The BEST Work From Home Accessories for YOUR 2020 MacBook Pro!

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The macbook pros are wonderful computers that can really do just about everything you need however you could probably use a couple of little things built around it though to turn it into like the ultimate computer setup so what we're going to do today is we're going to cover all of the accessories that i use in my working from home studio space to turn my personal macbook pro 16 into like the ultimate work machine so what are they let's find out i guess i'll slam this one down it's a mat so it works

What's up everyone i'm the everyday dad and if i can figure it out you can figure it out so i'm really excited about this these accessory videos are my absolute favorite so let's just hop right into it so this is my macbook pro 16. this is the computer that kind of won the what computer will gary end up using competition that wasn't really a competition this the macbook pro 16 one if you were following along on that so yeah i have built an entire setup around this to do all of my home email my like youtube business stuff

Everything runs video production everything runs through the macbook pro 16. so let's get into the things that i use to build up around it now how are we going to do this so let's start from like the bottom and work our way up so i guess the table that i use if you're curious so i actually use one of these tables this is a very desk table i forget the exact top i think it's called reclaimed wood i have this exact table in my office and that's the it's just smaller i have so i couldn't like this one

I didn't realize how big this table was gonna be and i really like this thing as a standing desk um even though i never stand at it just because it has a little electronic thing here on the side that lets you raise it lower it you have different kind of presets they're really expensive the shipping didn't cost as much as i anticipated would but this is the desk that i use and on top of that desk this guy this is a galloway leather just like

Mouse keyboard pad thing um i actually bought this to do like cool stuff for the thumbnails like this is the overhead camera that i do for the thumbnails i've had to stop using this for thumbnails because i like using it so much i have my keyboard on it you can kind of see like monitor dents on it because it's it's so big but it's just nice and comfortable it lets you keep your mouse your keyboard all like your stuff just like nice and clean on the desk it's super soft i kind of hate having like disparate

Like feeling things on my desk so i like that this just it's just nice i got this on so just because it's called like something very fancy i bought this most of the stuff comes from amazon so don't think it's not super fancy even though it's like a leather um pad that i'm a very very big fan of let's roll this back up so let's we went from the desk to the pad let's talk about what the computer actually sits on while it is on the desk and i have this which is just like a standard like

Laptop station i think it's just made of aluminum um the computer just sits on here and then you can open it up and i really like this because sometimes computers and i get a lot of computers that go through here and i have to put them all through their paces and some of them do not have the best thermal performances because laptops have problems with thermals from time to time i like that this like keeps it up it lets there be lots of nice airflow but the thing that i really like about this and something that's becoming more

Important to me as i invest more in like my own personal office space is right here in the back this is for cable management so all the cables from like the monitor that we'll see here in a second everything routes through just this spot right here and it makes it really nice that i don't have to worry about a bunch of cables just being all over the place this is really i do very much like this i use something similar to this with my macbook pro 13 when i was traveling last year but it's this is really nice solid

It is a great base to build off and i don't have it here but we'll do some b-roll of it let's talk about my monitor i actually have the benq and i got to look it up on the phone because i never remember because benq has like this crazy naming convention for all of their monitors i have the benq pd 2700u it's not the thunderbolt 3 version it's the less expensive version it's the 27 inch monitor it's very crisp it's very clear i like the 4k i did kind of downsize from an imac pro which had a 5k 27 inch display you can

Definitely tell when you i first started using it i could definitely tell the difference in the resolution but now that i'm used to it i really like it it works great it's a monitor it's crisp it's clear i color calibrated it with the spyder x pro calibration tool so it looks great i love it and then right next to that i have a set of presonus audio monitors because i do have headphones that we'll talk about here in a second but if i can get away without needing headphones i just like these they're not

The best but they were only like a hundred bucks so i like how good they sound for like spoken voice for music they're not the best i still will probably those are the things that are still on the chopping block for probably going to get upgraded but so far the last couple months i've had them they've been working perfectly fine i'm always talking about how important typing is and what goes on that mat that we already saw is the apple magic keyboard now i'm a gigantic this

Is probably my favorite oh this thing's gross i use this all the time this is probably my favorite keyboard ever the battery on this thing lasts for ever i do not remember the last time i charged this thing i probably probably means i need to charge it here real quick but i like the typing experience the keys are all nice and crisp i like how it just perfectly integrates with my macbook you got command option control instead of like a more traditional windows keyboard the typing

Experience is great i like how it's just perfectly laid out like this is a perfectly laid out keyboard i like that it doesn't need any wires i like how small it is it just it looks good and it works good and i'm trying to find that like combination of form and function and this really does it for me this really does it for me and its best friend is the logitech mx master iii this has been my mouse for the last month or so i was using the apple magic mouse but i kind of got sick of like it's a

Great mouse and i like all the gestures that are built into it it's kind of limiting however i stuck with it so long because of all the lateral scrolling that you can do well the mx master 3 just so happens to have a lateral scroll wheel on it you can scroll vertically and you can scroll horizontally you have a whole range of customizable buttons like there are so many customizable buttons on this mouse but not not just that not all the buttons great but it just feels so comfortable in the hand like this is

A mouse that you can use all day for work if you're working on spreadsheets or you're working on powerpoint presentations or something like that like this just it feels great i know it's crazy to like wax on poetic about a mouse but i love this thing not only does it function great it charges via usb-c here at the top instead of like on the magic mouse on the bottom which just needs to be a magic mouse 3 that fixes that that's such a frustrating thing but you can also have this paired to

Three separate devices with three separate settings so i have it set to my macbook on setting two but i could set it to my ipad with like setting one i could set it to another laptop with setting three this thing is a hugely versatile mouse it is expensive i am not used to expensive mice this is an expensive mouse but this is it is the best mouse i've ever used in my life i love this darn thing so let's start okay we've talked about that let's

