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Merely looked at several of your images (: i'm actually delighted i got to job darkness you. You're great!

So i was going through some of the comments on my recent videos and i realized that i've actually had an impact on some people buying budget phones or phones that are not flagship level in the year in which they are purchased like my amazon renewed series where i review phones from just a couple of years ago today and buy them renewed from amazon people seem to like that and i realized something pretty quickly there's a lot of people in my community that don't purchase the top end phone a lot of them

And there's a ton of comments across my channel from people who just are sometimes even against buying the cutting edge they do like to watch videos on them but they don't necessarily buy them for themselves what's interesting about this is how powerful some of the smaller and less expensive phones that are out there now matter of fact i started thinking how low can you go and still get really good performance i went down to 250 dollars and i feel like i got darn near flagship performance now we're

Going to break that down because flagship means several different things to several people and there are some specs that some people might think are are not flagship we'll talk about all of that but i went down to 250 and i feel pretty good about it and i've actually reviewed these phones before i'm going to tell you all about them right after this what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is travis

And i do tech videos every single week and have a blast dueling if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just get into the video at the beginning of this year i talked about how phones at the under 500 price point would really be the new battleground and i think that that's been very much true even though we've seen some very expensive phones uh from samsung especially the beginning

Of this year we've also seen some pretty inexpensive phones come from apple and some other manufacturers and i think it's just come to the point where a lot of phones just don't need to be as expensive as they are and as a matter of fact i started to drill down in my head exactly what does it mean to be a flagship now let's not be pedantic in this ladies and gentlemen i don't want your definition that you can find on i legitimately want to know from a

Usability standpoint what really is a flagship phone what do you expect from it i'm going to make some large assumptions here and i think i'm going to be pretty accurate on most things i'm going to say in this video but if you have your own comments as to what you think a flagship level phone should be put in the comments below we'll talk about it down there i think we'll have a lively discussion because as far as i'm concerned you really don't need to spend a thousand dollars to get flagship level performance and

I've already done this with the amazon renewed series of videos i've done here on this channel if you've never seen those you should definitely check them out i'll leave a link down in the description or something but beyond that what's really important about this is that even now on a brand new phone that's under 300 you can get some very flagship level performance and i've actually reviewed both of these phones which i will be talking about in this video now to be clear even

Though i've reviewed both of these phones both 250 or less there are a bunch of phones with similar specs that are going to do everything i'm talking about in today's video so it doesn't really matter if you buy this phone or this phone even though i'll leave links in the description to not only buy these but also to watch my full-on reviews what's important is how powerful the chipsets are and the type of features you can get right now for under 300 i've done videos about the

Under 500 series of phones which you can find in a link probably at the end of this video but under 300 is still incredibly compelling it wasn't that long ago that you would buy an under 300 phone and you got exactly what you paid for trash but now there are amazing specs and some of these phones can do some things that absolutely blow my mind as a matter of fact just over 300 you can get a phone with a 90 hertz refresh rate that sounds pretty flagship level and there's oled screens at just over 300

Dollars and there's even snapdragon 865 phones with oled displays at under 500 so you can get the legitimate flagship level that you're thinking about because i think most people are thinking processor and maybe ram and some other things but i think when you really dig down into it there's some things you could probably let go and still call it a flagship enter the tcl 10l and the redmi note 9s now i've reviewed both of these phones in the channel and they both perform

Really well they look great and have some great specs now i'm actually going to perform most of my tests here on the note 9s because it's got a slightly better processor than this however i can tell you that pretty much everything you're going to see with this phone works on this phone as well and i actually do like the tcl phone mainly because tcl has really put some extra time into the screen on this thing and some of the extra features that are

In here including the ability to like go out to four bluetooth devices at once that's that's pretty cool you can have a party with one phone and some other cool things um i think this phone really is incredibly underrated i just saw it on sale today for 211 dollars highly recommend it i recommend it so much i actually bought one for my dad like that's how much i believe in this particular phone stcl knocked it out of the park but i really do want to talk a little bit more about

This redmi note 9s this thing has the um snapdragon 720 g processor which i didn't really know a lot about and then when i did some research on it i was very very impressed now this only has four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of rom which definitely does not feel very flagship but the reality is how much ram do you actually need and how much do you actually use the operating system itself will take care of any ram management that it needs to so

Unless you've got a bunch of apps open that you want to go back and forth between a lot you're probably not going to notice that difference and you know that windows 10 can run on four gigs of ram right like a full-on desktop operating system i mean it's not going to work like stupendously well but it will work so to think that a mobile operating system needs more than four gigs of ram is just ridiculous it's just not true this thing works just fine it's absolutely fluid it's fast but the 720

Processor 720g processor has a couple of tricks up its sleeve it can film in 4k 30 frames a second it's got the ability to do hdr content like hdr content on a 250 phone that's kind of crazy and you might be surprised at the performance of this thing now typically what happens with these lower end phones you usually get a crappy camera and that's typically what keeps people from buying phones like this especially with cameras being so absolutely valued in today's world

Social media is full of photos and you definitely want to be there for your viral moment when you take out your camera you want to make sure you can see everything just good and a lot of times people don't trust the cameras on these phones well again i'm going to tell you how to fix that that's super simple so my next thought was well what actually is a flagship like what makes it a flagship software for sure some of the cool things you can do on samsung phones help with that but you know if you know your way around

