The BEST Gaming and Streaming Microphones of 2020….So Far!

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Merely checked out several of your photos (: i'm actually pleased i looked for to job darkness you. You're excellent!

Hello good people i'm dmitry and we have a very special video for you today i have been collecting some of the most popular microphones for streaming and for gaming and today we're gonna see which one sounds best to your ears you better put on some headphones to get the best representation on how those microphones sound and just an fyi i'm no sound engineer so the recordings that you see now are coming not from a professional but from an amateur with regards to audio at least as usual everything will be

Linked in the description below so let's check out the microphone roundup say hello to proper airflow with be quiet purebase 500dx a compact mid tower with a mesh front panel and three 140 millimeter purewings 2 fans that are silent and capable enjoy tasteful argb illumination a type c port and an easy case to work in check it out below welcome back so i think we have a pretty diverse microphone collection some budget stuff

Some staples and some surprisingly good quality mics in here too so put on some headphones and enjoy let's cover some basic mics first like the 15 microphone is a condenser comes with a user manual a little stand for attachment and a non-removable usb 2 cable the volume in the front has nice resistance controls the gain of the microphone and there is no headphone jack for 30 dollars i'm really curious if you'll be able to hear the difference between the more

High-end stuff but given the current situation this microphone is a lot more expensive 50 markup at 45 we'll hear if it's worth it the mod mic usb is always a nice addition to your favorite headphones the magnetic clasp system is brilliant we get the mute button down the cable that's perfectly in reach and a dual microphone capsule for noise cancellation or broadcast quality at 80 dollars it's a compact solution you just have to deal with the cable next up we got a razer siren emote

Microphone and the only reason it's in here is because of that matrix led that's facing the viewers so it's the most engaging streaming microphone out there that can sync when you get a subscriber or bids or reaction it is kind of pricey for voice quality at 129 but the basics are covered with a headphone jack and a mute switch and a headphone volume dial at the front you will have to work with razer synapse to set everything up and the led matrix is pretty beautiful

But the voice quality is not there for 129 dollars i have the two yetis the original and the nano love the blue color by the way both have headphone monitoring mic mute and headphone volume dial at the front with a few more controls on the og 80 like gain and four pickup patterns the price difference is 30 dollars which is totally worth it as you'll hear i really like the design of the hyperx quadcast with that gorgeous red shine through that is also the built-in pop filter we

Have the capacitive mute switch up top four pickup patterns and a mini usb cable just like the yeti with zero latency monitoring and my only complaint here is the gain dial at the bottom that is super easy to just accidentally move out of place at 139 dollars it's a very good microphone that has built-in noise cancellation as well and red makes your voice faster of course the noise cancellation is not aggressive it's basically a built-in low-pass filter that cuts out anything

That's super super in the background my surprise of the day microphone is the new audio technica atr 2500x usb the type-c cable is removable and easily accessible the same with a headphone jack at the front with buttons for volume the includer tripod is kind of brilliant and the microphone sounds incredible for 119 dollars that is an easy recommendation as you'll hear the next two microphones are from elgato the wave one and wave three they use the same

Cardioid condenser capsule so they should sound identical although of course the wave three being the higher model has the higher kilohertz range but it really doesn't matter the only difference are the controls as the wave 3 has headphone volume and input gain adjustment with monitor cross fade while wave 1 only has headphone volume control and push to mute while the wave 3 has that fancy capacitive mute button on top of the microphone they both have

Zero latency headphone jack and the type c connection with a long cable and a mic 10 adapter the wave 3 is the most expensive in this roundup at 159 and 129 for wave one but the icing on the cake is the driver software that's called wavelink that is extremely powerful and is actually quite beneficial for streamers it really lets you configure what you hear as a gamer what you pass on to a different channel for the audience to hear

As a viewer and there's a lot of granularity is that a word there's a lot of flexibility in what you can do with the software it's awesome and my last microphone here would be the blue amber which is the only one that's not usb so it's not exactly in the same category as the others but it's only 99 and delivers a beautiful sound which is why it's in this video and so now the features are out of the way let's do a recording test

