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This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the Microsoft Surface book 3 as you can imagine thus the third generation and some people complain that the design hasn't changed at all the casing and well that is true and you might say well gee Apple has MacBook Pros that go on for three generations before they redesign them dell does the same thing with XPS as sometimes well the thing is that Microsoft comes out with a new one every two to three years the original surface book and she came out in 2015 that's five years ago then the service book 2 came out in November of 2017 and now here it is spring of

2022 spring to summer and we have this one so after five years I can see why people might be wanting more but why isn't that we're gonna find out now it certainly is a beautiful and iconic design that I have to say when we complain about it's still the same thing it's not that it doesn't look and feel really good other than the fact that it's quite heavy whether you go with the 13.5 inch which we did this time it'll explain why that is or the 15 inch 15 inches of that much heavier than the competition at 4.2 pounds you can see the kilograms and stuff down there and

The 13.5 inch so it's three point six two pounds with the dedicated graphics inside that's pretty darn heavy but neat design definitely hasn't been successfully copied no it hasn't unlike surface pro which has had so many clones not this one probably cuz it's pretty expensive and hard to make you still have the detach about clip board section which is what Microsoft calls a tablet so that's what makes this unique and yes the keyboard is included on like most surface products so you hit the little button and the muscle wire releases the hinge and you can pop off

The tablet and all the brains as ever are inside of the tablet except for the dedicated graphics and the bigger battery the bigger battery and the dedicated graphics are in the base where the keyboard is but you've got your RAM your CPU your integrated graphics and your SSD all of which by the way are soldered on in the tablet section so it can function independently which means if you're buying it and you say oh I need a tablet with killer graphics it only has killer graphics when it's docked you can as ever pick up the display and rotate it and have it facing

Outwards to get a kind of mortality experience while still using the dedicated graphics but no dedicated graphics in the tablet section itself also no dedicated graphics in the base model of the 13.5 inch the one that's $15.99 called $1600 has only Intel iris + graphics and a core i5 he move up to the core i7 which is the $2,000 a machine that's still on that we have you get the nvidia gtx 1050 max q graphics would foreign games of gddr5 vram that's pretty interesting in the 13-inch laptop honestly you know the 15-inch one there is a lot of 15-inch laptops that have

Pretty decent dedicated graphics without even being gaming laptops and they'll talk about those but and a 13-inch size pretty much it's just the razor blade stealth high-end mild that goes with something as ambitious as that sort of GPU so that's not like surface book 3 pretty unique and hard to replace with a competitor like the HP spectre x360 13 inch or the samsung galaxy book flex 13 that we reviewed that those all have integrated graphics still so interesting why would you want that well say you're doing some video editing you want to play around with learning some rendering

Or you are doing rendering for a living then that certainly helps a lot and if you have an urge to play games without buying a separate gaming laptop the GTX 1050 is kind of at the very entry level of gaming laptop GPU so it's not bad and we did things like play tomb raider on high settings add basically full HD resolution but a little higher because this has a 3×2 aspect ratio display and in an hi we were seeing in the 30s sometimes the 40s sometimes as low as the 20s for frame rates but pretty playable and obviously you could drop it to medium though I didn't see a huge

Frame rate game when Tomb Raider is a current and still pretty demanding game so that's impressive stuff it's not gonna be something used for competitive gaming but it sure is not bad to have so you can see why service books for you still has some appeal despite the fact that the design hasn't changed now with the 15-inch you get the same core i7 processor that you would in the 13-inch and this is a quad core CPU the latest generation ice-like 15 watt CPU and you get in video GT 1660 T IMAX q graphics with six gigs of DDR six B Ram so a sharper knife in the

Drawer and more like the beefier entry level gaming laptop that we see and that can gauge in frame rates into the 40s and the 50s Full HD plus resolution in Tomb Raider and in other currently popular triple-a sort of title sub fan is pretty neat but it's not quite alone because we have the Dell XPS 15 and we have the HP spectre x360 and the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 extreme Gen 2 all having a gtx 1050 con GP unit so that's more like the 13 inch so the 15 inch still has a little extra graphics on which is interesting if you're doing rendering or gaming where it all falls apart for the

