MSI GP65 Leopard Review – Intel 10th Gen

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This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the MSI leopard GP 65 gaming laptop 15.6 inch though if you want a 17 inch is also available as a GP 75 which is the 17 inch version of this laptop so the casing hasn't changed much from the last generation 2019 ma but now we have Intel tenth generation CPUs inside and I have to say that this is considered a mid tier gaming laptop $1500 and this is the kind of mid tier that I personally like all the performance 144 Hertz IPS display inside the package I'm okay if it's got a plastic casing and some of those other things but you know most of the boxes are actually ticked for the

Price we're gonna look at it now so the laptop has a Intel Core i7 that's a 10th gen 45 watt CPU and that shows a power almost 15 percent improve performance over the ninth gen which is nice lately you know Intel's not making big leaps and bounds improvements in performance so that's decent and AMD Rison is chasing them these days and it's available with Nvidia r-tx 2070 graphics since the phone not max Q graphics one of the things that I particularly like there with eight gigs of ram and and it's also available with an RT X 2060 for less money so for $15

Bucks e at the RT X 27 they then as to RAM slots so you can go up to 64 gigs of ram it has an m2 nvme SSD slot and a one terabyte hard drive in a two and a half inch bay you can upgrade that yourself to it two and a half inch SSD if you want or if you don't like upgrading stuff yourself our review loaner was provided by computer upgrade King which is cuck USA funny as you might think that sounds and they'll do Ram and SSD upgrades and all that sort of thing and we've been partnering with them for reviews for about a year and a half now so they're pretty legit and pretty good

To check out if you are interested in the laptop also we have giant speakers this is actually the marketing really msi needs to hire someone a little more sophisticated in the marketing department so you have two three watt speakers here and they are loud but the bass is pretty lacking you can play around with the software I do and you know tweak it and try to bring some bass up there but it's pretty much trebling oriented but for a laptop in this price range I don't expect the best speakers you do get a headphone and a microphone jack

With SP diff support on and so MSI usually goes that extra mile with pretty good external audio support output so if you wanna do headphones or 5.1 speakers or whatever it is you've got you can do them the display is an IPS matte non-touch display there's 144 Hertz refresh rate ours is an LG display and much like the last generation of this it's really a good display and part because I did a good job of the factory calibration on this so it looks even higher contrast than our test results show it look sharp contrasting and colorful you know full srgb coverage you

Can see the rest of the metrics on screen but it's a really pleasant display I like it it's all XI it's also good for reading text should you actually want to use this for work by the way for a gaming laptop this display is unusually bright 414 nits I you know and doing the usual playing games and the woman came thing I'm really turned it down to about 50% brightness right away because it's eye searingly bright so it's great if you happen to work outdoors with or near windows during the day MSI has the Dragon Center software so you can customize the fans and the

Cooling and the clock speeds and all that sort of thing which is nice to have when we did our tests we had it set to high performance mode there's actually a turbo mode one level above that and we tried it with fans set to auto and there with me adjusting the fan curve basically down the fans ramped up more aggressively as the CPU got hotter this is not a quiet laptop folks I mean if you just do Word or Excel it's not gonna make noise or if you're streaming something on YouTube like you're doing right now it's not that but when you're gaming you will hear the fans when it's

Installing software windows updates in fact you will hear the fans a bit louder than average I suspect that's because of the big open mesh grille that covers about two-thirds of the bottom of the laptop we saw this before like on the big desktop replacement MSI Titan which though it that doesn't get so loud but it could be you're just hearing the fans more because it's such a big open mesh grille it's a brilliant idea for cooling but it also means you should use it on a desk or a lap desk don't put it directly on your legs so it can breathe and so you don't get the

Hair singed off your legs and in terms he speaking of that if you're just doing everyday productivity work editing in Photoshop s or that you're not really gonna feel a lot of heat it's a fairly thick chassis it's about a little over 23 millimeters thick 1.08 inches and it's plastic so that doesn't get that hot but the bottom because it open match area you will feel the heat if you put it directly on your legs when you're gaming again I don't think you should really do that fan exhausts at the sign and the back on one side and the other side just out of the rear overall the

Heatsink on this you'll see it when I take it apart and tear it down it's fairly well done again it's just not a quiet laptop when gaming you can get the chorus to hit near thermal max 98 centigrade for example but if you look at the average for the CPU temperature for example in hardware info 64 it averages in the 70s to the 80s and this is while playing the division 2 on Ultra and Far Cry new dawn on high to very high settings so that is actually pretty good the machine is operating safely in terms of performance when gaming since this was a gaming laptop though you may

