iPhone XR in 2020 – still worth buying? (Review)

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The iPhone 10 are came out nearly two years ago already and with the recent release of the iPhone se along with the upcoming new iPhones I felt it was a good time to take another look at it hey how's it going I'm Josh from 91 Zack and today we're taking a look at the $600 iPhone 10 R is it still worth buying so this video is probably not gonna age too well because I'm gonna be talking a bit about how the upcoming iPhone 12 could change the lineup as we know it and potentially alter your decision on whether or not to buy the iPhone 10 are so I very well could end up doing

Another video on this phone at the end of the year but we'll have to see what happens the 10r is still a great phone and if you have it right now you would know that it's fast has a good camera a great battery life and perhaps most importantly feels modern with the iPhone 10 light design going from an older iPhone to this feels like a real upgrade even if the next model is a bit better currently the Tanners toughest competition is the iPhone 11 sold by Apple for $700 u.s. that's 100 bucks more and with that you get a slightly faster chipset and significantly better

Camera system the rear got an added ultra wide lens and the selfie camera got boosted to 12 megapixels from 7 both of which are significant improvements but the 10r can still take portrait photos and for a lot of people the camera is more than enough so is the iPhone 10 are still worth it yes it is and if the iPhone 11s cameras don't pique your interest you might as well save some money going below the iPhone 10 R is the $400 iPhone se which for most probably isn't going to be as interesting because of the older design it is a terrific deal though and

Definitely worth talking about so I'll put a comparison I did in the description below if you're interested the 10r might be worth it currently but we do need to keep in mind to the future this video is being posted in mid 2020 and later in the year likely around October or so the iPhone 12 and the 12 pro should be coming out I'm not saying buy one of those phones over the 10r but they will change the 10 hours price and how it looks in Apple's lineup there's also a good chance Apple could just drop the 10r completely or give it a price reduction to around $500

Or so and if that was the case it would be a much better sell for a lot of people over the iPhone se I can't see them doing this personally I think they'll just end up dropping the 10r from the line simply because a $500 price tag would absolutely cannibalize the sales of the iPhone se given it would only be $100 less and look about five years older plus the iPhone 11 is very similar to the 10r and assuming it gets a price reduction Apple really doesn't need to keep this phone around anymore this is all just conjecture of course

I'm just guessing based off of some of Apple's past patterns and the way they typically operate so regardless if you do buy an iPhone 10 are right now keep in mind that by October or so the phone will either no longer be sold straight from Apple or it'll get a price reduction if the 10r is discontinued I'd expect a lot of carriers to put them on clearance especially around Black Friday or so so you might want to keep that in mind as well also the prices I keep throwing out there $600 that probably won't look like that for you that's the price Apple

Sells the phone for straight-up if you don't want to plan with it if you're going through a carrier you're probably getting a deal or a contract or an upgrade of some sort and so the price will look differently and so yeah just for the sake of simplicity I'm just using Apple's prices at the end of the day there's no way to predict the future so to compress the answer I've been slowly spinning out here the iPhone 10 R is still worth it right now but if you have the ability to wait wait you'll either get a better phone for the same money or get the same phone for less

Money it's kind of a win-win but with that out of the way let's back up here and talk about the design of the iPhone 10 are the iPhone 10 R was certainly a statement phone back in 2018 with one of the most uh Napa like Apple designs since the 2013 iPhone 5c Apple isn't known for giving you options for color but the iPhone 10 R flips that notion on its head with bright vibrant eye catching colors in red yellow blue and coral as well as white and black I remember thinking with the 5c back in the day even with the white one because

It was plastic it just didn't seem like a normal iPhone but the 10r fixed this mistake by retaining the premium nature of the iPhone 10 thanks to the glass front and back we do have an aluminum franc which isn't quite as fancy as stainless steel but is lighter and doesn't scratches easily so there are advantages I love the coral model of the 10r and it is easily one of my favorite phone colors of all time it looks so good on film that beautiful bright orange in person I will say it's not quite as appealing as its kind of a pinkish salmon color I'm not really

Orange except in certain lighting but I still love it that's something that 10 are kind of reintroduced into the lineup more uniqueness for the user how many coral iPhone 10 ours have you seen in the wild buying a color other than white and black really helps you stand out from the crowd if you know there were crowds right now hopefully that joke ages just as poorly as the rest of this video it's also worth mentioning that I like these colors a lot better than the iPhone 11 colors and iPhone 11 goes for more of them almost like a muted color palette just not as

Bright and so I just really appreciate the direction Apple went with the 10r the display is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to talking about the 10r although most of that has died down since the launch and do you know why because the screen is fine it really is at six point one inches with a resolution of 828 by 1792 and pixel density of 326 pixels per inch this is admittedly the same pixel density as the 2010 iPhone for a 10 year old phone and honestly that doesn't really matter for the vast majority of people the screen doesn't look

