GDC 2015: Preview of Aralon: Sword and Shadow

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Merely considered a few of your pictures (: i'm actually happy i obtained to task shadow you. You're wonderful!

Hey guys this assignment sage from I moral we are at GDC 2015 with josh from crescent moon games showing us Erewhon Forge and Flay and josh has going pretty good glad to be here yeah yeah so your RPG games are fantastic what's new this one so this is airline fortune flame it's the sequel to airlines sword and shadow which was our big open world RPG two came out in 2010 and this is a much improved obviously graphically improved and we've got new continents to explore we've got all sorts of new items and we've actually got a few new characters right now I'm in a cave area and I'm exploring with my torch which actually

Uses the new unity 5 so it's got the special real-time shadows right on the torch school or you can see him on the ground actually yeah um and it's got these cool water effects crabs I hate crabs and crabs are in the water that need to attack and you've got your skill skill bar here to crab is dead but she the fireball anyway so yeah it's one thing one of the things that's neat is we were able to this time because the processors are much more powerful we have cloth dynamics so we've got you know the capes actually blowing around physics and you know adds more realism

We've got you know full real-time shadows not on just a torch by outside you have night in daylight right now I'm obviously in a cave glad ya so the graphics are bats and crew to your graphics are vastly improved and there's a different set of characters that you can choose this time yes I already got that treasure when you select a new character we have the different classes in the original and we've expanded on that a little bit and just the size of the world it's probably to be a little bit bigger than the original even though the original was immense I've got three

Continents to explore now so it's going to be you know it's gonna have a bunch of different diverse locations and then you know we got the inventory that has adding our your equipment to your player and different skill trees and and a new map system which is a little bit improved over the original this is still sort of work in progress this is actually the alpha version but you can see we've got all the stats like we had before but now we were adding lots of different skills and things right on so well we can you toss it all about the

Campaign itself in terms of story or is that still a work in progress well the one thing I can say about the story is that the intro is similar to Star Wars and some wow then to highbar yeah so there you will evil north notice similarity at the intro but I think that's probably as far as Coca sure just the other fantasy but yeah that's it for airline we're hoping to release sometime this year hopefully earlier shooting for late spring what we'll see and so the waters work to do on the story side and some of the content but making a lot of progress over the past two years so are

We expecting this to be another premium title like that preview camps yep definitely be premium I'm not sure and I feel have any internet / and that purchases may eventually but at first it'll just be probably 699 or somewhere around there cool i'm looking forward to josh my thank you you

GDC 2015: Preview of Aralon: Sword and Shadow

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