15 inch though is the fact that we're running on 15 watt ultrabooks cpu is why the competition that I mentioned have all moved up to 45 watt 6 core CPUs like we would see in a mobile workstation or a gaming laptop even though they're very thin and the very light that's starting to hurt so this is what happened from 2015 to 2020 and it's a good thing at first there was not much like the surface book and that was a convertible sort of machine that had that much horsepower you just couldn't engineer it all into a computer and have that much horsepower but after 5 years now we have

Competitors that have stronger horsepower why is that important I'll give you a personal example I haven't owned a surface book 215 inch and I used it for a year I replaced instead of getting the 15-inch MacBook Pro with the butterfly keyboard and the prices of Macs and all that stuff and I'm gonna use this instead so I do video editing I do a lot of photo shopping hobby photographer all that sort of thing I also do digital painting at heart so there was certainly a piano there but one thing that I noticed is I was always running the CPUs it like at least 50%

Utilization and the fans are on in the poor surface book and it was working pretty hard and it was struggling a bit so if you're a real hardcore user who needs a sort of mobile workstation machine this still isn't quite it despite the price tags which go up in two to three thousand dollars and above very easily so keep that in mind also the convertible competence has gotten a lot lighter over time so the fact that you have a three point six two pound 13 inch surface book three and you look at something the Samsung Galaxy book flex 13 inches two and a half

Pounds the portability factor and the thickness caused by the serpentine kind of hinge that the surface book threes do harden but again you're looking at getting dedicated graphics here versus the 13-inch competition I saw I think there's still some appeal there now when it comes to the pen technology it's the same Microsoft pen protocol it used to be called intrigue technology works with the surface pro pen and here's what's interesting I just reviewed the surface go to and I found the pen same exact pin action behaved better in terms of smooth lines and lack of diagonal jitter and

When I'm just sketching without getting jiggy Diddy not smooth looking lines when I'm drawing a face or something like that the go to actually did better with slide smoothing and clip studio paint which does pretty good job of some line smoothing and also on Photoshop which doesn't really do any line smoothing whatsoever this still feels like the same old surface book to an even surface book one to a certain extent pretty much the same digitizer technologies service book too so if you're a professional artist I know some of you out there do use these products

But honestly I like surface pro 7 and surface go to in terms of pen fluidity if you're note-taking it's probably gonna be fine for you but for those who are artists you can also consider things like now welcome with their wonderful EMR technology are actually making more affordable pen displace take any PC Windows are Mac and you can get a walk on one 13.3 inch pen monitor for 400 bucks and even get the 16 inch for 650 dollars hmm so alternatives all over the place now for poor surface book 3 hmm good news is Wi-Fi has been improved to we have Intel Wi-Fi 6ax to I want no

More we're no marvel Amos star Wi-Fi anything that surface used to use also you get bigger chargers now first Microsoft said they couldn't figure out how to deliver enough juice to surface book 2 to prevent battery actually draining when you were doing something like gaming well now you get a hundred to AA charger with a 13.5 inch with dedicated graphics and even more watts 127 if you're going with a 15-inch some good things that haven't changed the keyboard is really nice you have like 1.5 millimeters of key travelens backlit and white it's a very good

Keyboard in a course a Microsoft precision trackpad which is the bee's knees is wonderful to work with so the ergonomics of this laptop are delightful especially compared to some super skinny space constrained laptops that have been out there in the past it's like the Dell XPS 15 for example is a very shallow keyboard or the XPS 15 to and one with it's weird or maglev keyboard so this is great the display is pretty much unchanged too and this has become a little bit of a disappointment not the resolution which is quite good in the aspect ratio which