Low-quality and when I go to it from the iPhone 11 Pro max it doesn't feel unnatural I can see the difference to be sure but considering the price difference that comes with it I'd say the lower quality display is worth it for most out there with those thinner bezels on the display though we do get a notch at the top which has also been somewhat controversial whatever you think of it you'll get used to it very quickly as it kind of just disappears to your eyes as you use your phone with it we also get faced ID instead of touch ID which lets you unlock your

By looking at it and works really well if you're a bit hesitant about face ID the iPhone se is the only phone Apple is selling that has touch ID so you might want to look into that thanks to the glass back we do get wireless charging as well as fast charging although a fast charger isn't included in the box a 10 R also has water resistance so a drop in the sink or the toilet should be fine although I wouldn't go swimming with it the iPhone 10 RS design in my opinion is really good compromise between the more premium iPhones and cheaper iPhones you know the aluminum the glass it's it's

Really nice it's a nice feeling phone nice looking phone and the colors really add to it too but does it design even matter when you're buying a phone yes of course but I don't think it matters quite as much as the specs and the camera so let's talk about that camera with the iPhone 10 are we are getting a single 12 megapixel wide-angle lens on the back of the phone that has the ability to take portrait photos of people links to software but only people photos generally are good maybe great depending on how you see it the iPhone 11 is a

Pretty massive upgrade to this department so if the camera is important to you that's the phone you should be looking at don't get me wrong the 10r does the job and it does it quite well for sure photos are also usually pretty well done too although when you take the photos I'd recommend taking quite a few as there will often be little small mistakes on the edges or in the gaps of the subject video can be filmed in an up to 4k at 60fps and here on the screen is 30fps because that's probably what you'll be using most of the time it takes amazing video this is better than

Most if not all flagship androids on the market right now and yeah apples just always been great with video really the selfie camera is 7 megapixels and it's pretty good honestly I don't think most people require a spectacular selfie camera but if you do the iPhone 11 does bump things up to 12 megapixels overall while the camera isn't this phones the strongest suit it's quite good still and for $600 I think it's better than most would expect the $400 iPhone se does give pretty similar performance so if you're wanting a good camera for cheaper than the 10r I'd recommend looking into

It it actually does have worse camera hardware but thanks to the better processor in it the software compensates and actually produces sometimes a better looking photo with HDR like this example here but enough of that let's talk about the 10-hour specs we have apples a 12 chip set here and three gigabytes of RAM the a12 is still a very fast processor so there's no concern here and for Android phone owners three gigs of ram might not sound like a lot but for an iPhone it's plenty OS is super well optimized and whether you're running I was twelve thirteen or

Fourteen on here they all run smooth is butter and that's what's important for these kinds of phones the gesture system is based around fluidity so you can count on Apple doing their best to keep it fast throughout the rest of its life how much more software support are we getting it's tough to say of course it's getting iOS 14 and if we go for the five-year timeline looking about 2023 being the earliest Apple might stop updating it that said the hardware is really good so it could potentially go further the 5s got six years and the hardware

Was nowhere close to as good as this this is the benefit of Apple giving the 10 are the most current chipset for the time back in 2013 when Apple released the 5c alongside the 5s it had an older processor and because of that it was unsupported in 2017 while the 5s got until 2019 that will not be the case here the 10r should last every bit as long as the iPhone 10s right now practically anything you want to do with your phone is going to be an enjoyable experience from games to social media to internet browsing to whatever this is still a great phone in 2020 but you

Probably knew that coming into this should you buy it it depends on your personal situation and the best thing I can say to help is that at the moment I do believe this phone is worth the money it would cost you then said waiting until about October or November will either result in this phone being reduced in price or being discontinued altogether in which case the iPhone 11 will probably cost the same at about $600 I do recommend anyone who wants a good camera to go up to that iPhone 11 but otherwise if you think the 10r is for you don't be afraid to pick one up

It's also worth mentioning that Apple put the iPhone 10 are for sale refurbished on their website which means you can get it for like $100 less which is a very good deal and in fact you can get the 64 gig model for 500 and the 128 for 540 so for 40 more bucks you're getting double the storage that's a fantastic deal and I do recommend maybe looking into that if you're okay with buying refurbished and then there of course is the used market as well you can save a lot of money buying used if you're willing to deal with the cosmetic flaws and potentially well used

Batteries that come with it I found them on ebay calm for typically around 400 to 450 dollars for a 64 gigabyte model so by buying used or refurbished you're saving a couple hundred bucks definitely not bad and if you have an iPhone 10 are right now and are just watching this video out of curiosity no worries you have a great phone and it should have continued to last for a very long time Apple knocked it out of the park with the iPhone 10 our I do think the iPhone 11 is better value right now but this phone is still a very solid entry into

The lineup and there is a reason it was the best-selling smartphone for the vast majority of 2019 but what do you think of the iPhone 10 our nearly two years later do you agree with me disagree with me do you think the phones worth buying let me know in the comments down below if you found this video interesting maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like this you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech if you'd like to for some reason with that all being said thank you so much for watching i'm josh from ninety one tech

And i will see you all next time you


iPhone XR in 2020 – still worth buying? (Review)





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