TCL 5-Series 4K UHD TV Unboxing, setup, and impressions

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Here's the thing about a global pandemic it really slow stuff down so it's tough getting TVs in but also a lot of people are unemployed or their income is restricted if you want to buy a new TV you want to save money and for that reason we're checking out the TCL 5-series welcome back everyone I'm Caleb Denison and yeah the TCL five Series from 2019 not 2020 is what we're unboxing and setting up today now the new TCL TVs will be coming out they're announced usually at the end of July and then we get to pull them in in August so they're

Coming but this TV is still for sale there's plenty of them around and it's super inexpensive so let's dig in here's what comes in the box we've got four screws for these feet which by the way are very light and kind of cheap feeling they look okay but they don't feel great power cord breakout cable for composite video which we don't see very much anymore batteries a remote which interestingly enough has a Disney plus button on it this TV came out way before Disney Plus was a thing so that's interesting no

Guarantees that yours will have that however depends on when it was shipped to the store that you buy it from this does have the volume controls but no headphone jack and then of course some product literature this is not my favorite setup there's a couple of little nubbins that you're supposed to line up and you never really know if you've got it just right but you know the screws are long and they go well into the cabinet so hopefully we're looking at a relatively stable set up here and we're up and while we're back here I just want to point out that the

Vase of mounting holes here kind of wide spread so keep that in mind if you're gonna wall mount you do get four HDMI inputs which is pretty standard these days but this TV being from 2019 it doesn't support any of the new HDMI 2.1 features like Auto low latency mode or a variable refresh rate you do get standard AARC through hdmi number four and that's about that okay here we are with the full frontal shot and looks pretty good right I actually I'll admit that when I first pulled this out of the box I was like oh no and then I realized it's just film it

Looks like somebody did a really bad DIY window tinting job so that's gonna have to come off real quick five minutes later the plastic is finally off and you know what this looks really nice especially for a $600 65 inch TV almost no bezels on the side or top you do have a pretty substantial bar along the bottom and I've never been a big fan of the little circle on the right next to the roku TV badge but hey now i'll press the power button and it's instantly on so it's obviously in a standby mode when you get it it takes a

Little while to power down but boy it turns on fast and let's go ahead and get this guy set up these days you should just expect that once you connect to the internet you're gonna have to go through an update we're definitely having to do that here usually these don't take too awful long so just be patient so if you're not familiar with the Roku TV OS you're gonna want to hop online get into your Roku account if you don't already have one you'll want to create one you enter this access code then it asks you a series of questions to finish the set up you can name the TV will go with

Media room here and then you can also select some apps that you want to make sure are installed you can do this here or you can do it in the roku channel store either way it's going to end up installing like hundreds of apps in this case we've got what 106 and i should also mention that peacock and HBO Macs will not be among those apps because those apps aren't available on roku yet now one of the features of Roku setup is that it'll let you label your input so you want to turn everything on and then take a look at what pops up on the screen and label it accordingly so in

This case we've got a cable box a blu-ray player and an Xbox finally we're at home I know I said have some patience before but I kind of forgot how long this can take so really have some patience and once you get into your setup you may find that you want to move apps around so in this particular case I definitely want to move Netflix towards the top just press the star key and put it where you want now you'd think one of the advantages of having a roku account would be that it would automatically sign you into your apps since it knows what the sign-in information is but

Unfortunately that's not the case so one more step that you'll need to go through is signing into your apps now that's true for pretty much any Smart TV platform I just wish that Roku could get that fixed now let's talk about picture settings and I've got some news for you here you're gonna have to go into each individual input to do the picture settings it does not carry over across all of your inputs nor does it apply to your streaming apps either so let's dig in I've already set up this particular input for the Xbox go just go straight

Into picture settings skip all the other stuff and pick the mode that you want I always go with movie and this is a new setting to me I've not seen this micro contrast setting I presume that this has to do with local dimming it does mention that it adjusts contrast to each zone of the screen we're gonna start with low and we'll check out where we settle on the full review later color temperature warm is what we want for now I'm going to turn off natural cinema this is probably something that's supposed to reduce shutter in 24 frames per second content we're going to turn it off for

Now in this case I do want game mode on because it's a game console so we'll do that now that we've got that set up we need to go back to them home menu and pop into our blu-ray player and do all of that over again you press the star key it pulls up the menu go down to picture settings oh I do want to mention turn off low power just get that done right off the bat going into picture settings in selecting movie mode does more or less the same thing well again we'll turn on micro contrast to low leave dynamic contrast off turn off natural cinema for now and leave game

Mode often that should be a good starting point so you want to do that for all of your inputs and then we've got to get into apps so I've made my way to Netflix and I press the star key and nothing happens I presume that you actually have to start playing some content in order to make any adjustments to the picture setting so I'm starting with something that is in HD not HDR not Dolby vision just standard HD 4k would be fine too although a lot of times you get HDR with those so I'm going to press the star key here we are this is what I wanted to see

So we'll go down to picture settings again I'm going to select movie mode lo micro contrast all the same stuff that I did before turn natural cinema off which should get rid of the soap opera effect let's see if there's anything else I want to touch active action smoothing is off okay so that would be something that turned off the soap opera effect but in the movie mode it's automatically defeated now I want to pop into something that has Dolby vision will do Netflix series unsolved mysteries for that we'll start playing the episode and once we do we see we go into Dolby

Vision mode press the star key and go down to picture settings there are three options for Dolby vision normal bright and dark I'm gonna go with normal for the sake of this video now even though that appears to cool off the color temperature turn on micro contrast and take a look at natural cinema is off action smoothing is it medium that's disappointing I would assume that Dolby vision would want that off by default but apparently not something I find very interesting is that YouTube TV is pre-installed but regular YouTube is not which I find to be very strange that I'm

Gonna go ahead and download YouTube because one i watch a lot of YouTube and two I want to find out if the settings that I made in netflix carry over to other apps so while we're streaming something I pop in and it looks like I'm in movie mode let's see if all the other settings carried over and it looks like they did not sure why there's an asterisk next to movie there that seems odd but yeah good news you don't have to pop into each individual app to get your picture settings straight it's gonna carry over okay we're all set up it took a little while but I think it's worth

Putting in the time because once Roku is set up it's a pretty smooth experience we've got all our picture settings dialed in we've got our apps loaded up so we're ready to watch TV and if you want to check out what your TV can do try pulling up the Dolby channel it's got a bunch of Dolby vision clips that look really good and kind of show off what the TV is capable of and so far it looks like it's capable of doing some pretty great things especially when you consider this 65 inch model is just 600 bucks that screams of value

Even if it is a 20-19 TV especially because it's a 20-19 TV I'm really looking forward to seeing how it holds up against some of the newer stuff that we're seeing but regardless that value is pretty killer so stay tuned for the full review I think you're gonna want to hear what I have to say thanks as always for watching everyone I know we like to check out fancy flagships on this channel but where is the TCL v series on your radar leave a comment down below like subscribe hit that notification bell and as always visit Digital Trends calm for the latest tech news and


TCL 5-Series 4K UHD TV Unboxing, setup, and impressions

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