Apple did it again! How do they keep doing this?

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Well y'all apple did it again i don't know exactly how they're doing this they're defying the odds time and time again they're undefeated i don't think anyone can beat them no matter what you do you try to put them down they just they just keep coming back pandemic no problem hardcore amazing phones no problem i i don't know i don't think you can put it down it feels like something from the walking dead i don't know i don't know you might be thinking well what the heck are you talking about listen i've been saying this for a while

Apple is pretty much bulletproof these guys can do whatever they want and they're gonna come out smell like roses and even surprise themselves sometimes like they just did the other day what am i talking about don't you worry i'm gonna tell you all about it right after this what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is travis and i do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing them if that

Sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just get into the video apple has done it again defying odds when you would expect that a company who charges so much money for something as simple as a power cord ladies and gentlemen should fall on their face in the midst of a global pandemic and no one having no money but they did it again

Recently apple released their quarter two earnings and bruh i gotta tell you some of this stuff doesn't make any kind of sense like how are they selling all of these things ain't nobody got no money man people are at home stuck well maybe that's actually how they did it let's start off with one of the most amazing things apple was the only vendor in the world to sell smartphones to grow this past quarter now again if you remember this entire quarter has

Been with covid like the entire quarter has has had this thing going on it wasn't like part of the quarter was effect this entire quarter was and they're the only company that actually gained sales like it doesn't it i i'm i'm still trying to figure this out and some of it may come from what i talked about a while back which is the iphone se the right phone at the right time i've done several videos about that i'll leave a link to one of them in the description

Below it's actually a really perfectly timed phone at a perfectly timed price and this really proves it iphone sales grew from just under 26 billion to just over 26 billion what what what and the iphone se is one of the things that they can point to of course the iphone 11 is still the world's best-selling phone which i know may shock some of you but i've been talking about this for a while it went from the iphone 10r to the iphone 11. it's the best selling phone in the world right price great performance all the

Bladder blah and i know some of you android knights out there really having a hard time and for you samsung knights i got some really bad news and that is that samsung went from being the number one global manufacturer of smartphones to number two as huawei even without the google apps support still managed to get number one it's pretty crazy out there right now so huawei with so many different pricing levels of their phones really can just ship a bunch of stuff

And know they're gonna sell pretty much everywhere except for maybe the us that's actually spectacular if you think about it let me just i'll come back to apple in a minute huawei is now the number one selling manufacturer of phones and they're not even in america they would dominate if they were overall the entire industry dropped 14 and samsung was really left out in the cold because their entire s series was way overpriced this year and while they couldn't have known the

Pandemic was coming ladies and gentlemen that was the most poorly timed release of anything and apple came out with a 400 phone around the same time looking like a champion what's interesting is it wasn't just smartphones that sold for apple now i had heard when the pandemic was more in china that ipad sales had gone up in china as people sheltered in place and i guess use those for entertainment and other things now i love ipads i actually use an ipad to edit all my videos here on youtube and ipad pro so i know how great they are but it's

Interesting that like everything sold not just ipads especially when they were really cheap on amazon but even their computers their laptops and all the things ipad sales surged to 6.6 billion from just over 5 billion and the company sold 7.1 billion dollars worth of max that's a 20 increase bruh even wearables hit 6.45 billion dollars in revenue this is a record for a non-holiday period what is going on now it makes sense that some people

Might need laptops and such for home but i gotta say i wouldn't think that apple would be the number one selection for that i would think a lot of people who have to work from home if you have to buy a laptop i mean you would think most companies that would make you work from home and give you a laptop would actually buy windows based uh laptops because they're a lot less expensive now here's the other thing what if the it companies

The i.t departments of those companies are actually buying the apple uh laptops for the employees that would make some sense but overall i'm shocked at this how in the world did they sell so many this is going to be one of the few times where i don't have an answer for this obviously the iphone thing i've talked about a billion times before yes they have a dominant strategy where now finally to have a lower end cost phone to get all of that market share they have the kind of middle ground with