Be buying it for doing 4k photo editing for doing blender renders you're learning 3d in school whatever it is a numerical analysis you know all that sort of stuff it's good for that too but when gaming I have to say man it's gonna do and he triple-a title that's been made recently really well on high to Ultra settings no problem really pretty much Ultra at 1080p which is a display resolution of the built-in panel if you want to do 4k it's going to depend on the gaming you should still be able to do high and a playable framerate again varying depending on the game anywhere

From 30 to 45 to 60 frames per second depending on the game it's a real powerhouse again that's what I like about this particular model and it ain't the prettiest it doesn't have the new 300 Hertz refresh display is overkill you don't really need it but you got an RT X 2017 full mobile card and they're not the max Q you've got the new processor which is showing some improvement over the previous generation and some nice benchmarks they're good very good also good as a precision trackpad unit MSI's tortured us with some of the track

Players they've used in the past this one's fine the only thing I don't like is that clicky buttons as to dedicated clickers are little stiff not as stiff as some of the past one so we are seeing an improvement there and it's not unusable I'm not going to dislocate my thumb or something like that just could be better the keyboard is SteelSeries as always and as always it's a good keyboard it's got a nice tactile feel and it's perky RGB you can have it do the wave like ours is doing you can have disco options you can light it up any way you want or you can just make it all

White when you have to take it to the office if you ever get to go back to the office again and you want to look more staid for ports we have three USB a three point two ports gen1 there's a USB C port Gen 2 not Thunderbolt 3 but in this price range given the other goodies that you're getting here that's okay until Wi-Fi 6a x201 onboard HDMI which they say only does 4k at 30 Hertz which is a little strange but you do have mini DisplayPort 1.2 so you can get your 60 Hertz display or faster going that way full-size SD card slide very handy for creators and an rj45 Ethernet jack some

As you'd expect from a gaming laptop even one that's relatively light and not super super chunky you've got good connectivity here so it's all sounding really good so what's the drawback other than the fact that it has your usual kind of bland black plastic design add the battery life and this has been going on for a while with the leopard series and with its competitors as well to get it to be as light as it is and the footprint as small as it is we have a small battery inside folks it's a 51 watt hour battery ok you know I mean a Dell XPS 13 can do a little bit better

Than that for battery capacity we do have Nvidia Optimus switchable graphics which can help so it can run on Intel integrated graphics when you're not doing heavy lifting and all that sort of thing but don't expect great runtimes here if you're doing light productivity work and streaming video you can do four and a half hours five hours at best you know and if you're gaming just plug it in because you want that performance anyway it comes with a 231 charger which is perfect and adequate so you're not going to see any kind of power throttling on this or any power drops

While you have it plugged in and you're working it hard so good that to get inside is pretty straightforward remove all of the visible Phillips head screws are all the same size and length on there's one hidden under the MS I do not tamper tag which has been covered by the cut queue I say sticker because I've done some upgrades inside for us on this unit easier if you start prying along the back first the back edge wraps around well the whole thing does and with MS is typically if you notice one thing and usually you see the little headphone microphone jack

Holes they kinda have to pull it off and around the jacks on the side no biggie and inside here we have our internals we have the biggest speakers as they're marked and again they do have plenty of volume just not a whole lot of bass which is surprising and this is our m2 nvme SSD in here and two Ram slots ddr4 2666 megahertz so much the same as in the last generation ninth gen to Intel but we've got the tenth general course here and pretty good heat sinks here tripod in here but more screws going on over here we have some separation of the heat pipes and that

Combined with the big mesh grill means that the core temperatures usually are pretty under control even though they do hit thermal maximum if you're pushing it hard and well far crime new dawn or something we have a one terabyte Western Digital two and a half inch spinning hard drive here of course you could upgrade that to yourself and put it in a two and a half inch SSD if you wanted you get the idea our intel socket and Wi-Fi card right there in case you should wish to upgrade it and here's the relatively small capacity 51 what our battery here some

That's why this thing does not have the most phenomenal battery life unplugged so that's the msi GP 65 leopard gaming laptop / world pro apps whatever you need to use it for not the prettiest guy that you've ever seen but for $1,500 a horse power performance on this is fantastic the GPU on the CRT X 2070 nice stuff latest Intel tenth generation CPU 144 Hertz very bright IPS display a good keyboard a precision trackpad the only things that hold it back are pretty noisy fans and well battery life for you know just so-so I'm Lisa from mobile tech review be sure

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MSI GP65 Leopard Review – Intel 10th Gen

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