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What you're looking at right here are the brand new jabra elite 85-t earbuds which are really exciting because essentially they took last year's 75 t's one of my favorite pair of earbuds of all time and they made all the right changes to it they added active noise cancellation qi wireless charging they added just a lot of things that i'll talk about later on in this video but really they're giving us a really strong contender for one of the best pairs of earbuds in 2020 and honestly probably for most of 2021. so we have a lot to talk about in this

Video i've always been a big fan of jabber earbuds but there are a few caveats that you want to be aware of these are definitely not for everybody so stick around in this video i'll give you a microphone test an active noise cancellation test a sound quality analysis and everything else you'll need to know before considering buying these earbuds now starting off the first thing i want to talk about is what is actually new about the job or 85 t's

Compared to last year's 75 tees so we already know that i like the 75 ts and i'll talk more about that in a second but the new things on here are of course the active noise cancellation now jabra did release an update so the 75 ts have anc but it's not quite as good as this so this is going to be significantly better again i'll show you that later on in the video but this also has i mean a slightly larger case but still an excellent design here i really like the shape of these cases

Overall they're very compact and i think out of all the earbuds cases out there this is definitely my favorite design so a really slim compact design it stands upright very nice satisfying lid on the top and unlike the air pods which lay down all the time these can stand upright while you're charging them you can open them very easily just have them on your desk the indicators on the front like everything about this case i think they did a great job and the texture on

It is not quite the same as the jabra elite active 75t it's not that silicone soft coating now when we open the case up the earbuds are slightly different from the 75 ts they now have a more open ear design now i don't mean open ear like the first gen air pods open air meaning instead of a circle silicone tip it's more of an oval so it doesn't jab all the way in really deep in your ear canal instead it fits pretty nicely it still has a really good seal for passive noise blocking which helps the anc be even more

Effective but you'll see that the overall shape of these is slightly bulkier than last year's 75t so a little bit bigger most of that is to house the anc and the more microphones on here which again is another difference here the 85 ts now have six microphones so three per earbud we'll test that out in a second but definitely very exciting now the jabra elite 85ts are ipx4 water resistant which means that they're okay for splashing but i wouldn't try to run any kind of water on them if you drop them

In a puddle they might take on some damage so i mean they're not nearly as waterproof as this active 75 t's but you know jobber might release an active 85t pair in the next couple months that's very likely but really the biggest difference between these two besides the anc is going to be that the jabra elite 85 ts have qi wireless charging so you can set it on a wireless charging pad which is a fantastic feature to have it's something i really complained about with the 75 ts and i'm more than happy to see it on these now as far as fit and

Comfort go with these earbuds i found that putting them in they're very comfortable at first they don't jab nearly as deep into your ear canal like i mentioned but i mean once you find the right ear tip they're definitely comfortable for a couple hours i found for me it's like two and a half hours before i really want to change them or take them out let my ears air out a little bit but the good thing is you don't have that high pressure feeling when you put them in your ears like

Some active noise cancelling earbuds just give you kind of a weird high pressure feeling these do a great job of not giving you that feeling so comfort is is definitely pretty good as far as like them staying in your ear i mean you can shake your head quite a bit you could go for a run with these they don't have a wingtip i always wish that jabba would maybe put a little wingtip on there to keep them in slightly better if you're doing more dynamic stuff but i mean if you're running you're biking they're going to stay in really well

It's just once you start doing things like burpees or some more like inverted stuff if you're working out and doing stuff like that they might fall out that's not unlikely now i'll get into the app in a second to show you more of the features of these earbuds but some of the big ones the first one is actually that they have multi-pairing which is really great because so many other earbuds just don't have that feature and when i say so many i mean

The majority of the earbuds i review don't have that feature so it's great that i can connect to my laptop and my phone and then it'll just kind of automatically switch between them whenever i'm playing sound on one or the other it's a great feature to have and i mean if you ever work with your phone and your laptop side by side i mean you'll know just how great that feature really is of course they also have auto play auto pause feature so when i put them in my ear they automatically play when i take them out

