Samsung Galaxy M31s – Full Review & Specs (2020)

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The galaxy m31s it's probably the best m series phone there has ever been simply because it comes with features that no m series phone has ever had a 64 megapixel camera with intellicam features just single take a new camera sensor super amoled infinity oh display reverse charging a 25 watt super fast charger in the box and finally a better and premium gradient design at the back and even on the sides i mean if you're looking for an m series smartphones in the 20 000 rupee range this is it and before we move on

Guys it'll be great if you could drop a like hit that subscribe button and that bell icon so you get notified every time i put a new video and now let's move on a quick unboxing of the m31s you get the phone and we'll talk obviously more about the design and everything about it but first look finally a gradient designer looks good a 25 watt fast charger in the box and type c cable no casing no screen protector no earphones

And now let's start with the design the m series needed a good design and the m31s has finally attempted that now you get this really nice premium gradient design at the back it's a plastic plus glass build and it looks much better now the gradient design is actually present on the sides as well so it looks really well blended and kudos to samsung definitely a step in the right direction the build is a combination of glass and plastic and the device does weigh heavy but that's because of the massive

6000 milliampere hour battery which does deliver on a huge battery life the battery is also what makes it thicker but despite all this using the phone is not much of a challenge given most phones are of this size these days but you can surely feel the weight so something to keep in mind and since it's not pure glass at the back it's definitely lesser prone to scratch break and even fingerprints the front is gorilla glass 3 and while that's three or four generations old it's still pretty tough just to note the power button is also the fingerprint

Reader and i really think it's a lot faster than optical or ultrasonic fingerprint readers you can house two sim cards and a micro sd card all at the same time there is headphone jack right there on a type c charging port and the first time ever an m series phone gets the super fast 25 watt charger and now let's get into the os it's running android 10 with samsung one ui 2.1 right out of the box but do note that

The one ui 2.1 on m series phones is not the same as the one ui 2.1 on let's say the galaxy s20 there are some features like link to windows screen recorder live caption bixby routines edge lighting and secure folder that are just not available in the m series there are some extra apps that come pre-loaded onto the phone but nothing that you can't uninstall so it's fine other than that it's a pretty standard samsung phone with regular one ui features you know you can

Customize the side key to do a bunch of things enable motion gestures for better interactivity with your phone customize the display and your home screen for better use and take advantage of android 10 digital well-being features and so on and now let's talk about the display you get a large 6.5 inch full hd super amoled display with a tiny hole punch at the center making room for the 32 megapixel selfie camera

It's also got white vine l1 certification so you can stream your you know netflix and amazon prime in hd quality the colors look great as they always do on super amoled and the screen is decently bright enough for easy viewing even in the brightest of days outdoors so whether you're gaming or you're watching videos you get a pretty rich big screen experience with really good colors oh and since you get dolby atmos with headphones plugged in

You know the filling sound in your ears makes watching movies and playing games much more enjoyable and now shifting gears to performance it's a mid-range smartphone from samsung and it just about delivers in performance that you can expect from a device in this price segment now games might take a while to launch and load but once they do the gameplay is quite satisfactory you'll be able to play without any hiccups be it online or offline games the m31 it's able to optimize itself to deliver

The best performance to you for no lag gaming and despite playing for about 30 minutes there is no heating of any sort so rest assured you can play this on for longer and still not feel uncomfortable now for day-to-day apps you know your use on m31s is not going to feel a whole lot different or inferior than if you were to use them on a flagship phone sure they're not going to be as snappy but it's nothing that you'd be complaining about now there are little things with a mid-range processor for

Example let's say you've got very fast internet speeds but the actual download and the install on the m31s might feel a little slow so just have your expectations aligned and finally let's talk about the cameras you've got a quad camera setup and that seems to be the standard setup these days on pretty much all smartphones in this price segment the camera quality is actually quite impressive here are some samples i took using the primary camera and the ultra white camera and while i think these are really nice

Just feel free to download these images from the link in the description below and evaluate for yourself the m31s features a new camera sensor that none of the earlier m series phones had and that really makes a difference but what's more important are the camera features that assist you in taking better photos first of all you now get single take in the m31s something borrowed from the galaxy s20 lineup essentially you hit the shutter button and the m31s will automatically produce

A variety of pictures and videos for you in terms of video recording you can shoot up to 4k quality videos but it's only limited to 30 fps you can also switch between the front and the rear camera while you're recording a video and there are a lot more mods available in the more section that you can explore including the night hyperlapse one more thing while it has a 64 megapixel camera it's not the default mode you'll have to go and shift but the difference in quality is really minimal plus you

Lose the hdr effect so i actually prefer keeping it in the regular 12 megapixel mode it just works better and lastly let's talk about the 6000 mah battery it's monstrous and it's as good as a battery pack and it can go on for about two days if you know you're moderately using it it's the perfect phone for you if you're out a lot on calls all day long and you can't charge your phone frequently or if you watch too much of you know video content through the day and i really think that the battery

Capacity is one of the best features of m31s anyway to conclude it all i think the m31s is the best m series phone you can get at this point in time the average performance is one piece but i think there are other features in the m31s that really sets it apart from other phones in this price segment and that battery capacity it's just built to last so you know if performance is much more important to you than camera and design and features and battery

Capacity all put together then definitely you should be exploring other phones in this price segment that offer a better processor but if you're looking at like a good overall well-balanced package you know again as i said design camera features battery the other things that make up a smartphone i think the m31s is a pretty good balance and uh definitely a great candidate to consider in this price segment anyway that's it from me on the m31s if you've got any questions

Feel free to comment them in the section below as always don't forget to drop a like hit that subscribe button and that bell icon i'll see you guys in the next one

Samsung Galaxy M31s – Full Review & Specs (2020)

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