Sony WF 1000XM3 Premium TWS Earbuds Review – Are these the Best

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Hi guys this is ranjit and in this video we'll be doing the unboxing and review for these premium uh sony earphones uh the model name is wf-1000xm3 and don't actually confuse this with the wh 1000xm those are the headphones these are the earphones and uh guys i know these were launched late in india it was just launched a couple of weeks back and on amazon i have seen this going as low as about 18 000. currently it is priced at about 20 000 and as you can see it says a leading noise cancellation and let me just open this up i'll leave the links in the

Description below guys so here it is and it's nice to see that they support both the assistant google assistant as well as alexa also has 360 reality audio sound and again the big thing is that it has noise cancellation also and this has the sony uh qn1e chip which we actually found even on the bigger uh sony headphones now it's the e um definitely this one and this also has nfc of course and uh ds h ds ee this is that

Uh sound enhancement for low quality audio and of course anc is there and this also supports the sony headphone app so let me quickly open and yes it works even with the iphones as well as android of course so let's open this up so guys to open it up you just push it and slide it from here this comes out and it says the instructions start speeding and all those things so the earbuds are here itself out let me just keep that to

The side and this is the case and you'll charge it via this again feels very premium guys again it's an expensive product uh but uh let's premium i hope it has some charge i'll just put them here like this no i think so i need to charge them oh there's a plastic i will remove it and yes it's magnetic so nice does not fall off like this anyways there's some plastic i'll remove that and what else do we get and we get uh this 360 reality audio free

Trial music service and guest manual will be also here i'll just keep and we get a bunch of extra ear tips on this one uh so silicon and i believe these are sort of memory foam type ones also so nice to see that we're getting quite a bit uh six over here and one is pre-attached so total of seven and we just get a small usb type-c cable that is used for charging so that's what we have in the box so guys what i'll do is uh in the later

Part of the video i'll let you guys know what do i feel about this one i'll test it out for a week or so so in the later part of the video will be the review so guys it's been slightly over a week since i'm actually using this one so i'll share my experience now what do i feel about these uh to sum it up i would say these sound beautiful one of the best tws that i have experienced and much better than some of the earlier tws premium tdws have used like the airports pro

Or even the samsung galaxy but plus but let's get on uh towards it what do i like and what are the things that i do not like and as you can see it comes in this case right now it's still charging uh the earbuds that's why this is in red color and as you can see uh when it's charging even these actually light up in red color when you take them out and if they are connected as you can see it blinks in blue color and i was initially annoyed about this one but i would say it need not be annoyed because

Uh when it's connected and once you wear it like this uh the blinking actually stops so it's just there to actually show you that uh what do you say uh the connection is there and i tested it with multiple what do you say i'm just going to enable bluetooth so it's going to connect and i tested the connectivity with three different smartphones so no issues regarding the connectivity but let's go over some of the pros and cons and whenever you wear it first time

It tells you the battery charge percentage so that's actually nice and if you notice there are two actually uh capacitive areas over here left and right and you can completely customize this by default the right one is for your music uh playback and stuff for example once if you tap it will pause the music uh double tap it will move to the next track triple tap if you move to the previous track it takes a little bit of time to get used but you quickly get

Used to the left one by default is set to what do you say uh noise cancellation you can invoke noise cancellation you can shut off noise cancellation and also one more good thing is that it is known as ambient sound because when you just wear it like this it's because these are sort of in here they go in your ear they block a lot of sun so let's say if somebody is here and he wants to speak to you you can just press that and ambient sound comes so you can easily talk to them without taking them off also they have one more

Functionality if just a second or do you want to say hi or something just hold on like this for a half a second and uh you can hear that person so that functionality is uh there on these uh earbuds and they are slightly on the bigger side i would say uh so it takes a little bit of time to get used to and in fact i use a lot of tws earphones headphones and mostly the default ear tips fit perfectly fine on most of the tws but on this one

I had to actually play around with this one uh different ear tips and finally uh i would say the memory phone one the smallest one was the most comfortable to me and then it was very comfortable so again play around with these ear tips so that you get a good seal then you'll really enjoy the music on this one also coming to anc these have active noise cancellation uh but you don't have to actually use the enc all the time because

By the nature of this one they go in your ear so passively they will block a lot of sound uh but yes when you invoke anc some sound for example your ac is harming sound or the fans rotating those are completely eliminated but again if you are expecting that if you block people who are talking around you that's not the case in fact anc is actually pretty good but uh if you're expecting the anc level uh as good as the sony's uh full size headphones that is the wh

1000xm3 no it's not that good but yes the anc comes and it removes all that humming sound ac sound fan noise etc so i felt i was mostly using them with the anc on because i felt uh it was giving me a better sound signature because of the isolation that was happening so that's regarding it and before we talk about the sound as i've told you it sounds really really good it also has integrated microphone and actually i did take a lot of calls and

