Moto Z (DROID) Hands-On

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Hey everyone this is David with Android police and we are at Lenovo tech world 2016 I'll cut to the chase I'm holding the all new Moto Z this is the Droid version for Verizon that I'm holding in stunning gold the phone this version the phone comes out this summer they haven't said exactly when and they haven't said how much it's going to cost either so we don't really know a lot other than specifications you get a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED panel that looks pretty nice to my eyes a snapdragon 820 processor 4 gigabytes of RAM that displays 5.5 inches by the way looks like the storage on this model I'm guessing is 32

Gigabytes I guess we can kind of dive in here and look at the storage and yes 32 gigabytes of internal storage on this one you can see there's a fingerprint reader on the front now it's a bit conspicuous in my opinion at least along with motives kind of trademark proximity sensors for the Moto active display technology now one thing you may have heard by now no headphone jack on this phone so the Moto Z will come with a USBC adapter USB c2 3.5 millimeter adapter so you can use your old headphones with it but that's a controversial choice though

Admittedly one that does seem to be becoming a trend so other than that what do we know about it now well it's got a 13 megapixel camera on the back I have to say just holding it though it's incredibly light this phone barely weighs anything and that's praying to the fact that it is so thin I mean the camera hump is huge just because of how thin this phone is but it's so light and obviously that's what Motorola is hoping is going to get you onboard with the Moto mods I'm actually going to pick one of those up here and slap it on to show you how

It works so I'm gonna toss phone on the table and I'm going to slap on the projector mod right here pip it will slap on they are prototypes and now it's attached and so okay it's going through the setup process for the Moto mod insta share projector which I'm going to skip through here but the projector has a built-in battery in it it will I think charge your phone should show the status here in the status bar oh no there's another Moto mod update I already installed it I thought so you can see the Moto mod has battery remaining on it that shows you how much power is in it

You can hit the about my Moto bot button I can replay the tutorial again I guess I haven't really had a chance to mess with the projector moto mod much it seems to work it's a pico projector that displays what's on your screen and that's really most of what it's about and then obviously you can add some battery capacity into your phone because it's a pico projector and it's going to use a lot of power now this is a prototype version it doesn't have the kickstand on the projector mod here and it really is you to slap them on the phone can be on

Nothing gets messed up as far as I can tell so I can pull the mod back off here and we're back to just regular Moto Z again so I mean Motorola's implementation here is admittedly about as seamless as you could hope to get with the modular concept at this point I guess the question is how much these mods like the projector here are going to cost and whether consumers are actually interested in something like this particularly the other big controversy about the Moto Z is in fact basically this droid logo here and the fact that Verizon will have it

Exclusively until the fall so the Moto Z won't come out to the general will come out with an unlocked version excuse me a pure edition I'm guessing they'll still call it until the fall so if you're on Verizon you'll be able to get destroyed Z version but the unlocked version won't come until later now on the software side it basically feels like a Motorola phone granted with Verizon bloatware because this is the Droid version you go to about phone you can see it's running Android 6 so I guess everybody's probably wondering at this point when the unlocked version

Comes out in the fall will it ship with Android N and that's kind of an open question at this point I think I'm going to try to ask somebody at Motorola about that so I don't want to hog the phone too much more there's a lot of people here wanting to use it so that is a quick flyover of the all new Moto Z

Moto Z (DROID) Hands-On

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