Logitech G PRO X Wireless Review – The Gaming Headset To Beat!?

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i can't believe it they finally did it logitech has put a usbc connection on their gaming product hopefully that expands into the rest the category but the logitech g pro x wireless is exactly what you would expect for the g pro x wireless to be the pro line is really all about the core functionality of this being a solid gaming headset uh in esports and at your home i feel like logitech really pioneered the whole idea behind wireless gaming peripherals being just

As good as their wired counterparts removing the whole stigma around latency around battery life around reliability in the heat of the moment and the jeep rx wireless is a really good contender on the market but basically all my complaints of the wired version the g pro x still carry over to the wireless version unfortunately so in this video let's see exactly what is different talk about the sound quality the microphone quality and its relation to other wireless gaming

Headsets that are still worth it in 2020 let's review react to this say hello to proper airflow with be quiet purebase 500dx a compact mid tower with a mesh front panel and three 140 millimeter pure wings two fans that are silent and capable enjoy tasteful argb illumination a type c port and an easy case to work in check it out below all right so let's begin with some bad news uh the price point 199 dollars that's a 70 premium versus the g pro x

The wired version or you can even spend less 99 for the standard g pro that is exactly the same headset but without the blue voice functionality and by the way i don't want to spoil anything but blue voice is just as bad as it is here as it was on the wired version as for accessories all the basics are covered we have the usbc cable for charging a replacement set of velour ear pads there's a carry pouch and the usb dongle that you can store

Inside the ear cup just rotate it and it will not fall out in terms of design nothing has changed the headset being wireless though has increased in weight slightly versus the original g pro x and the ear cup uh thickness has also increased not the actual cushions but the ear cup itself because that's where you can house the additional components and the battery it is one of the heaviest wireless pairs i have in my collection but you don't really feel that which is

A good thing they kind of disappear on your head after a while the leather headband is fantastic feels really premium i do like the pro text over here as well and the stitching on the sides the exposed coiled cable on top of each ear cup looks fantastic and in my experience with the g pro x which is what i've been using for the last like six to eight months as my primer gaming headset i've never noticed this to be an issue and it shouldn't be an issue here either

Overall the build quality feels okay but the swivel on my wireless version is slightly more loose than what i have on my wired version and my only nitpick about like the design um is the chrome accented centerpieces over here that pick up all types of material and gunk that accumulates in the grooves and also this matte black material that is super easy to scratch the size extensions are necessary here and i wish that we had a little bit more just because i'm starting to appreciate

Wireless gaming audio more and more now now that i have a virtual reality headset so here's my rift test i'll be doing this comfort test for all wireless gaming headsets in the future let's see how the g pro x wireless handles this uh situation it's not bad the headset is very comfortable the clamping force is not too tight i just wish the ear cushions were slightly thicker so that it would create a better seal otherwise there's a bit of spacing that is created comfort wise outside of vr i find these

Fantastic even with glasses there's no excessive clamping force i've worn these six hours yesterday and took taking them off there's no ringing ears there's no pressure accumulation anywhere the only two things to keep in mind is that there isn't much padding on the interior so if your ears are larger or like more sticking out and if they do make contact with that internal wall it might not be so comfortable and of course heat accumulation because of the leather ear pads which is

Why i appreciate the included velour pads which are fantastic for the heat of the summer which is now now given this is a wireless pair all the controls are located on the left side so we have our power switch with the red and blue indicators we have a very smooth volume wheel above that is a mic mute then there's the type c below the power button and an led indicator the microphone of course is removable but unfortunately there's no easy way to tell which way the microphone capsule should

Face your mouth i had to remove the memory foam in order to realize which way is the correct way i am not a fan of this volume wheel just like i was not a fan of it on the g915 keyboards for three reasons there's a bit of resistance on it but no ductility whatsoever there's always a bit of a delay between when you adjust the volume on the headset versus when you see the volume bar in windows and number three it is difficult to have precise volume adjustment because of the other two points so you

Always end up lowering or adding more volume than intended battery life is rated at 20 hours which i think is conservative because in six hours i dropped 20 so if you do the interpolation i should have about 30 hours of runtime the one annoying thing about this wireless player and really all wireless gaming headsets is that if you shut down the system and you power it back on you have to manually turn the headset off and back on again for it to be recognized by the dongle i would recommend having

Dongle in your site because if the green led is flashing it means this thing is disconnected and if the green is solid it means the headset is connected so now let's talk about sound quality and i gotta say i've always enjoyed logitech wireless audio and this guy is no exception to me they sound almost identical versus the wired g pro x which has natural clean balanced sound and that carries over to the pro x wireless they sound so much

