First Look: Microsoft Surface Duo

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microsoft surface duo is finally going on sale the dual screen smartphone tablet goes in pre-order on august 12 and will appear on shelves on september 10 for 13.99 the duo runs on android 10 on dual 5.6 inch screens and uses a qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor as well as six gigs of ram the device also has an 11 megapixel camera the tablet has a fingerprint reader and works with microsoft's surface pen in these official promo videos you see

How surface duo uses android apps on two screens clicking on a link on one screen opens an app on the other you can also drag and drop from one screen to the other the duo's 360 degree hinge gives you a bunch of ways to use the device you can hold it open like a book with an app or web page on each screen you can pop it up in a table like a tent you can sit it down like a laptop using a keyboard on the bottom half or you can fold it up entirely and hold it to your head like a phone

While the duo runs all android 10 apps microsoft lets you pair apps which work well together and open them at the same time like teams and powerpoint or make an app span across both screens like outlook down here we will be getting the duo in a few weeks and give you more details then so check back at

First Look: Microsoft Surface Duo

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