The call quality was actually uh surprisingly good in this area and one thing i noticed is that while taking calls it just uses mostly the left ear but not the right one if we wear both uh but to give you an idea i shot a video and i was using this one as the microphone so here it goes so just wanted to give you an idea how is the audio recording as you can see i'm wearing it and the audio is being transmitted by this uh sony bluetooth earphone one strange

Thing that i noticed is that i'm going to tap this right butt and it's not picking up the microphone from the right part but only from the left side but i also took some calls and i found that the microphone quality is very good but this should give you an idea how is the microphone quality that you can expect now another important thing with this one is that it comes with the sony companion app and i would say uh that's the big strength of this one as you can see this is the sony headphone app

And now it's going to connect to this and it gives you an idea about the charge levels as well as the charge levels of the actual case on this one and here if you go to the sound you have a lot of settings over here from here as you can see you can change the ambient sound control from noise cancellation to what and how much you want to hear uh uh what is ambient sound also you can adjust on this so you have a lot of options over here

And the best part of this one is that sony allows us to customize the sound as you like because uh though they sound excellent even without any eq but here as you can see you have a lot of eq options that are available as you i've gone to the manual i've slightly boosted the treble tones but as you can see you have a lot of options here and you can actually play around with this one to get the best you want this is something that i really

Liked on this one as you can see i've tweaked it a little bit i didn't have to do but again whatever sound signature you want you can easily get with this one uh excited also sounds actually really nice but i have just and apart from that you can also individually i like this fact the clear base what sony calls you can even adjust that in the custom mode so again a lot of options are there also 360 audio is there but sadly that service does not work in india officially

Uh also moving to the sound mode you can prioritize this i played around with both didn't found a lot of different also we have this dse hx on so if you have low quality audio uh this tries to enhance it i didn't notice a lot of difference but yes the highs were slightly sharper a better i would say not sharper is not the right works better if i enable this but again if this is only if you have low quality audio so these are the other settings

That we have and here you can also customize what you want when you touch it for example here as you can see google assistant is there i can change it to ambient uh sound control or all these other options even you can control the volume level uh with this one here so this is completely customizable what happens when you tap on this so i like the fact that sony is allowing you what to do again left and even for right again you can customize by default i tell you it's on playback control so

That's actually a nice thing i'm just going to get out of this also if you're just listening to music you just take out the earbud it will automatically pause the music and there is nothing like a shut off or something you just put it in the case and you are sort of done uh also you can check for software updates why this so i really like the app on this one and the big strength is that you can customize the sound signature what you want if you like excessive bass you can do that if you

Want enhanced vocals you can do that so again it's totally customizable the sound signature and to talk about the sound uh i would say these sound beautiful the bass is there when it's required it comes it doesn't muddy the mid tones or the high tones and also the vocals are produced excellent on this one and even the high tones are produced very well and it's not actually very sharp so even after listening to music continuously for one hour my

Ears were not fatigued with this one so in that area i would say they have done a beautiful job and if it's just for the sound quality i would say these are one of the best tws that i have personally used i haven't used the momentum sennheiser momentums too so i don't know but apart from that i would say even have my friend had uh airpods uh pro these actually sound better than that and even the samsung buds uh whatever we have so in terms of sound signature i would say this gets a big thumbs up

From me even without any customization or playing with the apps when i just used it first time within two minutes i just said wow these sound amazing and my daughter also tested this one she actually never likes these tws she is a headphone person but after listening to this for two minutes she said wow these sound actually really really good uh so in terms of sound stage excellent and if i have to just talk about sound

I would rate this one as high as 9.5 out of 10 but again this is not perfect so let's talk about some of the cons also about uh this one and i would say uh the biggest con is that there is no iv protection on this one so these are not even rated so what he says sweat proof so i would not suggest this one for what do you say if you're going to gym or workouts because there is no ip production uh in terms of fit

I didn't have a problem after i change the ear tips it does not fall from your head so that way i didn't have a problem but again if you are a kind of a sports person then i would not recommend you this one because there is no ip protection not even ipx4 so that is slightly disappointing uh then again uh moving to one more thing is that if you notice the case uh the case is actually pretty big on this one compared to most other tws that i have tested uh so the original airpods are almost half

The size of this and so the case is slightly on the bulkier side the good thing is that because of that it can charge these actually three times and sony claims battery life of about six hours uh in my testing i was always using it with anc it gave me slightly over five hours uh with the this but again if you put this back it can charge it three times so i feel yes the battery life is not an issue but again the case is slightly on the bulkier side i like the fact that it's

Usb type-c so that's actually a nice thing and also this case quality is very good it feels actually uh premium and lastly again coming to the price these are premium uh earphones uh the regular price is around the 20 000 as of now in india again i'll leave the link of amazon because i've seen sometimes uh this one falling down to as low as about 18 000 but certainly i would say if you are a person who uh prefers what do you say this tws

Uh rather than full-size headphones then actually and you love listening to music these are one of the best that i have tested anyways guys that's it for now thanks for watching this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys see you later

Sony WF 1000XM3 Premium TWS Earbuds Review – Are these the Best

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