Best Surface Pro Alternative for Productivity // HP Elite X2

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what's up everybody this is Danny and lately I've been testing a lot more Windows machines and the most interesting category to me is the two-in-one because primarily as a Mac user there's nothing like this available I'm having a lot of fun testing these so stay tuned to the channel for I'm going to be covering a lot more but today I want to talk about the HP Elite x2 which i think is a great alternative to something like the Microsoft Surface lineup if you like what you see then I will leave a link down below so you can

Get more information about it and also where you can pick one of these up first of all let me talk about all the things I love about the x2 tablet and then we're going to get into some things that I think they could have done a little bit better first I love the build of this thing it's got a nice metal build with the little glass mixing at the top and nice chamfered edges it feels solid when you're holding it it may be a little heavier than you might expect it to be but to me that gives it a nice premium feeling the build is super solid the display is a full HD IPS display and

Of course it's a touchscreen and watching content on here is great in a display looks nice and the sound is provided by Bang & Olufsen we'll talk a little bit more about that audio experience in a little bit the touch response is great and the display is covered by Gorilla Glass 4 so you know it's tough it's going to be able to protect you from your normal day-to-day scratches this is a tablet but these features here are what makes it special for a business professional it does come with an included keyboard with no extra cost so that's nice and that connects to

This magnetic port on the bottom and it attaches quickly and securely and the typing experience is actually good on this it's got nice key travel and the best thing about it is is that it's backlit so that is a great inclusion what could be the seller here is that it does come with a full Wacom pen and it's included in the package so it's perfect for editing documents highlighting text working on spreadsheets and also for artwork this pen is one of the better ones that I've tried on a PC this year so far ports wise you do get the feature standard USB type-c with Thunderbolt

Capabilities which is nice to see here and you will also charge the computer this way and then you also get a full USB port so that's great and you so get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack you also get a microSD card slot and there's an LTE capable version as well if you need cellular connectivity there's a five megapixel camera on the back and a webcam on the front for video calls and I really like that there is a fingerprint scanner on the back for an added level of security so it doesn't matter if you're just viewing content browsing the web or working on a project

I really like the hinge stand on the back of this this is very unique because you can lay flat on the table of course we need to but you also have multiple angles you can adjust the two all the way up to 150 degrees and that is one of the annoying things about two and one computers is the lack of flexibility in this department so kudos to HP on this the elite x2 runs on the latest generation of core M processors with eight gigabytes of RAM and this decision is important for a couple reasons this machine is geared towards the business professional so a balance of

Performance and great battery life is really important and I think the x2 achieves that this combination of chipset and the solid state drives gives you nice performance without getting too hot the speed is there for productivity and the battery life is surprisingly good you should be able to make it through a full workday without having to recharge this is not meant for gaming or to be a powerhouse computer but a machine that you can take with you anywhere and get work done overall I'm really impressed with the HP Elite x2 but let's talk about some of the things

That I think could have been better remember those Bang & Olufsen speakers that we talked about earlier I had really high expectations for this machine so when you turn this on and you listen to the output you're going to be disappointed the speakers look large and legit but I'm sure that your cell phone speaker will be even better than this so make sure you use the headphone jack or some Bluetooth speakers the trackpad is nice and clicky but the responsiveness could be a little nicer and I think this is a problem on a lot of pcs not just this one and I hope that software can

Improve this it's definitely not unusable though but you'll notice a little bit of lag and if I had to nitpick a little bit I wish the display was just a tiny bit brighter overall I'm really impressed with it I think it's a nice two in one that feels like a premium machine it's got a flexibility of a laptop but it's easily turn into a tablet I love the kickstand it's something you definitely want to try out if you're looking for this type of computer alright guys well I hope you enjoyed this I'm having a lot of fun

Testing pcs right now so if you want to see more PC content on the channel then let me know in the comment section below and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed this and subscribe if you liked it and I'll see you guys in the next video

Best Surface Pro Alternative for Productivity // HP Elite X2

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