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What's Konan guys Karl here back with another episode chillin of course in Vancouver British Columbia if your kind of joining from when I just shot my tech travel pack I am here for a BMW autonomous driving event there would be no greater thrill then you sit in the car have a drive itself and I could catch up on emails do you social just get work done especially when you're sitting in traffic don't get me wrong driving is still a lot of fun I love to drive it would just be cool to have the option to do either three events today to get to and this is my cool experience so we've landed at the first event and I

Am just astonished how sunny it is it's an extra event and I think we'll be on this little course down here I kind of saw it when I was driving over all registered up but if you guys didn't know the new m5 has X Drive so you can grab that we're gonna be as I said on this little circuit here burn some rubber have some fun and there's nothing wrong with going quick in a parking lot okay my favorite time now in the x3 this is the end package this is the one that I reviewed a couple months ago we're

Hopefully gonna knock over a few pylons and Oh BMWs some money here so definitely BMW I owe you some money after that one I think I'll ever knocked over ready let's just say that yeah yeah totally just heading out of the xDrive event got some cool BMW swag and on two autonomous driving so one of the coolest little things in level 2 once I get I guess both dashes or both little things activated you can actually take your hands off the wheel for say 50

Seconds at a time and let the car do its thing it'll sense if say there's a car in front of you it will actually gauge where the lines are in the road and for 50 seconds like I said your hands-free super useful in traffic in Toronto you people know how horrible the traffic is there game-changer so a great little example here of maybe my favorite piece of tech this is the self parking with of course the little remote it's a bit of a tight spot so say for example I want to start this guy up remove it out of the parking spot on its own I can simply tap

On the key now connecting engine starts car just started on its own getting out of that tight parking spot so I don't Bing the door and I swear to you no one is inside of this vehicle no one right now we are at the third and final experience here this is all about level 5 autonomous driving we can see that they've got a little course set up behind me and this is interesting because theoretically in level 5 you don't need a driver you might not even need a steering wheel so it's all how the car will I guess plan itself how you can end up talking to the car we're

Gonna go take a little test drive soon right now we're gonna have the car pick us up my wife arriving shortly you guys can see the car coming to pick us up no more walking oh no what do they know that's not me supposed to be who is that Carla okay I tried to be okay and I was no BMW got my name wrong that all his fault it's okay and now we're good welcome personal copilot is ready to drive you enjoy the ride and if you want you can just start right because you're only interface of the cars is

Touchscreen here you got it there we go the car is moving on its own and obviously you have a lot of spare time beautiful now I can watch my movies you can watch your movies and your music we want to pick up some stuff from the room I just get back again so you can tell the kauke just stay close don't go that far away thank you we're not done yet it's a BMW had to fix it of course oh look at that goodbye Carl with a k' you got it this time so that is it the entire a BMW experience here at Ted times BMW it's been awesome the three experiences that I got to go to I'm

Blown away by all the stuff coming obviously autonomous driving work to be done on legislation it's coming it will definitely be the future interested to hear your guys thoughts leave them down below and I will catch you in one of my next episodes or in one of my vlogs they also have an i8 roadster in Orange they knew it was for me


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