I know a lot of you like three by two though by the way when you're watching youtube videos that are sixteen by nine or even more cinematic widescreen content like I've been watching Star Trek Discovery on CBS and they go with cinematic widescreen and it's like this little band-aid across the middle of the display on the laptop but anyway it's three thousand by two thousand four the 13 inch and it's almost 4k resolution for the 15 inch is just the aspect ratio that Clips a little bit off on that but the resolution is fine the color gamut on it is you know any Ultrabook slash

Laptop that costs about eight hundred to a thousand dollars these game days has full srgb coverage and 75% of Adobe and that's what we're getting here nowadays more premium laptops whether it's a 16 inch MacBook Pro or HP Spectre x-360 with olan or the Samsung Galaxy Book flex with its Q LED display they have even wider gamut more rich colors more enjoyable so that's a little disappointment but the contrast is still really very good on this and the color accuracy from the factory is excellent so for photographers who are serious about their work those things there is

Still great you might not get the wide gamut you would want if you're working on product for print but if you're working on a product for web srgb is all you need that's a little consolation as ever with a design like this where the speakers need to be in the tablet so when you detach it you can still hear it well the speakers are okay they're not really very amazing but hey they don't have a lot of space to work with ports are unchanged and that's kind of unfortunate too there is a new surface dock to which will use the surface connect connector which there's one on

The base and one on the tablet as well so yes you can charge the tablet by itself we connect the dock directly to it if you wish to him but the dock to adds to USBC port so I can drive two 4k monitors and 60 Hertz which the original dock really couldn't do very well but the bad news is that dock is two hundred and fifty nine dollars sounds like two sixty it's kind of expensive and there's still no Thunderbolt 3 here I'm thrilled there are two USB any ports and there's one USB C and of course the headphone jack on the tablet itself so you know it's a

Dock it to use the headphones and a full-size SD card slot in that but just USB C no Thunderbolt three in something that costs anywhere from sixteen hundred dollars up to thirty five hundred dollars or more and yeah Microsoft's engineer one of them came out so because Thunderbolt three isn't secure and you look at think pads that are deployed to garments and Dell Precision's and all these others and you wonder how insecure Thunderbolt three might be it's not really I think that's BS to be honest just just like having socketed RAM as a security issue if somebody froze it and

Pulled it out they might be able to get memory stay out of it this is pretty you must be really important if you have this issue right so with Thunderbolt 3 and the only issue right now is what's called the evil made attack and it's not really impossible with surface so somebody would have to unscrew the bottom of your laptop or the back take the back of a tablet off in the case of a surface which you really can't do then jump or something to the motherboard and then they could do an exploit and then put it back together before you came back to your hotel room

Not really a real security issue yes I called Venus we want Thunderbolt three Microsoft make it happen now one last thing for those of you who are buying surface for business there is a business model it's about $3500 I think and that has NVIDIA Quadro r-tx 3,000 graphics which is kind of not bad though people anecdotally say that actually they're not getting a lot better gaming performance out of it versus the surface book 215 inch we don't have it so I can say but for those of you you know who you are who need RT X Quadro cards for doing boo CAD work and doing rendering

Work now it is there for you so that's the Microsoft Surface book 3 again this is the 13.5 inch you still get the 15 inch – if you want with strong or graphics and yeah it's good improvement also intelligent tenth generation CPUs inside battery life not so different than the last generation and a little bit lower point because the graphics cards a little bit more powerful and also because Microsoft might have a firmware update or to actually improve battery life but anyway you can see I'm a little bit torn I still love this iconic design there's

Still really nothing like it with a physical hard keyboard and a detachable tablet and a 15 inch detachable tablet even if you get the big one that's pretty neat but then again times have changed – and there are a lot of alternatives out there that have thin and light and powerful or better Wacom pen displays if you want to do that even oh my god the Heisei a twelve point nine inch iPad pro with the magic keyboard for those who are looking at this mostly for 2d art and illustration kind of uses it's not easy lot of good things have happened in the

Past five years Microsoft I'm Lea super mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and do hit the notification bell too

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Review

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