They automatically pause all right so now let's get into a microphone test and this is what the jabra elite 85 t earbuds sound like something really great about them again i think jabra just does a lot of things right with earbuds but something they do when you're talking like on the phone for example or in a video like this where it's using the audio from your microphones is it actually has the transparency mode on so you can hear your own voice so you don't end up yelling in public

And it's also just easier to talk when you can hear yourself so comment down below this is indoor obviously a studio environment right here i'm going to go outside let me know how the good this sounds to you first all right guys i'm outside right now it's a little breezy a lot of traffic diesel truck idling right there so let me know if you can hear what i'm saying how clear this sounds to you also i mentioned the side tone sounded pretty good it actually sounds really good even out here all right guys now i just

Want to get into a quick anc test this is going to be just for relative magnitude only it's not a perfect test but it should give you a relative idea of how powerful these are compared to some of the top brands so starting with the jabra's right here i'm going to play some white noise on my laptop and if we turn it up we can get to about volume 35 36 maybe even 37 so somewhere between volume 35 and 37 without hearing any of that white noise

With these earbuds and that's extremely powerful now just for reference these are the airpods pro if i turn it up about volume 26 or 27 is where i can hear that so these are the jabbers are already significantly more powerful than the air pods now going to the brand new bose quiet comfort which which have very powerful noise cancellation these are about volume these are roughly about volume 28 before i can start hearing that sound and now lastly the reigning champ the sennheiser

Earbuds here if we turn the volume up so these seem to be about volume 35 so so guys i think i'm just gonna have to go ahead and say it the jabra elite 85 ts are the new king for active noise cancellation so of course mechanical design and microphone quality are going to be important when you're buying earbuds but probably one of the most important aspects would be the sound quality itself so getting into an analysis of the sound quality the first thing is actually the

Codecs so these unfortunately do not have aptx on there instead they just have spc and aac that's similar to what we saw last year with the jabras they still sound really good with that but i'll talk about what that actually means for the sound quality it's pretty congruent with the balance of them as well we'll talk about that in a second but overall what is the what is the balance like on these earbuds well as we saw with the jabra 80 or 75 tees last year jobber likes to be heavier on the base

Side and the jobber 75 ts i said for a lot of people last year might even be too much bass these they dialed it back a little bit so it's slightly less base than last year but it's still going to have a pretty big swell in the lower half of the frequency spectrum the base is really all getting picked up which for most music is going to sound more energized more more vibrant more exciting it's going to be really fun to listen to for like a casual listener if you're just trying to listen to like some

Some rock or some some rap like a lot of mainstream music is going to sound really really good with these earbuds but if you're really looking for the small details if you're trying if you're an audiophile and you care a lot about the fine details across all of the music you might find that with the natural with the neutral balance on these earbuds it's going to the base the bass notes are going to be really big they're going to probably flood out a lot of the higher guitar notes and a

Lot of the higher vocals some of the overtones they might get drowned out by the big bass now with that being said you can still hear like every single string in the guitar they do a great job of having that low level detail especially once you're able to go into the eq on the app and adjust things to a more natural realistic balance but overall i would say for the sound quality of these they're very exciting they're excellent for listening to a lot of bigger music out there

So like i said a lot of rock a lot of rap i have a playlist that i tested these with on spotify i'll link that down below but in there there's a song by by moon hooch i think that's a great example of what these earbuds do really well it's just like a really big full song with a lot of like drums and saxophone and stuff like that in there so that kind of music is going to sound excellent on these earbuds but like i said this is not going to be the most accurate representation of what the

Music actually sounded like it's going to be a more fun vibrant version which for a lot of people especially if you're working out is going to give you a great listening experience so sound quality on these i was definitely happy with uh the only other thing i found was as far as lag or latency goes i got 420 milliseconds was what i was measuring and other than that i found that maybe snares might be a little bit compressed from time to time especially on the left earbud for some reason and that leads me into another

