Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR Review

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This is a beautiful shot with very good light ;-)

This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the gigabyte arrow 17 HDR we've reviewed the arrow in the past the 15 inch models and well obviously this is the bigger version and they're gearing it not just to gamers but also for content creators and part of that is the HDR display so the one we have has a 4k IPS 100% Adobe RGB display it's matte IPS non-touch and boy is it good looking there's also a Samsung 4k OLED option though we haven't seen that one yet and for those of you who won't that blows out the budget too much and you're not content creating so much as gaming there is still the more affordable model with

The 1080p display not cheap though these are still pretty premium starts at $17.99 for the non HDR version and are pretty well equipped model right here starts at $23.99 we're gonna look at it now so this is the 2020 refresh with Intel 10th generation CPUs 45 watt though not just 45 watt for that class of coffee like CPU so there is a core i7 6 core that we've seen before and that's on the base and on HDR model and on ours you can get that CP or you can get what we have which is an 8 core i7 CPU that's kind of neat to see that and then there's still a core I 9

Option as well and so that one you can go up to 65 watts and swim so you can come in depends because that's an HK overclockable CPU suite so that's a lot of performances and it's still relatively thin and light less than an inch thick and this is 2 point 5 kilograms which is 5.5 pounds so it is lighter than a razor blade Pro 17 for example pricing for our model with an RT X 27 T Super Max Q the supers are the new GPU refresh of Nvidia and that one gets more expensive we're talking around 2700 dollars or so for $23.99 you can get it with the RT X 2060 and not this

There's no super edition there and there is also an RT X 2080 Super Max Q so you know off of the pushin $3,000 and better on this if you want so for the premium price what are you getting here you're getting a lot of performance now I reviewed arrows before like I said and the pretty good but the looks were stayed and I think people like them for this especially people who are buying these for content creation or take them to work and then when you bring them home you have some phone games though home and work kind of are the same thing for

Some people now but anyway and the looks have improved here definitely it still isn't you're not gonna get that razor blade level of unibody metal kind of thing here but it's a good-looking machine and it feels pretty good just not quite razor blade but the razor blade Pro is still a lot more money we're talking easily three thousand dollars and more with the blade so there's that and the performance on this I am super impressed and the fan profile stood now this is a shipping version so and this is not pre-release and it's been very stable and the noise level is

Just using it has a bunch of different presets you can go with it but it on the normal mode the fans are really pretty tame for a gaming slash mobile workstation kind of product here more along mobile workstation lines and not making a lot of noise even when you're gaming you don't have to use headphones there is a gaming profile if you really want to blast the fans more and that's that's okay so its core temperatures on this which is always better problem with gaming laptops particularly the thin and light ones I'm really impressive what they've done here and the performance

That goes along with it again with our eight core i7 the benchmarks on this excellent the actual gaming experience really good frame rates and games at highest to ultra settings even 4k for tomb raider we play that high and you can see the sample footage for both high at 4k and 1080p at the highest setting and really very good they are doing some throttling on the course for thermal temps to keep it lower than average we see a lot of gaming laptops what's your books these days sometimes going up to the allowable thermal maximum which is 100 degrees centigrade

So here it's pretty much trying to keep it around 92 92 centigrade and I'm actually okay with that because otherwise geeky types spend a lot of time managing our thermals and doing pro things and profiles and all that sort of thing because we want to ensure the longevity of our machine and not running at max temperatures constantly so they're kind of doing that for us while giving really good frame rates really good performance and programs like Adobe Premiere sundown what doing here beyond I take away the next important thing again is that this fight

We have that 4k IPS display with full Adobe RGB color gamut and it's calibrated the factory Pantone calibrated and they make a big deal about that and then they should because this is what the best calibrated displays I've seen that color accuracy graphy you never see bars that tiny meaning that there's very little deviance from perfect on that it has high contrast relatively speaking to for an IPS display it's just nice to look at and it's fun for games too one thing that clearly this is more geared towards content creators rather

Than gaming because most people play games probably not very bright places this one went 518 nits and brightness most of the time I didn't use this laptop of about 40 percent brightness as a result it's that right so games do look really good on this no kidding but for those of you who are doing a professional work for photography say for print where you need that wide gamut our magazines print magazines all of that sort of stuff you've got what you need here in the built-in display which is nice you don't have to hook up a monitor just to do

Colour proofing anymore you can tell tenth generation CPU is I'm not a huge John for about a 10% improvement at most over the previous generation but again the interesting thing here is you can get an 8 core i7 on this machine and you've got the core i9 option how the thermals are on the core I 9 I obviously can't sabers we don't have that but we are working with an 8 core i7 so I don't expect a huge difference unless you get into something overclocking their core I 9 rest of the specs are pretty similar to the last generation we have two RAM slots it's available in different