Xda you can put almost any type of operating system on these phones and make it a completely new phone but the thing is the operating systems that most of these phones are shipping with are absolutely excellent and the features they give you are really great but i will say this no amoled display and no wireless charge let's just move that out of the way although you can add wireless charge for really inexpensive without opening this thing up i made a video about that a long time ago super cheap it's like 15

Bucks it just plugs into the usbc on the bottom and you're off to the races so what else makes a flagship phone i think most people are going to say the processor because the processor handles so much it has the ability to game to shoot videos and of course do all that cool processing of the photos and while i've mentioned this before on other videos there is a solution to this for lower end phones and that is gcam i'll leave a link about gcam in the description below because i have a lot

Of questions about that but if you put g cam on this this quickly becomes a flagship level phone seriously as i said most people's reservations are the cameras on all of these phones but as you can see here even without g-cam this takes absolutely serviceable pictures but as soon as you put g-cam on this thing becomes a beast the video quality is already really good on this thing and unfortunately if you use g-cam you lose the uh stabilization

But if we go back to the original video it looks fine anyway so you can take great videos with this thing up to 4k 30. the photos with gcam are just crazy so now you're just thinking okay it must be performance in the operating system nah bro like even the lower processor 10 l it just zips through everything like there's nothing slow about that phone so it's obviously gaming now in the case of the redmi this is actually a 2020 processor it may be a mid-level

Processor but it's from 2020. gaming is no problem and the funny thing is is before i really dug into this i thought well you know all those games run on pretty much all android phones anyway so where's the problem and i think some people have the misconception you have to turn down settings to get them to work that's not true i ran call of duty on the note 9s with full textures full resolution full everything and got a silky smooth 60 out

Of it now you're not gonna be able to see here because the capture is going to capture in 30 and you're watching this video in 30 but trust me when i tell you not an air skip frame as i was kicking everyone's booty and it's kind of the same deal with any of these phones around this price range even something like pub g full resolution full everything still just cuts through it like a hot knife through butter so then some of you might be saying well it must be the screen amoled screen right

Listen in a vacuum when you look at these things not next to an amoled screen they look great and as a matter of fact both these phones support hdr content if you watch youtube or netflix and hdr on these phones i guarantee you will have no complaints about the screen absolutely guaranteed the reality is we've been told that you need to get a new flagship year after year but a lot of people are starting to figure out that's not the

Case at all as a matter of fact i think that's why my amazon renewed series is so popular because you can get something like a snapdragon 855 processor uh phone now for really cheap like 400 in some cases and that phone's gonna last for a whole heck of a long time and is more powerful than this this is what kills me 200 and 300 phones are absolutely beast mode and in some places are basically their versions of flagships here in america we like to look at the latest and greatest as the supreme but i

Start to wonder how much of that processing processing power is actually wasted because these phones are on snapdragon processors they get access to technology that helps battery life as well so it's not about getting poor battery life with these less expensive phones in some instances you get better battery life so again what is that processing power being used for yes these are not 5g phones but 5g middle of the line processors are coming out and by next

Year you'll be able to get a 5g phone that's stupid cheap and at that point what's the point of a real flagship yeah there will be some extra cool specs you won't have to download or sideload gcam i get it but if you're willing to save 700. what are you really missing out on in my testing of these phones i can honestly say nothing zero zip zilch and again i bought my dad the 10l because i knew it would be a problem free phone with great performance and he absolutely loves it of course he is definitely

The average consumer and it beat the poop out of whatever phone he had before that so he thinks it's a flagship when he got in he called me he told me how amazing this phone was this 250 phone he actually thought this thing cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars and wanted to pay me back i never told him how much it was but i was amazed at how expensive he thought it was because it's quality so on the android side of things there's so many options so many options for inexpensive

Incredibly performing smartphones now i've actually gone amazon seen phones that i just can't believe phones with pop-up cameras for 300 90 hertz screens for just over 300 snapdragon 865 processors for just over 400 it's nuts the narrative being pushed by samsung and even now oneplus with the the oneplus 8 pro that you have to spend a thousand dollars to get flagship performance is absolutely ridiculous i wouldn't mind seeing a company come

Out a year after using the previous year's processors as their new phones now you can use these mid-range processors which basically do everything you need anyway but i would just like to see someone come up from behind and just use some of the slightly older processors and come in and just wipe the floor with these guys the reality is this the distance between high level performance and mid-level performance is smaller than it's ever been before and even high level performance and very

Low level performance now you might go to a benchmark and see that the snapdragon even 855 doubles the 720 g but when you're playing a game and it's pretty much capped at 60 frames a second and it doesn't go any faster and you have the highest settings what are we talking about here i personally don't get it i'd love to hear what you guys and gals think in the comments below is there really any reason to spend a thousand dollars or more on a smartphone now don't get me wrong there are some really

Great types of smartphones coming out here really soon the new notes coming out which i'm not terribly excited about but the fold two's coming out now in my opinion it's probably worth spending a little extra money on that type of technology having said that the performance is not gonna be much better than this like sure the high refresh rate's gonna be nice and the folding thing i'm really kind of looking forward to that but look i did a review on both of these phones the 10l and of course the redmi

Make sure you check them out and everything else is in the description see you next time peace now

The $250 Flagship Phone

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