Dragon Touch Max10 | Unboxing and First Look (Is This Tablet Worth $140?)

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Your pics look terrific !!!

Yo what's good y'all tutorial and today we're going to be unboxing the dragon touch max 10 tablet here by obviously dragon touch now before i go any further i just want to say real quick that this video is sponsored by dragon touch they did pay me to do this video so just won't put that out there that's the first thing i want to put out there one of the first things anyways and as always a paycheck ain't gonna change how i feel about a product so if it sucks i'm gonna say it sucks and if it don't imma say it don't

So let's see if it sucks or not because it's at a pretty good price all right so we're back here again at the legendary unboxing table as you all know but yeah like i said this video is going to be sponsored by dragon touch for unboxing this thing and the review and all that so like i said already just because they cut me a paycheck doesn't mean that's gonna change my opinion on this thing y'all know how i do on this channel but they sponsored it and they also sent this tablet out to me so we're about to

Go and see if this thing's even worth it so if you actually want to get this i'll put a link in the description but it actually costs 140 bucks on amazon so yeah it's a pretty decent price already though i see a red flag here so we got android nine pi we're on android 10 and android 11 is about to come out so that's a problem but we'll see about that in a minute but we also have five gigahertz wi-fi finally usb type-c port on like these

Cheaper tablets and just devices in general and then we'll get into the rest here so yeah let's go and get into this box real quick so on the front we have a dragon touch logo max 10 and we got the actual tablet here we got the octa-core processor three gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage and a 1200 by 1920 ips lcd display on the left side we don't got nothing on the right side we haven't got nothing at the bottom we just have the dragon touch logo at the top we got another dragon touch

Logo and at the back it's just telling us to go to their website alright so let's go and get up into this and you already know about the unboxing knife let's do this now let me point some out real quick so i just came back from the spectrum store i got all this equipment up in here because well mine needed to get replaced so i'm not going to be setting this thing up because i don't got no internet right now but yeah so that's the deep there so let's go and peel off this plastic here

On the front and let's go ahead and see what's up in this box so it got here a couple of days ago but now we can finally see what we got going on in here so let's just go ahead and do this let's just go ahead and get out the box and there we go so right up front we got a 10 inch tablet here with a metal body apparently which yup that's uh that may be metal i think that is yeah that's definitely metal and then we have a black color as you can see here so as far as i know if i go

Back to that website here in my pixel 4a there's no other colors so you only get black alright so here is a tablet and man they got some real grip here on the sides just already i could tell from like the texture right here but we just got this attention thing so it comes with a screen protector i think so if we just go ahead and just peel this off yep we got screen protectors so i guess that's pretty cool but as you can see here we have the camera here which is actually centered here so that's gonna be better for like video calls like zoom and all that stuff

We have some yeah they're kind of thick bezels by the same time it is a pretty cheap tablet i guess on the back we have our power button our volume up volume down and our reset button so that's not a microphone like i thought it was originally it's kind of weird how it has a reset button but all alright then it looks like in here we put in our sd card we have a usb c port at the top we have our camera here with our flash so we don't have two cameras here it's just a camera and a flash

We have our dragon touch logo and then we also have some more information like design by dragon touch in us on the left side we don't have nothing at the top we already talked about that and at the bottom we have what looks like some speakers yeah pretty much speakers and that's pretty much it also here i didn't forget to point out we do got a headphone jack all right so i don't know where our microphone is but let's just go ahead and turn this on real quick because this have to have a microphone and we do have vibration out here so that's pretty cool so we have a dragon

Touch logo powered by android and just already like i'm not even gonna lie like the screen really ain't doing any justice right now as you can see here but here we go so we have our hi there setup screen here so let's go and set this up real quick i'll get back to y'all and all right just like that we are in so yeah like i was saying with the screen i'm really not impressed at all like you can see the viewing angles and everything here

Yeah i know it's a cheap tablet but it kind of reminds me of like an old school rca tablet if i'm just being honest here but let's go and make sure that we got android 9 on here so if we go over here to the system we go over here to about tablet we do have let's go down here android 9 as you can see here but you know what let's go and do a camera sample real quick so i'll go ahead and show you some pictures right here on the screen so let me know what do you think about

The camera in the comments below i can't comment on it because i don't really know what it looks like yet but yeah just looking around here it looks like our pretty standard android user interface here but i mean like it's it's all right it's it's okay now i wish i had a fire tablet in the 10 inch version to go ahead and compare to this but right now i really don't and i i guess i like this though like how you could just swipe down from anywhere and it shows in different areas but just looking out here we have our

Standard apps here like our chrome we have screen capture surprisingly so i definitely didn't expect that we got messages even so that's pretty cool i'm wondering if it links to your phone or not we have fm radio google play music calculator all that type of stuff and yes so i mean i really just just so far my first impressions ain't really the best but i mean i might have to go ahead and use it some more and then let y'all know in the comments or not in the comments on another video

So my first impressions with this i'm not gonna lie like it just ain't really impressing me right now so i'm gonna have to go and play with this some more maybe i'll change my mind but so far i mean i know it's a cheap tablet again but look at all the innovation on these phones and stuff i feel like they definitely could have did better especially with this screen i mean you have a tablet here but actually let's go ahead and do a sound test real quick

So i don't have anything where i can go ahead and test the sound so i'll go ahead and insert a clip right here as you can see how the sound sounds and that clip was after i installed the spectrum stuff so yeah i mean like the metal body is cool and everything but it still kind of feels like a really cheap tablet i know again how many times am i going to say this it is a really cheap tablet but it just really feels like it and i don't like that and on top of that like so far as i can see here there is no face unlock on here so we're

In 2020 even if it's not safe i feel like we need face unlock on these devices so in here you can see in the screen lock all we can really do is put in a pattern or a pen or just however you do it so i mean uh yeah we're gonna have to see about this now let's look at the rest of the box real quick so we're not even done unboxing this i just got straight into the tablet we have our usbc cable as you can see so that's pretty nice it's usba

To usbc we also have our ac adapter so it's not going to be a fast charge or anything but we do have that there and then this random bag i don't really know what this goes to but we also have our user manual but what do we do with that wait hold up what is in here okay so dragon touch uh just uh warranty whatever all right what do we do with this we throw it to the side but it does have a two year warranty so i guess that's pretty nice but we'll have to definitely go and see about this i'll go ahead and follow it

Up in another video but that's gonna be pretty much it for me y'all so thanks for watching if you like this video go and give this video a like and if you really liked it go and subscribe go and follow me on my social media eddie centek on instagram and twitter and facebook but instagram and twitter is the most active but yeah so i got some spectrum stuff to hook up i gotta call their customer support and everything before they close so i gotta get on top of that and i gotta unbox another tablet but i'll go and get

Out of here y'all so thanks for watching i'll see you on the next one and peace out you


Dragon Touch Max10 | Unboxing and First Look (Is This Tablet Worth $140?)





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