Configurations typically the ones we're looking at have 16 gigs of DDR 4 ram 26 66 megahertz or faster and depending if you go with that core I 9 option there are two slots so you can upgrade it to 32 or 64 gigs of ram there are two m2 SSD slots ones nvme only that's your boot SSD and the other slot is m dot 2 and it also supports 7 if you want to save money on your second drive and they'll pay for an nvme drawing for a storage drive on the pre-built configurations have just one SSD so it's up to you to add that second one we have killer Wi-Fi 6 onboard which is really

An Intel chip instead 1650 cards so that's good with Bluetooth 5 onboard and the port situation is quite good especially for a relatively speaking infinite light laptop though we do have big chassis to work with you so you have Thunderbolt 3 you have three USB ports you have a full-size SD card slots new HS 2 so it's a fast SD card slot we've got Gigabit killer and Ethernet on board as well hdmi 2.0 DisplayPort 1.4 so pretty much anything you can ask for you've got in terms of connectivity here when it comes to graphics we have these good old chestnut

The our TX 2060 on the lower end models in fact they're even lower with the GTX 1660 if you really like the machine and you're usually a morphic content creation you don't need super killer graphics you're not doing 3d content you're doing Tunis content but anyway for the refresh we have our TX 2070 and 2080 super both of them max Q Edition so max Q yes super yes this is kind of like up one down one you know what I mean but in the end it's a little bit faster than previous generation the other plus would be the fact that the card can in theory support Nvidia Optimus and G Singh at

The same time but it's up to the manufacturer to implement that in this case no we just get Nvidia Optimus switchable graphics but that does help with battery life and that's another selling point for this machine it has a 94 watt hour battery which you don't see very often something that high capacity Dell XPS 15 would be one of the few but this has a lot more house horse powering gaming laptop LAN not super common so immediately where's do it to but anyway if what does it mean it means pretty good battery life unplug for those who need to use it for productivity on the

Go Photoshop whatever and as you're doing obviously if you're doing heavy-duty 4k video editing on this if you're gonna try to play games I'm plugging your battery life is gonna be shorter but we managed about 6 hours but the brightness set to 115 it's not too bad for a machine with this much power inside the keyboard it's not too different for the last generation it's their fusion / RGB key backlighting so you can do light shows of any kind make it this little bit of PWM here not like razor blades so it can be a little hard on the eyes

Though so I never said to max brightness you can use the command keys on the keyboard to turn the brightness on and off low high and off or you can use the software to control it more gradually which I find this useful the only thing I I dislike about it is the fact that just like razor blades of old they finally got around this on the multimedia keys are not backlit your secondary keys are not back and so I find myself being a little blinded by the brightness in the backlight while trying to see where is the @ sign I forgot you know the key

Travel this is pretty short it's not my favorite keyboard and it's not an abysmal or terrible either this is not so weird Oh butterfly keyboard or something like that but it's pretty short travel again more for content creators doing 3d and 2d work and gaming and not so much for you people who are typing all the time the trackpad is a Microsoft precision trackpad and it works wonderfully we have 2 2 watt speakers onboard and they don't have much base I'll say that if you want that roar and some Rumble and all that sort of thing definitely speakers or

Headphones or the answer to that so on the bottom we can see a whole lot of ventilation that's a good thing just avoid putting it on top of anything linty so it doesn't suck it up so take off the bottom cover Torx t6 screws they are all visible they're not hidden the rear ones are captive which means they stay in place it's pretty easy to get the bottom little off and there we have it and there's our internals nice big fans here three heat pipes is decent but they do manage to have plenty of ventilation also out the sides in the rear and two

Ram slots right there we have our nvme boot SSDs ours and fast Samsung apparently not using those Intel SSDs anymore I'd say that's a good thing that Samsung is fast the second SSD slot if you want to add one is right here supporting both nvme and SATA SSDs we have our socketed Wi-Fi card right here the down firing stereo speakers as with most laptops are down firing and flanking the battery which is right here the big 94 watt hour battery so that's the gigabyte arrow 17 HDR and I have to say they have finally gotten and right it's stable in a way that some

Of the previous arrows that I've reviewed haven't been it's thin it's light it's getting better-looking I have no objections to where it looks it's none eautiful like I said like a razor blade or a MacBook Pro but hey the horsepower in here and the cooling are super impressive the 4k display on this very nice the keyboard on this one a little pet peeve there no secondary key a little kind of strobe II for the back lighting settings but that's a small price to pay oh and this expensive too but at least you're getting good stuff for your price and they said for mobile

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Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR Review

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