face hit the

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This is HUGE! Apple will change EVERYTHING!

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