OnePlus Nord | Unboxing, First Look, and Pixel 4a Comparison

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Yo what's good y'all tutorial and today oh man it's kind of exciting because we're gonna be going there and checking out my first oneplus phone so this is gonna be the oneplus nord the highly anticipated phone that literally everybody was talking about but oneplus actually sent this to me because actually one in that oneplus nor beta program which i'll talk about more in a minute but we about to go and unbox this thing and get my first impressions and we're about to go ahead and compare a little bit to my google pixel 4 8. all right so oh i'm actually high for

This one work with me here but if you want to go and skip this part about how i went through this whole oneplus normative program and what it is and all the other stuff i'll make it quick here but you can go ahead and click the timestamps in the description or if you go ahead and scroll through this video you'll also see some sections in this video so just use that so let me go and give y'all this rundown of the oneplus nord beta program and how this all went down so what this is is basically you would

Just go ahead and sign up for this program where you could potentially get an opportunity to review the oneplus nord and you really only need to do it on their forums you only need to review it on their forums but i did a youtube video on it because well i'm a tech youtuber so that's what i do like why not i'm going to leave a link in the description but pretty much they actually end up having over 10 000 people sign up for that beta program and they only accepted 50 people to go

Ahead and review this one plus nor did i happen to be one of them like when i signed up for this i had no intention of winning but apparently i did so that's dope major shout out to oneplus for actually sending this out to me i really appreciate it but what catcher that is is that they actually said that not everybody will be able to keep their nerds like you have to go ahead and give them an honest review and everything and like yeah just basically not everybody gets it so hopefully i get to keep mine but i know there's been a lot of demand for me to

Review a oneplus device on my channel and now here i am reviewing my first oneplus device and i'm all really unboxing it right now and we're about to go and do a quick comparison with this pixel 4a here that actually comes out in three days now it's the 17th and it comes out on the 20th but i think i won at first because well basically there was a couple days late with going ahead and sending out this email to me because well there were so many people they expected so yeah that's basically how

That went down but if you want to go pick this up again i'll leave the links in the description it's going to run you 400 bucks and with this pixel 4a that's going to run you 350 bucks so we got to see what the better value is but honestly i don't even know what to expect up inside this box because well like i haven't watched any oneplus more videos because like i want to go ahead and give this a first like real pure first impressions the only video i really watched was that

Mkbhd one where the ceo first showed it off in his videos so we're gonna have to go and see about that they'll tell you the color that you're gonna get they don't tell you what's inside the box or nothing so let's just go and get up into this just looking around this real quick though we have this red accent here you know typical oneplus stuff we got the oneplus logo and and they just got this chinese text everywhere because they don't sell this in the us i live in us but they were only

Accepting us and canada applicants and they also said that if they find enough demand in the u.s then they'll go ahead and sell it out here but right now they're not doing that so if you want to get a nerd you're gonna have to go ahead and import it but let's just go ahead and bust up into this real quick and let's see what we got going on here with our oneplus nord and well yes so that's pretty much what we get so far we got a oneplus logo and then

Yeah let's just go ahead and open this up real quick there we go here is my oneplus nord not sure why there's two slots here as if they forgot something but yeah so this is our oneplus nord here in this black box we got the nord brandon here with the oneplus logo on the right side we got oneplus on the back we just got some info here like android and all that other stuff and on the left side we have one plus north top nothing bottom nothing but if we actually go and take a look at the back of this box real quick you can see here

That we have the oneplus nord and 256 gigs and we got the blue marble color so yes let's go that's the color actually wanted so that's dope all right you know what we got to do let's go cracker into this box so going ahead and cutting that real quick and just taking off this plastic here at the top let's go ahead and do this whoa let's do this man oh i'm excited all right let's go ahead and get this about the box we got this way nord and then like i said

