Google Pixel 4a | Fortnite Gameplay with Controller

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Yo what's good y'all tutorial and today i'm back again with more pixel 4a content except for this time i'm gonna be doing a fortnight gameplay test with this in my xbox controller just like i did last year with my pixel 3 8. so let's see what kind of performance we can get out of this from a phone for 350 bucks alright so this video is probably going to be pretty interesting because well i did a video last year like i said with the pixel 3a xl and that did pretty good with fortnite so now i'm gonna go and see what they

Got this year so at the time recording this video it's actually up for pre-order right now so it's not out yet but you can buy for 350 bucks so that's a pretty good price and i want to see what we get so this phone actually has a snapdragon 730 with six gigs of ram for you spec nerds out there and i know i get a lot of questions like this so where can you download fortnite well now you can download it in a play store it used to be a galaxy store exclusive and you can only download it on but now you can just download it on the play store so just look up fortnite here and then there we go we got fortnite by epic games that's the real deal right there and also is this compatible with the playstation controller yes now how am i connecting this controller to my phone because well with these newer xbox controllers they have bluetooth capabilities so you don't need to like plug it in with a wire or anything so basically how you do this is well my

Controller is off right now so if your control is off then follow these steps go ahead and hold on to the sync button here at the back and then hold down to the xbox button while it turns on and then it should start flashing like that now if it's already on then just hold on to that sync button there and then it'll start flashing so go to settings go to connected devices tap on pair new device and then you're gonna go ahead and look for your xbox controller while still blinking so if it stops blinking then just hold on to that sync button again

But there it is right there so xbox wireless controller and then there we go let's go and hit allow access to your contacts and call history even though we don't need to do that because well it's a controller and there we go so now it's connected and if i move around here yeah you can actually see that it's actually working now so now at this point all i gotta do is just go over here to the play store and then just go to open and i already got fortnite downloaded on here so i don't got to worry about you

Know downloading it and waiting for that cause i already did this in advance so let's go and do this let's see what we can get out this phone and all right so there we go as you can see here i just have it laid up against this pixel 4a box but let's go over here to the graphics because people ask that all the time so for the frame rate we're at 30 fps and that's actually the highest that we can go so we also do have 20 fps but that's the only two options that we got if we scroll down here we have the auto set quality which actually did so that's

What it's going to give us by default the quality presets is at medium but it's downloading these hd graphics so i'm going to wait for that the 3d resolution is at 75 and well that's pretty much it so i'm going to turn on the show fps so we can see that in real time and well yeah so while we wait for this to download over here at the top we got 64 as you can see here let's go ahead and change the mode here so we're going to go ahead and play team rumble like i always do in these

Videos and like i see in all these videos once i die i'm out like i'm done i'm not going to keep playing i'ma just just get out the game because i just want to see how this plays and like the battery life and everything and if it gets hot so we'll see the battery life once this actually downloads and then we'll go ahead and start this all right so as you can see here it's on 100 and whoa man look at them graphics those are sexy alright then let's just go and do this already

But first up let's go back here to the graphics here and let's see if anything changed there so doesn't look like it all right let's just go into the game so the fps is actually going to be here in the corner at all times so if you want to keep up with that then just look there and one thing i noticed with this fortnite stuff here is that it actually cuts off here where the hole punch is so that's kind of interesting on galaxies is actually optimized so we'll see once this thing actually comes out

And then they maybe optimize it for this phone so the battery percentage is actually at 80 right now so i'll let y'all know once i die and then we're done playing and then i also go ahead and let y'all know how much time we've been playing for so let me go ahead and turn up the volume on this thing real quick and let's go ahead and play this game so nothing going on right now but just moving around yeah the graphics it ain't really bad for that snapdragon 730 with six gigs around

So for 350 bucks like i'm actually kind of surprised now the graphics actually do look pretty familiar to the pixel 3a so well we'll have to see you in a minute so we'll see how this thing turns out oh man i ain't mean to do that there was a chest up there and now i can't really get up there unless i want to build or something all right so let's go and just look around here real quick let's look for a chest and uh let's go ahead and see but yeah so far looks pretty good still there's no lag

Or anything yeah it's just a regular 30 fps that we're all used to but uh let's go and break that real quick and let's just go in here just looking around some more there's a chest up here apparently so let me go and grab that uh let's see can i build okay i do got something here so let's just look over here real quick and where's our chest at okay i think it's over here let's go and grab that okay no it's not even over here i don't know where that chest is head all right so here we go i think it's over here all right so i think it's

Actually under me there we go let's go and grab this real quick bang nothing really nothing really up in there but it is what it is oh i'll take that though i'll take that assault rifle i don't want no pistols so let's just oh my okay that's not gonna work out so what do y'all think about this performance here just looking around let me know what you think in the comments below but i'm going fast forward through this we'll see what some action comes up and then i'll get back to y'all let's go and

Bring down this tree real quick though and see how that works out yeah no lag still so let me go fast forward i'll get back to y'all all right so i'm literally about to die here in a minute you see i got caught in the storm obviously but the storm is right there oh come on okay that don't count i'm gonna just go ahead and play this game real quick with actual like gameplay all right so let's see i got my weak phones over here we're gonna go ahead and find some action yo why are you talking so much man okay he can't hear me but

Why are you talking so much man these eight-year-olds be going crazy on fortnite oh i found action let's do this where is he going where are you going man where are you going hold up hold up where you going man where'd he go oh yeah there we go bang just like that all right so where are the rest of them at come on give me something give me some man come on oh yeah okay let's do this let's do this

Oh wait okay i'm not i'm not doing that well right now let me change real quick where is he at where is he i can't really see him oh okay he's dead and okay it looks like somebody's shooting at me out i don't know what you're doing over here man but hold up hold up let me reload let me okay there we go bang come on come on what are you doing oh okay so that wasn't fun so as you can see here we have 75 okay you're just way too loud right now but we are at 75

We have 30 fps as you can see here sorry i didn't show you all that but it's actually up here in the corner instead of here at the bottom left so that was pretty much it for my fortnight gameplay i told y'all once i'm done i'm done like i'm out that's it all right so i want to hear these four-year-olds playing on fortnite anymore that was pretty much it for me y'all why wait wait i literally closed the game but i still hear them

They literally hacked my pixel or something okay that was super weird but it stopped but yeah anyways that was fortnite on the google pixel 4 8. it didn't really work out to my advantage that much because well i'm behind the camera here and it's dark and everything but i mean we got somewhere with this right it seemed like every video that i do for fortnight game players i make a new excuse for why i'm so bad but i mean when i'm not doing a video i play it much better but yeah anyways that's pretty much all i got for y'all so

Thanks for watching y'all if you like this video go and give this video a like and if you really liked it go and subscribe but go follow me on my social media eddie centek on instagram and twitter and facebook but instagram and twitter is the most active but i will be doing more gameplays just not in this video but i'll get to things like call of duty mobile and even though i never played this game like ever in my life i'll do that i'll do some pubg and whatever just combine them all in one video now the phone itself is like

Barely warm now i haven't played for that long but it's not that warm so that's pretty good so thanks for watching i'll see on the next one and peace out this is a chooky beat production

Google Pixel 4a | Fortnite Gameplay with Controller

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