Moto Z Force (DROID) Hands-On

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Hey everyone this day with Android police I'm holding the moto Z Droid force whatever I don't really get the names but this is the one with the bigger battery the higher megapixel resolution camera and the Durov guard force glass thing you know where it doesn't break when you drop it the thing you might actually want so this is a much thicker phone than the standard Moto Z but it still has large camera I'm praying to the upsize sensor it feels nice it basically is a lot like the regular Z but heavier thicker still works with the Moto mods it got the Pogo pin things on the back here and

Everything it has a thirty five hundred million power battery I believe that's right Snapdragon 820 processor 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display and it basically falls for me of the Moto ze except a little more robust it's kind of a I would say it's kind of the the road warriors Moto Z more battery capacity more durable with a higher resolution camera if that saying that appeals to you it works with all the Moto montz as I said and yeah this is coming to Verizon this summer and it sounds like the Z Force is actually going to be basically a US exclusive or something

Like that and they won't be necessarily launching it globally at this point even when it does come out unlock in the fall at least that's what I just overheard so yes this is the Moto Z force there isn't a lot more to say about this phone over to standard see everything you need to know is kind of in the spec sheet but I thought I'd give you a quick look and yes just like the regular Meadows II know headphone jack which okay alright that is quick look at the Moto Z force

Moto Z Force (DROID) Hands-On

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