With the guitar and then my voice so so now that you've heard the guitar test which one sounded best to you and could you even tell the difference my own observation is that any microphone that has no sensitivity adjustment like the actual dials was louder just because it automatically boosts its gain to maximum and only tries to like lower it

Based on volume pickup but i found the quadcast the blue yeti and the audio technica to sound the best in terms of like delivering beautiful high notes that are super detailed yet sharp and not too harsh and it's really impressive to hear what the 15 microphone can deliver for 30 dollars which i thought sounded beautiful and neutral and now on to the vocal test all are wrong two days highly recommend this one from junior high on penelope

Maintained amicable but purposefully limited personal relationships so she wouldn't have anybody tethering her to earth and she was utterly kick-ass top of her cohort across all categories universally recognized as a natural mission leader she would be a pioneer she would see the storms of jupiter with her own eyes and served the rings of saturn on a space walk and that was worth not having close friends or romantic relationships or a loyal dog everything was going

According to plan until the first time she went to space the launch was flawless penelope performed her functions with such precision they would have used it to teach incoming recruits how gloriously capable an astronaut can be she was prepared she was ready she was perfect until she passed through the top layer of earth's atmosphere and her mind went completely blank there's a small subset of people whose cognitive functions get scrambled in

Outer space something about how the pressure change of the vacuum affects the bonds between molecules in the neurons of their brains no one's even sure why it happens but penelope was one of that subset somehow this fact eluded the years of rigorous screening one moment she is definitely guiding the launch vehicle through the final atmospheric layers seeing the gaping expanse of space for the first time her heart beating and measured but ecstatic bursts the happiest she's ever felt

And then nothing she doesn't know who she is she doesn't know where she is she doesn't know what to do something in her basic constitution keeps her from having a panic attack as most people would if they suddenly woke up piloting a goddamn spacecraft with a planet receding behind them but she can't remember anything the instrument panel should spend years mastering means nothing to her inscrutable acronyms printed over lights flashing and seemingly random patterns so she stares out the

Viewing dome at the radiant vapor of stars smeared across the black canvas of space and we're gonna finish with my favorite vocal microphone the blue amber plugged directly into my camera i'm sorry she said but i'm not really sure where i am right now her co-pilot's just as well trained and keening with tiny flames of envy at how far ahead of them should always ranked relieved penelope of her duties they had to abort the mission at no small expense because her unpredictable presence

Endangered everyone and just like that penelope the best of the best of the best became a threat fantastic book and read highly recommend this one so based on what you just heard did you pick out any particular microphone that sounded best to your ears obviously the recording environment and how close you are to the microphone is actually quite important when it comes to a condenser microphone so not being super far away but being as close as possible to give you the best

Sounding example for my tone i find all the mics that add some bass complement my tone so the quadcast the blue amber of course uh the audio technica and the wave three the wave one and the only reason why the wave one didn't sound as good is because my sensitivity and wavelength in the driver software was cranked all the way up which is what i did for the wave 3 but turned down the actual gain on the microphone itself but the wave one just kind of carried over

That same sensitivity which is why it sounded so compressed is because it was way too loud and it was trying to compensate my least favorite sounding microphones was the razer siren emote and surprisingly the blue yeti nano i find that it was natural but a little bit too harsh on on the sensitivity that it was boosting automatically uh while the razer microphone was kind of a bit too flat in terms of noise cancellation only the wave microphones the audio technica and

The quadcast have some like audible compression built in that mutes out slump some background noises but it really is about your environment like if you're still typing on the keyboard and the microphone is on a table you will a hundred percent hear that which is why it's important to position the microphone as close to your mouth as possible lower the gain sensitivity and play around with noise floor noise gate in whatever software i actually did a really cool video you can check out over here on how

To improve your vocal quality for gaming microphone but it really applies to streaming microphones or these microphones as well and so there you have it my quick comparison on some of these really popular streaming microphones that you can utilize to improve your stream your gameplay your communications whatever i hope you enjoyed and let me know which one sounded best your ears both in the music test and the vocal test yeah i'm

Dmitry thanks much for watching check out this other relevant content subscribe for more and as usual everything will be linked in the description below and yeah i'll talk to you in the next video

The BEST Gaming and Streaming Microphones of 2020….So Far!

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