Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra One UI 2.5 – Speed Test.

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What's up guys so the one ui 2.5 is finally out for the galaxy s20 lineup and i was actually waiting for this upgrade because i wanted to see the speed difference between the s20 ultra versus the galaxy note 20 ultra both models are rocking the xnus 990 processor and i finally got the 5g note 20 ultra so it's also coming with 12 gigs of ram compared to that 8 gigabyte of ram peasant variant that i had before so samsung has addressed a lot of issues that we have seen with s20 ultra particularly in the

Camera area where the night mode photos on the note 20 ultra are actually noticeably better seeing that difference made me curious to see if there's actually any real-life speed difference between these two phones okay we are in position as always we'll kick things off by booting both phones up at the same time here we go now i'm using my warrior edition galaxy s20 ultra which is a little bit damaged because i don't know

For some reason i'm not receiving the 1e or 2.5 on my other s20 ultra but uh yeah this is my special baby that i've been mostly been using before the note 20 ultra so um you can see just a little bit difference i guess a one second difference there now just to quickly reconfirm that i'm indeed rocking the one ui 2.5 on my s20 ultra as you can see this is the latest version now before we begin i want to do a quick little geekbench 5 benchmark test just to basically see uh what kind of scores we are getting on

The note20 ultra uh with the exodus 990 in comparison to this bad boy are there any difference in the numbers okay so here are the scores then you can see notre dame ultra is doing better in both single and multi-core score okay so let's kick off the test starting with some basic application just to look at the animation and general speed here we go with the phone dollar you can see absolutely similar performance one more system-based app settings no difference whatsoever of course i'm

Running the 120hz refresh rate on both devices absolutely uh beautiful smooth look let's get down to some third-party applications starting with wikipedia here we go and uh more or less same it kind of felt a little bit quicker on the note 20 ultra very close performance again these are the same chips just wanted to see if there's actually any difference we might see some differences when i launched some games

So let's get down to spotify here we go and about the same instagram and a bit of a different feed on both phones but uh again more or less the same kind of speed of the load you can see no hiccups whatsoever really good performance there checking out my profile let's open the instacam replication that's about the same no difference whatsoever next up we have youtube that's about the same moving on to some

Third-party actions starting with subway surfers and um okay so no 20 ultra faster there and uh i must say this was a little bit more noticeable difference compared to the other applications next we have reddit definitely faster on the s20 ultra going out now we're going to be launching pubg mobile one of the most popular games out there for android and ios and as i've shown this earlier i guess in my previous speed test that pubg

Does run fine on the exit s990 but definitely not 60 frames per second locked like we have seen on the iphone or on the snapdragon devices so we'll be demonstrating that in this test you can see really quick launch speed on both phones setting the graphics to all the way to the max just gonna have a quick look at the galaxy s20 ultra pubg performance looks really smooth um but as i'm moving around the camera it doesn't feel like 60 locked

But still very very smooth for this high settings let's try it out on the note 20 ultra and same kind of result yeah pretty similar performance so we're just gonna leave it there and i'm going to exit while keeping the game open next on the list we have asphalt 9 game this is a pretty popular game as well game law of 20 years update has arrived and let's see for the most part these devices have been

Pretty similar apart from the benchmark scores but i will be checking out the thermals towards the end of the video and again more or less the same the s20 ultra a bit quicker there both phones are running this game at 60 frames per second lock really really nice looks really smooth we're just gonna go ahead and launch a stage asphalt 9 does run really really good on the xns 990 processor so this is 60 frames per second locked on both phones

Let's go out moving on to twitter launching ada64 app and let's just quickly check out the thermals you can see note 20 ultra little bit cooler there 36 degrees celsius 37.2 on the s20 ultra let's open more applications we have photoshop express and that's about the same loading up this image of this moon felt a little bit quicker on the s20 ultra some sharpening effects applying all the way to the max as well as the clarity applied some filters and quickly export

This image in 100 jpeg quality and see if there's any difference or not save to gallery and okay both phones are taking their sweet time s20 ultra done followed by the note 20 ultra again very very close difference something that is i would say allowed because like i said more or less same kind of processor same kind of performance once again going to open ada64 here um you can see temperatures are very

Similar right now again this is not a thermal throttling test i will be doing a separate video regarding that stay tuned for that lastly i'm going to be opening cameras on both phones and that is about the same now just for fun i'm going to be doing a quick little browsing test and more or less same kind of loading times let's open this article and again very very similar performance now let's quickly check out the ram management starting with the

Benchmark app that we opened on both phones you can see that is still there phone dialer settings wikipedia spotify instagram again 12 gigs of ram plenty of ram on both phones to play with let's see we've got subway surfers still there on both phones no issue reddit pubg still there and we've got asphalt 9. this is also still there this is just an in-game loading time twitter photoshop express 864. you can see the thermals are a little bit more on the s20 ultra

Compared to 36.3 it is the same level as before again nothing to major back to browsers on both phones so excellent ram management on both devices of course why not 12 gigs of ram is the absolute best value for that extreme ram management okay guys so that was the full test i have to say while there is a difference between the night mode on both phones not only ultra doing noticeably better also the difference in the benchmark numbers when it comes to the real-life

Performance in just basic applications and ram management browsing and gaming as well both of these devices are very similar again i will be doing processor centric video pretty soon i'm just waiting for the snapdragon 865 plus model to arrive let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and i'll see you guys in the next one peace out

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra One UI 2.5 – Speed Test.

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