GDC 2015: This War of Mine will be just as dark and sobering on iPad

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Hey guys this is Simon stage from primer we are at GDC 2015 with pizzelle from all the studios checking out this war of mine but now what can you tell us about the game so basically this war of mine has been release at the end of 2014 on Windows Mac and Linux with Ivy if I can say big critical and commercial success and now we're bringing these two iPads and Android tablets I think this is a very first presentation of a working iPad version increasing if crashes appear sorry for that it's a work in progress so that may happen and what makes this world of mine very unusual is that unlike any work game you can think

Of it presents not super super soldiers running and shooting millions of bullet but it's a very serious game focusing on civilians it happens in a fictional city and there's a fictional conflict in the background we've made it on a purpose to stay away from any political connotations we simply wanted to show how people suffer when when there's a war surrounding them and that's why I would call it a very serious game so from the very beginning we had to be very careful to not make it trivial or too shallow because this is a very serious topic so it had to be treated

With a proper respect I believe we've made it what we can see in there right now is the beginning there is a three civilians group together and they are planning to help each other to survive interestingly the characters are based on us so what you can what we can see here Pavla is in reality this is Casper one of the game designers the other guys here are our graphic guys and all the animations 3d models everything was based was made based on on us actually because we wanted to have a feel of real people not so beautiful

So shiny having some physical characteristics a la summer fat summer skinny and basically these are us now they are hidden in a shelter during the day in the night Jenny will have to sooner or later leave and search for message necessities I'm searching to the shelter to find simply anything I found some wood some electrical parts some pills I'm gonna grab it all and I'm glad to have some pills because Pablo is slightly sick and evil neither humanely the medication sooner sooner or later maybe I'm going to send him to me look here

I know it's locked so maybe I will send him search here now physical challenge is is relatively easy part because people may get sick may get hungry you will need to focus on getting medication or food but what is the big picture here is that he's heavily inspired by reality so sooner or later your people may go said they even may go broken and and deeply depressed how can how can go depressed for example if you see violence and not react or react in a different way or if someone Rob's you here simply maybe said because you are starving and someone robbed you

And you need to react somehow you need to make people feel better so there are little moments of joy people may play a guitar if they have one they may be still moonshine and they may drink it to feel better that's what people do and when world breaks out so this world of mine unlike any game you can think of is actually picturing drama and tragedy tragedy instead of typical fun and entertainment and while as a developer I'm not attacking entertainment in games because actually I really like it and love it but what I am against is that saying that games are only for

Entertainment we figure out at some point that we are ready to picture serious stories in games and we are doing it and I firmly firmly believe this world of mine is not the only example because you have gods will be watching you have that drug on cancer you have papers place and entire trend of games tackling different topics and I believe there will be more such such games and so it's not a trend of some kind of general I would say it's a process of maturation and happening in movie industry as well as few decades ago

So if you think about for example a movie let's say the pianist which is actually picturing survival of a guy in after the war in war so this is what one of the topics is one of mine is talking about is this thing and we are from war so so actually we have grandfathers and grandmothers who who survived two different conflicts and they know it and the memory is living so doing the research it wasn't that difficult to find people who who knew what what it was to survive a war being a civilian working just about the goals of the game I mean it is it simply to survive as

Long as possible like in reality the war will end someday you don't know it so the game randomizes is to some extent it may be a shorter period maybe a longer one but there is the end so your goal is to survive the war and that's the end if you can make it with everyone that's quite an achievement but I assure you there will be risk some people will die someone may want to join you you may gain a friend by being the good guy what I read in in the media this is a bit brutal but it's it pictures the the game pretty well it is that it tests your moral compass so

Sometimes you are forced with the situates with the situation where you need to be the bad guy for a moment then people may may go broken for example in the game so you need to sometimes sacrifice yourself just not to media bad guy which is something come on growing up which is quite unusual was very serious stuff very very compelling and interesting gameplay what can you tell us about the release dates how much it's gonna cost one the iOS versions were the price is not set yet I think we need a few weeks to debug and

Fix the things we're not happy yet with and another field to polish everything so let's say around 2 months from now we should be ready to release the game and it's gonna be on iPads and Android tablets we rather won't make it for smartphones because the screen is too small to capture all the detail in the game thank you very much and stay tuned for more info just let me out we're heavily involved in war child UK charity so this is a charity organization from London which focuses on helping kids in war zones so we're raising money for them and there is a really cool

Initiative we're tailoring right now so I hope to share details in a day or two from now it sounds fantastic you

GDC 2015: This War of Mine will be just as dark and sobering on iPad

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