Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds Review

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This was Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the anchor sound core Liberty to Pro true wireless earbuds we don't review a lot of these but when Ankur approached me about this I thought for the price I actually look pretty good they were promising to have really good audio quality and 149 dollar price range you don't always get this most superb audio quality do you now we're gonna find out so many of you know anchor for their wireless charging banks their high quality cables that sort of thing and you didn't even know they have the sound core line of well headphones and earbuds yes they do so $150 worth so

We're not talking oh really super cheap I don't worry too much but we're not talking ear pods Pro or Sony high-end 1000x and three earbuds here so what happens what do you get with that a mixed bag but mostly good the first is the sound quality really is good it has 11 millimeter drivers in these things and all sorts of other fancy buzzwords that you can read about on their website for the sound quality but wow I was really impressed out of the box even before I used the hear ID custom tuning software to tweak them to supposedly match my

Hearing levels now I listen to all kinds of music I listen to rap I listen to classical music I listen to jazz I listen to rock so tried all sorts of music genres and nice bass maybe a little bass heavy by default but not like egregiously bass heavy but good clarity in the sound stage and the phone listen sound we're like wow certainly better than the Samsung Galaxy buds plus which I like pretty well in our price the same not as good as air pods pro or the sony WF 1000 XM threes which are kind of the benchmark for the best sounding Marlys your buds but these are

Less expensive to these also sound better than your standard air pods non pro models so if you really care mostly about audio quality for music that's sort of thing definitely these are worth a look you get seven sets of earbuds hips and three sets of outer earbud rings so that's a little bit better than the average certainly in this price range as well these are kind of big honkers you can see from looking at them they're sort of more reminiscent of that sony design so if bulky earbuds aren't your thing you might not like that they're not as

Comfortable something like the Samsung Galaxy buds plus and that's what I'm saying you got some good you got some bad here so I to ours it was about the most that I can wear them for before they started to make my ears feel kind of cranky whereas buds plus our ear pods I can wear for ever it seems like comfortably the charging case on this is pretty huge it's nicely made and it's got a fun way that just slides and flips open you have three charging LED indicators on the case and one of the earbuds has a white LED ring to indicate it's in pairing

Mode or if it's waking up that sort of thing but definitely a bulky case the good thing about the bulky case though is that it can charge your earbuds three additional times so one charge they say is good for eight hours so it's true pretty much I got eight hours of playtime so you go all the way up to thirty two hours before you have to plug these things in again if you plug them in for ten minutes you get about two hours of music playback and that makes it pretty good so bulky body bulky case that would be a condom you get a USBC cable in the box to charge

Them with not the charger itself but you probably hang on from a phone don't you and also supports qi wireless charging which is pretty nice and this competitive with the Samsung Galaxy buds and the air pods Pro in that respect in the second-generation air pods now one thing that's pretty cool is we get app tech support that it's a high quality codec particularly important to Android people because most Android phones support that so it's better than your basic SBC codec that is also supported that probably is one thing that does help them to sound better

These are Bluetooth five by the way also supports AAC it's compatible with iPhones as well as Android phones and of course laptops and all of that stuff as well and you've got a sound court app available on Android and iOS so we'll show you a little bit later that lets you tweak stuff on there ipx4 sweat-resistant which is about as good as it gets for earbuds these days and also supports voice assistance both Siri and Google assistance now they have one button on each bud so I actually prefer that and the button is not the easiest thing to press so no accidental skipping

Tracks or stopping your music and all that sort of thing no fiddly oh boy we have touch points everywhere I'm actually fine with that you can customize that with the app too one thing that is weird when you pair you pair to the left and the right ear but separately so I bet a whole bunch of people just go through the pairing and they see the first dialog and they say okay and they don't pay any attention so make sure you pair to both if you're doing a firmware update which it will do out of the box if necessary he'll let

You know if you haven't paired to both which is a little bit helpful so let's talk about that app a little bit they have this here ID thing here and this one is a little mystifying to me and I did it a couple of weeks ago when we first got the buds in and I could hear across the entire range basically it starts with verifies tones and goes all the way to bass tones most of us have good bass hearing and we lose our high hearing especially as we get older anyway I could hear the entire range and go me and I had pretty good hearing and then after the firm rubbed it I couldn't

Hear the highest tone anymore but our Video Editor cut very weird but if I do a hearing test tone kind of thing I can hear high range fine so something has changed a little bit with the firmware here but overall it still sounds quite good so when you do the hear I detest it customizes the EQ basically so if you're lacking in the high range it'll boost the high range if you're lacking in the lows it'll boost the loads you get the idea close for quite a few tones so it's fairly customized I like their default EQ setting the best honestly and they have a couple of others to choose from

As well and none of them are unpleasant let's say that and really they've done a good job with the EQ profiles here or you can roll your own which is good to see you can also program what the little button does on each earbud whether you want to skip a track or launch the voice assistant that sort of thing volume up and volume down so you'd have to have one bud be volume up one bud be volume down I'd like to see a little easier way to control the volume that's one thing one thing that's pretty annoying I guess there's no proximity sensor on these so if you take one butt out or if you take

Two buds out they'll just keep playing happily if you put them in the case and don't close the case in fact sometimes they'll keep playing once you close the case then they disconnect some mm that makes them feel a little bit more budget these are not active noise-cancelling headphones but in this price range well earbuds aren't true wireless earbuds so that's perfectly for permissible there is no transparency mode I so they using passive blocking by fitting the ear tips pretty tightly in years to block out noise and it's reasonably effective not as effective as

Galaxy buds plus where you really feel like my god your ears are stopped up so if you hate that stopped up feeling you might actually prefer these but this is so passive noise cancelling not SuperDuper impressive and no transparency mode to kind of amplify what's coming in but then again since the noise gland something isn't super impressive maybe you don't need that in terms of any white noise there is a little bit just a little bit it's kind of very very faint though not enough I think that anybody would complain and not completely unheard of in wireless

Earbuds so in the end what I can tell you is these sound amazing for the price and that's the selling point these rival the air pods Pro then are quite as good in terms of soundstage where I still hear more separation and a roundness to the base that maybe these don't have these just a little more goofy on the base but still getting really close and compared to the the benchmark this the sony WF 1000 XM threes also getting really close of course no noise cancelling here but other than that these are some of the best ear buds I've heard in this price range in terms of

Sound quality as for the other things the size some convenience features those are the things that you might be giving up also the call quality they have for noise cancelling mics call call these okay voices I'm going boy sounds a little thin and tinny so is that the end of the world no it doesn't pick up a lot of ambient noise at least which is a good thing so overall if you're an audiophile type person on a budget that's who I'd recommend it to I'm a super mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech

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Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds Review

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