We got that blue color which is hidden man we can see here that we have the end display fingerprint scanner and let's just go ahead and take this off real quick oh man that blue marble is hidden man i'm feeling that but yeah just looking at the back here we have our oneplus logo we got oneplus with some text at the bottom we have our four cameras and then we also got a flash i had to go ahead and find out more information if this is glass or plastic but on the front here we have our hole

Punch here we actually got a pre-installed screen protector right here so that's dope i don't have to scratch my nord we have a little bit of a chin here at the bottom and at the top we have our earpiece and well yes so this kind of looking like a galaxy s10 plus not gonna lie if it was over here so you can see here with my s10 plus here on the left and my oneplus note on the right yeah they look pretty much exactly the same with these hole punches here and yeah i shattered my s10 plus man yeah i already know it still works but

It's shattered it's done like i got to give me a new one or something anyways the weight is pretty good on this i'm really feeling that and it's actually pretty slim so i feel good in the hands ladies you know the procedures as flossy carter would say but yeah we got our 6.4 inch amoled screen here with a 90 hertz refresh rate so that's gonna be dope so on the right side here we actually got our power button and we actually got our volume sliders so i know a lot of oneplus fans really like that because it's like a

Three stage one so we're going to go ahead and check that out and on the left side we have our volume rockers at the bottom we have our looks like okay that's interesting we got our sim and sd card right here at the bottom i'm assuming this is a similar sd card tray but it's at the bottom so that's interesting and then we also have a microphone we have a usbc port and then we have a speaker here and at the top we have another microphone so let's go and keep looking in this box here so

We have a lot of packaging here so let's go ahead and pull this out real quick and see if we got anything interesting so not really let's go and throw that to the side but quick edit here actually want to go and show you this welcome letter that's actually pretty dope i'm feeling that so they got this whole message here about the whole process of the oneplus nord and like how the specs like don't really matter and just things like that they talk about how they rethink what goes into their phones and then they also got

The team here like the ceo of oneplus as you can see here so yeah that's dope all right oneplus i see y'all that i feel that going ahead and taking this out here and oh yeah i was just waiting for that so we do have a case here i really feel that so thank you oneplus for actually throwing the case inside the box and then here let's go and see what we got so usual books and stuff let's go ahead and throw that wait hold on not the usual books actually we got some oneplus nord stickers here so we're

Gonna go ahead and troll somebody with that and then we get our usual book so let's go through that to the side and then we get a semi-sd card ejector tool so looking more in the box okay okay one plus so actually see here we got our fast charger here but it's actually american so i did not expect that i already have my adapter on it ready for those european ones so i mean that's cool and then we got our signature red oneplus cable here so

You already know oneplus they just rock with this whole red theme here i'm feeling it i guess even in this usb port here so we do have usba to usbc it's actually red inside of here so that's interesting and then that's pretty much it for the box so all right so where is our nord at let's go ahead and do this thing let's go ahead and turn this on and uh let's go ahead and see if we got any juice there we go we got like a really subtle vibration and we got the oneplus logo powered by android and oh man so like

Y'all don't you don't get it like the hype is there y'all the hype is there for me to go and use this phone but yeah this is going to be our boot animation here for our oneplus nord and there we go so it looks like this actually dual sim here with nfc and then we're about to go ahead and see what that 90 hertz look like so already oh yeah that looks nice now let me go and set this thing up on my wi-fi log in and do all that stuff and then i'll get back to you and all right so bang we already done

Let's go ahead and do this let's say start and there we go we are into our oneplus nord so we got never settle here of course with oneplus and yeah so like i'm loving the feel of this phone man so first impressions though like with the vibration motor yeah that vibration motor is nice man but correct me if i wrong but actually think that this is a glass screen protector so if it is yeah yeah y'all killing it with that huh but yeah you can see here that we have our in display fingerprint scanner which

Works no problem in there we also have our volume slider here as you can see so that's nice i hear a lot of youtubers say that more companies should copy this and well maybe that's true i think yeah yeah that's true but yeah just scrolling around this real quick my first impressions with the screen yeah it feels nice with that 90 hertz it doesn't go to 120 or anything but i'm cool with the 190. i really don't need 90hz in the first place but yes so

