The Cheapest 2020 13″ MacBook Pro Two Months Later! The BEST Laptop of the Year?!

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The MacBook Pro 13 was my first ever Apple computer and you know what my wife still uses that 2015 model as her main computers so you could easily say that I've kind of got a soft spot for this specific version of Apple's laptop line so that should it should come as no surprise that I consider the 13-inch MacBook Pro to be these standard recommendation when it comes to a travel or a small productivity laptop the 2020 model was released back in in May of this year and I've been using this specific version for the past two months for all sorts of typing scripting working from home that's not

Specifically at my desk King I don't think that's an actual thing but how is it held up let's find out we got to find something else to slam down because I don't want to break the laptop what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad if I can figure it out you can figure it out so I've released I mean it's no secret if you've been following the channel that I've released a ton of content about this computer because frankly I think it's great like I really think this is the best computer in the Ultrabook category that you're gonna be able to find out I know that might be a

Bit of a controversial statement dell has their XPS 13 razer has their stealth there are other options out there in this segment however despite my dabbling and other computer brands nothing you know nothing stands up to the pro 13 now today obviously is this is what like the third follow-up video we're not gonna go in depth I just want to refine some of my statements from my one week later video and mention a few other things about the laptop both good and bad that I've come across over the past two months so let's get the refinement out of the way first

Before we get to the negatives let's refine some of our previous statements and on a quick note just so that you understand what I'm talking about this is the base model $12.99 version so it has the older eighth generation until chips and the slower RAM the first part of the refinement is I just want to restate how good this keyboard is the MacBook Pro 13 is absolutely absolutely my favorite laptop keyboard of all time I've tried lots of different keyboards at this point but this is basically the perfect typing experience for me the keys can you hear them they're all

Nice and snap to type on they've got plenty of travel the sound is muted but it sounds substantial and other pretentious thesaurus driven words I had to say that a few times because saying the source is hard apparently look basically it's great what I really like about the keyboard though is because the body is small the keyboard takes up most of the physical space now that's unlike the MacBook Pro 16 it's like the 13-inch was made around the keyboard now I do wish that it had physical function buttons instead of the touch bar but besides that everything about this is

Amazing and its really the keyboard that keeps me coming back to the MacBook Pro 13 instead of just using my iPad for everything now as much as I really like the magic keyboard for the iPad because it is great it's not as good or as comfortable for long typing sessions as this keyboard is I could easily and maybe we should just to get it all out I could make a whole video about this keyboard because the previous videos have shown that I love it and could obviously talk about of ad nauseam I could talk about this keyboard forever and we'll probably continue to do so

Whoo keyboards man they totally make or break a computer for me so let's keep we talked about something that I really like let's keep that positivity train going for a couple more minutes because unfortunately we do eventually have to make a stop at the negativity Depot I've been thinking about trains a lot recently either way another thing that's continued to impress me since this computer came out is the power I do have like I said in the beginning even though I have the base model I 5 it's still a pretty darn powerful quad core i5 I have zero problems with the power on display

For this computer legitimately legitimately when I check out cheaper Windows machines sometimes like you have to overcome a certain hump of power to overcome the Windows optimization in like systems and programs that run on Windows machines and that's not a problem because you can get to specs for cheaper on a Windows Device but I find that you don't have to do that as much here on the Mac books even the MacBook Air which I generally don't recommend it can run all of the same programs as the bigger and strong members of the family even if it doesn't

Do it as smoothly or as thermally profession more on thermals here in a second and I think a lot of that like a lot of the power at the low spec wise at least from my perspective as somebody that does a lot of video editing that comes from the t2 chip built into all macbook pro since 2018 now that is technically a security chip and it does a lot for the overall security the system like it manages and runs the fingerprint scanner but it does have a transcoding element to it that does a really good job at making even systems like this base model Pro it makes it so

That it can handle some pretty gnarly video codecs hve C or h.265 is a very compressed cutting-edge codec that cameras are starting to move through is they want to do bigger and bigger resolutions they want to start pumping more information into files and they have to compress it a lot and other computers at this price point can't really handle that that the MacBook Pro can edit it pretty seamlessly in Final Cut Pro X is a huge benefit like that's darn impressive like even the XPS 17 that I was checking out a few weeks ago came to a grinding halt with h.265 and

In fact this whole video is being edited on this MacBook Pro 13 Gary I mean and in that we have some we have some very beefy 10 bit footage from a very expensive cinema camera this is not a weak laptop by any stretch of the imagination but and here we have to make that negativity stop the power on hand does have a big problem that big problem is called thermal performance the thermal performance on the base model isn't great now I specifically said base model because obviously that's the one I have right here and the higher end version does have an additional fan and

A more robust cooling system so it should do better I don't have one so I can't really say I can only speak on the computer that I actually have and this single fan version it does have a single fan it's still powerful and it still does the work that I need it for but it gets hot and it gets way hotter than the 16 inch version that I use and that 16 inch version has a much beefier CPU and a much and it actually has a dedicated GPU like it should have heating problems but it doesn't the most intensive task that I do is video and that is both tough on the CPU and

The GPU so that's what I need the thermals on this system to handle and there's no other way to put it the computer does thermally throttle when it's under load I don't like it and I wish it didn't do it the one thing that I will check that a laptop does when it comes to like benchmarks respects or stuff like that is it has to manage the heat generated by its components or you end up paying for specs and features that you aren't getting because of the engineering design of the computer you could slap in the best and strongest processor in the world into a laptop but

