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This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the Lenovo ThinkPad yoga l13 for those who follow thing pence the L is the Soho or more affordable series and sometimes they've been a little bit lacking but Leno has really been on it lately I have to say and this version of the yoga is really compelling it's got the build quality of more expensive models with the magnesium alloy and the glass fiber casing you've got the ThinkPad pro pen in the silo garage going on latest Intel tenth generation CPUs and more and it starts at slightly this stepped in six hundred and seventy seven dollars I say deceptive because

That's the core i3 with four gigs of RAM and 128 gig nvme SSD the kind that your IT department buys when they're told that budget is really tight right but we have the the more middle of the road and desirable core i5 mom with aching surround a 256 gig nvme SSD and that one's still 959s that's $350 less than equivalently expect ThinkPad x1 yoga hmm look at it now so it does the yoga thing you know the 360 degree beefy hinges here and like I said you get the wacom aes based thing pad pen pro included because it lives in a little silo so it recharges when it's in the silo that

Means you don't have to bother replacing batteries but if you want Lenovo full-size pen that they sell separately that one still uses a quadruple a battery but that's good for like six months to a year okay full HD display resolution is your only option here but for a 13.3 inch laptop I'm okay with it that's not a shameful resolution it is glossy it's touch as well as having pen support on board and 310 minutes is what we measure in lenovo claims 300 so that's pretty good and you can see the rest of the spine metrics the color accuracy only the Blues are too high on

This you could calibrate it if you care but subjectively looking at it's a nice display and the contrast ratio measure is quite good on this so again per their most affordable you know think pad you it's not bad in the yoga series it has an m2 nvme SSD you can go anywhere from 128 gigs all the way up to a terabyte you can upgrade it yourself if you want ram you can't upgrade yourself it's soldered on more it is ddr4 2666 megahertz and they'll sell tea with up to 16 gigs around for 8 or 16 those are your options there so if you want 32 you're gonna have to start

Looking at they're more expensive models likewise if you want 4G LTE they had the ThinkPad x1 yoga for you and the ThinkPad t-series and so on that offer that but this has meant to be a budget based model using the same thing with the display resolution if you want to go higher with that or if you want olan and other fancy things there are more high-end models that offer those features onboard it's available in our usual traditional ThinkPad black and also Lenovo listen as being available in silver it has two USB C gen one ports and two USB a ports HDMI onboard your

Headphone jack a micro SD card slot so that's not too bad and no Thunderbolt 3 again they have more expensive models if you want that it's compatible with the USB C docks of any kind or Lenovo so if you want to get the Lenovo one and also what they call their mechanical dock the one that slides in and connects to the two ports on the side one of which is that proprietary Ethernet dongle adapter and the other is one of those USB C ports it does have a USB C base charger as well and that's a 65 watt fast charger so it's a 46 one hour battery and that's pretty good if you move up to

The x1 yoga it goes 251 watt hours so you know we're talking within five not much of a difference there so that's pretty good touring and in skimp on that department that's fine with me and battery life on this is pretty good I've been getting about seven and a half hours on a charge it 115 its brightness mixed productivity social media Word Excel that sort of stuff a little bit of photoshop so battery life on this is fine it's not class-leading but it's perfectly acceptable obviously if you were more careful with your power management settings you can probably get

More out of it so stereo speakers and they're pretty bold sounding and so far as they're loud and they're they sound reasonably full you can tell they're not tinny at all but you can tell that they're geared more towards voice so probably video conferencing watching movies that sort of thing if you want the extreme highs and the extreme low as well that's what headphones are for these days not so much on laptops in terms of performance we have intel 10th generate and these are commonly not isolate there's two different kind of 10th gen

CPUs in Ultrabook so if you haven't been watching that space so this is the quad core with the higher wattage it's not only 15 watts and it can TDP up to 25 watts get more performance but compared to ice Lake which has the faster Intel iris plus graphics this still has Intel UHD graphic so if you're more graphics oriented person what you're doing you probably want ice like if you're more CPU oriented which usually for a business laptop probably would be the thing then comment Lake is fine and Lenovo is reasonably aggressive but not as aggressive ants as some of their

Other models like the x1 you okay letting it go up above 15 watts to 25 watts and even higher when doing things like benchmarks are pushing it hard productivity the speed on our core i5 is okay it's average for a core i5 10th gen comet-like and for the target audience which again is probably business users this is perfectly fine your word your Excel you can do Photoshop on this video editing wouldn't be my first choice but in general ultrabooks never are my first choice mobile workstations gaming laptops are better for them but it's competent it doesn't feel the fastest

The SSD on this benchmarks really well but software installations seem to take longer which is a little bit mystifying given the fact that the write speeds were perfectly acceptable and ours happens that the toshiba SSD in case you're curious about the brand the keyboard well it's a think pad and it's great I mean nice bounce and key return and crispness a feel in fact I like it a little bit letter in the better than the x1 series well probably because this one doesn't be quite as skinny so they get to give you a little bit more key travel it's just delightful it has the usual

White backlight that you'll enable by hitting FN and the spacebar multistage white backlighting it's a Microsoft precision trackpad and of course you have the usual buttons above the trackpad and the eraser stick pointer for those neither like that traditional think pad experience a Windows hello IR camera is optional on this you get a 720p webcam me you know a 720p webcam quality there and you have the thing shutter which is a mechanical shutter that slides over the webcam so you know nobody is spying on you you can get this with Intel 95 60 AC Wi-Fi which is Wi-Fi

Five kind of last year or with the newer Wi-Fi 6ax to a one card that comes with the V Pro CPUs this is available with new without V Pro so how about heat and noise it makes an ultrabook you can't get that bad right folks said the famine is pretty audible when it comes on it's not one of the most quiet it's not going to fill your room with noise but I was a little surprised at that but surface temperatures on ours was absolutely fine even doing benchmarks and pushing and doing more demanding tasks not bad and core temperatures were a little bit

Better than average to again when it doesn't have to be super skinny it's amazing how much better cooling can be so core temperatures and our benchmarks and at the worst we saw like 86 centigrade or so and usually we see 96 to 98 centigrade in our benchmark so go lenovo that that's pretty good alright under side right here we've got fan in tanks we have fan exhaust area over here these are the speaker grilles the speakers are down firing to take off the bottom covers slide out the pin just to make sure that it's not actually I'm gonna get in the way of anything and

Unscrew the captive Phillips head screws they're all visible there are all easy enough to do and then I use a guitar pick to start prying up on the sides here and work off the back and then pop it forward works pretty well on your side looks like this and here are our internals let me see the fan is right here our CPU under the heatsink here the socketed Wi-Fi card and the m2 SSD also socketed so you can upgrade that if you wish the RAM again is soldered on so you won't be upgrading then like all laptops the CPU is soldered on and there's our 46 one hour battery and the speaker

Drivers that were living underneath the grill so that's the Lenovo ThinkPad yoga el 13 and for the price you know honestly it punches above its weight I tried to find negatives and other than the fact the fan is a little louder than usual it's pretty hard to complain about what you're getting here for the price great for note takers and fine for hobby artists even that sort of thing everyday productivity stuff a little bit of Photoshop does all that stuff fine and it's got a durable build the usual mil-std can test for shock vibration dust all that sort of thing to I'm a

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