Motorola Moto G9 Unboxing & Overview New Budget Mid-Range Smartphone

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hi guys this is ranjit and in this video let's do the unboxing and have a first look at this motorola g9 and guys i'm very happy to say that motorola is launching this phone first in actually india generally if you know the g series have been launched internationally only later on after a month or two they used to come but this one is actually launching first in india and the motorola idea team told me that this smartphone is specifically designed

For india and the variant that we have is actually made in india around tamil nadu so let's quickly have a look at the same and this one is supposed to have a new snapdragon what do you say a 662 uh this is similar to the snapdragon 665 but actually this is a new one i just don't get the system what do you say qualcomm's naming convention in fact the 662 has some new features that was not found on the snapdragon 6 series for example this has uh what do you say dual gps the

Regular gps as well as now the navic gps that is from india and also uh the 662 also has actually codec that helps pictures and videos to be compressed almost half the size this was generally not found in other snapdragon 6x series of processors uh so let's quickly open this up and guys this is a review unit and i'm opening it before the launch so i don't know the exact pricing of this one but i'll add the pricing

Information here or in the description below i feel uh this should i don't know these days because the gst and what do you say uh the code situation pricing is heavier but i feel this should be priced aggressively anyways uh as you can see it says the moto g9 and this one also comes with that 5000mah battery and you actually get this only in one variant four gigabytes of ram that's lpddr4 and 64 gigabytes of internal storage

So here we have in a case is actually pre applied to this one so let me just take that out for the time being and this color is nice uh and guys this is actually the fingerprint scanner and we also have the uh triple camera setup uh i have a plastic over here i will take that out i will take that out later on but yeah this is the device and let's peel this off also so this nice move this and we'll come back to the device later let's see what else does

Motorola give in the box uh quick uh readme guide guys basic stuff it will give you yeah the basic stuff about the device and uh it's supposed to come with the hybrid sd card slot guys so that's what we have and sim ejector tool is here uh this is the should be the usb type-c cable yes it comes with usb type-c and uh this is actually a new 20 watt fast charger that motorola is bundling so nice to see they are bundling a 20 watt fast charger

In the box so that's what we get in the box so let me keep these things to the side for now and let's look at the handset itself and this one has a 6.5 inch screen uh punch hole kind of a notch over here uh might be a u notch i will look at it and uh this is a hd plus screen 6.5 inch uh back we have a triple camera setup the main camera is a 48 megapixel with f 1.7 then we have a 2 megapixel for depth and

2 megapixel for macro uh this is actually flash fingerprint scanner and we also have a couple of keys over here so let me go uh with them here we have the 3.5 mm headphone jack and looks like a secondary noise cancellation microphone that's nice generally what i'm noticing in some of the budget android phones secondary noise cancellation is missing so nice to see that we have that and here we have a dedicated extra key i believe this is a google assistant uh

Key then we have the volume rocker power on off button uh bottom main event for the speaker type c port main ma what do you say microphone and over here your level slot we saw that it's a hybrid solution then you should have given a dedicated but this is what we are creating in this one so let me just put this back and let's try to boot this up and uh guys by the time it actually boots up and i set it up let me give you a configuration overview this moto g9 is having a 6.5 inch ips

Lcd hd plus screen in the 20s to 9 aspect ratio it's powered by the new snapdragon 662 octa-core processor it has 4 gigabytes of ram and 64gb of internal storage it also has nfc and dual band wi-fi support it comes with a triple rear facing camera the main camera is actually a 48 megapixel with f 1.7 then we have a 2 megapixel for depth at 2 megapixel for macro moving to the front facing camera it's 8 megapixel shooter and it comes with a 5000mah

Battery with a 20 watt fast charger so guys i've set up the phone and as you can see uh it's actually the next day and i just waited because i wanted to know the pricing and now the pricing of this um moto g9 is actually out and they have priced it at 11 500 rupees and i feel considering what we are getting i feel uh the pricing is actually uh good on the smartphone but let's have a closer look at this one i have set it up and i'm also taking some sample shots with the same so we'll also

Show you that one so here is the device itself having a 6.5 inch screen and one thing i am still liking is that as you can see no bloatware or unnecessary junk that is sort of pre-installed on this one this is what you are getting uh so almost stock yes some google apps and stuff motorola actions app is there this is the moto uh action stuff so you can customize this but apart from that i'm not finding any junk on this smartphone nor unnecessary ads