If a computer limits its power because the processor overheats you are throwing money away and on this specific MacBook I can notice the thermal throttling within a minute of starting a video render with temperatures nearing the hundred degrees Celsius mark that's pretty darn hot and because of that the computer limits the CPUs power during those high peaks of thermal levels but I mean so what though will you really notice a performance difference if you are doing less intensive tasks like word processing power pointing etc you definitely will not notice a difference

This has all of the power you could need and it will not tax the cooling systems to use it that way if you are doing video editing probably not you probably will not be able to tell the difference I say this a lot but I used a base model 2019 MacBook Pro 13 for a hundred percent of my video editing last year for about four months and I was during that time I was perfectly happy with the performance I'm sure it was also having thermal problems but I didn't know enough at the time to pay attention so will you notice only if you really look for it the real problem though is for a

Longevity of this system that's something we'll have to find out in a few years that we'll have to see how these components hold up to a few years of being at those hotter temperatures to see if there is some kind of design flaw that would limit this from like can you hold on to it for five or six years and this the thermal performance is the only problem I have with the MacBook Pro 13 there are so many fantastic things about this machine but I do wish even this base model had been given the bigger stronger cooling system those things cooling systems really make all of the

Difference in the world when it comes to a laptops overall performance and value proposition yeah ok enough negativity time we had a positivity sandwich of this video where was positive negative then we're going to do positive again let's continue to talk about some of these standout features to me if you saw my previous video about accessories for the MacBook Pro 16 and like a working from home scenario you'll notice that even if you have an expensive Thunderbolt hub you still have to use the included power brick because it's a big system that

Needs a lot of power and it's very hard like I haven't actually been able to find a dock that can handle that kind of requirement well if you use the MacBook Pro 13 as your home system you can power it with just about any dongle or any dock this computer works so well with just about every home set up because of that lower power requirement but it also holds on to a substantial amount of power no not as much as the 16 inch but like we said in the video comparing the two do you really need all that power that and that really speaks to the MacBook Pro 13 versatility which i think

Is the biggest selling point and the strongest overall feature for example this can be powered and push signal to a whole range of Thunderbolt 3 monitors truly leading you to only need one cable to go from probably my favorite travel laptop into a fully functioning desktop mode boom done seriously I I hate traveling with big laptops just trying to get a big laptop through airports it sucks trying to carry around a big laptop sucks the 13 inch laptop like this kind of form factor of every manufacturer is absolutely my favorite size computer now

If I could get one of these in a 14 inch version with Apple's own ARM processors and roughly the same power as my iPad pro that would be my perfect computer seriously I would pay a lot of money for that and I think the MacBook Pro 13 is the closest that we can get to that like Nirvana today another topic that I would like to refine my thoughts on are the built-in speakers since this laptop has come out I've used a lot of other computers and I just really want to say how good the speakers on this computer are now even though they are pretty slim you know sitting right next to the

Keyboard they sound fantastic now I don't do a lot of listening to music but that video editing is really important to get your audio straight like audio is such a huge part of that process and these speakers have a very rich and natural sound of them that you don't generally find on other computers at this price range again if gonna compare to the 16 inch MacBook Pro they're not as good as the 16 inch MacBook Pro speakers because those speakers are probably the gold standard as far as laptop speakers go but this is a very respectable showing gold stars

All around I don't have any gold stars I'm using them all on my son's like reading chart for the summer but if I had one here gold stars all around the last major thing that I want to refine and touch on is how good the display on this laptop looks it continues to have an Apple Retina panel that is both shockingly sharp and color accurate again leading towards that accurate color grading potential you have the most expensive camera in the world nobody's monitors are the exact same color your phone's probably different from your computers probably different

From your TV so when you're editing you need to have your monitor be as calibrated as possible to make sure that on every display it looks okay and this one is very accurate now I do wish in that mythical MacBook Pro 14 that maybe the bezels are a little slimmer the bezels here are probably the bezels here are probably the worst part about the display on hand here but it is it's good enough but at the end of the day so what right should you still get the MacBook Pro 13 two months later okay this is a much harder decision than when this computer initially came out due to one

Major thing the iPad pro magic keyboard you can now get an even smaller more powerful better thermally managed touchscreen computer for less money and that sounds obvious then right sounds obvious why did we even make Gary why are you wasting my time making this video okay so for some that will be the case and for others not as much personally I really like both devices and I've you've heard me say this I've had my iPad attached to my hip since the release of that magic keyboard but it's only as powerful and as useful if you already have a main computer I don't

Think the iPad pro is still yet to the point that I'd recommend it all by itself without anything else it gets closer and closer with each software update but there are still a few things that I need from a more traditional computer experience that the iPad is not providing me and that's mainly because of how hyper focused and optimized it is around the specific apps you are using it's not really all that functional yet from multitasking and the file system continues to be less than ideal and by less than ideal I mean it exists and it's functional but it's very very

Rough around the edges but thankfully it pairs really well with a laptop with things like sidecar airdrop and other Apple ecosystem abilities however if you could only have one computer I'd easily recommend the MacBook Pro 13 it's way more versatile definitely gives you those desktop level processes and functionalities it's plenty powerful has a great display and it's reasonably priced for what you get I think it's still a fantastic laptop and it still holds up thankfully I mean it's only two months old it's a baby thankfully it still holds up right and if you do

Consider buying one after watching this video and you'd like to set it up for your home office thankfully I just released a video yesterday showing all of the cool accessories that will help you out this for my macbook pro 16 it will transfer over to a macbook pro 13 you can find it by clicking right here click-click click-click click-click thanks for watching

The Cheapest 2020 13″ MacBook Pro Two Months Later! The BEST Laptop of the Year?!

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