Sony X950H 4K HDR TV Unboxing, Setup, Impressions

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Just checked out several of your images (: i'm truly delighted i got to task darkness you. You're terrific!

This tv has his work cut out for it and that's because the model right below it was so stinking good so what the heck is this going to bring to the table what is happening everybody i'm caleb dennison and today we are unboxing setting up and getting first impressions on the sony x950h which at the 65 inch level costs about 300 more than the x900h i really want to know what that 300 brings i can tell you right now it's got a better backlighting system

It's got a better sound system and it's got a better processor the question is if you add all that up is it worth the extra 300 bucks so we're going to find out but first we got to get out of the box what do you think everyone you think this tv's been seeing other people i know it has a sony engineer probably did quality assurance on this tv but the setup guide well it took a hit normally i'd say just toss this but there's some funky leg installation that we're gonna want to uh refer to this so we'll just toss it

Aside from now also just way too much paper in here like guys it's 20 20. can we just not with the paper and maybe just like a thumb drive with all the information i certainly don't need to be told how to use google assistant uh by sony so well let's get rid of that also way too much plastic it's not a sustainable thing i know you got to package it in something but this just seems excessive anyway two feet

Uh these are very interesting we'll show you how to install those in a minute but they're nice really heavy solid metal they feel good this is also part of the stand mechanism screws cable clips visa mounting plugs a power cord and sony's remote alright so i just deciphered this whole stand assembly so you don't have to look at that guide because it's not very helpful anyway so we have a two-part stand here just imagine this is going to slide up in here once we're done and then you

Have a decision to make you can either go with an orientation where the legs will be on the inside like so which is going to look a little bit funky but it gets you a smaller footprint or you can go with a more standard configuration where the feet let's see if i can get this right yes go on the outside extending towards the end of the tv in either case we've basically got three screws to deal with we have two normal size screws and one small little nubbin that are gonna connect these two pieces together

And then from there it's just a matter of sliding it right in while we're back here you get four hdmi inputs number three is earc there is also support for composite video but the breakout cable doesn't come with the tv so here we are and as expected it's a sharp tv almost no bezels we do see a little black matrix around the border so the picture will not take up the entire screen the legs look really nice i'm not a huge fan of how they get put together but they look nice

So the designs there if we look at the profile of the tv it's acceptably thin and then this area right here that is actually a speaker port more on that and how it works with the speaker system at large in a little bit one of the things i'm seeing right now i've seen this earlier this year with tvs that have effective anti-glare and then also some sort of wide angle treatment to the tv is this weird rainbow effect where really bright lights like our studio light here cast sort of a rainbow effect i can

Actually see it in both cases i'm not sure what that's all about and i don't know that it's going to make a huge difference in how the tv looks during a bright daytime viewing experience but i will be taking a look at that we'll turn this on for the first time and we can go through the setup process with the x900h that didn't happen because it had already been done and somebody forgot to factory reset the tv before they sent it to me no big deal you guys know what android tv is all about

It wants to gather information make a smart decision there about whether you're going to allow it or not you can choose a few different apps here i don't need fandango now we'll leave crackle and zumo can go anyway i'm going to kind of speed through this because you've seen it before it's very straightforward and it's speedy i can tell you that it's moving right along so there's this really cool acoustic auto calibration feature that uses the microphone in your remote

In order to optimize the sound for your room i highly suggest running it but for whatever reason it's not recognizing my remote control right now so i'm gonna have to fix that and address it in the full review the next move is to go into settings and take a look at some of our picture settings i expect that it's going to be in the standard mode and there it is so let's go ahead and move that to uh custom cinema would work well too but i'm going to want to toy around with

A few things custom i like because generally speaking most of the settings that i want have already been taken care of now by default the light sensor is on and i just want to mention that this will optimize the gamma curve or the overall brightness of the tv depending on how dark it is in the room it's not one of those sort of basic adjustments to the brightness it actually maintains highlights and shadow detail and it's a great feature

You can turn it on i'm going to turn it off just so that we can kind of control the brightness of the tv with the studio lights in here but you might want to leave that on i highly recommend it cinemotion i'm okay with being on auto most of the time but again i'm going to go ahead and turn it off to set a baseline for the evaluation down here is advanced color temperature don't touch this not without taking some measurements i might just to see how close the tv is to being exactly where i want it but generally sony does

Great with this and the out of box setting is just right so i've pulled up the xbox here and if i go into the picture settings you can see it's in the standard mode i'm gonna go ahead and bring that into game mode which i've noted is very warm this is not the typical super blue cool color temperature that we're used to so i'm interested to check out the other settings that are associated with game mode so let's dig in a little bit deeper in game mode looks like auto picture

Mode is off hey let's turn that on and see if that changes things light sensor is off carrying over from my other settings on the other hdmi input brightness is not juiced up to the max which is interesting i'm kind of glad to see that contrast at 90 you know these are very normal uh settings for like a custom or cinema mode which tells me that i think sony is really trying to achieve the best possible picture quality without adding uh too much processing to

Allow it to have a great image quality but also have low input lag now i've popped into youtube to get the apps to have the correct picture setting you've got to start playing something in one of the apps so i've done that here i've already moved it into the custom picture mode from the the quick settings menu i just want to double check everything here make sure that we get motion flow turned off from its custom setting and cinemotion is fine for this everything else is fine so

Again you got to go into the apps to make the adjustments in order to get the picture quality you want but it's a much faster process than what we saw with say the tcl roku tv that we recently reviewed all right so we've got everything set up we're rolling some demo footage from sony and first impressions are quite favorable it's definitely a brighter tv i look forward to measuring it and finding out how much more bright it is also really want to check out the black levels and some of the local dimming

Features once we dim the lights and look in a dark room that'll be fun the sound quality of this tv is something that i normally don't dig into but i want to here because they put a lot of effort into it i'm wondering does it contribute to the overall value of the television but i gotta say it's got that sony look it's got that sony processing we'll take a look at how it eliminates the banding in low bit depth content uh versus the x900h and i'll again we'll

Bring it all together and find out is this tv worth 300 more than the other and do you really need to think about that like is 300 at this price level really that big of a deal all stuff to consider when we come back for the full review thanks as always for watching everyone leave me a comment down below and tell me just how much better this tv needs to be than the 900h in order for you to pull the trigger like subscribe hit that notification bell and as always visit

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Sony X950H 4K HDR TV Unboxing, Setup, Impressions

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