Like the 10r still in there and of course the 11 which is actually doing work at under 700 and then the higher end pro line which of course the 12 pro and stuff that comes out they have that covered as well so they have a little bit of everything everywhere now android any of the android manufacturers typically have a much better range of phones i actually just did a video about a 250 what i think is flagship level phone i'm definitely gonna leave you a link in the

Description below for that that was a really cool experiment i love that i put it and put it in the end screen as well so apple doesn't have like that part of the segment at all like they they don't have anything to offer there but if they did these numbers would be even crazier and let's be clear apple is doing things in different markets with different price points that you would think would keep them from growing i know that china's always been really important to them

And it seems to have finally worked while not everyone's buying an iphone in china the ipad surge was really interesting and here in america i still can't get over how many ipads and macbooks and macs that they've sold now i guess they didn't really break out if they were macbooks macbook pros macbook airs they did just release the macbook air and a macbook pro my guess is probably a lot of those were macbook airs because it's the least expensive of the bunch

And you can get into a mac laptop for pretty inexpensive and since the iphone is the number one selling phone not only in the world but certainly in america i guess it makes sense if you want to add a laptop to your ecosystem to use one from apple but still to grow from quarter to quarter makes this company seem completely bulletproof it makes no sense that a company that is largely known for charging way too much money for any type of accessory or any product at all is able to continue to succeed

And here is really why i think they're able to do it it's just quality man you can hate on apple all you want and say that they're doing things the wrong way but when numbers like this come out the point is proven apple knows what they're doing they're selling to the right people they're selling the right product and they have services which of course is another place where they grew a lot of money look at these charts look at these charts the fact that any of these are going up

Is amazing there's a couple that went down as you would expect them all to do but some of these are just incredible now i think it's important to point out that while the iphone 12 won't launch until a little bit later they say it's gonna be delayed another month of course john prosser has said that all along the reality is apple has some work ahead of it i really believe that one of the things they need to do to hit that next level is to come up with not only just a mid-range phone and perhaps tablet dish thing

But a real low end i'm talking about 350 let's go 350 apple maybe even 300 bring us something with last year's processor a decent screen and see what happens i suspect they dominate if they do this and these numbers don't lie if you think about it if the iphone se did not sell this year their numbers actually would be worse there is a bit of a buffer from the iphone sc sale so obviously there was a market for it even in a pandemic i wonder what the market would have been if there

Wasn't a pandemic going on now what also makes this interesting is apple doesn't typically have growth in the second quarter because they don't release new products in the second quarter at least not new phones so this is unusual because of course the iphone se launched this year and maybe this will be a new norm obviously if it protects them in a down economy it would really boost them in an up economy and this is really no different than what samsung's been doing for quite

A while samsung coming out with the series the beginning of the year and the note series towards the end and then of course the lower end stuff sprinkled in between but the reality is this apple finally is doing that and it's working better than it does for samsung what does that really say and i've pointed this out before at least in america there is a huge shift in the high school kid age group for using iphones like it's like 70 80 percent of kids use iphones and while you might think that's not

Important those will become the adults of tomorrow and if that's their preference uh samsung better do something quick and if you think that they don't have to just because it's android versus ios i'm going to tell you something right now kids are impressionable and once you get a tool that's right a tool not something that you think you must have that's going to be amazing because it's the best processor the kids don't care about the processor they want it to work and if they're used

To something for their entire life why would they change it when they grow up most of them won't and as apple continues to put its fingers in every part of people's lives i don't see that changing i think apple dominates next year too but what do you think you can leave me a comment below maybe i've missed all this i mean i gave you the facts of what apple has been able to sell this year in a down economy i don't know how they did it but maybe you do tell me in the comments

Below and by the way those videos are right here you need to watch them they're absolutely awesome i'll see you next time peace and love see ya

Apple did it again! How do they keep doing this?

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