LG OLED 65″ GX (Latest 2020 Model) Overview – The Best Of 4K TV

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Hi guys this is ranjeet and in this video let's have a closer look at this lg oled 2020 edition and this is the gx gallery edition as you can see it's wall mounted and i have to say this is an amazing television let's uh have a closer look at the same now so guys this is a 65 inch variant you also get it in 55 and even uh 75 inches and again uh this runs on the lg web os and as you can see it has all the popular apps like netflix disney z and i on this one actually i found even apple tv which is a new thing was present let me just show you and it actually works very well if i go

Over here we even have apple tv on this one so this is a new addition that i've noticed and this actually uh has the new alpha 9 gen 3 processor on this one we also get installation with this one installation was done by lg three people came from lg and they installed it and this is actually included in the setup and guys almost set up the tv and it's very important actually to remove uh this plastic covering actually it's very important guys so

Before you start have set up everything and it's done remove this and again this is the gallery edition as you can see it's wall mounted so this wall mounting bracket comes with the tv itself and as you can see it wall mounts very well very close to the wall so it just looks like it's hanging on the wall uh moving to the ports we have four hdmi ports on this one and i like the fact that these are actually hdmi 2.1

All the four and even it supports the new er that is enhanced r which is great i would say if you want advanced audio setup and stuff with even sound bars and av receivers you can easily get atmos effect so i really like that in terms of connectivity we have almost everything that you want moving to the panel itself it's actually oled the 4k panel guys and the quality is really good the big thing

About oled is as you can see the black scenes i'm just trying to show you some black scenes uh they look inky black that's why when you're watching movies it's a very good experience and again you don't have to worry about connectivity let me show you this is actually supporting dolby atmos dolby vision hdr hdr10 pro let me try to play this underground six and as you can see dolby vision and atmos is coming and if i try to play as you can see it shows that it's

Accepting dolby vision and dolby atmos so that way i would say uh you don't have to worry about it and even atmos effect is there even with the built-in speaker i'll try to give you a demo and in terms of 4d i was surprised even with the what he said built-in speakers and as you can see we have various sound modes like ai sound pro mode this is a new one i would say just keep it on this but you even have other modes for example surround modes you can switch on cinema clear voice

And i would say the speakers are actually good it's a 60 watt rms speaker and even it has a what do you say built-in 20 watt subwoofer and to give you a very rough idea let me just try to play this trailer let's do this ford vs ferrari again it's being picked up by my microphone so i don't know how well it will put you is the driver's seat just shut your mouth and let me do my thing all right so guys so hopefully that gives you an idea about the sound

Uh and trust me guys the sound that is one thing i was not expecting uh the built-in sound from the speakers is actually really really good on this television coming to the remote you get the supplied remote this is the magic remote that we have seen even earlier variants of what you say lg television so that's the same but it's very functional i would say we also have a wheel over here so you can easily scroll around and it does the job uh so i feel uh this is a very functional remote controller that you

Get and even you have the microphone voice actions with this one moving to the ui it has the lg web ui and as you can see they have improved it again it was always very fast but i feel now they have changed the interface slightly and you get that magic remote and it is very very responsive whatever you click just load for example i just clicked netflix and as you can see how fast it load and again let me just show you let's move to something else like apple tv

And again as you can see instantly it loaded the apple tv very fast interface and also you have this pointer via the remote so you can easily navigate so in terms of the moving around the interface is very very fast you don't have to worry as you can see blazingly fast interface that you have and you also have those voice controls and all those things if you want you can use it for example i'll try that i'm just let's say you want to watch a

Mission impossible movie let's try that mission impossible three trailers this first one is actually founded on netflix so i can just click it and hopefully it will launch it on netflix so yeah as you can see you have this and also you have google assistant and even alexa on this one so you can even configure that so in terms of ui navigation it's done very well and you also have this lg play store uh lg content store

Where you can install of your favorite apps that you want and guys uh some of you actually asked me about uh the burden on oled televisions and i feel it's not an issue guys if you know i personally own a 2018 lg c8 television that i got almost two years ago and we have been actually using it even with game consoles like xbox one x it's in my living room as you can see used by everyone in the family and we never had an issue of uh what do

You say burn in on it and one thing to note is that all these lg televisions if we uh actually do have if i go here if i go in all settings uh blend is not burning is not an issue that i have noticed but if you go in additional settings over here uh i think so it's not in the flip maker oled screen saver settings here we have a thing known as pixel refresher that is built in on all lg oled television even on my uh 2018 edition it's there and this actually runs in the background

Automatically when the tv is in standby to avoid that burning but you can manually enforce that but in the last two years with my c8 i never had to invoke this actually uh manually even though i was doing quite a bit of gaming with the xbox one x connected to it so i feel in this new modern what do you say uh older television the burner is not an issue to give you an idea about the blacks just uh notice this one and how good the blacks are on this uh television my camera is

Not doing the justice i feel uh but in reality it actually looks very very good one more example guys and i am just hoping that my camera is able to capture this uh again notice the brightness and the contrast in this image notice the black levels and the bright areas how well they are produced i don't know if my camera is able to do the justice but in reality uh it's the picture quality is

Awesome and that contrasts infinite contrast that you get with the oled and that's why watching movies is a treat on this one in fact this new model uh now has this new filmmaker mode uh which gives accurate pictures you don't have to do go around fiddling with all the setting just go in that mode and you get the perfect picture quality and you obviously do have other modes also like this vivid standard cinema and other thing and you can you have a

Lot of customization that is offered but just notice the picture quality another new thing with this 2020 edition is that these are airplay compatible so we'll work with your mac ipads and iphones also uh if we go over here we also have the home dashboard and this is great if you have iot stuff everything can be visible from here so this is it can become the central controller as you can see and all your devices will be shown over here so guys as you saw this is an awesome

Television and if you're looking for a premium range television make sure you check this out go to uh show where this tv is there on demo and watch some stuff on it and you'll be amazed uh not only the picture quality is amazing because it's an older television the blacks look inky black that's what basically shines when you're watching movies and i also was surprised with the built-in audio of this television i did get that slight effect atmos effect even without a sound bar

And in terms of connectivity also this is future proof because it's having hdmi 2.1 and also er capability so you are sort of covered and also if you're sort of a gamer this has variable refresh rate and even the nvidia g-sync hence actually i would say if you're looking for a premium and television certainly have a look at the same again guys this gx series uh it is actually a wall mountable time but if you wanted with the stand uh go

And look for the cx series that's the c10 anyways guys that's it for now what do you guys think about lg oled televisions do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys that's it for now thanks for watching this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys


LG OLED 65″ GX (Latest 2020 Model) Overview – The Best Of 4K TV





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