Fuller and cleaner versus the corsair hs70 that kind of almost sounds hollow they have much better mid-range definition and overall resolution versus the cloud flight but i still feel like the gsp 370 from sennheiser is a better sounding pair just the low end is deeper and richer and if you try to add some bass in the equalizer settings and the g-hub suite it doesn't really work here it kind of falls apart i prefer the default neutral state because otherwise it sounds muddy when

Any bass is added in here the high note's a beautiful toe really smooth clean there's no hiss in the background even when the headset is at zero volume and i really feel like they've tuned the drivers and the wireless connection to sound as close as possible to the wired version and that's a major positive this headset has excellent passive noise isolation because of the ear cushions really muting out everything that's in your environment and that really helps to pinpoint

Details in your gaming environment about audio cues and directional awareness you don't need surround sound you don't need virtual 7.1 all that stuff stereo imaging on here is fantastic by default and i really don't know what logitech has done here in terms of surround sound which was fantastic on the g933 and the 900 series of headsets but here it is it's just absolutely not worth it

Not only does it create a really bad soundstage environment but the bass is incredibly muddy so you lose out a ton of detail on the low end and there is absolutely no advantage in terms of directional awareness when stereo mode is already so good so their new cinematic surround sound to my ears sounds horrible it really pains me to say that honestly because i loved it on the 900 series of headsets but i don't know what happened if i was to place this headset in terms of audio quality versus everything else that i've

Heard this would be close second right behind the gsp 370 in terms of quality much better than the cloud flight much better than the virtual also much better than the hs70 but it's also a lot more expensive i think the expensive part really comes not from the wireless nature but from the the little blue voice tax as i call it and that is because i feel like the microphone capsule itself as you will hear is just not capable of receiving so many effects of noise gate and compression for it to

Sound good because by default it doesn't sound very good so applying a bunch of effects on top of that makes it sound worse let's uh let's take a listen so what you're hearing now is that recorded by the pro x wireless without blue voice enabled and by default like if you apply any effects onto this it's not going to fix a poor microphone it's not clear it's highly compressed and doesn't sound natural and it's not exactly what blue

Is known for right one of my favorite microphones is actually from blue the blue amber which has beautiful warm tones i mean putting blue voice on this package is an embarrassment really but now let's enable blue voice so it can sound worse what you're hearing now is that with the broadcaster one preset and it does add a little bit more bass a lot more compression some noise gate so i am louder but the microphone still is quite poor

This is the g2 kenny s preset i don't know how it's in the pro slash broadcaster category because it sounds nothing like it should this is a fun one fm station this is probably what i would use to chat with the boys this is a tsm myth and i do appreciate it we have a lot of flexibility in the software i disabled blue voice just so we can have this conversation without anything applied on the microphone i like i appreciate the idea behind blue voice and being able to tweak

Each single eq setting and come up with your own preset but it doesn't fix a microphone that is already poor just for reference here's the wired pro x headset plugged into the usb dongle with blue voice disabled one tip is that you have to lower the gain over here to 50 around 50 especially for my voice because otherwise we are clipping and this microphone does sound better than the wireless one that's understandable and actually does sound much better when

We enable blue voice as well as long as your gain is controlled so if your gain is too high it will sound terrible if you gain is slightly lower it will definitely compensate adding more bass and it will remove a lot of the distortion that might happen when the microphone is too sensitive right now i have the broadcaster one preset enabled and as long as my sensitivity is under control it does improve the overall vocal quality adding more bass more fullness and more compression

To the voice so the wired microphone without and with blue voice does sound better than the wireless now to be fair i feel like all wireless headsets have subpar microphone quality this one is no exception the gsp 370 by sennheiser i mean there's a lot more to be desired in terms of depth resolution of your voice and clarity too it just feels so unnatural and compressed and just to give you another reference point this is the cloud flight also

Wireless headset with a wireless microphone but with much worse microphone quality versus the g pro x wireless or the gsp 370. but out of these microphones which ones sound the best to your years let me know in the comments and so to conclude i want to say that the pro x wireless i feel like is a welcome addition to the market despite the high price and despite the poor microphone because the audio quality that's a really good benchmark that is competing with the gsp 370 that

Has its own issues even though it sounds great here it's pretty much smooth sailing and that's a major positive i have no issues trusting this headset and it's audio performance for competitive cs go for eft and really enjoying anything in my gaming library because the sound is good it really does suck though that the surround sound experience is so much worse on the pro x wireless and the pro x versus something like the g9 35 but the stereo performance here is excellent

I just wish that the quality across all features was more balanced in terms of like having good microphone having good surround sound but this headset has battery life comfort and sound quality going for it and everything else is secondary but yeah that's my review of the g pro x wireless let me know what you think in the comments subscribe for more check out this other relevant content and i'll talk to you in the next video yeah it's not a headset for the neck


Logitech G PRO X Wireless Review – The Gaming Headset To Beat!?





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