Actually let's go ahead and talk about some stuff first so basically here's the deal with having the oneplus in the us this is going to be a european model here so they're not going to have all the bands supported so if you need to go ahead and see if your carrier support this band and like what features you get and everything go and look at this and then you'll go ahead and we'll just go and decide for that but i'm about to go and throw my t-mobile sim card in here see if we

Get 5g but let's go and put this up against the pixel 4a real quick and yeah see see that's my problem right there that's what i don't really like about the 4a is like how small it is but still they're not really that far off so like you have a 90 hertz screen here and a 60hz screen here which ain't really a big deal to me because like i said i don't really need 90 hertz and all that crazy smoothness on my screen because i just get used to it anyways but you have a 350

Phone here and then you got a 400 phone here so we're about to go and do some comparisons in another video and see which one's better but so far i'm really liking this one plus nor better right now man not gonna lie to y'all but what do y'all think about the oneplus nord let me know in the comments below because i will be doing some fortnite gameplays and that type of stuff with this phone but let me go and grab my t-mobile sim card out of my fold real quick and let's throw it in the nord all right so i got the sim card let's go on throwing this

One plus nord here and my sim card is in here now as you can see here i have t-mobile and i'm actually in my basement right now so i don't think i'm getting really any service down here so let's go upstairs all right so there we go after i went ahead and restarted this phone i actually got 5g signal as you can see here so now let's go and download and we're about to actually go ahead and step outside real quick let's go and do that

All right so i guess this can test the outdoor brightness it looks pretty good out here but as you can see here we do have t-mobile 5g just out here in my backyard and all right let's do this let's see what kind of speeds we get out here with 5g so let's go ahead and see here uh yeah kind of disappointing but 5g ain't really been the fastest out here even though at the same time i used my s20 ultra like earlier this year and i think i pulled like 50 down so i don't know what's up with that and

Last up here we're about to go ahead and test these scammers out here so we know google has the camera king oneplus yeah not really so much but we about to go and see in this test here to see who pulls out the better pictures so we got the oneplus note here for 400 bucks which relies on his four cameras and then we have the google pixel 4a here which really relies on his software so we have to go and see about that all right so this is going to be the

Video on the oneplus nord 4k at 30fps and then it's going to be your video quality on your pixel 4a with 4k at 30 so let me know which one do you think looks better now the weird thing that i noticed with this is that this got 4k at 60 but the back camera don't what what's up with that i mean the camera itself it looked pretty good so with the pixel you get 1080p at 30 with the front facing camera so that's pretty much it but again the camera don't look bad

I might be giving it to the oneplus nord right now and yeah so that's gonna be pretty much it for my unboxing that first look with the oneplus nord and kind of a comparison to the pixel 4a so let me know in the comments what did y'all think about this this was interesting but i'm glad that i finally got my hands on my own oneplus nord like it's been way too long but we're finally here now hopefully i can keep this and hopefully like maybe one person would put me in a

Commercial and hopefully oneplus will actually reach out to me and we could like collaborate on future devices like a oneplus 9 maybe or just whatever comes out in the future but i'm about to go and get out of here y'all so thanks for watching if you like this video go and give this video a like and if you really liked it go and subscribe but go and follow me on my social media eddie centek on instagram and twitter and facebook when instagram and twitter is the most active but would you pick up a oneplus nord let me know in the comments below

Now let's actually go and try a call real quick all right that works no problem so cool it's not ending though what's up with it bro this thing will not end i literally don't know what this thing is on right now all right y'all so thanks for watching i'll see on the next one then duh peace out thanks again to oneplus for actually sending this out to me and stay tuned for more content on this and actually stay tuned for more content

With both of these so yeah cool peace out you

OnePlus Nord | Unboxing, First Look, and Pixel 4a Comparison

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