Google’s Messaging Mess – What’s up with Allo?

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What's up guys my person I'm here with Android police we're here on the lake in a boat because why not I wanted to take a quick minute talk with you guys about this new app called hello you might have heard of it it was announced at Google i/o a couple weeks ago and it's made for a little bit of a fervor you might be aware that Google has quite a few messaging apps and we here at Android police we're struggling to figure out where the hell ello fits in among all these messaging apps of course we've got messenger which was required to be put into Android since androids open source and manufacturers were asking to have a

Stock messenger app so cool I can deal with that hangouts was supposed to be the be-all end-all but we haven't seen great client-side today I just hit the mic we haven't seen great client-side support and you certainly haven't seen all the features that we've been asking for that's kind of where allo comes in because alo has all of the cool stuff that we want to see Google Google assistant incognito mode awesome great rich features things that I definitely want to be able to use during chats but to have another app entirely

Specifically just for those features just does not make a whole lot of sense to me and that's not even to mention the new YouTube share sort of chat feature that's not even to mention spaces which came out for Google Plus a few weeks before Google i/o and I've still yet to see a great truly great use for we've been trying to figure out what are all these apps for what does Google want us to use them for is it possible that alone duo are gonna come out and hangouts will kind of be pivoted into something that's focused more for groups maybe something more professional to

Take on slack or HipChat or something of that nature but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me I would almost rather use spaces for something like that I'd rather use a low for something like that hangouts just isn't feature-rich enough especially for large managed groups of professionals so where does that leave us well I really think and I really hope that by the time alo comes out that the hangouts team has gotten their act together in in the sense that we know what hangouts is for if not they really just need to let it die and I think that overall the reason for all of this

Confusion for all of these products is the fact that the hangouts team just has not been able to produce I can't imagine that they have any responsibility or that for given any say when it comes to chat clients on Google's end of things and I'm not surprised I've not been terribly thrilled with hangouts and I'm really excited to see if Olo is good enough to replace it the question is whether or not Google is going to continue to support them all what are your thoughts on Ola is this something that you're gonna try something that

You're gonna use are you worried about the fact that Google's watching all of your conversations and looking at all of your images are you just gonna have all your conversations in incognito mode basically just defeating the purpose let me know down below in the comments and let me know what you think Google's grand master plan is when it comes to chat apps I'm gonna try and enjoy the rest of the weekend here on the lake a little warm for me but if you can do those things let me know what you think down below you can hit like if you enjoyed this video you can hit subscribe

If you want to see more of them and as always be kind of one another thanks so much for watching I'll catch the next video

Google’s Messaging Mess – What’s up with Allo?

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