Thing with these earbuds so something jabra has kind of struggled with for a little while now is that they occasionally have some connectivity issues i didn't experience many i experienced maybe one or two cutouts in the week i was using these and they weren't really bad it would just like cut out for half a second it sounded weird but then it would just pick right back up where it was and then like i said the the compression on the snares in the left earbud seemed to be more so than

The right that might be something that they'll update and and fix that java has been pretty good about updating their earbuds with you know as much as they can so i really shouldn't i wouldn't think that's going to be a problem for anybody but guys let's get into the app now i talked about before we have some features that we want to look at in the app and the eq in the app so if we just go it's going to be the jabra sound plus app so let me just open that up

Right now now as far as apps for earbuds go now that these have active noise cancellation i would say that this is probably one of my favorite apps for earbuds because we have those three different presets so we have the my moment one which you can go down here and you can change the anc level or you could have hear through on if you want you can change the equalizer let's undo that you can change like the music preset and then there's like white or pink noise at

The bottom if you're interested in that you can tap on like see all the different ones they have if you're trying to take a nap that could be a nice thing to have especially with anc you could really block out a lot of sounds around you between the white noise the anc and the passive noise blocking i mean you're not going to hear anything other than that you can go across to like a commute version or a focus mode and you can customize all of these like i said so instead of going through your

Settings every single time you get on the train or you go to your office or whatever you're doing you get a workout like it's easy to switch between those i really like that at the top it tells you the battery levels and if we go to settings on the top right you'll see that we actually again have some more things we can update the firmware and then below that you'll have some basic settings you can adjust so like the audio experience right here you can have auto play or auto pause turning on and off

And you can change hear through you know stuff like that then you can go down to the call experience and this is going to be like hearing your own voice like i mentioned before if you want that the side tone is what they're calling it you can turn that on or off and then during a call you can actually have a separate equalizer so maybe more treble would be good for these so that you hear the voices in a more natural clean way and then of course headset configuration is going to do things with the battery

And like voice guidance on the bottom you have a lot of really great settings in here that i don't see with a lot of other earbuds now you can also go down to personalize these and that is going to be like your tailored equalizer right here it gives you like a quick little test where it asks you when you can hear certain things and it's supposed to customize that for your own ears and you can also control the button functionality so my controls for media right there you can go and choose

Like i said the controls are really functional on here the single press you can actually customize that on the left side or the right side to play and pause to you know do really as you can see this entire list of different things you can do so i love that it's fully customizable with the buttons that's a fantastic feature that i wish every pair of earbuds did and i always hate when they don't utilize all of the functionality so three presses per side six total commands there i think that's

A fantastic feature to have on these earbuds so once again i think jabra just really does a lot of things right looking down here there's really not a whole lot else we want to talk about all right so there's a lot of really great things about the jabra elite 85t earbuds but there are a couple drawbacks you want to be aware of as well the first one is that it's a master slave bug connection style so what that means is you can never just listen to the left earbud when the right one is in the case

Because the earbuds are connected by the right earbud to your device and then the left earbud connects to the right earbud so it's not my favorite setup for connection and it's definitely a drawback right here but other than that i also found that the ipx4 water resistance rating i wish it was a little bit better if you drop these in a puddle it is likely that they would take on damage so i mean just make sure you don't drop them in a puddle but other than that i mean really the only differences you'll notice that i

Liked about the 75t is i thought the 75 ts were a little bit more comfortable because it is a more compact design and on top of that the button was also a little bit gentler on the 75t so it's a little bit stiffer here but realistically speaking i think this is a very very strong contender for one of the best pairs of earbuds in 2020 i'll be making a full comparison of my picks for the best earbuds in 2020 in the next couple weeks so if you want to see that go down click the subscribe

Button and the bell icon if you're watching this not at release i might have already made that so go on down and check if i put the link in the description for that video if you guys like this video again consider liking and subscribing and comment down below let me know what your thoughts are on the jabra elite 85t earbuds i think it's a great pick i think it's a solid buy to go after these but let me know what your thoughts are guys thank you for watching i'll see you next

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