Or anything like that so they are still sticking to that what do you say close to stock android experience functionality so i'm really liking that as you can see i've enabled the full screen mode and i'm using in that one and uh though that has that 5000 milliamp hour battery i feel uh the weight balance has been done well on it it's not like very top heavy or bottom heavy and i was also curious about this power adapter so i tested this one because this is a 20 watt adapter and i did test it

And as you can see it is actually pulling close to about that 20 watt so that's nice the fast charger works and again close to stock android as i've told you so that's actually nice and if i go over here to the settings uh here as you can see if we go to the storage i've taken some sample shots guys earlier uh but as you can see about 15 gb is sort of for use so roughly you should be getting about 48 gigabytes of space free available to you and as i've mentioned earlier guys

They've only launched it in one variant that is four gigabytes of ram and 64gb of storage so that's what we are getting on uh this smartphone and uh the fingerprint scanner this m logo is actually that fingerprint scanner and again guys i would say use it with that case because if you use it without the case i'm using it without the scale case it's sort of a fingerprint magnet as you can see but let me do one thing let me actually uh show you the fingerprint scanner

Let's just go back not this google and let's test this and as you can see they have put a good fingerprint scanner i'm just it's locked i'm just going to tap and it unlocks so they've put a good quality fingerprint scanner on this one you can also do that face unlocking and all these things but as i would say the fingerprints kind of works very well on this device so that's regarding the ui and all these things and i also

Asked motorola officials about update on this smartphone and out of the box right now it's coming with android 10 but they have mentioned that this phone will also get the next android update that is the android 11 and i also asked about the security update situation and they told this smartphone should get android security updates for the next two years so anyways that's what it is regarding and again now one more thing is that this

Dedicated key is there and this is for the google assistant so we have this extra key over uh here and uh now let's do also one thing uh we also have that water drop notch design on the front and that's actually eight megapixel and the back we actually have a triple camera setup the main camera is actually that 48 megapixel i'll show you some samples that i've taken and then we have a 2 megapixel for macro and 2 megapixel

For depth i feel instead of that 2 megapixel depth they should have given ultra white but this is what we are getting so anyways let's look a look at the camera on this one and again as you can see this is like uh they didn't change the interface at all this is very similar to earlier motorola phones and if you tap in you get that focus and you can also adjust the exposure from here and from here you can also move to the video

Uh on this one and if you press here you get to the other options like that macro as a static you can go here and now you can go very close to the objects using the macro lens like this as you can see so we have the modes over here and we also have the portrait mode let me actually show you some of the samples that i've taken with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera so these were the samples taken and one thing i noticed immediately is that colors are very close to natural it doesn't

Try to over boost the colors so this is what you would expect and now moving to uh what is in some close-up shots like this as you can see they came out also good this was regular and this was taken in the macro one more example regular shot and this was taken in the macro uh now that was very cloudy so very done lighting conditions but as you can see here also it did a decent job now moving to some human subjects as you can see uh here also it did a good job this was regular shot

And this was with the portrait mode and this again regular this was portrait you can adjust the blurring in the portrait mode now i'm going to the front facing camera these are taken with the front facing camera and now i enabled the portrait bokeh mode with the front-facing camera now moving to dull lighting conditions and these are actually taken in completely artificial lighting and as you can see here also it did actually pretty decent job but i feel with the ot update the performance can

Further be improved so what do i feel about this smartphone as uh you saw it's a pretty decent smartphone considering the price point of about eleven 11 500 on this one and i really like the fact that we don't have any bloatware or ads or anything which has become a rarity these days in this mid-range price segment so i'm happy that motorola is sticking with that policy so kudos to that and i would say in this price range around this 11

500 to 12 000 we also have some other players in the market for example uh uh we have the real me narso real me c15 also even the samsung galaxy m21 that's for 13 000 and even the redmi note 8 and i feel uh this is a good smartphone in that price range considering the fact that uh we are getting that 48 megapixel rear facing camera with that 5000 milliamp hour battery and i'm glad uh they have bundled that 20 watt charger on this one and not to forget the what do you say

Bloat free what he says close to stock android experience that you are getting on this smartphone so certainly i would say uh this is a value segment smartphone that we are getting from motorola and i'm happy to see that motorola finally is now starting to get aggressive in india we saw that with the earlier fusion plus now with this one and i'm really happy about that anyways what do you guys think about this moto g9

Uh do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys that's it for now thanks for watching this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

Motorola Moto G9 Unboxing & Overview New Budget Mid-Range Smartphone

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