iPhone 5C Durability Drop Test

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What is up guys tech cracks here so in this video I was dropped testing the blue iPhone 5c this is the regular 16 gigabyte model and you can see right out of the box really then set it up at all just opened it up dropped it and by the way guys the casing that held this iPhone kind of like the the newer iPod Touches that was a pain to take out took me probably 20 minutes it had to take out it was so frustrating but anyways guys let's go this is a simple 5 foot just like the previous iPhone 5s and galaxy s4 drop test one side and one front-facing drop so first of all let's go into the side drop we're going to do

This in three two one alright next up is the front-facing drop test let's go ahead and do this in three two one so for the results of this drop test when it came down to the side drop you just had one little chip on the corner of the phone everything else was perfectly fine but that front-facing drop um you know I don't know if it was just the way it landed just you know flat on into its front but you know boom tire screen cracked so that's pretty much it guys nothing more to with just the simple iPhone 5c drop test I hope

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iPhone 5C Durability Drop Test





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