Google Pixel 4a – The BEST phone NO ONE will buy

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The google pixel 4a it's out it's been released there are reviews people have had it for days weeks or in the case of my friend scott months kind of crazy reviewed it after having it for two months and of course the thing has been ready to be released for quite a while now john prosser's told us for a long time that these things have been ready and you know by the way i've been talking about how the pixel 3a and 4a lines of phones should be like their primary phones they should just get rid of the flagships and from what we can tell

The upcoming pixel 5 is going to use a mid-range processor hopefully to keep the price down on that thing they never really give the value for the high end price they used to charge so why am i not super excited about the pixel 4a usually it's the thing that i keep talking about that google needs to do to succeed well a lot of things have changed in 2020 and i'm not sure that google kind of caught up to it i mean some aspects of it yes but i think they missed it by this much and i'll tell you why right after this

what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is travis and i do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing them if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just get into the video ah yes it's pixel season and what's funny about this is reminds me of a video i did about a year ago where i said people just don't care about the pixel 4

Line of phones and y'all weren't very happy about that for some reason i got a bunch of thumbs down and a bunch of negative comments and uh like a bunch of pixel like people who defend pixel phones came through don't really understand that thought but i guess they exist thought i was hating on the phone nope just said no one would care and guess what no one cared ladies and gentlemen they did not sell very many of them i was right as a matter of fact released a video a couple weeks after that thumbs downs went away

Critics went away they had to agree knew what i was talking about but the pixel 4a is a little too little too late and too little believe it or not too expensive if you've been watching some of the videos here on my channel recently i just did a video about some amazing phones at two hundred and fifty dollars and we're talking about another hundred dollars above that i'm gonna leave a link in the description below for that video as well as the end card you need to watch that because 250 car phones and 200 phones are pretty

Amazing at this point and don't get me wrong this is not a review of the pixel 4a obviously i don't have it you have tons of reviews to watch right now you should have an idea whether or not it's a good phone and i'm not saying the phone's not good but i think google missed a couple things number one let's talk about the price price is just a little bit too high as i just said the battleground is different at 250 and 300 there's some savage-like phones out there

With some really great specs and sure this phone has an amoled to screen which is great and it's going to get updates for three years which is fantastic and of course that pixel camera i mean you can't fight on that kenya you can't beat that down can you well you kind of can as i said in that video about 250 smartphones you can pretty much gank the the ability to take pictures like that right off the pixel and put it on any phone you want to on android darn near any phone with gcam

Talk about that again just go watch that video you understand what i'm talking about so that particular advantage which used to be a heck of an advantage to me is kind of gone at least for people that are paying attention now i get it a lot of people won't pay attention and they won't even know that you can do that they're just going to think the pixel phone's camera's better but let's be honest it's not like google pixels have a lot of brand loyalty behind

Them and if it was a 299 phone i might actually be a little bit more excited about it again you are getting value for your money and with the three years of updates i mean as a person who tells people they need to keep their phone updated it's actually not a bad deal since most of the phones get two and sometimes only one year of updates and when it comes to security especially that's a pretty big reason plus some of the cool features that the pixel phone have that don't go across any other phones

This time are pretty neat there's a new feature where can actually transcribe calls and videos and everything right on your screen even if you're not connected it's pretty darn cool and there are other things like that call screening option that's been on pixel phones for a couple years now google does these really amazingly cool things in software for only their pixel phones which is kind of a shame because if you buy any other phone you don't really get access to that but again

I would point out that a lot of those things i believe especially for people that are going to buy a pixel 3a are not exactly things they're going to use very often will they get used at all sure i'm sure they will especially if they're turned on by default but if they're not turned on by default i want you to think of how many people who would pay a 350 phone are going to dig deep into the settings and that is why i think they missed the boat at 299 dollars you can do a lot of things

You can get away with not putting in as many things and some of that software r d could go to android phones in general listen there are some great things that pixel phones can do that people if they have to dig in settings will never know that they exist the fact that it's a 350 phone brings a certain type of person into the store or in this case online to purchase it price-minded people those very price-minded and value-oriented people are not really looking for the latest and greatest

If they were they'd be buying a samsung or an iphone so these features are great and i'm not saying you should not add features to a budget phone you absolutely should but it's the wrong customer this phone is great for the wrong person if they could put some of these features into a truly flagship phone it would make more sense just make the battery last all day and a half make the camera pretty good which it already is and give it some pretty cool apps with some general support you're done you're done that's all you

Have to do for 350 or even 300 like that's all you have to do so for me any r d spent above and beyond that is kind of wasted i feel like google doesn't really understand their user they've done a good job over the last couple of years making the pixel line of phones known for its photography which is great everyone who's in the tech sphere knows the photography on pixel phones is the best but i dare you to go down the street find a random person and ask them

What phone takes the best pictures if they even know what a pixel phone is i doubt they're gonna say that they're gonna say either an iphone or a samsung phone or someone might even say lg just because they don't know anything because really once you upload a picture to social media it's compressed and it's not the greatest quality anyway so while i'm not advocating against some of the incredible visual stuff that google is able to do i just think they need to spread across all of android and stop letting xda doing it for you

Because that's that's what's happening all these inexpensive phones you're getting amazing cameras through gcam listen i love what google's doing i'm not trying to hate on them this is a good phone for a decent price i just think they kind of missed the boat on this they should go even lower the mid-range is a savagery right now there are so many amazing phones between 300 and 500 and 500 to 600 that google can no longer compete there they used to be able to back in the uh pixel 3a days when there wasn't as much competition

But again i've done a couple i did a video not too long ago with 500 phones and below and you can just see the savagery there it's crazy and google can't compete there they just can't they don't understand the customer they understand the technology and how to get really great things to people things that work well but the people that are buying these phones just don't use those features now listen the last time i talked about this people were hating on me they thought that i was hating on google i'm not

I think they bring some of the best coolest technology that i wish they would spread across all of android and take on apple in that way the pixel will never outsell any iphone so don't try it just give some of that great technology to some of the leaders in the industry you know like samsung imagining a samsung and google smartphone with all the extra cool features and i think they could give i think they could give everyone else a run for their money but what do you

Think tell me in the comments below did google hit the mark with this i mean sure it's reviewing very well everyone will find problems in the weeks after the reviews go live because a lot of these reviews have only had the phone for a short amount of time but let's just be honest it's a good phone and for 350 i don't think anyone who buys it is gonna feel like they got ripped off it is a great value phone but sometimes that's not enough and mark my words people won't buy it not in any kind of

Significant numbers google has to know that by now i mean and you know that now because you watch this video and you will learn more if you watch that video and then this one because that one's cool too anyway see you next time peace and love this way

Google Pixel 4a – The BEST phone NO ONE will buy

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