The RED iPhone 8/8 Plus YOU NEED!

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Vancouver has very cold lots of fun though doing my BMW event when I was gone obviously a few packages came in these were the two hot lights I asked you guys over on Instagram if you wanted to see a quick video on the brand new product red iPhone eight eight plus before we do an unboxing there are some giveaway updates I did a ultimate tech youth video that featured a 23andme pack which I thought was a very cool gift plus $1000 to match your own tech gift I have the winner and the comment generator for that one ended up choosing Megan Allen I'm hoping that

I got your name right I'm about to send you a message right now on YouTube Congrats you won your own ultimate techyv I think you mentioned it was a pair of Bose Bluetooth headphones that's as well as a 23andme kit is on your way Congrats and baby thanks to everyone that participated in that episode and don't worry I always try to hook you guys up I feel like one of the big reasons why I'm still solo here on YouTube is kind of to give back to you guys I don't have to pay for an editor a videographer that frees that more coin

– obviously reward the people that matter to me most which is you guys the viewers that actually watch this content and I just try to produce as many high-quality videos as I can and as I said reward you peeps for putting up with this weird face every single week if you guys want to get one of these let me know down below in the comments I will try to make it happen maybe when I move to my new spot it'll be a housewarming gift to you guys let's switch to the overhead cam and unbox these bad boys so as these get unboxed what is new

These product red iPhone 8 / plus is essentially nothing only the colorway has changed and product red is a huge worldwide initiative that helps people with HIV / aids and inside of the box we have the classic Apple unboxing experience a very clean product red labeling inside of course the startup guide as well as white Apple stickers these should have been read that has always been my request with product red stuff or colored Apple stuff make it the same color as the product I'm collecting too many white stickers firstworldproblems definitely oh and as

We unpack this this is very candy apple like ooh this one is finished in glass on both sides that means it's wireless charging enabled and Apple got it right this time instead of making it a weird two-tone red and white they made it red and black I think this is how it should have been unlike the weird one from last year eight plus time same kind of info on the inside of course just larger to match the eight plus size and here is the lovely eight plus and oh just comparing these two devices if you haven't seen these yet it is such a beautiful red to take a look at it's

Nice it's vibrant you guys seem to love them over on Instagram and I can tell you they are gorgeous in person I think if you haven't grabbed an iPhone 8 yet you are planning on getting it honestly I would lean in this direction if we actually grabbed my iPhone 10 which is in the Space Gray we can kind of compare the colors I found that these Space Gray is a bit more reflective even though both are still glass I'll let you guys be the judge of course while I was gone also I got a ton of red deer in skin in the mail for this video I can confirm this just be sure to leave a comment

Down below on the device you use and I will match that with a red skin so you can be part of the red craze anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this very quick video on your first look at the Ranu iPhone 8 and of course this product red colorway make sure to leave a comment down below and happy to be back in the studio and the next two weeks is the hectic time as I said moving I will try to keep you guys updated with videos but please forgive me if I'm a bit m.i.a as this place will just start emptying out I'll catch the rest of you in one of my next episodes or blogs base

The RED iPhone 8/8 Plus YOU NEED!

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