Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 CLOSER LOOK!

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The innovation is finally here and i am speechless what's up guys it's time to take a closer look at the galaxy z fall 2 there's been so much that we didn't know before that really makes this the best foldable phone in the universe with huawei out of the picture and apple taking their sweet time samsung is the undisputed champion of the foldable world the z-fold 2 gives you a modern smartphone that can transform into a bezel-less tablet with a 120 hertz display 12 gigs of ddr5 ram with snapdragon 865 plus worldwide

No exynos bs we've got 5g connectivity flagship cameras all with the same price almost the same price as last year's galaxy 4 samsung has kept the promise it's starting at two thousand dollars and in my opinion it absolutely does justice to that the z-fold two is in its own league ending the traditional era of smartphone this is where the future begin there are quite a lot of things that we didn't know before about the z-fold do first up is that it's actually customizable

Samsung has given us four color options to customize the hinge color depending on whatever model you choose you can actually pre-order this right now and customize the hinge color they showed off the black model with the gold hinge actually looked really good uh there are some other color options as well that you can choose from if you buy the galaxy e42 you get special z service which is like a higher priority customer sport samsung knows that the people who are buying this phone are the premium customers which is why

They're gonna give you the top-of-the-line response along with this we have one year of free accidental coverage and best of all we have three years of software updates meaning this is like an investment in the future the specs and the features that this device is packing in like anything next to this phone feels outdated instantly i'm pretty sure two or three years down the line is still going to be one of the most futuristic error defining product

In the world right now the default 2 has no competition you look at other companies there's nothing so you're investing money in a piece of product that is above everything else android 13 ready and of course samsung has worked closely with google to deliver the best foldable software experience that i don't think any brand can make on their own you need google and other brands on board with this experience as samsung showed off that apps like youtube

A lot of applications from microsoft spotify all these are optimized for the full two experience so you're not just buying a beta product with the beta software things are top the line this time around it's actually pretty crazy how drastically the design is changed compared to the first full the 6.2 inch outer display is as good as a traditional smartphone display it is 60hz but still uh because of its big size and higher quality resolution i definitely love it and it's definitely

A lot better compared to that small display that we saw on the original phone now switching between the outer and inner display it's even more streamlined thanks to app continuity it works more seamlessly than ever quite a lot of applications are specifically optimized to take advantage of the new flex mode which allows you to lock your phone in specific orientation and that just unlocks so much potential to use the phone in so many different ways for example when you're watching youtube

Videos you can have the video playing on the upper section and on the bottom side you're getting related videos or you can type in comment it's like a mini laptop experience like i said it's not just youtube there are many applications that will take advantage of that with the z-fold do you get a brand new photography experience where the phone utilizes the main display nicely you get the preview at the bottom but most exciting one is the high resolution selfies which is only possible thanks to that

High-res outer display so pretty much using your main camera for your selfies which will give you ton of detail because this is packing the same camera setup as the flagship galaxy s20 plus with a dual pixel autofocus which is incredibly fast like there was no issue with the camera setup on the galaxy s20 so we're getting that same treatment on the galaxy fault too and i'm actually glad that it doesn't have that camera setup from the galaxy note 20 ultra because the bump would have been

Too big so this is exactly what this phone needed so should you spend two thousand dollar well first up that's quite a lot of money and you need to ask yourself if you have that kind of budget if yes then i will say spend this money because it's future in your hands it's got three years of software updates and three years down the line is still going to make quite a lot of films feel outdated and also right now it's the only foldable

Phone that i'm personally gonna recommend you to spend your money on because of the level of software trust and software optimization you're getting thanks to the collaboration between samsung google and samsung actively collaborating with other brands like microsoft and pretty sure uh more brands will come on board for this specific foldable design so that was the closer look at the galaxy z4 do it's absolutely incredible and i can't wait to get my hands on it let me know

Your thoughts in the comment section below and yeah i'll see you guys in the next one peace out

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 CLOSER LOOK!

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