Follow up we talked about headphones here are my normal headphones these are just some audio technica cheapo headphones that i think i actually got as part of a kit with a microphone i don't actually remember where i got these but they're comfortable they weren't good enough when like my wife or son is doing something upstairs and i want to be able to edit my videos and actually hear the audio because audio is the most important part of any kind of video production so i do have just you just got to get a decent pair of

Headphones you don't need to spend anything ridiculous to make sure that the audio is decent for youtube videos so yeah these there are better pairs out there and this is another thing that might get upgraded here in the future so what do we we've talked about all like the little things but everything has to since i'm using the laptop we kind of have to like build it around something right and so my hub is the cal digit ts3 plus right ts3 plus yeah ts3 plus thunderbolt

Station 3 plus i love this thing it is again it's expensive you do kind of have to invest in some of these accessories if you want to have like a very functional station that you can just use all of my accessories get routed through this to my macbook so you can see here on the back we've got displayport ethernet we've got 10 gigabit usbc we've got a lot of usba we've got a power for computer it's got its own power port back here

Then on the front we've got sd card headphone i don't know what this thing is because i never use it another usbc and another usba this thing is insane i basically could not function without this because i hate having lots of dongles and this saves me from base this is the dongle you just need this one dongle and everything else works mostly so one of the problems using a macbook pro 16. it needs 95 watts of power to function this does not provide 95 watts of power through usbc

Through thunderbolt 3. you are going to need to use the included power brick with your macbook pro 16 because this just doesn't have the power to give to it it gives like 89 watts so if you're just doing a bunch of short stuff and you're not going to drain your battery you're actually fine because the second you like shut the lid or the second you put it to sleep this will charge it it just can't do like all the heavy lifting at the same time but macbooks don't need to be plugged into the wall to have all

Their full functionality so this can work i do use the included power brick to power my macbook and i don't use this but this thing has everything else as we're talking about workflow right so my camera that we're currently using is the sony fx9 which is a cinema camera and it uses a special kind of memory card called xqd so i need an xqd reader for this i'm full disclosure on all the accessories that i personally use do you need this absolutely not if you're just using a regular camera

This will be fine with sd cards but i do need an xqd reader so here's my xqd and then i talked about dongles i do okay i do have one dongle i have the usbc to sd card dongle so that i can actually transfer two sd cards onto the computer at the same time because i'm using three cameras right this uses xqd sd and sd so i can actually transfer all three sets of files onto the macbook at the same time so i do need an additional dongle you caught me on dongles today and then

The last thing for storage is i keep all of my videos when they're done i keep them on these i have three of these now these are just le c four terabyte drives so once my videos are done rendering i take the rendered video the thumbnail and then the photoshop like version of the thumbnail that has all of the like metadata in it i keep those three things in a file on each of these three drives because now i'm terrified that one of the drives is going to die

And that's my redundancy measure so i always have one of these but i have the two terabyte macbook pro 16 so i don't actually need a solid state drive or anything for like a work drive anymore everything is handled straight up through the macbook pro and one of the benefits of having a macbook pro and having those larger solid state drives you don't have to then buy an additional one you'll notice we don't have a solid-state drive on this accessory list but we talked about audio and one of the

Things i've been doing a lot since working from home for the last few months is i have been doing a lot of like meetings and a lot of face time calls through the macbook and you got to make sure your audio was set up right i have what i was using but i have a very new addition that we're going to talk about which is a better option for everybody but this is the zoom f6 this is an amazing audio recorder this could have its own video so very very abbreviated it has six phantom

Powered xlr inputs you can see we got three on this side three on this side and you've got manual control on all of them it's got powered by usbc but also can be powered and run as an audio device through your computer through usbc at the same time which is what i've been using it for it also has a full memory card slot here on the back you can see here it natively has the ability to use the sony like the big sony professional batteries and it's just insane but the best part

Is this has 32-bit float and if you're not a big audio person basically what that means is audio recorded on this is basically unbreakable like you can record super low you can record super high and you can recover all of that later it's basically like audio magic i don't i can't explain the scientific part to you i'm not an engineer it's like audio magic and then the microphone i was using with that is my

Old youtube microphone this is the audio technica at875r this is a fantastic it is it's what about 150 bucks so it's not cheap but this is probably the best value for dollar microphone that you're gonna get if you're looking for a phantom powered shotgun microphone and i use these in combination very well however i don't use these anymore because these are kind of a big setup and i don't necessarily want a bunch of cables and

Stuff if i don't need them so i just very recently bought the rode nt mini so this is a usbc microphone that i plug right into that cal digit but it's got great audio it's got like insane build quality it is heavy but it's so good the audio quality is fantastic it's got a headphone out on it that you can control the gain on right here it is just such a fantastic microphone and it screws right into the arm that i have on my desk so this just stays on at all times then

I just bring it by me when i need to talk and it goes away from me when i don't need it anymore i'm kind of an audio snob with the expensive audio recorder for like zoom calls but i switched to this and i have no problems just using this from now on this thing is fantastic so those are all of the accessories that i use in my working from home setup here on youtube and for all of my like personal work what are some of your favorite like working from home accessories

We've all been working from home for months now so i'm sure everybody out there has one of them let me know in the comments below what your favorites are i'd love to hear because there's there's always more excited i love buying accessories and if you like this video and you'd like to see some more accessories for maybe your ipad here's my version 2 ipad accessory video and you can find that by clicking right here click click click click click click click

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The BEST Work From Home Accessories for YOUR 2020 MacBook Pro!

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